Lunar Eclipse

by Random Writer 46

Summary: Three clans, one destiny, and one boy to change it all. (KOF Elements and characters included.)

Disclaimer: Remember, I don't own Naruto or King of Fighters.

Prologue: The Trinity

A lone figure walked down a street in broad daylight as he tried to sort some thoughts through his head. It had been hard, very hard, to decide to walk this road. Even as he looked at the cheery signs that the shops and restaurants displayed and the affectionate sarcasm of the street vendors, he felt the shadow of doubt gripping him as he tried to remain unrecognized despite the many ninjas that walked by. It was easy to tell who was a ninja and who wasn't -- those that were walked with an elegant grace, while those that weren't seemed more clumsy in general.

"Get your fresh shrimp here! Top quality, imported directly from the country of Wave! Guaranteed fresh otherwise your money back!" A streetside vendor cried loudly, as though the large sign that stood beside him didn't advertise his produce enough.

The brown-haired figure was surprised at the declaration. Last time he had been to the Wave the entire economy was on the edge of collapse, with the interference of the Gatou Company at work. But then again... He had hear a rumour a few months ago-- something about the leader of the Gatou Company being killed by a missing-nin or something. But no matter. Trivial information like that didn't matter to the young man now.

He brought a hand up in front of him, clenching it. An observant psserby might've noticed what seemed like a spark come off of his fist, but nobody was paying any attention now. A civilian might've passed it off as a ninjutsu, but a ninja would know-- that wasn't a ninjutsu, it was a Bloodline... more specifically, the ancient Kusanagi-Ryuu Kobujutsu... the Magatama.

Kyo Kusanagi wasn't an amateur at using his Bloodline Limit... no, it was more like the fact that he was a certified missing-nin, and didn't want anybody to find out during his stay in the Hidden Leaf.

The brown-haired nukenin wandered through the streets of Konoha a few more times, before getting bored with the stuff that he was seeing. It seemed that all Hidden Villages were the same... At least from an outsider's point of view... The same clans that oppressed their members, the same ideals that sent young men and women out to their deaths...

Kyo's attention suddenly turned towards the sky -- a leaf was floating gently in the wind, supported by an invisible breeze. As the brown-haired nukenin watched, the leaf turned towards the sky and started floating upwards in the gust, it spun around in a circle before ascending to the sky.

There was something symbolic about that -- Kyo just wasn't sure what.

Suddenly, a bright sign that stood in front of a food cart caught his attention.

'Ramen Ichiraku...? Well, I guess I am kind of hungry...' Kyo mentally calculated the amount of ryou he had left... It was just enough for a meal or two. 'Well, it was time to start taking missions again, I guess.'

Walking up to the ramen stand, the nukenin parted the curtains and walked inside.

Uzumaki Naruto sighed as he picked at his ramen. Life had been tough since he had gotten out of the hospital after the succesful rescue mission of the village's golden boy. The village seemed to blame him solely for the misdoings of the younger Uchiha brother, and it reflected in the attitudes of the villagers. The glares had hardened, and now the landlady of his shoddy apartment had even cut off the water to his room.

Sakura had completely ignored him during his stay at the hospital, but every time he passed by Sasuke's room he had found her waiting outside like some kind of lost puppy, pleading with the ANBU standing at the door to be let in. Every time he had stuffed down the feeling of jealousy, and had continued on.

The mission had been a success as far as they had been concerned, though there had been some major injuries. None of his companions had died -- thank god for that. Neji had been the one in most danger, but even his injuries had been stabilized. Chouji was also fine, except that his old pudgy figure was gone, though the normally pleasantly plump genin was trying to fix that as soon as possible. Everybody else was fine, although Lee had been scolded hard by Tsunade. The sand trio had established their presence in Konoha. Apparently Sunagakure had decided to send a few of their teams over to make up for their betrayal, and Gaara's team had been apart of it. From what Naruto had heard, however, it seemed like the psycho sand boy demanded it -- though for what reason Naruto did not know.

One result of the mission was that Naruto started to feel weak. He actually had to tap into the Kyuubi's power to defeat Sasuke -- which wasn't what he wanted. He had wanted to bring the Uchiha back by himself, but it seemed

The old man that owned the ramen stand frowned. He didn't like it when his best customer was unhappy, not only did it cause his appetite to dissappear into almost nothing, it didn't feel right for this little bundle of sunshine to be so subdued. Even Ayame, his daughter, was looking at the orange-clad ninja with a hint of worry in her eyes.

The atmosphere was broken when a brown-haired man tripped over the doormat and landed face-first on the floor. The fuzzy-haired genin burst out laughing, and the old man tried hard not to chuckle. The brown-haired figure got up, rubbing the back of his head.

"Ow...! That hurt!" Kyo said, wincing, and sat down besides Naruto, looking at the blonde genin for a fraction of a second before turning his attention towards the front. He motioned towards the old man. "A bowl of miso ramen please."

The old man nodded.

Kyo turned his attention inwards again, thinking. Trains of thought raced through his mind, yet he couldn't pay attention to any one of them. He took a pair of single-use chopsticks from the little pile in front of him and split them, still deep in thought.

"No... why..."

Kyo's breathing was ragged.

What had happened had been surreal.

What had happened had been horrible.

Two corpses had been flung into a corner of the large room, one of his genin team and his jounin sensei. Their eyes were wide, as if they hadn't even seen the critical blow come. The younger corpse had two kunai stuck in vital spots -- one embedded deep within the neck and the other on the left side of his chest, the heart. The older man's neck was bent in a strange angle, and his skin seemed withered.

Twenty-two nukenin stood in a circle around a twelve year old crouching Kyo Kusanagi. The leader of the missing-nins, a Hidden Galaxy jounin, Tetsuo Nomimura, stood in front of the genin, staring at the boy in an almost pitying way. A large hooded cloak covered his face, the brown fabric seemingly rough and scratchy. His grey eyes stood out form a face criss-crossed with scars. In his hand he held a large katana, roughly the length of his armspan.

"Sorry, kid. I didn't want to do this." Tetsuo said, sympathic towards the fallen boy. He had felt the same pain, long ago, and it had never stopped. There were days when he wanted to commit suicide after waking up with a scream from a horrible nightmare, and yet he had never found it within himself to actually do it. The long, sleepless nights that he had endured had been the trigger, the first event in a chain that had lead him into the hellhole that was currently his life.

Behind him... crucified on the wall with four wakizashi was the unmoving, unblinking form of a girl with her face frozen in a scream of eternal suffering. Her blood drenched the walls, and her brown hair hung limply around her face. Her unblinking blue eyes were frozen over in death, and her mouth was stuck in a never-ending scream.

"Yuki... Yuki-chan..."

The missing-nins perked up at the sound of the genin's voice, and Nomimura shook his head. He didn't like doing this, but he knew that if he didn't there would be no way for him to continue on living. He was a missing-nin, there was no way back, and even if there was he wasn't sure if he wanted to revert to the living style he had before. There was nothing else to do.

He raised his katana, the blade glinting in the dim light, and just as he was about to bring the katana down, something unexpected happened.

The blade of the katana had been stopped by a wall of pure chakra.

'How...?' Tetsuo wondered. 'The amount of chakra gathered was able to take on a physical form by itself without being molded...?'

Suddenly, Kyo's face rose, and Tetsuo looked into the most frightening eyes he had ever seen. More horrible than that pair of swirling red Sharingan he had faced years ago as a Hidden Stone nin, and more horrible than the blood red and golden Makaigan that he had encountered during his last brush with the Hidden Mist hunter-nins. These eyes were pure white, and for the first time the nukenin felt and saw the orange chakra that lingered around the genin's body, mostly around his arms.

"What... what are you?" The Hidden Stone nukenin asked the hunched figure in front of him. The boy suddenly stood up, and grabbed the katana in his hand, before giving it a sharp chop with his other hand. Unbelievably, the metal suddenly melted away in the middle where the young genin had delivered the blow. And also for the first time, Nomimura noticed the embers that engulfed the boy's hand. "What the hell are you!"

And the boy, graduated from the ninja academy for only sixteen months, the boy that had barely become a ninja, the dead last of his class, the heir to an unimportant clan, the loser that had come from another village, standing in the center of the room replied.

"Kusanagi, of the Sanshu no Jingi."

Kyo took a left at memory lane and suddenly found himself back in the real world. The bowl of miso ramen that had suddenly appeared in front of his face was cool by now, though the young nukenin found he had lost his appetite. Taking the chopsticks, he picked at the ramen. There was no point in trying to eat now... there would be absolutely no way that his stomach would fit the whole bowl of ramen down after that recollection.

"Oi, oi!" The voice of a young boy called from his left, and Kyo turned around, and was instantly assaulted by the horribled abomination of orange and blue that was the kid's jumpsuit. Kyo actually winced. The genin that stood in front of him couldn't have been fourteen, and yet the whole demeanor of the kid screamed 'five'. "Hey! If you don't want that ramen can I have it? No point in it going to waste, you know!"

Kyo was instantly worried about having been found out, but just by looking at the eyes of the young blonde that stood in front of him he knew that he wouldn't have to worry about that. Though the eyes of the genin spoke volumes of loneliness and pain, it also held an insurmountable amount of trust and determination. And just by looking at those eyes, Kyo could tell that this kid wouldn't be able to tell a friend that he had stolen their pencil without looking guilty.

Chuckling, Kyo slid the bowl over.

"Sure, help yourself."

The brown-haired nukenin, smiling, watched the fuzzy-haired genin dig in with relish. It was like watching a black hole at work. The ramen disappeared into the boy's mouth as quickly as kikkai bug into the owner's body. Kyo watched with interested for a few moments, before shaking his head and rising from his seat.

"Right, I'll take my leave now. Enjoy the ramen, kid." The brown-haired nukenin said. Naruto was too busy inhaling the unhealthy noodles to notice.

Kyo grinned as he felt the cool afternoon air of Konoha hit his face. The kid hadn't even realized that he had left the bill with him. The brown-haired nukenin smiled as he continued walking down the street -- though he did start walking a little faster at the sound of outrage that erupted from the ramen stand that he had just left.

"Hey, you!"

Naruto was beyond pissed, and what luck. The asshole that had left him with the bill was right in front of him, sitting on the same log that he had been tied to the day that he had passed the genin exams. The brown-haired nukenin seemed to not have heard him, as he was quietly munching on a sandwich.

A vein bulged ontop of Naruto's head, and he quickly withdrew a kunai from his pouch. Taking careful aim, he quickly swung it towards the nukenin. As his aim wasn't the best in the world, he wanted to make sure he wouldn't kill a random passerby just because he was careless. It would hurt his dream of becoming Hokage after all.

The kunai zipped by the brown-haired nin, and with one swift movement he swung his arm forward and caught the kunai by inserting his pinky into the hole. Naruto gaped as the brown-haired nukenin finished off the rest of the sandwich quickly with his left arm, and jumped off the log.

"It's not very nice to throw sharp objects at people when they're eating, kid." Kyo said with a smile. The kunai had been aimed pretty well -- something that he didn't expect from a ninja this young. He noticed too late that it hadn't been aimed towards him at all, and was actually going to zip by his face from the right. Oh well, too late. He had blown his cover already, and the only thing that he had going for him now was the fact that young ninja were often not informed of the traits of a missing-nin. Time to see if that was true in this Hidden Village.

The blonde-genin quickly shook off his disbelief, and pointed a finger at Kyo defiantly.

"Well, it's not very nice to leave a kid like me with the bill!" The foxboy yelled at the Hidden Galaxy nin. "You're a ninja, right? I challenge you to a fight! If I win you have to say sorry to me, and you'll have to buy me another bowl of ramen!"

Kyo smiled. This boy was rather interesting.

"Oh, and if I win?" Kyo asked. He didn't have enough money for another bowl of ramen, after getting himself that sandwich. Oh well, it wasn't like the kid was going to win anyway. After six years on the road and training himself in the ways of his Bloodline, he was at least above Jounin level. Oh well, he still had to decide if he actually wanted to accept the kid's challenge anyway.

"Then... uh..."

"It's alright, I don't need a reason to win." Kyo said confidently. "The name's Kyo Kusanagi, and you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki!"

Kyo's eyes widened, and for a moment his eternally calm facade dropped.

"...Did you say... Uzumaki?"

Kyo and Naruto stood across from eachother, bozing sizing the other up. Kyo hadn't even known when he had agreed. After the genin had proclaimed his name the brown-haired nukenin's mind had just gone blank. Well, not exactly blank. More like entirely occupied by one single thought.

Uzumaki...? But all the Uzumaki's were wiped out after that incident! And even if they did survive... Why would one of them be here in Konoha of all Hidden Village? They hated the Leaf... Especially after that incident with the Kyuubi, so why would they be here...? But...

Kyo regarded the boy carefully. The golden-blonde hair, the blue eyes, and of all the determination that seemed to burn from within.

It's possible... Half of the clan's bodies weren't found. There's only one way to find out then...

They stood across from eachother, neither of them moving a muscle, and all of a sudden the brown-haired nukenin suddenly dropped into a fightiing stance. He tossed the large brown cloak that he had been wearing, and Naruto was able to see what he was wearing underneath.

On his torso was a white shirt, and over top was a black jacket emblazoned with the symbol of a sun. He wore some strange type of black jeans, and the belt that he used to hold his jeans up wasn't completely kept in place. And on his hands, were black fingerless gloves that seemed to go straight up to his elbows, even though Naruto couldn't see under the sleeves of his jacket. (Kyo's King of Fighters 2003 outfit.)

Come on kid, show me what you can do!

"IKUZE!" (1)

Naruto found himself hard-pressed to parry the first attack. It came at him out of nowhere. The guy that he was facing was incredible -- even Sasuke-teme hadn't been this fast when they fought back at the waterfall. But then again... this guy obviously wasn't genin level, that was for sure. Maybe this was the way all high-ranking ninjas fought...

Naruto had managed to dodge it by ducking underneath the swing, and as a counter he tried to uppercut the charging nukenin. Kyo immediately stopped his assault, and pushed both hands underneath, blocking the rising blow and flipping over the genin. Before the genin had even noticed what had happened, he felt his legs give out under him as Kyo made a quick sweep with his legs. As the genin fell, Kyo delivered a powerful drop kick to the genin's back, and propelled him through the air.

"Come on, kid!" Kyo called. "If this is your best, then you'll never be able to beat me!"

With that, the nukenin boosted himself off the grassy ground, swinging his leg up just as Naruto was about to come down...

"Mu Shiki: R.E.D Kick!" (2)

...and with a great bone-breaking kick, sent the young genin towards the ground in a blow that would have been lethal to a normal civilian. But Kyo had to do this... he had to find out if this young was a part of the clan that had been shattered alongside the Kusanagi, Yagami, and the Kagura so long ago...

He wasn't disappointed.

The young blonde genin hit the ground in a handstand and flipped over onto his feet. It wasn't the most graceful movement, but as Kyo watched, he saw some of that old Uzumaki style within it. That fighter's instinct... the most important part of a warrior, a ninja.

"Don't... underestimate me!"

Kyo grinned as they began round two.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (3)

Five Narutos appeared around the original, poofing into existence with identical idiotic grins. Kyo's brow furrowed. A genin knowing a jounin level kinjutsu? That was nearly unheard of. But then again, if this kid was Uzumaki, he shouldn't be the least bit surprised. The entire clan had always been the greatest at the difficult jutsus, there were many of them that couldn't master even the simplest Katon jutsus like the Katon: Goukakyuu and had yet managed to use the Katon: Karyuu Endan on their first try.

The Narutos rushed Kyo, trying to overwhelm him with sheer numbers. Kyo was surprised by the genin's thoughtlessness, but then realized something. There were only five Narutos rushing him, and there were supposed to be six, including the original. That meant there was one missing.

"Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi!" (4)

Suddenly all the Narutos were burnt away in a wave of blazing inferno. Each of them poofed out of existence, proving that the original one wasn't there after all. Kyo's hand rushed through the bodies of the Narutos, his eye searching traces of another fuzzy-haired genin.

After the smoke from the Kage Bunshins had blown away, only then was Kyo able to see what Naruto had been doing.

"I'm tougher than you think, onii-san!"

Kyo's eyes widened as he watched the swirling mass of chakra approach him at incredibly high speeds. He could do something like that! The amount of destruction contained within that ball seemed massive, there was no way he could block it. And he didn't want to hurt the kid... there was only one thing to do.

Charging forwards, Kyo timed his trick. Ducking underneath the bright blue ball of chakra, the brown-haired nukenin borught his leg up as the fuzzy-haired genin passed by overheads. Naruto had barely enough time to react before the heel of Kyo's foot struck him into the air... The Rasengan lost its shape immediately, and dispersed into nothingness.

"75 Shiki Kai!" (5)

Another heel struck Naruto, this time with much greater force. The blow sent him careening into the sky. The blonde genin grabbed a branch on the way up and swung ontop of it, breathing heavily. He wiped his mouth on his arm. They gazed at eachother, sizing their opponents up.

"That was Ura Shiki 1080: Rasengan of the Uzumaki-ryuu Dobujutsus, wasn't it?" Kyo asked. That move that the kid had decided to use against him definitely fit the bill... But the weird thing was that the chakra contained within the ball wasn't hot at all, and didn't seem to contain any of the qualities that all Shiki utilized by the hand had. There were no flames, no heat... there was only one explanation for that.

"What...?" Naruto asked. "You know about the Rasengan? What's a Shiki?"

Kyo's eyes narrowed. Just as he thought. The jutsu was incomplete.

"Get down here, kid." Kyo said. "Where are your parents?"

Naruto dropped down, and for a moment Kyo caught a dejected look on his face before it was replaced by that sunny smile again. It seemed like he was trying hard to be happy and not think about something, at least that was what Kyo could tell.

"I don't have any parents." Naruto said, quietly. "I've never had them."

Kyo nodded. He had expected something like this. Damn it... He was a missing-nin! But there was no way he could let a surivor of the Uzumaki clan massacre go just like that... No, his clan had commited too big of a crime for him. And judging from the look of the boy. He was lonely.

"Get down here, kid." Kyo had made a decision. "I've got something to show you."

And he withdrew, from his pouch, a scroll emblazoned with nine tails.

(1) Let's go!

(2) No Type: Rainbow Energy Dynamite Kick

(3) Art of Shadow Clone

(4) Reverse 108 Type: Great Serpent Mower

(5) 75 Type Open

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