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Legend : Intro

The name Kaitou Kid was legend. Despite blatantly revealing the location of his crimes, the mysterious thief in white came and went as he pleased and never once was he caught by the authorities. His extravagant and cheeky disposition had captured hearts of young girls all over Japan and downright angered members of the police force who had failed over and over again to detain him.

And tonight, he's coming to steal the Utylina Diamond, currently in display at its temporary gallery in the assembly hall of Tei Tan High School. There was going to be a prom at the school tonight. The prom had been purposely postponed to today so that the hall would be crowded, lowering the chances of Kid being able to steal the diamond so easily.

The letter he sent to the owner of the Utylina Diamond this morning had been shown to the school administration to up the level of security around the school. The letter read: "When two hands point to the sky; endless sakura will bloom; I shall steal your diamond; but I shall not take the worthless one. My undying fan." Signed, Kaitou Kid; next to a childish drawing of a top-hat clad head with a dangling eyepiece.

The so-called 'Meitantei' Mouri Kougorou had been sent a copy of this letter also with hope that the detective could decipher the riddle-disguised prose.

"When two hands point to the sky," muttered Mouri. "Ran, isn't your school having a beauty pageant competition in tonight's prom?"

Mouri Ran, aged 17, was a student of Tei Tan High School. "Yes. But the winner would be announced only near the end of the prom."

"I got it!" exclaimed Mouri. "Kid will come for the diamond when two hands point to the sky. That means when the winner of the pageant is announced, everyone will raise their hands to the sky in a 'banzai' fashion! That is when Kid will arrive!"

Edogawa Conan, sitting at the couch, reading an insensible children's comic when he would preferred the book of 1000 reasonings, sighed in exasperation. There was no way Mouri was right. His reasoning sounded absolutely ridiculous. He buried his nose into the comic, in which Conan had already slit in the copied message from Kid.

'Two hands pointing to the sky,' he thought. 'I can't believe he's using the oldest riddle in the book. Two hands pointing to the sky obviously refers to the two hands of the clock. When the two hands of the clock point to the sky, he will take action. Afternoon has already passed so he will take the diamond at midnight. No doubt about it.

'Now the next line: endless sakura will bloom. There aren't any sakura blooming in this time of year. The last time the sakura tree in Tei Tan High School bloomed was three years ago. Three years ago, a student who was practicing in the school hall was kidnapped. Hold on, is that idiot actually going to kidnap someone? Why did he use the word endless before sakura, though?

'I shall steal your diamond. That one is straightforward. He's going to steal the diamond. But I shall not take the worthless one. What does he mean by that? Does he think that there was going to be a duplicate of the Utylina? This time, nobody had bothered making one. The Utylina Diamond wasn't that precious. Made out of cheap rock and heated to the extent that it looked like a priceless diamond.

'Wait a minute! Is that what Kid meant when he said he wasn't going to steal the worthless one? He isn't going to steal the Utylina. Is there some other diamond in the school? Shit. The last line: My undying fan. He said something about kidnapping in the second line. Perhaps he was going to kidnap one of his fans? But how to tell which one? Almost all the girls in Tei Tan were in love with that bastard Kid.'

"Conan-kun?" started Ran, her voice layered with concern. "Are you okay? You've been glaring so hardly at the comic for five minutes."

Snapping out of his trance, Conan put on his childish guise in front of Ran once again. "It's nothing Ran-neechan. Just thinking about something from school." He added an innocent chuckle to make his façade more believable and Ran, as always, bought it.

There was a knock on the door. It was Suzuki Sonoko, Ran's best friend. "Ran!" she exclaimed. "Let's go!"

"Let's go?" echoed Ran. "To where?"

"To find me something to wear for tonight's prom!" she screeched as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"But I thought you just bought that blue dress," replied Ran.

"That was before I learned that Kid-sama will be attending tonight's prom! Don't you think it's so exciting, Ran? I'll have to get the best dress ever. When Kid-sama arrives, he will see this princess among the crowd of peasants and cannot resist kidnapping her along with the diamond. Then he'll bring this Sonoko to his secret hideaway and forbidden love between captor and captive will bloom!" She sighed in ecstasy.

"Uh, Sonoko, isn't that too much?" asked Ran hesitantly.

"What?" yelled Sonoko. "Don't you want your best friend to find happiness? And who better to find it with than the dashing Kaitou Kid-sama!"

'Oi, oi,' thought Conan. 'Is this what high school girls really fantasize about?' Suddenly, something dawned upon him. What Sonoko had just said actually made sense. Kid mentioned some sort of kidnapping. And the last line of the poem was 'My undying fan.' There was probably no greater Kaitou Kid fan than Suzuki Sonoko. But would Kid actually kidnap Sonoko?

"What happened to Ita-kun? I thought you were going to the prom with him," said Ran.

"I cancelled our date," said Sonoko, without an ounce of guilt. "Love must be free! How can I capture Kid-sama's attention when I'm bound to someone else during the prom? Absolutely not. I'm going without a date. You come with me, okay, Ran? Don't bring any guys along. Just me and you."

Ran reluctantly agreed. Her friend was acting slight demented today,

"Come on, let's go find the perfect dress!" squealed Sonoko, dragging Ran out the door.

Conan returned to his own ponderings. If he wanted to stop Kid tonight, he would have to attend the prom as well. But how? Although, technically he was a student of Tei Tan High School, they wouldn't let a small child in. Perhaps if he went with Ran…

That night, bright lights illuminated the hall of Tei Tan High School. Cheerful laughter littered the atmosphere, clashing with the tense aura emanating from the police officers stationed around the hall. Several police officers stood at the entrance of the hall, checking the guests' I.D., belongings and what not. Kaitou Kid was showing tonight. This was no joke.

But the students of Tei Tan High School seemed to think so. Girls dressed in their best attire with bright make-up, making them look prettier than they actually were. And more than half of the female population of Tei Tan showed up without the date, having the idea that Kid would not notice them if they came with a male companion.

Sonoko fumed. Her dress was one of the most expensive with a flowing dark velvet skirt, and soft chiffon gracing her bare shoulders. Her hair was done up in an elegant knot. But no matter how beautiful she looked, she still fumed. 'How dare the others have the same idea? Did they think that they can steal Kid-sama away from me?' she thought, raging with jealousy. But she had a sort of quiet confidence that Kid-sama would still pick her.

There was another reason for Sonoko's annoyance, though. It was the presence of a certain teenager disguised as a boy, currently holding on to Ran's hand. "Ran, I thought I told you to come dateless with me," said Sonoko. "So why is that brat here?"

Conan scowled inwardly. 'Who're you calling brat?'

Ran sent Sonoko an apologetic look. "Don't get so angry, Sonoko? I don't know why but Conan-kun insisted that he want to come along. And otou-san is going to be out with the police tonight, I can't leave him alone at home. Besides, doesn't he look great?"

Sonoko glanced dirtily at Conan. He looked like a mix between striking and cute. He wore a small cream cashmere sweater with a dark brown overcoat. Jeans peeped out from underneath the coat. When his parents found out that their son, Kudo Shinichi, had shrunk into Edogawa Conan, they had gone on a shopping spree all around the world to get expensive mini clothes for him. His parents were just that kind of people. They were actually just travelling for fun. Conan's current outfit was in the last package of clothing his parents had sent him. It was the closest he could get to formal wear.

"Fine, let's just go get something to drink," said Sonoko.

"Ran-neechan, I need to use the toilet," said Conan.

"Alright. Be careful, okay?" said Ran, leaving Conan.

Once Ran and Sonoko were gone, Conan abandoned his childlike façade and glanced around. Nothing, save the police officers, look out of place in the hall. The Utylina Diamond was displayed on a pedestal in a glass casing on the stage at the front of the hall. Conan squeezed between the crowds to get to the diamond. There must be something he had missed. He still had not cracked Kid's riddle completely.

The diamond glittered under the lights. The irony of it was worth admiring. A worthless stone crafted carefully can be more beautiful than an expensive rock cut roughly. Conan admired it for a while before bringing his mind back to the riddle.

But no matter how hard he tried, he could not decipher the last two lines completely. But I shall not take the worthless one. My undying fan. Clenching his fist in frustration, the image of Kid's smirk and taunting voice danced around his head.

My undying fan. Two hours to midnight. It was going to be a long wait.

The beauty contest started at half past ten. Any beautiful girl in the crowd would be pulled onstage next to the diamond. In the first round, there were ten contestants. Sonoko and Ran were among them. And the other eight contestants had dressed extravagantly to impress Kid as well. Only Ran felt out of place.

Conan watched in amusement three feet from the stage where the pageant was held. The contestants were asked several questions about their love life and so on. When it was Ran's turn, Conan perked his ears and paid full attention.

"Mouri Ran," said the pageant host, Takashima of Class 3-B. "How is your love life? Any complaints? Are you content? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Uh, that's a little bit too straightforward," said Ran sheepishly. "So far, I have had no boyfriends…"

"But many had proposed," added Sonoko. "I pity them. All turned down."

"Sonoko!" exclaimed Ran, her cheeks flushing red.

"Is that really true?" asked Takashima. "Well then, Ran-san. You must be waiting for the perfect guy. Do you have any guy you like now? Perhaps among the crowd?"

Ran shook her head. "The person I like isn't here tonight. He's busy with something else and I haven't really seen him in ages. But we've known each other since we were kids. And he understands me the most."

Conan stayed silent. 'Ran…'

"Ooh, how romantic," jested Takashima, before moving on to Sonoko. "Suzuki Sonoko. You're looking very lovely today. Are you dressing up for anyone special, hm?"

"Of course!" said Sonoko, full of vigour. "I'm waiting for Kid-sama." This caught the attention of all girls in the hall. Yes, Kaitou Kid was coming. Who could forget? Certainly not them. And certainly not Conan.

'I'm waiting for you, bastard. Come quickly.'

Conan looked at the clock on the wall. It was 15 minutes to midnight and the beauty pageant was coming to an end. Conan was still lax. Kid hardly ever came before the appointed time of their unofficial rendezvous. They were going to announce the winner of the beauty pageant.

"Everybody, we have the votes from the audience and the points from the judges. May the winner of tonight's beauty pageant be swept off your feet by Kid-sama!" gushed Takashima. "The envelope please!" An envelope was placed on his outstretched hand. "Who is the winner?" As Takashima was about to open the envelope, it disappeared. "Huh? Where did it go?"

"Hello, everybody," said a voice from above. Everybody looked up. There in all of his white glory, stood Kaitou Kid…upside down. His feet were stuck to the ceiling, but for some reason, his cape remained fixed to his back.

There were various reactions. The students gasped and squealed while the police informed their chiefs and tried to climb the walls, to no avail, of course.

Conan was shocked. But it wasn't midnight yet. He checked his watch. It was midnight. The time on the wall clock had been 15 minutes early. Conan popped open his watch and aimed the tranquilizer at Kid. He smirked. This would be easy. Kid was standing at such a vulnerable spot.

"Not so fast, Tantei-kun," said a voice behind him. A gloved hand closed the watch. Conan turned around sharply. It was Kid. And he was smirking.

"How?" Conan looked at the ceiling. Kid was still there. And yet he was beside him. "You…"

Suddenly, Kaitou Kids appeared everywhere. The clones of the thief were only balloons. They blew till they burst, scaring the people. Conan wanted to glare at the Kid beside him but he was gone.

The Kid on the ceiling began talking again. "Sorry, everybody. My goal here today is not to entertain you. I have come to take something I have wanted for quite some time now. 'When two hands point to the sky; endless sakura will bloom; I shall steal your diamond; but I shall not take the worthless one. My undying fan.' Have you figured it out, Tantei-kun?"

Everyone was murmuring. Who was this Tantei-kun Kid keeps on acknowledging? Conan glared straight at him.

"Now," continued Kid. "Like Takashima said, the winner of the beauty pageant will get their feet swept by moi. And the winner is…" He opened the envelope slowly and took out the card. "Can you guess?"

"Is it me, Kid-sama?" yelled Sonoko. The other contestants were shrieking as well.

'If it's Ran, I'll kill him,' thought Conan.

"Alright," said Kid. "The winner, the one who I will be taking with me tonight is … Kudo Shinichi!"

There were several collective gasps. The students' first reaction was to wonder aloud if this Kudo Shinichi person was actually one of the beauty pageant contestants. The second reaction was to ask aloud if Kudo Shinichi was present tonight, for he had not shown up in school for ages.

"Shinichi?" asked Ran loudly in concern. "You know where Shinichi is?"

Kid merely smirked at her. "He's right here, jo-chan. Right in front of our eyes."

Meanwhile, Conan didn't really know how to respond. To take precaution because Kid might have actually figured out his real identity; or respite and be outraged that the bastard was threatening to spill his secret to Ran.

"And even if he isn't here, I could always take his relative," continued Kid, giving Conan a meaningful glance. Damn him, he was playing with him. Secretly telling that he knew Conan's true identity and that he had the power to expose it but not just yet.

For the moment, Ran seemed to have put two and two together. The only 'relative' of Shinichi's that was in the hall at this moment was – "Conan-kun!" she yelled.

But it was too late. Conan realised too late that the Kid on the ceiling had disappeared with a smoky explosion and had plopped onto the ground behind him. 'Let's go, Tantei-kun,' he whispered, scooping Conan's small body into his arms.

Before Conan could try to escape, Kid was already running up the stairs to the rooftop of the building. He was fast, this Kaitou Kid.

"Put me down, you bastard," snapped Conan. "There is no benefit in you kidnapping me. You'd only get yourself caught."

Kid laughed raucously. "You should've known from the beginning that I've come to take you. The line I shall steal your diamond. The Utylina diamond is in Tei Tan High School. You already knew that Tei Tan meant 'detective' spelt backwards, Kudo Shinichi. The detective diamond of Beika city. Yes, I know who you are. And I specifically stated my undying fan. Only you among the crowds of teens have been so thoroughly fixated on me. Who else but you, Tantei-kun. Or should I say, Kudo-kun?"

"How did you find out?" asked Conan gravely.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out," laughed Kid. "And besides, I would be stupid to expose the source of my findings to you, wouldn't I?"

"You are stupid," smirked Conan. "Stay here any longer and you'll get caught."

As if right on cue, footsteps could be heard running up the stairs to the rooftop. Kid smirked. "You underestimate me, Tantei-kun. Kid hugged Conan closer to his chest as he released his hang-glider and leapt off the rooftop.

The hang-glider was caught by the wind and soon they were sailing through the sky. Behind them, Conan could hear his name being shouted out.

"Ran!" cried out Conan, recognising the person on the rooftop.

"Conan-kun!" she shouted, tears of worry springing to her eyes. But Kid was not turning back. He expertly flew his hang-glider past a tall building and cross out of Ran's point of vision.

"Let me go!" demanded Conan, kicking Kid with his tiny feet,

"With pleasure." Kid released Conan slightly. It was only then did Conan realise the altitude at which they were flying at. Conan desperately clung to the hang-glider. Kid supported him. "Glad you changed your mind. Now, on to Osaka."


"There is something there I want you to take a look at," said Kid. "Something I believe only Kudo Shinichi can solve."

Tsuzuku (2 b continued)...