"The Rufus Factor"

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Chapter 1

In a dark isolated island lair, Dr. Drakken sat at his desk, scribbling down ideas. He crumpled up the paper he was working on, and threw it at the trashcan missing it by a good four feet. He mumbled under his breath something about "stupid Kim Possible" always ruining his perfect plans. He thought for a moment, scribbled down a few ideas, then stood up and ran upstairs. He burst into a large room, where his assistant Shego sat reading her latest issue of Villainess.

"I've got it Shego," said Drakken excitedly, clutching a piece of paper in his small gloved hands.

"Oh… let me guess, you finally figured out how to set the vcr?", said Shego in her typical sarcastic mocking tone.

"Yes! I mean NO! Why must you always mock me Shego?", Drakken said.

"'Cause, you're just so - mockable," said Shego with an evil smile.

"Is that even a word," asked Drakken, "Anyway, I think I've finally got the perfect plan to get rid of Kim Possible for good!"

Shego filed her nails, as she listened to Drakken's idea.

"You see, I've analyzed all of our past failures to take over the world. And I've noticed some patterns. The first pattern I've noticed is that Possible always seems to escape whenever we capture her."

"Duh…", said Shego unimpressed.

Drakken ignored her and continued, "As I was saying, she escapes. And almost every time it's because of that naked mole rat in her dufus sidekick's pocket. It bites through the rope, or pushes the release button on metal restraints. It bites up the wires in my lasers and computers. In fact, my henchman spy over at Global Justice informed me that Global Justice is studying the rat's impact on Kim's success as well. They even have a name for it - "The Rufus Factor". So if we want to truly capture Kim Possible, we have to take the rat out first."

Shego looked at Drakken and said, "So should I call the exterminator or you?"

"No need Shego, I've got the solution right here", said Drakken as he held up a vial full of liquid, "This is a concentrated liquid filled with a virus that affects naked mole rats. I've been breeding the virus down in my lab for the past few days"

"Breeding a rat virus? You've got great hobbies Dr. D", said Shego mockingly

Drakken continued, "Just dump it in the air vent at the dufus's house. The virus will be released into the air when they turn on their heater, and no more pesky rat!"

Drakken began laughing his villainous laugh.

"So, this'll kill their little rodent, "asked Shego, "Pretty clever Dr. D."

"Well, it will kill it, or make it so sick for a couple of weeks it won't be able to help Possible," said Drakken with a smug grin, "Then Stage 2 of the plan is to, of course, capture Kim Possible. I've noticed when you fight her, the two of you seem equally matched."

Shego made an angry face at that comment. She knew she was better than that little cheerleader any day.

Drakken continued, "Sometimes you beat her and we capture her temporarily, and sometimes she beats you and we end up running away in our hover craft or worse, going to prison. I want to give us an advantage, to make sure we win while the rat is incapacitated. To do this, we need to put the fighting odds in our favor with an extra fighter, and the element of surprise."

"Ninjas?", asked Shego.

"No.. Kim Possible would be ready for ninjas or henchmen to attack her. What we need is for the one person she doesn't expect to fight, to attack her from behind while she's fighting you. A person she would never suspect of knowing how to fight would be able to have the element of surprise. That is why you are going to teach ME everything you know about martial arts", said Drakken with a large grin.