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I'm sorry that it has taken so long for me to get this chapter out, but with so much going on with me being pregnant and due in Feb 2007 my fan fiction had to take a backseat while I prepared for my baby's arrival.

Hope you enjoy this Chapter and once again I'm sorry that this has taken so long to get out, I hope you'll all understand that I'm not sure when the next Chapter will come out as I'm now 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I could go and give birth at anytime.

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Chapter 15

After a few minutes the room began to spin counter clockwise as the spinning began to slow down Sabrina started to wonder if she was going to return to the High Council Cambers; she soon started to realise that she was going somewhere else.

Sabrina began to wonder where the High Council would be sending her to next; she also began to wander if she would ever get to go home. After a couple of minutes had passed as she began to realise where she was going to end up.

I wonder why I'm going to Harvey's house; could have something happened to Harvey? The thought kept swimming around in Sabrina's mind; over and over again she began to feel very uneasy.

She started to realise that she was no longer in the past; she was now in the present. Her question about Harvey was still floating around in her head. She would soon see what High Council wanted her to.

Sabrina quickly looked around Harvey's lounge room she noticed that both of Harvey's parents had fainted in the lounge room. Harvey's dad had fainted on the floor next to Harvey's mother who had fainted on the lounge chair. She noticed that to this moment she still hadn't seen Harvey, and began to get very worried about him.

She began to look around the house on the bottom floor, she thought to herself maybe his fainted somewhere else in the house. When she walked into the dinning room she noticed that they hadn't finished eating their dinner, and no one had cleaned up. Sabrina's heart began to race, now she thought for sure that something bad had happened to Harvey.

She ran back into the lounge room and up the stairs towards the bedrooms and computer room, she thought maybe he made it up stairs before fainting. When she finally got up the stair found Harvey in his room his bedroom door was still open, he was fast asleep but she also noticed that he was floating in the air above his bed.

I'm guessing that is what the High Council wanted me to see. With that thought she heard a ghostly voice. "Your right Sabrina this is what we wanted you to seeā€¦and now you will return to us."

Once again the room began to fill with smoke; Sabrina didn't what to go back to the High Council but she knew she had to.