Author's Notes: Okay… This is a One-Shot of "It is Really Love". I just want to make it because I'm inspired to write. This fic will be called "It is Really Love: Our Hands Will Stay like This Forever." I'll also make a almost similar Tagalog/Filipino version of this fic.

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Our Hands Will Stay Like This Forever

Hermione's POV

I'm walking through an English garden in the moonlight. There were flowers of different kinds. The thing that amused me the most was the green rose statue in the fountain in the middle of the garden. I kept watching it. Then, I felt someone slip his arms around my waist.

I turned around. It was the man I love the most – Draco.

I faced him and we started to slow dance. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He held my body closer to his. I stared at his eyes. The moonlight made his eyes sparkled. He smiled.



I placed my head on his shoulder. And we continued to dance in the plaza of the garden.

He took my right hand. He placed his hand in front of mine. Our palms met. Then, our fingers moved down and made our hands clasp.

"Our hands will stay like this forever, Hermione." Draco whispered into my ear.

His fingers filled the gaps between my fingers in my right hand. Now I am sure that we are meant to be together no matter what.

Then, he suddenly let go. I don't want to let go but I have to.

"Draco!" I said. "Wait!"

Draco disappeared in the dark side of the garden. I fell down to my knees and cried. Then, I closed my eyes and thought of what he said.

"Our hands will stay like this forever, Hermione."

I opened my eyes and raised my hand like it was supposed to catch something. I stared at my hand. There were gaps between my fingers.

Then, I saw a hallucination of Draco. His hand joined my hand. Our palms met once again. But when we clasped our hands, he disappeared.


I held my hand close to my heart. "Our hands will indeed stay like that forever."

I started to walk away from the green rose. The moon was up high in the sky.

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