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Chapter Three: Forgiveness And Join Us


" When your brought into a new world, you never know what will you be expecting a new family, friend even love if the two can get along "

Meiling and Tomoyo entered the hospital then asked for directions to get to there friends room, once they got there they saw everyone there, " hi you guys how's everything going? Asked Tomoyo as she went over to Eriol and gave him a deep kiss.

Then Meiling walked over to Michael who seemed excited to see her, " hey how are you feeling? She asked him, " I'm doing fine man who knew that getting shot was so painful but they got the bullet they said I could keep it, " laughed Michael, which caused Meiling to laugh too.

Everyone decided to go out and wait in the hall so that the two can be alone, " Michael I was really worried about you I thought we were going to lose you " started Meiling, " and I thought I would never have the chance to say I love you " she finished. Michael smiled at her, " I had the exact same feelings as you did I thought I wouldn't have the chance to tell you I love you too " he replied smiling.

Meiling gave him a big smile then he reached for her hand and put something in it, " it's the bullet they took out, it nearly killed me but I want you to have it " he said smiling, Meiling smiled at him then gave him a passionate kiss.

Outside The Room

Shoaron couldn't stop thinking of that nurse he meet today, there was something about her that kept her features in his mind some how she seemed very valuable. " Uncle " she started to say, Wolf glanced over to him and listened to what he wanted to say, " Were going to be a having someone join us soon " he said, Wolf smiled at had a good idea of who it is was, " I give her to you " replied Wolf.

Shoaron walked over to Eriol and Tomoyo who were sitting chairs, " Tomoyo I have a little job for you and Meiling " he said then explained to her what he wanted them to do. After he explained Meiling came out of the room while pulling her shirt down a bit, " hey what going on here? She asked, " took you long cousin " mocked Li.

" Yeah well I was occupied " she said remembering what she just did with Michael, " yeah well you and Tomoyo have a little job to do but your gonna have to wait awhile " he said, " what do we get out of it " asked Meiling. " A full day at you girls favourite spa " he answered, (An: hey girls love spas) Meiling's eyes just shined when she heard the reward, " fine I'll do it, replied Meiling, " so what's the job? She asked.

" The job is to follow someone home and find out where she lives " he replied then he showed Meiling who they were gonna follow, " she, oh I see? Meiling mocked. " She's going to be the next new wolf member " he said, Meiling just shook her head slightly and agreed to do what she was asked to do.

A Couple Hours Later, Hospital Parking Lot

" Shoaron had better make that spa day of our very long I've never been so bored in my life, whined Meiling as she and Tomoyo have been waiting in their car fro almost the whole day, everyone had gone home already. " Got that right " Tomoyo replied, " oh here we go she's coming out, said Meiling as she saw the soon to be new member come out of the hospital.

" Don't get to close, said Tomoyo as Meiling turned the car on, " I won't just relax and trust me " Meiling replied. A short while later they saw Sakura enter her place, " wow that was a really short walk " replied Meiling, " yeah, Tomoyo answered as she took her cell phone out and dialled Shoaron's number.

Wolf Mansion

Shoaron was sitting in the living with the guys till suddenly his cell phone rang," talk to me? He said, " we found her place " said Tomoyo, " good now get home " he replied back. " Okay were on our way and don't forget to fix up our spa day Shoaron " she said before hanging up, Shoaron sighed and hung up as well, " they found the place? Asked Eriol, "yeah they did " answered Shoaron. " what are you planning? Asked Eriol looking suspiciously at Shoaron.

The Next Day

Shoaron had gotten up early that day to make a call, " yes I'd like twelve dozen of your finest long stem roses and twelve dozen cherry blossoms " he said while making a big order, " and if you can deliver them at the address I gave you later at noon " he said then he hung up.

Shoaron was in a bit of a rush this morning to see if his plan would work, After having a shower and getting dressed he went downstairs ate something and started to make more plans for tonight.

" My somebody sure is up early today, " said Eriol as he walked into the kitchen, " so I'm up early, Shoaron answered with sarcasm. " You're never up this early but I have an idea of why you're up early and it wouldn't have anything to do with flowers does it? Asked Eriol, " sort just get the others and tell them to be ready by noon we have something to do" said Shoaron as he walked out of the kitchen.

Eriol just shook his head and laughed, " he has a thing for that nurse " he said.

Sakura's Apartment

Sakura rushed around her apartment as she tried cleaning it a bit before she goes out, working at the hospital everyday for the past two weeks hardly gave her any time to clean her home and do what she enjoyed doing. " I can't believe I have so much to do, " said Sakura as she tossed come clothes into her laundry basket, her place hasn't been clean fro awhile so now was her chance.

Kiwi was just sleeping on her scratching post as she heard her owner clean the place up, then all of a sudden she heard the noise she hated the most the vacuum every pet in the world hated that thing.

Kiwi began to hiss at the vacuum as Sakura passed it near her, " what's wrong Kiwi? She asked as she finished with the vacuum, then she ran away and went somewhere else.

After cleaning Sakura got herself cleaned up and went out for an hour or two, she put on an aquamarine coloured shirt with long sleeve, and a flowing knee length blue skirt and white heel shoes. " Well now that this place is clean I can finally go out, she said as she walked out of her home and to the city, unaware that she's being watched.

Across the street

" Okay she's going out now and there's what I ordered " Shoaron said as he saw the delivery truck come, " I can't believe your making me help you with this, complained Meiling as she filed her nails. " Hey I'm going to pay for an all paid spa day for you two " he answered back, " True but after this you're going to drop us off there " said Tomoyo.

Shoaron sighed in depression, " okay enough let's go and do what we came to do before she comes back, " said Eriol as he got out of the SUV along with the others. As soon as Shoaron signed the paper for the flowers they went to work, Tomoyo was left outside to keep guard and tell them when she was coming, at the moment Meiling was unlocking Sakura's door with a pin.

" Okay got it ' she said as they went in and started to put the flowers every in her living, " Hey Meiling pluck some pedals and spread them around would you " asked Shaoron before he went to go get some more.

" I really think he likes this person, " said Eriol as he put flowers on the sofa, " I know he's never done something like this for anyone " said Meiling then Shoaron came in with more flowers.

Half an Hour Later

" Okay final check alright looks good " Shoaron replied as he looked around then all of a sudden he heard purring and something was cuddling his ankles, he looked down and saw a cat, " what do we got here " he said as he picked it up. " Must be her cat " Eriol replied, " aw so cute " cooed Meiling then she saw the tag, " Kiwi " she said. " I think it's a cute name " complimented Eriol then his cell phone rang, it was Tomoyo she said that Sakura was coming back and that they should get out now. Before leaving Shoaron put a card on one of the bouquets then locked the door and got out.

" Man you guys are slow, Tomoyo said as she waited downstairs, " okay were here now let's go " announced Shoaron because he didn't want to get caught here when Sakura got here.

They all got in the car and left and at that same time Sakura arrived at her home, " now that I'm finished for the day I can relax " she said as she walked into the building holding a bag of groceries in her arms.

As Sakura got in her apartment she saw Kiwi going towards her and meowing, " did you miss I wasn't gone long " she said as they went to the kitchen where she put her bag on the counter as well the grocery bag, when she walked into the living room she gasped at the sight in front of her.

"Oh my good ness who could of done this, Sakura said as she saw bouquets of flowers everywhere and some pedals were scattered on the floor, and at the moment she was blushing seeing everything.

A bouquet of cherry blossoms caught her eye and that's when Sakura saw the card, on the front of the card was written sorry and a painted picture of a flowers, inside was written: " I'm sorry for the other day Hope I can be forgiven, From Shaoron " then at then bottom it said something else, " P.S. I also wanted to say you're very beautiful ".

Sakura's blush turned even brighter as she remembered Shaoron, Sakura went over to her sofa and sat done for a bit as she let this all soak into her head, " I guess he seems like a guy " she said letting out a small laugh.

Later That Evening

" Another boring night Kiwi, Sakura announced as she sat on her couch watching T.V., Kiwi just cuddled up to her closely and fell asleep, all of a sudden there was a knock on her door.

" Who could that b? She asked getting up from her spot, when Sakura got to her door she looked threw the door hole and saw two girls that she wasn't familiar with then she opened her door to let them in.

" Can I help you? Sakura asked as the two girls entered her home, " this is a really nice place you got here " said Tomoyo as she looked around, " yeah your Sakura right " asked Meiling, Sakura just nodded her head. " No wonder why my cousin likes you " said Meiling as she picked up Kiwi, " who are you two and how did you know my name and where I live? Asked Sakura as she began to get nervous.

" Oh how rude of me my names Tomoyo and she's Meiling she's Shaoaron's cousin " answered Tomoyo, sakura's mouth opened a bit then sat on a chair, " okay then but what are you two doing here? She asked. " We just came to get you and also see if you wanted to join us, " said Meiling as she put Kiwi down, " join you in what? Asked Sakura, " the black wolves " replied Tomoyo.

" I can't join you guys I mean my life is boring as it can be and joining a gang is just crazy " said Sakura she was too shocked to say anything at the moment. " Well now your chance to add some excitement in it and maybe even have some sex while your at it " Meiling Laughed but what she said made Sakura's eyes widen.

" So come on your coming with us tonight girl have fun and you need it, " replied Tomoyo, Sakura smiled at her but she had to admit that the two were right she need some excitement in her life.

Sakura let out a sigh of defeat, " okay I'll go " she sighed as she got up from her seat, " THAT'S OUR GIRL " cheered Meiling and Tomoyo in union, " now go put this on and hurry " said Tomoyo as she gave Sakura a bag and pushed her in her room.

Fifteen minutes passed, " what's taking you so long, whined Meiling, " nothing it's just are you guys sure this skirt is suppose to be so short " said Sakura, " come out and show us " replied Tomoyo, Sakura came out of her room wearing a white mini skirt, tube top and knee length boots.

" Wow that looks great you need to show off your legs and a little cleavage " replied Meiling, Sakura blushed, " okay so now that your ready we can go now " cheered Tomoyo happily.

Midnight's Night Club 10:45pm

" Where are those two all I asked was for them to go pick her up and then come to the club " said Shoaron he was wearing a black button shirt with blue jeans and black boots, he had been waited patiently with the others in the V.I.P room for a while now.

" Chill would Shoaron I'm sure there on the way right now as we speak " said Eriol, " besides why are you so worked up? He asked. Shaoron just stayed quiet then took a sip from his beer and let out a sigh of relief.

Outside Of The Club

" Okay were here just have fun okay Sakura, Meiling suggested as she and the others got out, " alright I'll try just as long as no one tries anything " said Sakura nervously the three walked together into the club and headed toward the V.I.P room where the others were. When Sakura got in she saw people dancing, drinking, talking and maybe even some people getting intimate in booths.

" Alright were here you guys, announced Meiling as she went to Michael, Shoaron looked at the entrance and saw Sakura with a nervous look on her face so he went over to her. " About time you guys Sakura nice to see you " he greeted her, " thanks " Sakura answered then held her stomach feeling even more nervous, " come on I need you to meet someone " said Shoaron as he escorted him to Wolf.

" Uncle this is Sakura " said Shoaron, Sakura looked up to see an elder man with the same features as Shoaron but older. " Sakura it's nice to meet you don't be nervous about anything you are family to us now please enjoy the night " he said kindly, Sakura smiled " thank you " she replied smiling, " Tino ass of the couch " said Shoaron, Tino obeyed and went somewhere else.

" Please sit down, Shoaron replied, Sakura sat on the empty place and give him a smile, " can I get you anything? He asked, " a Mai Tai " she answered.


" Hey guys let's get out of here and have some real fun to quiet at this crappy place, said Greg, his hair was black, grey eyes, and light skin. Everyone agreed and left the club, " it's going to be even more wild when we get back to the mansion " said Kevin as he and the others got excited.

" Where are we going? Sakura asked as Tomoyo took her hand and was leading her outside the club, " were going to the Mansion to have more fun were not only none for bad things going around but also the most wildest parties "said Tomoyo. Sakura laughed and was looking forward to going.

A while later everyone arrived at the Mansion, the music was turned up loud, drinks were being made, and everyone got wild, " hey girls look what I got? Said Meiling as she had a tray with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. " Oh good idea Meiling let's celebrate the coming of our new sister Sakura " replied Tomoyo as she poured champagne into the glasses, then each of them gently clashed there glasses then drank.

" Actually she'll be our sister after she gets laid " said Meiling, but Sakura spat out her champagne, " excuse me? She said, " right before you officially become a member you have to sleep with someone " explained Tomoyo.

Sakura got really nervous now hearing what she was just told by her friends, " I need to walk for a bit you guys do you mind? She asked, " go for it " replied Meiling as she and Tomoyo continued to have champagne.

" Who do you think she'll be fucked by? Asked Tomoyo, " I'll give you two guesses, answered Meiling before taking a sip from her drink.

Sakura began to explore the big mansion filled with people most members of the gang, some friends and the others just party people. After looking around downstairs she went upstairs to look around she even heard moans coming from rooms while walking, while looking at some paintings she found herself walking into a room that was nicely decorated and really clean everything in it was mostly green and dark cherry wood furniture.

It also seemed to have an intoxicating scent that was hard to describe, " I wonder whose room this is? She asked herself, " it's mine, " said a voice from the door that belonged to none other then Shoaron. Sakura felt nervous at the moment because she was alone with him in his room and was also thinking of what Tomoyo and Meiling said to her.

" Sorry if I came in here I just couldn't resist your rooms just had this scent that was very intoxicating, " she said before going quiet and standing perfectly still. Shoaron couldn't help but think that she was really cute the way she was standing now, he began to walk over to her, once he reached her he lift her face and looked deep into her eyes.

" Your pretty hard to describe as well you know? Those eyes of yours are so rare and like yourself beautiful as well " he said seductively as he began to put his hands around her waist, but Sakura being smart she backed out of his arms and gave him a straight face, " your trying to get me in your sheets aren't you? She said.

Shoaron let out a small laugh, " beautiful and smart you amaze me Sakura " he said, after hearing that she stormed out of his room and slammed it behind her while leaving Shaorn alone.


Tomoyo and Meiling were walking till they saw Sakura walk fast to the door, " hey where are you going? Asked Meiling, " Shoaron is a big asshole you know he was trying to get me in his bed I'll admit now I'm a virgin but still he sees me as a whore " she said in an angry tone.

" I see and you're going home now? Tomoyo asked, Sakura nodded as she put her hand on the knob, " you shouldn't it's dangerous at night around here and the car services are closed now " replied Meiling. " Great I'm stuck here? She said banging her head on the door, " afraid so " was all Tomoyo answered.

20 Minutes Later

Shoaron was at his desk working on his laptop till he heard his door open, revealing Sakura, " back so soon? He asked. Sakura sighed, " I can't seem to leave till tomorrow so I decided to spend my first night here in your room but I'm not going to sleep in your bed "she said making Shoaron interested.

" I see so your making me sleep alone in my king sized bed by myself and your going to sleep where? He asked.

2 Hours Later

At this moment Sakura was sleeping silently on the floor of Shaoron's room while he was on his bed, he looked down at her as she slept silently. " Sakura why do you do this to me you make me feel different when your around me I guess that's why I want you in the gang " he said in his head. After awhile sleep began to come upon him so he layed back and fell asleep.

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