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I CALL FIRST TRIANGLE OF THIS COUPLE! W00T! Unless there's already one that I never noticed…

Summary: Jealousy has emerged between two people. Both are fighting for the love of one person. Odd things happen and they end up with a relationship that one expected. Laika x Enzan x Netto

Laika watched Netto's mother, Haruka, open the door. He and Enzan had been waiting for the younger brunette at the headquarters for about an hour now, before Meijin sent them to go get him. All knew that he probably overslept—again. Question is why Rockman didn't wake him up.

Haruka blinked in surprise, "Enzan! And I assume you are… Laika, right?" Laika nodded in response.

"Netto's been up for a while now. It's strange really, this morning he didn't even eat breakfast! He just came downstairs for a few seconds then went up again. Hope he's not getting sick…" Haruka hummed thoughtfully, before turning back to her visitors.

"You two can go up if you want, Netto wouldn't mind."

"Thank you, Hikari-san," Both boys nodded curtly before heading up the stairs where they knew Netto's room was.

Enzan knocked on Netto's room, "Netto?" He called.

There was a shout of surprise and a muffled 'thump' was heard. Enzan sighed, muttering something about Netto's clumsiness (was it just Laika's imagination or did Enzan do it with an affectionate tone… Laika's eyes narrowed at that. He might just have some competition for Netto after all…).

"Netto, we're coming in," Laika called out in warning, moments before he turned the knob and walked in.

They found the boy standing in a strange position in front of his dresser, with his hands behind his back, "Um…Hi!" The brunette tried to grin innocently but the sheepish look in his eyes killed it.

Enzan's and Laika's eyes narrowed in similar fashions.

"Netto…" Enzan began slowly, "Why are you here and not at the headquarters? We waited an hour…"

Netto sweat dropped nervously, "Um… Sorry?" He's eyes darted around, apparently looking for an escape route.

Blues linked himself into Rockman's computer, "Mind explaining?"

Rockman was startled; he had been watching the screen to the human world. He relaxed, "Hi Blues. I guess I could explain… just as long as you don't tell your operators at all…"

"That will have to depend on what it is, anything life threatening and all bets are off."

Rockman and Blues turned to the new voice, "Hi Searchman."

"You don't have to worry… except for what Netto might do…"

The other two raised their eyebrow at this, "And what might he do?" Searchman asked skeptically.

Rockman sighed, "As long as you don't tell your operators… Basically, Netto thinks that Laika-san and Enzan-san would be a good match."

The other eyebrow rose, "'A good match'?" The two echoed.

Rockman nodded, "And Netto decided that he wants to play matchmaker between them."

Blues and Searchman paled, "Rockman…" Blues started, "that might not be a good idea…"

"Ditto," Seachman agreed.

Rockman blinked, "But I think it's a good idea. God knows how much they deserve someone…"

Searchman smiled nervously, "I didn't mean it like that… I feel that Laika-san needs to relax more, but it's just that he already likes someone…"

Both Blues and Rockman blinked, "Well… one would have never expected that…" Blues murmured to himself.

Rockman eyes widened, "Really? Who?"


"WHAT!" Came the twin shouts.

"D-demo..." Blues stammered, highly unusual for him, "Enzan-sama likes Netto-san too…"

Jaws once again dropped.

Yes expect all my prologues to be short, hopefully the chapters will get longer though.

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