Well here's the last one...


I awoke once again to music-lonely,sad,but addicting music.I peeked and saw Erik.He abruptly stopped and groaned in pain.I gasped.

"ERIK!"I cried as he fell from the organ's seat.I ran to him and caught him.His eyes were slipping closed and his breathing was raspy."Get...Madame...Giry!"he croaked.I bit my lip and gently laid him down.

"Christine wait!"I turned around as the gate opened."I love you."he whispered.And I ran.


Why did she leave like that?

No matter.She knows I am breathing my last.Then she will finally be free of me.She can go back to that boy if she wants.I don't...no.I do care if she leaves me!She can never know how much I love her-never.I turned on my side and gasped at the sudden pang of pain.I sighed and winced as I waited.


I don't know what happened next.I wouldn't go into that room,where my Angel was suffering.I waited for what seemed like hours.I heard voices,but I wasn't paying attention to their words.I thought of my father,and my mother,and Raoul,Meg...and Erik.My mind raced,and I couldnt keep up with my own thoughts.


How to describe my childhood friend?

I could go now.Go back to him!Safety...

But with Erik,with Erik I felt so much different.I could reamin on the stage if I wished.

Help me make the music of the night...

My heart broke.Above,I could hear a clock.

Dong...dong sounded like wrong.Wrong...

Everything was wrong.Erik shouldn't have been stabbed.I shouldn't have even thought of going with Raoul...after what he did to my Angel.



It had been days.Christine knew not what had happened-neither did Madame Giry or Erik.When Erik finally emerged from the room,and Madame Giry after him,they saw Christine,either passed out or fell asleep.She awoke quickly when she felt Erik's hands on her shoulders.She nearly fainted when she saw Erik...Erik,the man she truly wanted to be with.Erik.

His name tasted like sugar on her tongue...



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