Chapter 14

Ron nudged Kim awake, "KP we're here!"

"Oh, ok", she said getting up, "What time is it?"

"It's 8 o'clock local time", said Ron.

Kim and Ron left the airport and took a taxi to the museum. By the time they got there, the museum was closed.

"Keep an eye open for anything suspicious", said Kim.

Ron nodded. Suddenly they heard the sound of breaking glass. They turned around to see Shego entering a second storey window while Drakken waited in his hovercraft. Kim ran to the scene, just as Shego exited the window holding the diamond.

"Drop the diamond, Shego!", said Kim.

"Kim Possible!", shouted Drakken, "How did you escape?"

Shego tossed the diamond to Drakken and jumped into the hovercraft. The craft lifted high off the ground. Kim pulled out her grappling hook and fired. She caught hold of the hovercraft and was dragged up into the air with it.

"We have a stowaway", said Shego, pointing back at Kim who was attempting to climb up the rope.

Drakken grumbled and sped up the hovercraft. Shego lit up her hand and slashed the rope. Falling through the sky, Kim grabbed onto a rooftop ledge and swung herself up, bruising her knee. She looked up into the night sky and watched Drakken and Shego fly away into the distance. They had gotten away.

Kim did a backflip and jumped off the roof back to the ground, soon met by Ron who was running and trying to catch his breath.

"They got away", Kim said, holding her bruised knee.

"Don't worry, KP. They don't have that death ray thingie anymore, so they can't use the diamond to hurt anyone. Besides, we know where Drakken's lair is. We can go back there and get the diamond", said Ron, trying to cheer Kim up.

"You're right", said Kim, "They can't hurt anyone with that diamond. We'll get it back from them soon enough, but, right now we're in Paris. I say we enjoy a little well-earned vacation."

She wrapped her arm around Ron's arm, and they walked together down the evening Paris streets.

Meanwhile, in the hovercraft Drakken said, "Great work Shego, we got the diamond!"

"Yeah, but what use will it be? I seriously doubt Kim Possible left the death ray in the lair," said Shego.

"Stupid Kim Possible! Why does she always ruin my brilliant schemes!", said Drakken angrily.

Shego wrapped and arm around Drakken and said, "Well at least we got away. We could try to steal the death ray back again. It'll be difficult though. They probably have it hidden in a secret location now with extreme security."

"Yeah, maybe," said Drakken.

Drakken smiled and kissed Shego on the cheek. Even though his plan to take over the world had failed again, he felt happy because Shego was by his side. Through every failed scheme, she had never left his side, and now he knew why. They always had tomorrow to try again with another plan, and he knew that no matter what happened, success or failure, world domination or prison, they would always be together.

The End.