Lunar Eclipse

by Random Writer 46

Summary: Three clans, one destiny, and one boy to change it all. (KOF Elements and characters included.)


Chapter 3: Sanshu no Jingi


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Kyo stared down at the empty wallet in front of him, and sighed. He had used up all his green to get himself an apartment, and had already talked to the Hokage's secretary (or assistant, he couldn't really tell. The woman with the little oinker seemed pretty miffed about being stuck with paperwork though) about getting an interview tomorrow. He had taught Naruto two new skills. The kid was a fast learner but there was a set amount of skills that he could teach the foxboy, the Uzumaki Magatama was different from the Kusanagi Magatama.

Naruto had taken to the techniques like a moth to a flame. He didn't specialize in flames, he excelled in the use of them. His clothing now had traces of burning all over them, and he would have to buy the kid some fire-proof clothing, preferably soon. There should be at least one tailor in a village of Fire Country ninjas that could make something like that, and even if there wasn't he could always make some himself. It wasn't that hard, though it probably wouldn't look that good. Oh well, small price to pay, and that was only if there wasn't a suitable tailor around. What would be the chances?

Kyo allowed himself a geniune smile as he visualized the face of the foxboy after he had gotten his second and third skills. There was something about the idealist orange-clad Genin that brought people to him. The brown-haired nukenin himself had been affected.


"Alright then." Kakashi said. Team 7 minus one was gathered around a small clearing. Both Naruto and Sakura were sitting on logs, while their sensei was standing upside down on a tree branch and reading his perverted book. "There isn't anything special we're going to do today, but there is a little assignment that I'm supposed to give to you."

"What is it sensei?" Sakura asked apprehensively. Naruto was pessimistic about the mission though. It was probably going ot be another one of those stupid D-rank missions! What was a ninja doing buying groceries and pulling weeds anyway? Those were errand boy jobs!

Kakashi put his book away, and suddenly both Sakura and Naruto perked up. Their perverted sensei never put his book away unless it was something important. It didn't seem that serious, but still.

"We're going to be having a little competition." Kakashi said. "The ninja academy has asked the recently graduated Genins to demonstrate what they have learnt out of school. This is going to be a C-rank mission."

Naruto couldn't help but feel his spirit drop.

"That's it?"

Sakura seemed to share his sentiment, though she didn't show it.

"It's nothing to scoff at. It's going to be tournament style. The other Genin teams are going to be coming with you. The other Jounin-senseis have agreed to do this with us. We've already set up the order." Kakashi said. "Remember, I want you to fight with your very best. This is going to something that the newer generation can look up to and learn from. This will fuel their motivation. It's much more important than you think."

Naruto had perked up at the mention of tournament.

"Oh? Do we get to fight them again?"

Sakura sighed, exasperated, and socked him a good one on his skull. Naruto grasped his head in pain, excaliming a short 'itai'.

"What do you think, dumbass?" The pink-haired girl growled.

Kakashi chuckled at both of his students' exchange, before thinking back to his childhood days. Maybe that wasn't the right word for it though... Ninjas usually defined childhood as the period of time before you took your first kill, and Kakashi had taken his at the age of six. No... He was thinking of his younger days.

Obito and Rin had always fought like that, before Obito had been crushed to death by that boulder, and Rin had been killed on a mission when she was a Chuunin. The previous Team 7 had been shattered, and every time that Kakashi had been assigned his students he had always failed them for not living up to the name of his own team... Maybe he just had high standards. The day that he had seen Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura, his guard had slipped however. Sasuke's features were a blast from the past... Naruto's energetic attitude and ramen obsession that seemed to rival his teacher's... Sakura, who seemed so much like Rin.

For that fleeting moment, he had wanted to pass them. Wanted them to take his place on Team 7, wanted to see his past life in them, and had wanted to teach and guide each of them on their way to happiness and glory. Sasuke's revenge-obsessed mind and Sakura's lack of will were both ignored... So many mistakes that he had made, and no way of correcting them...

And then Sasuke had tried to betray Konoha. Went to Orochimaru for power because of his weak will, his unwillingness to fight against the lure of the curse seal. Sakura had been powerless to stop him because she was so weak, and Naruto had nearly been killed from a technique that he had taught the Uchiha boy himself. It would've been a permanent stain on Konoha's history... The last survivor of the Uchiha clan killing a teammate with a skill that their Jounin-sensei had taught him himself.

But the past was past, Sasuke was back in Konoha, and everybody was fine. Kakashi looked at the bickering pair in front of him again. They were laughing, growling, yelling, but most of all, having fun. What was it that his sensei had taught him before...? Everybody makes mistakes and not all can be fixed, but the mightiest are the ones who can stand up and keep going.

"You both have one week to prepare. Sakura, Naruto. If either one of you want any training, come and talk to me about it." Kakashi said. Both of his students looked up. "Sakura... I want you to train yourself now. There's no way to get stronger if you don't work hard for it. Naruto, do you still want to come with me and train?"

"Ah, no thanks Kakashi-sensei." Naruto declined. Both Kakashi and Sakura looked at him in surprise, though the former less so. "I've already got another sensei. He's teaching me a lot of things! He's so cool, he can make stuff blow up and make stuff set on fire... It's his Bloodline!" Naruto didn't disclose the information that he also had the ability, he was going to save it for the demonstration and surprise everybody!

Kakashi felt his heart sink, but then he couldn't blame the foxboy. After how Kakashi had ignored him, it would make sense that he get another teacher. But from what it sounded like it wasn't going to be Jiraiya this time, as far as he knew the only fire technique that Jiraiya commonly used was a simple Katon that he used mainly for lighting Gamabunta's oil.

Who was Naruto's new sensei?

Elsewhere, Kyo sneezed.

"Alright then, meeting adjourned. You are dismissed."


"What are you waiting for?"

Two figures were seen standing outside the gates of Konoha. The situated guards stared at them strangely as the woman wearing white robes waited for the youngster with the blonde hair and the red jacket to catch up. It was pretty clear that the woman was getting impatient, and the young man was getting really tired. He carried a large pack on his back, something that a non-shinobi could never carry because even as the guards watched the ground cracked underneath the youngster's every step.

"But, Kagura-san! You made me run all the way here from Suna carrying all this stuff, no breaks either!" Rock Howard wheezed as he bent over to catch his breath. It had been a terrible mistake to try and learn from somebody other than Terry for a while. Chizuru Kagura was a slave driver. She made him buy the groceries, do the laundry, book the inns and motels... God! And whenever he complained she said it was a part of his training. He had been taught by Terry to never forsake his training, and Chizuru knew exactly how to manipulate him. Damn her!

The robe-wearing woman ignored him and showed her passport to the two guards that stood in front of the gate. They nodded and called to the men on the other side of the gate that would then open it. When the great gate finally creaked open, Chizuru walked through, as though completely forgotten about her young charge. Only when the gate closed did Rock Howard get to the gates.

"Ah, sorry sempais, but that was my sensei who just passed through. Can you please open the door for me?"

The guards shook their heads sympathetically, as Rock Howard let out a resounding wail. His own passport was still stuck in the pile of stuff that Kagura-sensei had made him carry! Turning around, he took a look at the mountain of packs and junk that he had been forced to carry. Letting it fall to the floor (which made a miniature earthquake), Rock Howard began to sort through the load.

He sighed, it was going to be a long day.


Chizuru walked down the streets of Konoha silently, like a white ghost. It was true that she pushed her student hard, but it was truthfully to build up his stamina, will, and character. She had taken a solemn vow when Terry had handed him over to her, and all he had asked was for him to grow up into a man to be respected. Kagura never failed promises, especially not from somebody like the Lonely Wolf of Uchuugakure himself. He was a dear childhood friend, her second. She had met Kyo before him actually...

That brought her attention back to the matter at hand. Recently, for some reason, Uchuugakure had stepped up the call to bring missing-nins to justice. The lower class ones were being hunted down first, and various ninja had been drafted out of their previous duties to help. Chizuru had been taken from her Jounin-sensei position, and had been assigned to the Kyo Kusanagi case, which had seemed to suddenly become a top priority, though there were only two teams assigned. One of them were Rock Howard and herself, and the other was Team 1211. Even the mention of that team sent shivers down her spine. They were the best, most efficient hunter-nin that the Hidden Galaxy had ever known. Iori Yagami was truly a maniac, though it was said that there were only around ten members left in the Yagami clan.

But she didn't want to kill him. He was such a cheerful kid when she had known him. He was the deadlast, but he used his determination to presevere. He had become her friend when one day the clan leaders got together to discuss their futures, the Kusanagi, the Yagami, and the Kagura. He had approached her shyly and asked her if she wanted to play with him. That was a long time ago, back when they were still children. She had heard that he had left the village after his team had been killed, and nobody had paid any attention except for the three clans. Though they were widely regarded to be weak, the Sanshu no Jingi had pride. The leaving of Kyo had caused a rift in the clans, mostly between the Kusanagi and the Yagami. The Kaguras were left in the middle to mediate.

And now the heirs of both the Kagura and the Yagami were sent to assassinate the runaway heir of the Kusanagi. Was this fate?

She ran her hands through her hair, sighing.

Elsewhere, Kyo sneezed again.


"Alright, remember. The Oniyaki is meant to be used for opponents who try to use jumping to get to you." Kyo said. He had summoned up two bunshins, and was giving Naruto demonstrations. Through bunshins couldn't be used to actually attack an enemy, they could do damage to other bunshins. Naruto watched intently as a clone of Kyo rebounded off a tree and try to score a hit before being hit away by a flaming uppercut.

Suddenly, Kyo sneezed. Naruto gazed at him, concerned.

"Damn, been doing that all day." Kyo said. "Somebody must be thinking of me a lot."

Naruto shrugged, and turned back to the demonstration. Now he knew the Yamibarai, the Oniyaki, and the Aragami as well as a few of the consecutive chains that came after it. He couldn't get the exact timing of the Autoguard down though. He had heard from Kyo-sensei that the Magatama released a special energy when summoned that could prevent any damage from coming to him. It was only for a split second or so, so timing was critically important. Kyo had already demonstrated a few situations where some of his strongest moves had been blocked by the Aragami and the Oniyaki.

Kyo had met him on the training grounds when the meeting with the rest of his group had been adjourned. The young nukenin had immediately began to train him again, and was now working on a bit of theory as well as sparring. They first had a quick bout in which Kyo used only the techniques that Naruto had learnt to show him which ones were the most effective and in what kind of situation. There had been many times when the brown-haired shinobi had blocked the strikes that Naruto launched with the Autoguard, which demonstrated the might of it. He had even blocked a Rasengan with it, Naruto marvelled, and before the System Energy (which Kyo called the chakra that the Magatama gave off to activate Autoguard) had dispelled, Kyo had sent Naruto flying with a powerful Aragami. When Naruto had gotten up, he had realized that Kyo had suffered no damage whatsoever, not even his clothing had been ruffled.

And it was then that Naruto had truly learnt the power of the Magatama that he had held. It didn't hold the power of Chidori or Tsunade's massive strength, but the varieties of ways that it could be used and both its offensive and defensive powers were amazing. Kyo had explained that even he had never mastered the Magatama, and when he fought at high speeds he wasn't good enough at predicting a foe's moves to use Autoguard.

"Now, I'm going to teach you one more move, and that's all you're going to learn until you get good enough at these moves to predict Autoguard. I'll judge when you're good enough, alright?" Kyo asked, and Naruto had nodded. The brown-haired nukenin proceeded to show him the technique that he was going to teach him. The two bunshins were lined up once more, facing each other nonchalantly.

"Alright, watch!"

One of the bunshins charged forwards, while the other hunched over, his back turned towards Naruto and Kyo. The first bunshin prepared the Aragami, and struck the hunching bunshin with it. To Naruto's surprise, the Autoguard actually manifested itself in a light blue barrier. The first bunshin proceeded to combo the Aragami, sending strikes raining down on top of the other bunshin, but the Autoguard would not crack. Suddenly, the hunched bunshin roared, and the barrier exploded. It charged forwards, striking the first bunshin with a jab, and then a crouching uppercut. The sounds of explosions accompanied the orange glow that covered the second bunshin's fist.

"That's one of the Desperation Moves, a technique called the 182 Shiki. Some of the Shiki that our families use lose their names after a while because nobody ever thinks to record them down, and all that's left is the number. Sometimes not even that." Kyo said. "As you can see, the Autoguard for this move is humongous, but it takes a while to charge up. Of course, it could come out faster but then it wouldn't be as strong."

Naruto watched the whole thing in awe.


Kyo taught Naruto the technique. He learnt it quickly, the boy seemed to have an affinity towards higher-leveled techniques, for instance preferring the Kage Bunshin to the everyday Bunshin.The missing-nin supposed that it was because of the higher levels of Chakra that the Kyuubi gave him, and the fluctuations in Chakra management. Most higher-level skills did not require finesse and skill, they required raw power and Naruto was happy to supply that.

"Alright then, let's spar." Kyo said, after Naruto had finished learning the technique. "I want to see how you fight. Come at me with whatever you want, it doesn't have to have anything to do with the Magatama at all. This time I'm not holding back any of my techniques!"

Kyo dropped into his standard fighting stance. Naruto copied him, though his was more relaxed. Instead of turning his body sideways, his only slightly shifted his footing and raised his arm in front of him. He had been taught this style by Kyo, since the older ninja's stance didn't seem to work well for him.

"Ikuze!" Kyo cried, and charged forwards. "MOERO!"

Naruto instinctively tried to block, but that was a mistake. Kyo's elbow strike stunned him, and before he could retaliate he felt his head being lifted by his sensei. Everything suddenly became hot, and Naruto was blasted backwards by an orange explosion. He caught himself in time and landed on his feet, gasping, but he couldn't rest for long, Kyo leapt at him from the air. Naruto recognized it as the Naraku Otoshi. But Kyo himself had taught him what to do here...

"HYAAAHH!" Naruto cried, and leapt up in a spiral. Flames erupted from his body, and Kyo narowly avoided it, though he had to stop his attack. Kyo rebounded off midair, and leapt away. Naruto stopped the attack immediately after he saw Kyo escape, there was no point in wasting Chakra by summoning the Magatama now. They both hit the floor, Kyo landing in a roll and Naruto crouching.

Kyo grinned. His student was a fast learner.

Naruto brought his hands up in a cross-like seal.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Suddenly, shadow clones of Naruto appeared all over the clearing. They charged at the brown-haired Jounin all at once with a resounding battlecry. The nukenin looked up at them and grinned, before raising his arm and drawing on Chakra from himself to summon the Magatama. Flames lighted up his hand, and just as the Narutos were about to reach him, he swung.

"Kurai... YAGARE!"

The serpent wave flashed through the masses of Kage Bunshin, each one of them popping out of existence as they came into contact with the raging flames. The Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi was one of the strongest techniques of the Kusanagi clan... It had been developed by the first user of the Magatama, and so far no technique had managed to duplicate its mighty priority, its variety of uses, and the damage that it inflicted.

Suddenly, out of the raging inferno popped Naruto. Kyo's eyes widened as his orange-clad student charged forwards.


Naruto had pulled an Aragami out of his ass. The flaming punch burst fowards, and Kyo had to shift his head to avoid the attack, but even as he did so, he felt the heat of the burn on his cheek. It was as if Naruto's fist was actually there, but in reality, the kid was still in front of him. That was one of the good things about the Aragami, it extended range. Kyo spun forwards as soon as the attack had ended. With another fierce punch he sent the youngster careening into a tree. The Aragami was strong, yes, but the Dokugami was stronger.

He was pleasantly surprised when Naruto rebounded off the tree with an attack that looked frighteningly similar to one of Kyo's own.

"Koma Ho Furi!" Naruto cried. Kyo's eyes widened. That was his RED Kick!

Naruto spun across the air in an arc, and slammed his foot onto Kyo's back. The powerful kick knocked the nukenin into the ground, before he burst into smoke and disappeared, replaced by a badly damaged log. Naruto looked around. That had been the Kawarimi. Suddenly, he felt a presence behind him and was about to use the Aragami again, before he saw Kyo with a small white napkin raised.

"Time out." Kyo said briskly. He had an unidentified glint in his eyes that made Naruto slightly nervous. "Got a question I wanna ask ya."

"Huh? Oh, shoot." Naruto said. Was that it?

"That was my technique, wasn't it?"

"Um... Yeah."

"Good, just wanted to make sure." Kyo said, and returned the white napkin to his pocket. He narrowed his eyes... If what he suspected was true, then maybe... "How did you manage to learn that technique when I've never really taught it to you?"

"Um... I kind of just remembered what it looked like. It didn't look that hard to do, so I tried it out. Though I don't think I got it completely..."

Kyo listened in disbelief.

"You mean, you just looked at my attack and learnt it?"

"Um... Yeah, is there something wrong about that?"

"No, nothing." Kyo said, in thought. After a period of silence, he looked at Naruto again and asked a question. "Naruto, can you remember every detail of a fight? Every little thing?"

"Yeah... Why? Isn't that normal?"

"No, not particularly... Naruto, do you only remember the details of a fight, or everything?"

"Um, well... Only fights, I guess."

Kyo nodded. This would warrant a little research.


Rock Howard had finally found his passport, and made his way into Konoha. He booked himself and Chizuru an inn, before setting down the large pile of stuff (he was lucky he had found a motel with hard floors, the last one that they had gone to the large bag o' stuff had broken through two floors and cracked the last). Then, checking his watch and finding plenty of spare time to actually go out and do something, he happily marched out of the room and down to ground floor. Exiting the small inn, he tried to find a map of Konoha that would show him where to go.

His goal? The arcades of course. Grinning, he took a PSP out of his pocket, and popped in 'Nippon Ichi's Best: Collection of Games'. He loaded up his Phantom Brave save file, intending on hitting a few random dungeons before getting to the arcade. His mystic seriously needed some powering up.

Rock Howard wasn't only a ninja, he was a gamer.


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