DISCLAIMER:Oh,I wish Erik belonged to me.But Erik,Raoul,Christine,they be property of Monsieur Gaston Leroux.I don't even own the swords!sobsThis is mostly movie-based,as is my other stories.When I say movie-based I mean Andrew Lloyd Webber based.Haven't seen the other ones yet.


Raoul quickly shoved the Phantom to the ground,pinning him to the cold snow.I watched fearfully,hoping that my childhood friend wouldn't do anything...stupid to harm him.He kicked away the sword and raised his own just above the man's heart.

"No Raoul!Not like this."But Raoul did not listen.The Phantom was nearly off the ground when the sword was plunged into his shoulder.He heard me scream,and Raoul pulling the sword painfully from his shoulder.He did not scream,just swayed,the smirked at the vicomte.

"You cannot kill the Phantom,silly boy,"he rasped,despite the intense pain.

"Raoul!"I sobbed,rushing up next to him."How could you?Leave,just go!"

"Christine,what are you-"

"JUST GO!"I screamed at him.

Raoul sighed,then left,leaving the horse for us and instead taking the carriage.

My Angel's clothes was quickly became stained with his blood.The sight made me queasy,but I sighed and carefully peeled off the material that clung to the injury.I gasped at how deep it was.I could see a bruise forming already.

"I don't have anything,but I do at-"he pulled away from me angrily.

"I can do this myself,Christine."but I could tell by his grimace that it bothered him.I shook my head,more tears pouring down my cheeks.The Phantom pulled me closer,wiping away my tears with his thumbs.

"Let's leave now,"he whispered,kissing my forehead.


"Seal my fate to-night,I hate to have to cut the fun short.But the joke's wearing thin,let the audience in,let my Opera begin!"

Quietly and patiently I waited in the rafters for Piangi to come out.I held the Punjab in my hands,and smiled devilishly when he did come out.


"No thoughts within her head but thoughts of joy.No dreams within her heart but dreams of love."

My mind whirled and traveled,thinking of Raoul,to my Angel,to what would happen to him.


"Passarino,go away for the trap is set and waits for his prey.You have come here,in pursuit of your deepest urge,which till now has been silent,silent..."I knew that voice.I looked behind me and saw,not Piangi,but my Angel!"I have brought you that our passions may fuse and merge!In your mind you've already succumbed to me, dropped all defenses Completely succumbed to me Now you are here with me No second thoughts,you've decided...decided..."I looked at him curiously."Past the point of no return.No backward glances,our games of make believe are at an end.Past all thought of 'if' or when',no use resising,abandon thought and let the dream descend!What raging fires shall flood the soul?What rich desire unlocks its door,what sweet seduction lies before us?Past the point of no return!The final threshold,what warm unspoken secrets will we learn?Beyond the point of No return..."

Me.It was my turn.I was nervous."You have brought me to that moment when words run dry,to that moment when speech dissapears into silence...silence...I have come here,hardly knowing the reason why.In my mind I've already imagined our bodies entwining,defenseless and silent.Now I am here with you,no second thoughts,I;ve decided.Decided.Past the point of no return,no going back now,our passion play has now at last begun!"As we climbed the stairs,I saw Erik wince.Did he do anything to his shoulder?Did he at least attempt to put a bandage on?"Past all thought of right or wrong,one final question,how long should we two wait before we're one?When will the blood begin to race,the sleeping bud burst into bloom,when will the flames at last consume us?"we both sang now.

"Christine,that's all I ask of..."I ripped off the mask.People screamed.I looked at him sadly.He pulled a lever and the chandeleir fell,then we fell throught the bridge.

I secretly worried for my Angel.0I heard his sharp intakes of breath and his wincing worried me.And as Raoul and I left him,I felt guilt slowly killing me.