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Sweet Nothing

By Kage Kurokawa

Chapter 04 Of Hunters and Preys

A pair of yellow eyes watched hungrily, piercing the partial darkness of the wide, elegantly decorated room. The moon filtered through the glass windows, illuminating a peacefully sleeping figure on the bed. Soft, silken ivory sheets covered the contrasting tanned and hard-lined form sprawled on fine cushions. The glowing golden orbs traced the contours of his subject greedily. He was the hunter and that slumbering creature over there was his prey. He walked restlessly, albeit ever so quietly on the marbled floors carefully staying on the shadowed side of the room. He pondered painstakingly on how to capture his prey without much suspicion. After all, his 'associates' might be a tad upset if they found out that he played with dessert without permission. Especially that overly rigid one who had always ruined his play time…

Not that he cares…

"Interested much?" a voice asked behind him laden with amusement. On a far dark corner, a figure stood, arms crossed wearing that trademark lazy grin. The owner of the topaz orbs stiffened, his fingers dug into his palms, drawing blood. Then relaxed. He'll deal this bastard later.

Well, perhaps… much, much later.

"I don't blame you. I'd have him for myself as well, but he wouldn't let me." His companion in the shadows explained crossing the room to where he was.

The reply was a knife at his throat and a smooth low hiss.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh kinky, as always." There was that hint of laughter and danger in that tone. "Why are you here?"

"I got bored. And he was sleeping." The knife slipped a bit and embedded itself ever so slightly on a pale, silky neck just enough to make it bleed and not hurt… much.

"Ah, he's getting careless. Not that I really mind…" was the thoughtful response.

The blood was making him heady. Perhaps he won't bother with his sleeping prey for now. That red liquid flowing down that almost perfect skin before him was like wine for the thirsty hunter. Almost hesitantly his tongue darted out to meet the steady trickles, emitting a soft moan from the other man.

"Perhaps we should take this some where more…" the words were cut off by hot, bruising lips as the hunter maneuvered his newfound prey towards another room. It won't do to disturb his dessert.



'Hm. So they're bringing home a pet.' Bradley Crawford thought with no small amusement. This couldn't be good. But it would be quite interesting. His vision of Schuldich carrying an injured figure flashed earlier. He wondered who it could be. He wasn't able to hold it long enough to get a glimpse.

A car was heard parking out side the large, wooden double doors of this cliff side mansion that was Schwartz new headquarters. 'Home away from home', as a certain German redhead described it. The heavy doors opened dramatically.

'Nagi.' Crawford thought with a shake of his head.

"We're home dearest…" announced Schulich in a loud sing song voice. "We brought you an early Christmas present."

"It's only September," the Oracle pointed out.

"Technicalities, technicalities," smirked the redhead as he went up the stairs to the second floor rooms carrying his attractive, inert bundle.

Meanwhile, groceries and take out dinner floated inside the house, neatly forming a straight line towards the kitchen.

"Nagi," Crawford called. "You're getting lazy."

Nagi Naoe entered the house, concentrating on the last packages. "It's good practice. I'm not lazy. Schuldich is lazy."

"Excuse me, but I believe this one's much heavier that those bags." A voice exclaimed from upstairs.

"Well I could have practiced on him, while you carried these in. You just want your hands on that one." The young telekinetic laughed silently proceeding to the kitchen to unravel their purchases.

Schuldich sent words to Crawford. 'I need some help here Crawfie, dear. Tending to injured kittens and bandaging isn't exactly my forte you know.'

'You could have just left him in a hospital somewhere, if you felt so noble earlier.' Crawford sent back, mentally chastising his subordinate.

'Oh, but where would be the fun in that?' replied the telepath. 'Our lives are getting to be pretty boring with petty missions and pathetic attempts at normalcy.'

There was a sigh.

'You were the one who hit him, so you fix him.'

'Well, it was your fault I did. I told you I was driving but you continued nagging my ear off.' Schuldich reasoned. 'Besides, he was the one who crashed into me. I maybe going at about ninety but he was zooming at about a hundred and ten. If it weren't for our little Nagi-kins, he would have completely wrecked my baby. My beautiful baby!'

Crawford laughed. Schudich was truly vain and obsessive about his car much more than he was of himself. If that was possible.

'I heard that.'

'Stop prying Schu.' The blue-haired precog cautioned.

'I'm sure you knew we're coming with a third party, o great all-seeing one.' He mocked teasingly. 'So please move your scrawny little ass up here and help me.'

'So demanding.' Brad chuckled. 'One would think you were the bitch.'

'Shut up.'

Crawford walked up the stairs as slowly as he could. If only to irritate the redhead even


'Where are you exactly?' He asked through the mind link.

'In your room,' was the straight answer.


A mocking snicker. 'Payback's a bitch.'

'You better not have gotten blood on the sheets you fucking minx.'

'Temper, temper.'

The door opened to reveal a very annoyed, grim looking blue-haired Bradley Crawford. That look alone would have made lesser men scamper away with their tails between their legs. But the flame haired telepath just sat there by the bed washcloth in hand gliding it through the dirt, blood, and bruised covered half naked body of one Ken Hidaka, a.k.a. Siberian with a silly, amused grin on his face as he stared at his leader.

"I think this one broke a rib or two," he assessed loudly as he pressed the damp cloth on the brunettes face. "Other than that, there are some pretty nasty bruises on his torso and scratches on his legs. Such a shame that these leather pants were damaged, it was very sexy."

The leader of Schwartz just kept on glaring, but he approached the bed tentatively nevertheless.

"Isn't this kitten quite pretty Brad?" Schu asked with a knowing smile. "I don't usually go for brunettes but this is one of the very few exceptions. But then again, maybe not."

The telepath raised is freehand and pretended to study his nails lazily as he knew he would hit some nerves. Of course Crawford knew this, but that didn't help his irritation one bit.

"What are you getting at Schuldich?"

"As I've said, we brought you a present," was the mock innocent reply.

"This one's owned." He rolled his eyes.

"That's what Nagi said. But that never stopped you before, if I remember correctly."

"True, but…' he looked at the unconscious face thoughtfully. 'This one could actually be quite dangerous."

"Ah, but we thrive on danger, do we not?" Schu winked.

"Hm. We'll see. I admit, I rather like this one. Charming enough, seemingly innocent, yet exceptionally feisty when he fights. This should be quite entertaining."
"What do you foresee?"

"Death. Doom. Destruction."

"Oh good. I thought it was something diabolical."

"Dinner's ready." Nagi declared as he arrived at the doorway. His eyes narrowed at the three figures on the bed and sighed exasperatedly.

"What the hell is that? That's not the way to wrap an injury. You're wasting bandages and you forgot to put that on our list earlier!"

"Well you do it then genius," Schuldich pouted. "Crawford's no help at all, except at ogling unconscious helpless creatures."

The brunette just shook his head and took over. This was going to a long night and the pretty little injured patient was just gonna sleep through it. Lucky kitty.

"Why did we save him again?"


Present time…

Green eyes opened to find the solemn and handsome face of one Bradley Crawford.

"Sheesh, boss are you trying to go psycho now?" Schuldich grumbled. Damn, he was sore.

"Aching all over?" Bradley sat at the edge of the bed and handed the red head a cup of coffee that he brought up.

"You think." He sipped through the hot liquid. Nothing like coffee to sooth the morning grumpiness away. Almost.

"Not that I'm being a grouch, but did he always have to be so bloody brutal?" Schuldich whined. "He didn't used to be that vicious before?"

"Hm. Well you must have provoked him." His companion observed quietly.

"Well, I had to get him away from your early Christmas gift. Besides, I wasn't able to play with my own little kitten last night."

"Hence, you wake up like this. So stop bitching and let me patch you up."

"Aww. You're so sweet, breakfast in bed. I feel so loved, and you weren't even my bedmate." The red haired telepath then turned to the other man with a grim expression. "I think Farfarello needs to be let out more often Brad. Sure, he's perfectly hazardous to anyone within a hundred yards or so but we can keep him under our watchful eye when we take him out. It's not good to keep him caged for too long just because we were supposed to have turned a new leaf. A tiger under a new skin is still the same tiger after all."

"Hm. I'm beginning to think I've become a bad influence on you Schuldich." Crawford stood up and left the room.


Groggy blue green eyes tried to focus their sight on the unfamiliar surroundings. Their owner tried to move earlier but immense pain shot through his whole upper body that he had no choice but to lay still. He must have broken something.

He knew for a fact that he was not on his bed. Or his lover's for that matter. Ex-lover, he thought bitterly. As the events of that night poured onto his conscious mind, he felt all his aches doubling. Damn. He had to dwell on other thoughts. He desperately needed some distraction. Oh yeah, he had to figure out where was.

The last thing he remembered was seeing bright headlights. He must be in a hospital. But no hospital could have such soft sheets. His hands felt the silken cloth beneath his body. Nope definitely not some friggin' hospital.

He moved his head to the left and found himself staring at glass doors leading to some sort of terrace. Nice view. The floor was tiled with smooth grey marble and tastefully covered in some areas with a midnight blue carpet. Moving his head to the right he saw a figure seated on a large, comfortable leather chair reading some sort of book. He squinted eyes to better see the occupant of the chair.

Meanwhile, Crawford felt eyes staring at him questioningly. He carefully placed the book on the side table and looked at the inquiring patient occupying his bed.

"Awake now?" it was more of a statement than a question. He watched as the foggy orb widen in surprise, then, was that fear? He laughed silently.

"Sch- Schwartz!" Ken exclaimed, his voice hoarse from lack of use.

"Now, let's not be too formal Siberian," Crawford said thoroughly enjoying the mixed reaction from the confused but defiant brunette. "While you are in our custody, you can refer to me as Crawford or Bradley when you're comfortable enough. May I call you Ken?"

"What am I doing here?" Ken asked defensively, vainly trying to move his overly aching limbs. "Are you going to kill me?"

The leader of Schwartz sat on the edge of the bed as his patient squirmed. "Ah, but that would entirely waste our efforts to save now, if we were to kill you now wouldn't it?"

"How am I supposed to know you didn't save me for some slow torturous death plan?"

"Interesting. But I must say, Schuldich was never one to waste such a pretty face."

The Weiss member's eyes widened further and Crawford could almost see how the words were twisted and turned and processed in that pretty little head without being a telepath. He couldn't help but chuckle.

"What is so funny? If you're gonna kill me, then just get on with it. I don't want to be some guinea pig to your fuckin' experiments!"

Crawford laughed and moved close to the brunette leveling his face to the other man's, their lips almost touching. Almost.

But not quite. The precog smiled as Ken turned his face away, blushing profusely as he became painfully aware that he had seemed to be lacking some clothes. He felt soft lips on his ear as a soft, low voice mischievously spoke. "Schu is right. You are too cute. But contrary to your popular opinion, you have nothing to fear here. But I can I assure you we take good care of our pretty yet rare subjects…"

"Are we interrupting something?" asked a teasing voice from the doorway.

"Nothing too important. Our little patient just woke up." Unfazed, the blue-haired man tuned his head with a smirk.

"I can see that, and I must express disappointment in your manners," the impish tone made Ken even more uncomfortable and confused. "Playing with your food before it's ripe for the picking is not very etiquette, Crawford."

"And you were interrupting my lunch because?" One eyebrow raised in question.

"Well someone's on the phone for you. You're the one who deals with all that formal business crap."

"Hmm. If I must." He straightened himself and left, but not before nipping slightly on the brunette's ear which made the latter shiver involuntarily beneath him. "I think I'll save this one for later."

As his leader's back disappeared round the bend, Schuldich let out a laugh and declared loudly to the one occupant of the room as he walked away, closing the door behind him.

"You have nothing to worry about kitten, your virtue's much safer with him than it will ever be with me."

Not that those words reassured Ken very much. He closed his eyes with he mastermind's almost musical laughter echoed in his ears.


Ken Hidaka laid on the bed trying to gather whatever wits was left in his brain. He tried denial. He did not just wake up on heavenly expensive sheets, gloriously naked. He did not wake up on the enemy's bed, naked. Schwartz did not save him. Oracle did not just freakin' molest him. His body did not react affirmatively to said molestation. Mastermind did not just fuckin' flirt with him for goodness sake!

Damn! The world must really be ending quite soon.

Denial didn't work as he was still there on the expensive ivory sheet that covered the bed belonging to the leader of their fiercest enemies, who made a friggin' pass at him which got him all bothered and that damn telepath! Arrgh!

Ken was more ready to bash his head on the headboard, except that all his muscles were protesting any kind of movement.

The door opened quietly and light footsteps were heard crossing the room. Ken's eyes flickered to the figure who just walked in carrying a tray laden with food.


"Hello." The young man started cautiously. "Schuldich said you were awake and might want something to eat."

Ken looked apprehensively at the tray which had a glass of orange juice, water, tea, rice, over-baked chicken, some instant looking soup, bread, slightly burned eggs and some fruits.

"It's not poisoned if that's what you're thinking." Nagi said.

Ken let out small laugh. And Nagi seemed to understand and gave a small, sheepish smile.

"Well, I didn't know what you'd like so I took a bit of everything available. The cooked food is not very good I'm afraid, as no one here likes to cook much."

Nagi concentrated and carefully lifted Ken's body from the bed making him sit up with his back on the headboard. For some reason, Ken finally relaxed a little in the telekinetic's presence and began to take something out of the tray that the latter placed before him.

"I'm sure it's fine." Ken bit on the chicken and quickly changed his mind. "On second thought, I'll just have some bread and fruits."

Nagi smiled. "I did warn you."

Ken turned to the other brunette with serious look. "Were you the ones I crashed into last night?"

"Actually that was three nights ago." Nagi explained and then snickered. "Schuldich was pretty upset about his car."

"I'm sorry." Ken said, surprised that he actually meant it. "Why did you save me, anyway?"

"Just because," the other shrugged. "Does one really always need to have a reason for one's action? You can call it a lapse of sanity if you want."

"So you have no plans of killing me at the moment?"

Nagi laughed eerily like Crawford. "You're a funny one. He was right, you can be so painfully naïve sometimes. We're not allowed to kill you, silly."

"Why?" Ken inquired suspiciously.

"Oh, just because," was the cryptic answer before cautioning. "By the way, do not mind Schuldich so much, he just enjoys playing with people's minds. Crawford may appear rigid and quite OC but he won't seriously harm you unless you hit first. I'm also quite non-confrontational unless ordered to be so. The only one you have to watch out for is Farfarello. No one can predict what he might do.

"Why are you telling me this?" Ken asked confused as to why he was being given such information.

"Well, I do believe you'll be spending some time with us yet." Nagi replied with a knowing look sliding Ken's body back under the covers. "Kritiker's orders."


"You can call me Nagi by the way." The youngest Schwartz up and left with those words leaving an owlishly blinking soccer player behind.

These guys seemed to have the habit of dropping bombs then, walking away. Must be a Schwartz thing.

Now Ken was really confused and quite irritated. What did Pro- no, Nagi mean by Kritker's orders? Damn.


After much thinking, reflecting and wracking his over fatigued brain cells for some answers Ken fell asleep, his momentarily forgotten heartache plaguing his restless dreams. Schuldich entered the room and brushed the younger man's brow. In his sleep, he projected such pain that the German telepath cannot help but notice and maybe pry into, just a bit. Restless nightmares about this kitten's owner and his own pet. That is not good. He may not be a cat, but he was quite territorial, especially, when his not yet through with his toys. This is going to be really entertaining.

He smoothed the lined brows with uncharacteristically gentle fingers reserved only for some of his lovers and whispered in the brunette's dreams… "Sweet dreams, our little stray."

Walking down the hallways he met his team leader and he just couldn't resist. "Going to watch over your pet?"

But he received no answer as the other man just passed him by without so much as a glance. He shrugged and went his way. He's gonna be late for his own playtime.

As he approached the door, he stopped. Something alarmed him. Crawford did not answer him. He did not get any reading from Crawford… that could only mean one thing.


He was sleeping just like three four nights ago. Sprawled beautifully on soft, ivory sheets, his lean upper torso wrapped in bandages, and his pretty, pretty face, illumined by the moon was that of an innocent angel. He looked so delicate, so vulnerable. The perfect prey. Silent footsteps neared and the mattress dipped from the weight. A knife glittered held by steady fingers. The deeply sleeping occupant of the bed woke up as a hand covered his nose and a blade posed before his eyes. He began to struggle.

Stab. Missed. It landed on the pillow.


Stab. It slid on his shoulder. A groaned in pain. Damn, he knew it was too good to be true.

"Craw-" He was cut off with a laugh.

"Bradley's not at home today kitty cat…" the man who looked very much like Oracle leered. And Ken found himself staring at bright yellow eyes, and the voice that was unmistakably…

"Farfarello!" a voice shouted as Ken Hidaka's world faded in black.

End Chapter 04

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