Chapter 1

Sabrina work up and got ready for another day of school just like she normally did but as she was using her powers to get dressed no matter how many time she zapped her out fit different her hair just stayed the same.

"AHH!" Sabrina screamed.

"What's wrong Sabrina?" Said Aunt Zelda

"Oh Aunt Zelda no matter how often I zap my out fit different my hair just won't change at all." Sabrina exclaimed.

"Have you tried zapping your hair Sabrina?" Asked Aunt Zelda

No not yet I was just about to." Replied Sabrina.

Sabrina zapped her hair and it still didn't work.

"Oh no." Sabrina exclaimed.

"It's going to be alright Sabina." Said Aunt Zelda

"But I thought witches can't have bad hair days." Replied Sabrina.