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Summary: It's always dangerous in the big city of Japan at night no ones safe, considering that two gangs fight each other to see who is the strongest. Shoaron is the strongest of the Black Wolves but what happens when he goes soft to an innocent green-eyed nurse. Read and find out!

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Chapter 1: Nights of Danger


" People say that it is always safe in the big city in the day and at night considering nothing can go wrong when there's a whole bunch of people around you, it's the duty of the police to keep the people that are doing wrong behind bars but what if all those theories are wrong that the big city isn't safe during the night. "

Loud noises were echoed threw the city streets as two different gangs come to combat during the darkest and latest times when the skies have turned dark, all of a sudden voices are being heard.

" YOU DRAGONS GO DOWN TONIGHT! Shouted Tyler who had blonde hair, hazel coloured eyes and light tanned skin, and then punched a member of the dark dragons hard in the ribs. " NEVER BALCK WOVES " shouted another member of the Dragons as he kicked a wolf member.

For years these two gangs have been fighting one another to see who gets to take complete control of the big city, each gang has different parts of the city for there territory, some citizens have even asked for protection from the gangs to keep them safe. When payments weren't made they would have to face a punishment.

Each member of the gang at the moment were fighting one another, the sight was brutal members were bleeding, bruising and even getting bones broken by the hand of whoever they were facing that night.

A member of the wolves was getting beaten really badly that it looked like he was going to die any minute, " want more you piece of shit " said the dragon member as he kicked the weak wolf hard in his ribs. " yeah right this is nothing, said Tino in a weak voice, his hair was black, aquamarine eyes and light skin.

The dragon member pressed hard on him by using his show and said " good night " as he was about to punch him hard to his death he got kicked hard behind his head causing him to et knocked out. Tino sighed in relief as he saw his good friend Shoaron, " you saved my ass Shoaron I owe you one " he replied.

" Shoaron was one of the best looking guys in the whole gang he was perfect he had messy brown hair, amber eyes and a body that was to die for, he's also a big player.

" You looked like you needed help so I just wanted to help a friend in need " Shoaron replied, Tino laughed and leaned against the wall with a little help from Shoaron who was also best friends with the entire gang.

All of a sudden a gunshot was heard, " SHIT! Shouted Eriol who has been friends with Shoaron's since they were kids, all the dragon members ran away when one of them shot a wolf. Shoaron ran over to his friend that was just shot it was Michael he had red hair with black streaks, dark brown eyes, pale skin and his tongue pierced.

Shoaron pressed hard where the bullet was shot, " hang in there man your gonna make it " he said, Michael let out a small laugh, " comforting words Shoaron, " he laughed.

" Hey guys I just called an ambulance " said Strike (An: you'll find his description in living dangerously), all of a sudden police sirens were heard which caused Shoarons eyes to roll, " great a visit from the cops " he said sarcastically.

After the police got out of their cars the ambulance arrived once they got out of there vehicle they headed straight to the person in need of help. " Well if it isn't Shoaron you know that I'm still onto you guys I know your all responsible for all the incidents that have been going on in this city " said Epson he was the top police officer in the force and he's been keeping a close eye on the Black wolves.

Shoaron just laughed in his face, " listen Epson all that happened here was that one of my good friends was shot and that was it, you know you really ought to get a better life now cause that badge might be going to deep in your head later " replied Shoaron as he walked away from him. " Just you wait Shoaron you'll get arrested someday and that will be a day I enjoy most " replied Epson as he watched him walk away.

Eriol watched as Michael was placed on a stretcher and taken to the hospital, " hey don't worry he'll be alright he's a tough guy " said Shoaron as he stood beside Eriol, " yeah I know so what did the asshole want " asked Eriol. " That fucker is still waiting for the day till he has the chance to arrest me " replied Shoaron, Eriol just let out a small laugh.

" Let's head home you guys, " said Levine, he was Italian so he had a bit of an accent in his voice, he had black hair with auburn highlights, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. " Finally I've been waiting to hear that all night " replied Jason as he stretched out, he shaved his head had two piercings on each of his ears, light skin and blue eyes.

" Jason your such a wuss, teased Shoaron as he and Eriol walked beside one another everyone just laughed, " hey you go on ahead I got to pick someone up " he said before getting on his deep dark green motorcycle. " You gonna play another one aren't you player " asked Eriol, " you know my routine " said Shoaron as he sped off.

Japan National Hospital

" You'll be going home tomorrow Kate " said Sakura she was the most kind and caring nurse in the hospital, her appearances were unbelievable she had auburn hair that stopped at the centre of her back, a slim figure and the most intense emerald green eyes that could exist.

Her uniform was a white dress that's buttoned; two red stripes went down in the front and stops two inches above her knees, a nurse cap and white heels.

" Thank you for taking care of me Sakura I'll miss you, replied Kate, Sakura smiled at her, " I'll miss you too but I'm sure someday well see each other now time to go to sleep " said Sakura while tucking her in then bid her good night and left.

Sakura sighed in sadness the little girl had been in the hospital for nearly a year, because she had to get a lot of transplant operations but now that she was better she was allowed to go home.

" Hey Sakura you look depressed " said her friend Rika, she had short brown hair and shiny brown eyes, all of a sudden the main doors were pushed open as the paramedics took the stretcher to the operation room. " WE GOT A SHOT PERSON EMERGENCY OPERATION STAT! Shouted the paramedic.

Sakura and Rika watched as the man was being surrounded by doctors and nurses as they went into the operating room, " so many people have been getting shot this month " said Rika. " Yeah I know thank goodness that it isn't children that would be a tragedy talked about for a while " replied Sakura. " Looks like another long night for the both of us again " sighed Rika, " yeah it is, so tell me how it go the other day " asked Sakura.

Rika sighed in happily, " you know I had no clue what I was thinking when I married that guy he cheated on me behind my back so I'd say the divorce went well " she said then she began to laugh. " The guy even started to cry in the courtroom it was his way of trying to get me to change my mind as if once a cheater always a cheater " explained Rika.

" I guess I hope I can meet someone that will love me and never do anything behind my back I just want to be happy " said Sakura, Rika gave her a smile as though it said you will, " come on it's time for our break let get coffee and some cheesecake " laughed Rika, " good idea " Sakura replied as they entered the cafeteria.

Black Wolves Mansion

" Shoaron that was simply incredible " sighed a woman with long blond hair and crystal blue eyes she had just finished having sex with Shoaron who had a plain expression on his face, apparently he wasn't all that satisfied.

" Glad you enjoyed it Crystal " he said with a thought in his head, " I definitely didn't " then he lied down and sighed all of a sudden he felt crystal putting her head on his chest. " I'm so glad that we became an item I really love you " she said while slowly drifting off to sleep, Shoaron just put his hands behind his head then looked up at the ceiling.


" Man did you see that chick Shoaron took upstairs nice ass she's got " replied Eric, his hair was mahogany his eyes were grey and tanned skin, " wonder if he's screwed her already " wondered Jason as he took a shot of strong vodka.

" Well excuse me guys I'm going to my lady " said Eriol as he got up and walked over to Tomoyo his girlfriend of two years she was a nice girl and had nice features, Her long waist length black hair, night coloured blue eyes and pale skin.

" Maybe I should sleep now too we are after all going to visit Michael tomorrow at the hospital " said Levine as he took the last sip of his beer before going to his room and sleep.

Shoaron's Room

Shoaron was still up thinking of what happened tonight and hoped that he was doing alright, " damn those dragons " he growled then he looked at crystal sleeping and smirked, " this bitch is gone tomorrow " he laughed then he soon went to sleep.

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