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PS: This takes place in Draco's fifth year... and like I said, canon out window. Read the author's note at the bottom, very importante.

Chapter One: Green Streaks and Owls

Ginny looked out the window of the train, sighing. Although she had practically just gotten on the train, Ron, Harry, and Hermione had (as always) gone into their own compartment to talk about whatever they talk about, leaving Gin alone in her own compartment. She kept her radar on, though, for her two friends, Amedei Black and Liz Adler, who she met in first year. Liz was a fellow Gryffindor who had the world's biggest crush on Harry. She was a lot like Ginny, actually, considering they both had the same crush, were in the same house, and played on the Quidditch team. Amedei, however, was the exact opposite. She was a Slytherin and acted one at all times. She was sly, cunning, and slightly evil, and although she lived in England, she went to Durmstrang for three years before having to switch schools and go to Hogwarts. Because of her background (Regulus was, after all, her father) she was immediately sorted into Slytherin. Ginny slightly laughed, remembering the way she and Amedei had become friends.

"Get out of my way, seriously pissed off witch coming through!" Amedei yelled, glaring at the first years who looked her way as her long black hair with unnaturally green streaks flew from behind her. She stopped in front of Fred and George (who were still at the school at the time) and tapped her foot impatiently. "Is THIS your idea of a joke, Redheads one and two?"

Fred looked at George, innocence written on their foreheads. "Do you know what she's talking about, one?"

"No, do you, two?"


"Green dye?" George repeated, looking confused. "But, I thought that was...a potion..."

"Yeah, so did I. I thought it was a potion."

Amedei suddenly could tell she wasn't dealing with two normal pranksters. "...What kind of potion?"

Fred grinned. "The kind of potion that does... THIS!" he laughed while pouring some sticky solution on her hair.

"UGGHHH!" She screamed, whipping her wand out. "THAT'S IT! YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE MORE THAN DEAD, YOU'RE -"

It was then that Ginny came out into the hallway, noticing Amedei. She didn't really know her name or who she was, but she knew that Fred and George probably had something to do with the green streaks in her hair. Without thinking, she gently pushed Amedei out of the way, blocking Fred and George and slapping them. She then dragged off a yelling and kicking Amedei off to the girl's bathroom.

When she had quieted down, Amedei looked at Ginny, who was working on a counter charm. "Thanks."

"No problem... those were my brothers, and I'm pretty sure they used this spell on me last week..."

Amedei laughed and extended a hand. "Amedei Black. And yourself?"

"Ginny Weasley," she said, shaking her hand.

"Gin? You in here? Giiiiiiiii-- GIN!" Liz called, finding the redhead. "Ame, she's in here!"

Ginny got up to give Liz a hug, but Liz shook her head. "We must wait for Ame," she said seriously. "WHAT THE HELL'S TAKING YOU, AME?"

"I'm COMING, I'm COMING, I'm - HERE! GIN!" She screamed before enveloping Gin in a spine-crushing hug.
"AME! You - oh Merlin your hair!" Ginny yelped, grabbing tufts of Amedei's once shoulder length hair. "Did you ever cut it?"

Amedei shook her head, sending black hair that went down to the middle of her back flying. "I didn't have time, and - oh, wait, you didn't hug Liz yet!"

Liz (nicely) pushed Amedei out of the way and grabbed Gin, then parted and looked at her closely. "Something's different. Slightly."

"Huh?" Amedei asked, getting a closer look. "I didn't notice any- oh. Yeah, I see it now."

"I don't know what you're talking about, guys," Gin said in a small voice, knowing what they meant. That summer, Harry had broken her heart for the second time, ignoring her after they had gotten close the year before.

"Hm... I don't think she's being completely truthful, what about you, Liz?"

Liz shook her head. "I completely agr- OH! You got your heart broken, didn't you, Gin?"

Gin blushed. "I did not."

"You did too, so who was the prat who did it? I'll rip his balls out," Amedei growled, and Gin knew she was being completely serious.

"No one, because I did not get my heart broken!"

Liz smirked. "Fine, whatever, by the end of this train ride you will confess."

"I will not because I have nothing to confess abou-"

She trailed off as Harry walked past their open compartment door, causing Ginny to blush. Once Harry was fully passed, Amedei lightly slapped Ginny.

"You let him break your heart again?"

"Hey, don't say it like that!" Liz gasped, still having a crush on Harry. "I'm sure he didn't mean anything."

Ginny nodded. "He didn't mean to hurt me. He just... I don't know, didn't really need a girlfriend. He had a lot on his mind."

Amedei rolled her eyes. "Like I haven't heard that excuse a million times. And don't stick up for him, Adler, he doesn't even know your first name!"

The compartment was quiet, and Amedei opened her mouth to apologize. Liz put her hand up and left, not in a bad mood, but so she could cool off.

Amedei shrugged and sat across from Ginny, taking some sweets out of her bag. "So, other then Harry, have the hots for anyone this year?"

Ginny shook her head. "I don't know, I just got here, Ame. But probably not..."

"You know, there are tons of Slytherin who would die to get you in their pants."

Ginny laughed. "The Slytherin hate me, Ame!"

"Not really. They may not like you as a person but they totally see you as a good shag."

"Oh, that's nice."

Amedei smiled. "Well, you know that's like, the first thing on almost all Slytherin boy's minds."

"Scratch that - all boy's minds," Ginny added.

Both girls laughed, but trailed off when they heard a noise coming from the corridor. They looked at each other before sticking their heads out the door to find Malfoy with a wand pointed at Harry's throat.

"Compromising position we're in, eh, Potter?"

Harry rolled his eyes, but Gin could tell he was nervous.

"Take it back, Potter," he growled through a clenched jaw as he pushed the wand harder against Harry's adam's apple. "Take. It. Back."


"Fine," Draco smirked, "have it your way. Cruc-" He trailed off, feeling a wand in his back. He turned his head around to see Ginny glaring at him.

He removed his wand from Harry's throat, glanced at Ginny with a venomous stare, and then walked away.

Ginny looked at Amedei. "What the hell was that?" she asked.

Ginny shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, what could Harry have said?" she asked as they sat down.

"I wasn't talking about that, I was talking about Draco completely stopping when he saw you."
Ginny rolled her eyes. "Not this again, Ame! I will not have you try to hook me up with another one of your Slytherin mates!"

"But Draco is different! Really, he's so sweet, and he's gorgeous - admit it, he's quite the looker."

"Aw, thanks, Amedei," Draco cooed from the compartment door. Amedei smiled and stuck her tongue out playfully at Draco. The two had been really close friends and nothing more. Draco's parents and Regulus were, obviously, rather close, which meant that Amedei and Draco were often thrust together to hang out while Lucius and Regulus had Death Eater conventions (or whatever the bloody hell they did). This caused the pair to be like brother and sister.

"What are you doing in here, Malfoy?" Ginny asked, fists clenched.

"What are you doing in here, Malfoy?" he repeated in a high-pitched voice while fluttering his eyelashes.

"Shut up!"
"Shut up!"

"You bloody gi-"

"You bloody gi-"
"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP, PLZKTHX?" Amedei shouted. They were acting seriously childish.

(pronounced pleaz-k-thanx in a very quick voice)

Ginny was about to say something when something in her mind jolted, causing her to think about the situation. She was in a compartment. With Draco Malfoy. And she hadn't killed him yet.
What the bloody hell was going on?

"Okay, I'm cooled off, and -" Liz trailed off, noticing the flush in Gin's cheeks and the embarrassment that filled the room. "Did I miss something?"

"No," Draco growled, pushing Liz out of the way and leaving the compartment.

Amedei grinned. "Oh, I can't wait for this year to begin!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Liz and Ginny were seated with the trio in the Great Hall, watching as the eager first years were sorted.
"Y'know," Liz whispered, "The hat looked much cooler in my first year. I mean, now it kind of looks like, well..."

"An old hat?" Harry supplied for her, smiling.
Liz laughed quietly. "Yeah."

Ginny felt a pang of jealousy erupt in her as a secret meaning of "I like you" was passed between Liz and Harry. But I don't like him, she thought. I don't like anyone.

She felt someone kneel next to her and looked at Amedei, who was leaned down so the Gryffindors wouldn't attack her for having a Slytherin at their table.

Gin nudged Liz before turning to Amedei. "Hey, Ame, what's up?"

"Something's going on, I don't know what..." Amedei whispered quickly. "Something's going on with Draco and Blaise and Crabbe and...them."

"What kind of something?" Liz asked.

"I...I don't know. But it's bad. Draco got an owl when we first went to our commonrooms, you know, to put our things away. And then he started yelling, and Blaise was next to him and it was really serious, everyone was quiet..."

"Do you think his father's... you know...?" questioned Ginny.

Amedei shrugged. "That would be awful, wouldn't it? I mean, if he's...dead? I know he didn't like him much, but - ow!" Amedei yelped as Professor Mcgonnagal pinched her ear.

"No Slytherins at Gryffindor table this early in the year, Black!" Mcgonnagal said, only half-harshly.

"But - But - But -"

"Especially not for gossiping about things that shouldn't be gossiped about!" she continued in a knowing whisper.

Amedei gasped. "You know, then? What's it all about?"

Mcgonnagal frowned and gently pushed Amedei towards the Slytherin table, smacking her lightly on the bum with each following word. "Back! To! Your! Own! Table!"

"Okay, okay, I get it! - Bye Liz, Gin!"

Liz and Ginny looked like they were going to laugh, but found it easy not to.

"Do you think...?"
"I don't know..."
"I mean, maybe...?"

"It wouldn't surprise me..."

"Me neither, I mean, considering..."

"Do you think he's upset?"

"Oh, probably, I mean, it was his..."

"I know, but, still..."

"If he was my... I wouldn't..."

"Liz! That's horrible..."

"But... it's true!"

"I know...very true..."

Ron blinked at their conversation and turned to Harry. "Can you understand what they're saying?"

"Nope, not a word. Hermione, you're a girl, what're they saying?"

Hermione blinked, and then laughed. "You think I could understand that?"

Ron looked shocked. "But you're smarter than them, why couldn't you - Oh, brilliant, food!"

Hermione blushed and began eating the food which just appeared on her plate.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Amedei had her "I'm-going-to-find-some-dirt-out-one-way-or-another" look on, and as she tiptoed through the Slytherin commonroom, she had one target in mind: Draco Malfoy.

Finally she spotted him surrounded by Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle. Carefully, she sauntered up to Crabbe and smiled.

"Hi, Crabbe!"

Crabbe rose an eyebrow. "Hi..."

"What's uuuuuuuuppppp...?" She asked, trying to lean her ear in to hear/see what Draco was whispering about.

"Nothing..." he said slowly, looking at her weird movements as she moved to catch a glimpse at Draco. "...You?"

"Oh, you know, the same, the usual," she blabbered. Suddenly, an idea struck her. "Um, can you come with me for a second? I have something to ask you."

Crabbe shook his head. "Don't try it."

"Don't try what?" asked Amedei innocently. "Whatever are you talking about?"

"Cut the innocent act, Black, it doesn't suit you."

"Whatever are you talking about, what innocent ac- What do you mean it doesn't suit me?"

Crabbe smirked. "The whole 'I'm only here to make small talk' act. It doesn't suit you. You always have a secret agenda, and this time I know what it is!"

Amedei laughed. Crabbe wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the crayon box, and she was sure he had no idea what was going on.

"You're trying to get in my pants again!"

It was quiet, as the seriousness of Crabbe's tone sunk in. And then... Amedei burst out in the most high-pitch and rude scream of laughter ever.

"ME? Want - get - in - pants - YOURS? ME? and YOU? ...AGAIN?" she snorted between chuckles.

Crabbed looked put out. "Well what's so wrong about it?"
"Oh, forget it, Crabbe, I'll find out for myself." She pushed him out of the way and sat next to Draco.

And, without warning, Draco put his head on Amedei shoulders and cried softly enough for only she to hear.

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