Inbred Mischief Making

By Kylen

Set Season 2, but no spoilers. based off the 5-minute challenge, but it took me a little bit more than five minutes to wrap it up. Close enough, though.

Thanks to you guys for the inspiration.


"Do you realize the MESS that you've made?"

Dr. Elizabeth Weir was trying hard to keep her temper under control, but it really wasn't working too well. Of all the problems that existed on Atlantis - and she had to admit there were more than a few, many of which she made up solutions for along the way - having to deal with two overgrown puppy dogs destroying an exercise room wasn't what she'd intended to do with the day.

In front of her, Ronan Dex and Lt. Colonel Sheppard looked at each other guilty, though not without a glint of humor in Sheppard's eyes. Her already furious temper surged again, and she turned around and ...

"All right, that does it! If you two want to be immature enough to have a full-out fight that wrecks half the equipment in the room, scuffs up all the walls AND breaks all the windows, I really don't care!" She knew her voice was rising, but she was beyond being able to control it. "But you're going to clean it the hell up! Go find paint, brushes, brooms, WHATEVER you need to do the job."

"But--" Sheppard looked somewhere between apoplectic and frightened.

"No buts, Colonel! She leveled a stare at them both. "What you both standing there for? GO!"

With that, she got an ample view of two very tight ends high-tailing it out of the room.


When she looked into the exercise room two hours later, all she could was think one thought, over and over again.

"Oh, my...did they have to paint it PINK?"

She shouldn't have challenged those two, really. She was the diplomat of the bunch; she should have foreseen the obvious result. The exercise room was nearly spotless, with the broken staffs, shields and glasses nowhere in site.

But the problem was that, instead of cleaning off the scuff marks, someone had decided to paint them a nauseating shade of Pepto-Bismo pink.

I didn't even think we had paint - much less that color - around here.

Elizabeth closed her eyes before the color succeeded in making her sick. Overgrown puppies was too kind a term for those two.

They must have been inbred.