Love is Such a Strong Word

First time writing a yuri story, actually first time at writing anything. The only reason that I'm writing this is because I feel we are lacking on the kigo department. So I decided to try and take a shot at it (even though I have no skills at all).

Pairings: Kigo duh!

I do not own the show Kim Possible or any of its characters, Disney does…sadly.

WARNING: For those who only like to read big bold warning signs, this is a yuri fiction! Thank you.

How could this happen? To you of all people, and the worst part is you died in a fire saving a five-year-old girl. I laughed at the irony of it. How I find out? You were all over the news in every country in the world. Everyone was talking about it, 'the great teen hero Kim Possible dead'. Villains were celebrating while family members and friends mourned your death. But I just couldn't believe it; it had to be some sick joke right? I half expected you'd jump in front of the camera and say "Just kidding guys! No fire can stop Kim Possible!" or something along those lines. I visited the Middleton hospital were they tried to save you, but didn't succeed. Wearing a trench coat so no one will know my identity, I asked a doctor who was passing by if you were truly gone. His response was not surprising, but I still couldn't believe it.

(Funeral home)

Even as I saw you lying there in your coffin I thought you were just sleeping peacefully. It was just you and me in the empty room of your funeral home; I lingered in the shadows until everyone's departure before seeing you. Poking my gloved index finger in places I knew you were ticklish in, I waited to see if you'd jump up and start to giggle, but it was the total opposite. Instead you lay there unmoving. Touching your paling hands, I flinched at how cold they felt proving to me that you were indeed truly dead, and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing I could do to bring you back. A lump formed in my throat as I felt my heart shatter and sank to the pit of my stomach.

(The next day)

It was pouring cats and dogs when they were burying you into the moist ground. Everyone stayed for a few moments then retired into their cars and took off. You'd think they'd still longer, but in this weather I don't blame them. Making sure no one else was around I jumped down from the tree branch I was standing on and stood over your grave. Is this really how your life is suppose to end? I always imagine that you would grow up and fight crime until your body couldn't take it anymore. Heck I suspected you'd die at the age of 90 or something not 17. I gently laid down a red rose on your tombstone and my lips tugged upward into a small smile. "Kimmie… you were a worthy opponent."

Closing my eyes I thought back on all the fights we had together, "You were the only one that I couldn't beat no matter what death trap Drakken had for you, you always came back on top, and I respected that in you." I frowned as reality found its way into my mind again. "After all those stupid life and death situations a fucking fire… a fire Kim! A fire kills you!" I shouted at her grave. To my surprise I was crying, I glared at the tombstone. "Look what you're doing to me Possible." I angrily wiped my tears away. Taking a deep breath I tried calming down. It was hard to tell what time it was. With the sky covered in dark clouds it seems like it was nighttime. "I think its time for me to go now princess," I paused hoping that she'd burst out of the ground and start apologizing about faking her death and ask for forgiveness. I quickly shook my head and frowned at the thought. "I have to stop thinking like this…"

I sighed and read her tombstone one last time before turning around and walking away. "Good-bye forever Kim Possible." Faintly two words were whispered and carried out by a gust of wind. "Bye Shego."

Here lies

Kimberly Ann Possible

Beloved daughter, best friend, and teen hero

May she never be forgotten

Born 03/24/1988 Died 10/22/2005


(Drakken's Lair)

"Shego! Where were you? I was worried about you, you know? Oh! And you missed another great party." I ignored him and take off my club banana trench coat. Even with a coat on I'm still soaking wet. "Shego how come you're all wet? And where in the world did you go? You know I tried contacting you, but-" "Can it Dr.D! It's none of your freaking business where I go! And last time I checked since when were you my father?" I growled.

Coat in hand I headed off to my room to think. "Gees what's gotten into her? You'd think she'd be happy now that Kim Possible is dead." I lay here on my bed staring up at the ceiling as if I was hypnotized, silent tears ran down my pale cheeks. "You were my opposite…" I whispered into the darkness of my room. "My equal…but now you're gone, and I didn't get a chance…to say…to say…" I whispered three words before crying myself to sleep.

"…I love you…"

So how was it? And before you start throwing rotten fruit at me for killing Kim, this is not the end! There is another chapter that I'm still working on. Btw does any body know Kim's birthday? I'm not sure it they ever mentioned it in the show or not. Anyways please review and the next chapter should be up soon, but with school starting it could take longer.