Love is Such a Strong Word

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Summary: Set after STD. Kim gets an unexpected call from Wade saying… 'Wait! What happened to Shego!' Now going through a depression state, Kim feels she's to blame for the tragic event. Will feelings finally be realized?

Pairing: Kigo seriously

' means thoughts

" talking

- - - means scene/pov change

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WARNING: Yuri fic!

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(Last time…)

My head snapped up from my curled position on the floor. Either it was my imagination or someone called my name. There I heard it again. With each shout the voice was getting clearer and clearer until I was able to recognize it. 'No, it can't be. She's in a coma.'

My heart sank at realizing that the voice I was hearing was all in my head. I finally inhaled too much smoke that my mind is playing cruel tricks on me. As if I don't already feel like dirt. You don't have to go and give me false hope that Shego is awake and well and that she's here to save me. 'Sigh, like that'll ever happen.'

Just then a green fireball flew passed me and continued upward hitting the ceiling. Eyes wide and heart hammering I picked up Victoria and inched my way to where the staircase was suppose to be.

Looking down my gaze locked with another pair of familiar green eyes, and to my surprise I cried.


(Third Floor)

(Kim's pov)

"Shego…is it really you Shego?"

The figure that once haunted my dreams was now standing before me with a cocky grin on her face. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop crying, tears trickled down my cheeks like mini waterfalls.

"In the flesh princess. Now stop crying."

She winked at me, and continued to grin like a kid who just obtained a bag of candy. I smiled and tried desperately to wipe my tears away, but a few would still find their way down my flushed cheeks.

While I was attempting to control my emotions, Shego was already thinking of a way to get us down and out of here before the building collapses on our heads. Finally with my emotions at bay Shego announced her idea. She plans to rupture a hole through the second and third floors, then wanted me to drop Victoria down to her where she'll catch her, and quickly get her out. I wasn't to keen with the idea, but we didn't really have any other options either.

"Kim get as close to the wall as you can."

Doing as I was told I waited for the impact while crouching to the ground with Victoria facing the wall. The sound of ceilings crumbling met my ears; I decided to wait a few seconds before standing up and making my way toward the new hole made by my arch foe.

In a mother-like voice I explained to Victoria that she would jump in the hole, and that the beautiful lady below us would catch her and bring her to safety. She nodded cutely and edged closer to the hole. Taking her hands I helped her by lowering her down as much as I could. Meeting Shego's gaze I nodded my head, and she in turn raised her arms in bridal style.

I let Victoria go and watched her descend. To my complete surprise Shego leaped up as high as she could go, and met Victoria half way catching her in the middle. I sighed in relief when Shego landed safely on her feet.

"I'm getting her out of here right now Kim then I'll come right back to get you, okay?"

"Don't worry Shego I'll wait right here for you, so hurry back."

She smiled and headed off with Victoria in her arms. Once out of sight I sat down and waited, but I quickly shot right back up when I felt something burn my back. My eyes widen in fear as I came face to face with fire, I was trapped at all angles. There was nowhere for me to run, except of course falling to my death with the hole behind me. 'Oh Shego where are you? I need help!'

- - -

(Shego's pov)

Leaving Kim behind alone made me kind of nervous and a bit hysterical, but I had to get the kid out of here. Finding the window I jumped through before, I ran straight for it. A loud snap echoed around me, and I found myself falling. 'Shit!' From my foot to my knee were buried in the floor. I tried pulling it out, but it wouldn't budge making me clench my teeth in frustration. 'Damn it! I don't have time for this!'

Telling Victoria to step back I raised a plasma covered fist, and demolished the floor surrounding my trapped leg, once freed I grabbed the girl and made my way outside into fresh air. Stoppable along with some of the firemen ran towards me, handing the kid over to Stoppable I explained to him that Kim was still trapped inside, and that I'm going back in to get her.

Once again through the window I go, back into the house of hell. Avoiding the gap I was trapped in earlier, I went running back to the place I left Kim only to find her dangling on the ledge. 'What the hell is she doing!'

"Shego? Are you there? There are flames all around the hole and I can't hold on much longer, help me."

"I'm here pumpkin. It's ok just let go, I'll catch you."

Without any hesitation she fell down towards me. Lifting my arms, and bending my knees a little I prepared to not only catch her, but also for the impact. With an 'oouf' we tumbled to the floor, our bodies tangled together.

I prompted myself on my elbows and asked if she was all right. She nodded and sent me a small smile causing me to blush and avert my gaze. My attention was brought back to her when I felt her getting up off of me. She didn't get too far, when I saw her wince in pain and fall right back on me.

"Shego I think I twisted my ankle."

She looked like she was about to cry, and it made my heart ache. I brushed some loose strands of hair out of her face, and smiled at her reassuringly. Sitting up I turned my back towards her and bent down.

"Get on princess I'm getting you out of here."

Arms wrapped securely around my neck I grabbed her well-toned thighs, and hoisted myself up. I felt her bury her face into the back of my neck, and sigh contently. This action caused pleasurable shivers going up and down my spine, but then I immediately turned red when I felt her breasts being pressed up against my back.

Trying desperately not to faint, or moan from the overload of pleasurable jolts coursing through me, I dodged my way pass the flames to the open window I've been using to get in and out of this hellhole. Not even five feet away from freedom I felt myself falling again, but this time my whole body went through. With my fast reflexes I managed to hold on to the ledge, glancing down I was greeted with a pit of wild fire that was once the basement floor. I'd say the drop was a good 10 to 12 feet. 'Damn these people for having a freaking basement!'

"Kim I need you to climb off me."

Wrapping her legs around my waist she placed her hands on top of mine, and hauled herself up. I was clenching my teeth through all this while fighting to keep a firm hold, but I felt myself slipping. As soon as Kim made it off me I lost my grip, and began to fall. Kim reached down and made a grab for my out stretchhand. I sighed in relief, a few more inches and I would have been a human barbecue.

"Shego I can't hold on."

'Crap!' Suddenly the roof started collapsing down on us, making the ground shake violently. Panicking just a little now I used my other hand to reach up, and grab the ledge again. With Kim's help I pulled myself out panting, and out of breath. Once regaining my breath back I carried Kim bridal style out of here, before we ended up like squashed ants. Reaching the window I called out to Stoppable who came running once he saw Kim. Handing Kim over to him I crawled out of the window then dropped to my knees, but I didn't have time to relax as shouts of warning came our way. The building started to cave in, getting up I ran alongside Stoppable who still carried Kim.

Once at a safe distance we both collapsed to the ground huffing and puffing. I became a bit worried when my vision started getting hazy and I started seeing black spots. Turning to look at Kim I found her staring back at me with a heart-warming smile on her face. I had just enough time to return the smile before everything went black, and the last thing I heard was a faint voice calling my name.

- - -

(Kim's pov)


I screamed out her name in fear. 'What happened? She seemed just fine a few moments ago.' Ron left me on the ground beside Shego and went for help. Tears burned my eyes once again as I stroked some hair out of her face, and gently let my fingertips trace down her jaw line.

The paramedics came right away with two stretchers, I didn't have the chance to watch Shego any longer as I found myself lifted and placed on the second stretcher with an oxygen mask on. The ride in the ambulance was a complete blur to me, as I kept weaving in and out of consciousness. Finally I gave in to the darkness.

- - -

(Hospital room)

(Kim's pov)

"I think she's waking up."

Groaning I blinked my eyes open only to be greeted with pink flesh, and a bucktooth. Rufus began chatting excitedly upon my awaking which made me smile until the memories of last night returned to me. Sitting up on the bed I glanced at Ron sitting beside me.

"Ron where's Shego? Is she alright?"

"Wooh there KP, cool your jets."

Ron placed his hands on my shoulders, and gently pressed me down. He went on to explain that both Shego and I were brought to the hospital, and treated for smoke inhalation. He also said that after the treatment Shego woke up and wanted to leave, but the doctors recognized her as the coma patient, and wanted to keep her here for the night to run some tests. He said they strapped her down onto a bed because she refused to stay. Turns out when the doctors went to go check on her this morning they found the bed empty along with her window opened.

"No one had seen her since then."

Ron concluded. The news made me feel depressed and hurt. I started thinking negative thoughts like 'she probably just saved me for the fun of it,' or 'it was just to see me helpless so she can make fun of me during our next battle,' similar thoughts continued to flood my mind bringing me close to tears. I asked Ron to leave me alone for a while, my excuse was that I was tired and wanted to sleep.

He grabbed Rufus, and as soon as I heard the door close I let loose my tears, and cried for what felt like the millionth time over the dark haired thief, that I let myself fall in love with.

- - -

(A Week Later)

(Shego's pov)

A week has gone by since the fire incident with Kim. Now I've found myself spending my nights watching her sleep by her bedroom window. Often I would sneak in to sit beside her, and run my fingers through her soft velvety hair. 'Shego you've gone soft.' I'd tell myself so many times, but at this point I didn't care anymore, all I cared about was her.

I sighed thinking that we'd never be, and that I should just fly somewhere far away to forget about her before it becomes too painful to bear. Many similar thoughts like these kept running through my mind, but I never succeeded in accomplishing any one of them. It was then that I knew I've fallen in too deep, and it was too late to climb back out.

After a good two weeks I went back to Drakken and mope around the new lair. I hated that I would always go off into a daze like state, and getting caught most of the time, it was embarrassing for someone like me to do that, or rather to have these feelings of love.

I'm a villain, I'm supposed to be cold-hearted, cruel, evil, a liar; nowhere does it say anything about love, or being protective and kind. With each passing day I went from loving Kim to hating her with a great passion, cursing her for making me feel this way. Some days I'd get so mad I'd bust holes in the walls, or go looking for street fights. But these things never calmed me down because she kept invading my mind. She quickly became a scar that would never disappear no matter how hard I tried to forget.

Slowly weeks turned to months, and I still felt like shit. Drakken's been giving me little jobs here and there to keep my anger under control. When Drakken finally finished his new take-over-the-world-machine-thing I knew it was time to see her once again in the flesh. For us to fight to our very last breath, and hopefully for me to finally get over her.

- - -

(North Pole Secret Lair)

(Shego's pov)

"Damn it! I hate it when he gets lairs in cold areas!"

Shivering I pulled my black winter coat tighter against me, trying to save as much body heat as possible. Just then the alarms went off indicating that our guests have arrived. 'So we meet again, huh princess? That's too bad pumpkin since I hate you now.'

I waited patiently for her to either come through the vent or the door. 'And the door it is.' I stood in my battle stance as the door finished opening to reveal the red head I fell in love with. What I wasn't prepared for was the sudden heartache I got from just looking at her. It took all the strength I had to not run over there to embrace her, to kiss her; these thoughts tore my heart even more. To think that we would never be together hurt a lot more than a kick to the head.

She sent Ron after Drakken in the next room leaving just the two of us here alone to battle it out. Tightening my fists I glared at her while fighting my inner emotions. I forced myself to remember all the reasons why I've come to hate her, and with these thoughts in mind I made the first move.

A punch to the head blocked, a knee to the gut blocked, and a kick to the ribs dodged. This went on for a while, Kim just avoiding, and blocking leaving me to do all of the attacking. It pissed me off even more, I wanted her to hit me back, but she never raised a fist at my direction. Finally I just stopped in a guard position, both of us breathing hard. 'I have to get her to fight.'

"What's a matter princess? Afraid you'll break a nail? Oh wait, my bad you have none because you always bite them off."

I smirked when I saw her twitch slightly. I had to keep insulting her, or she'll never fight back. Dropping my stance I crossed my arms, and just stared at her confused expression.

"I don't even know why I bother Kimmy. You're like a torn on my side princess. It's really annoying to have to constantly battle someone at such a lower level. Heck, there could be 20 of you Kimmy, and I'd still walk away without a single scratch."

Kim narrowed her eyes and sent a hateful glare my way. I smirked at the rage in her beautiful green eyes that are a shade lighter than mine. 'That's it Kim, that's how I want you to look at me.'

"Oh? I see that Kimmy's a little angry. Care to prove me wrong princess? Here I'll even let you get a free shot."

I showed her my cheek mockingly while still smirking. I knew she snapped they moment she took a step toward me, and raised a fist. To my complete surprise and horror I got hit with a hard slap instead of the punch I was expecting. My head remained turned, I couldn't move for that one moment as I tried to understand why she slapped me.

- - -

(Entering Lair)

(Kim's pov)

The moment I saw Shego my heart soared, tears threaten to spill but I held them back. She was already in her battle stance, and it hurt to know that I was here only to fight her, not to talk with her, or hug her close to me. Ordering Ron to go after Drakken I dropped into my own battle stance, and we just watched each other until she glared and attacked first.

I didn't know what was wrong with me I just couldn't hit her back, so I just ended up blocking all her attacks, but I think that pissed her off even more as she started throwing punches faster. Finally she stopped out of breath and just stood there watching me closely like I was her prey, and in a senseI guess I was.

"What's a matter princess? Afraid you'll break a nail? Oh wait, my bad you have none because you always bite them off."

I couldn't help but twitch a little at her words. 'Relax Possible she's just taunting you. Don't give in.' She dropped her guard and crossed her arms in front of her chest, while smirking that cocky smirk of hers' that I've grown to love. But her action made me confused, and I guess it showed on my face because her smirk widen.

"I don't even know why I bother Kimmy. You're like a torn on my side princess. It's really annoying to have to constantly battle someone at such a lower level. Heck, there could be 20 of you Kimmy, and I'd still walk away without a single scratch."

My eyes narrowed of their own free will as I glared at her hatefully. I felt the anger build up inside of me, and I couldn't stop it. 'Calm down that's exactly what she wants you to do! Fight it!' I heard my thoughts, but my body simply ignored them.

"Oh? I see that Kimmy's a little angry. Care to prove me wrong princess? Here I'll even let you get a free shot."

Red blinded my vision at this point. I've become an angered bull ready to charge. But it wasn't her whole I'm-better-than-you speech that pissed me off; it was her playing with my feelings. Making me go through a depression state when she was in her coma, making me cry tears of joy seeing her up and well, and giving me false hope that she cared about me.

Moving towards her I raised a fist ready to wipe that smirk off her face, but as I descended, my hand opened. I ended up giving her the hardest slap I could mange, and to see that surprised look on her face was worth it. She kept her head turned for a moment, then faced me with an angry look in her eyes.

"What the hell was that for?"

"For playing with my feelings Shego!"

I burst into tears right there in front of her; I caved in and let hot tears flow down my cheeks. Pretty soon I landed on my hands and knees; I didn't have the energy to stand anymore, or for that matter to do anything at all.

- - -

(Shego's pov)

'Why? Why does it hurt so much to see her cry?' She shocked me again when she brought on the waterworks, but her crying wasn't the real reason that shocked me, it was her losing control. Never before have I seen her so out of control, it kind of reminded me of myself these passed few months losing control at the snap of a finger.

She dropped to her knees and continued to sob uncontrollably. I found it funny that her losing control and crying pissed me off somewhat. Bending down to her level I looked her in the eye.

"Playing with feelings? You wouldn't understand what playing with my emotions really feels like Possible."

Biting her lower lip cutely she struggled to stop her crying. I helped her out by wiping some tears away, and brushing hair out of her face. Cupping her chin I brought her face closer to mine leaving only several centimeters between us. She merely gasped and blushed at the closeness, but nothing more.

"What do you know about feelings Kimmy, huh? How would you know how I've felt these last couple of months? Tell me."

Her sobs ceased, now only silent tears ran down her flushed cheeks. Her breathing was soft and shallow making me want to kiss her, but I resisted the urge to.

"Heart ache, you've felt heart ache, anger, hate, joy. You've felt them all I know you have because I've felt them too Shego."

Kim's voice was like a whisper, and her words hit homerun. I went through it all, but it was still different for me because I've never really felt love before, and now that I've experience it I didn't want it anymore because it made me feel…



I let go of her chin and backed away. The urge to have distance between us was strong so I walked a few paces away from her. She eventually got up, but kept her head down.

"Nothing, I've felt none of it."

Of course that was a lie, but she didn't need to know that. Turning my back to her, the coldness of the room finally sank in, and caused me to shiver. I gasped when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist, and a warm body pressed against my back. 'I didn't hear her approach me at all. What's wrong with me?'

"When I first heard from Wade that you were in a coma I was in complete shock. And then when I learned that it was my fault that you were in that state I felt depressed and guilty."

She paused here, and I let her words sink in. To know that she was the cause of my coma, and all those crazy ass dreams I've been having pissed me off. Growling and clenching my fists in anger I tried escaping her grasp but she wouldn't let me go. The urge to punch her to a bloody pulp was great.

"It was you? You were the one who put me in that helpless state!"

I struggled some more. 'Come on! Just one goddamn punch! That's all I need!' Her grip tightens to the point where it started hurting, but I didn't care. I froze when I hear Kim's voice saying the words 'I hate you' in my head.

"You enjoyed it didn't you? Seeing me in a coma, so helpless and weak. You must've loved it. After all you hate me right?"

It hurt; I didn't expect it to hurt so much when I utter those words. It only added to the many reasons why she'd never love me. 'Why didn't I realize it before? How could I forget sure hurtful words?' She rubbed her head against my back, and pressed me closer to her.

"No. That's not true, I don't hate you Shego. Whatever I said that day I didn't mean it…I could never hate you. When I heard the news I, I…"

I held my tongue because I knew she wasn't done talking yet. Still feeling angry I decided to take advantage of the situation, and tried to enjoy the closeness of our bodies as much as I could before I set her free.

"Everyday I found myself by your side. I couldn't sleep without having nightmares of you hating me, I couldn't consecrate on school work without having an image of you in my mind. I skipped meals, sometimes school, and even missions just to stay by your side. I guess part of it was guilt, but now I believe that most of it was actually fear, fear of losing you."

I didn't notice the tears that fell down my cheeks as I listened to her. The anger I felt before was quickly demolishing as her words warmed my aching heart. Feeling her take a deep breath, she let it out softly and held me tighter as if she was afraid I'd disappear.

"Please don't hate me Shego when I say…I love you."

My whole body stiffens and tensed up at her confession. So many times I've dreamt of this moment and I freeze, completely speechless. I think Kim took my reaction the wrong way for she quickly apologized and released me.

Turning around I made a grab for her retreating figure only to have her break out of my grip. She was crying again, and it hurts much worse than it did before.

"I understand Shego, so please don't say anything. Let's just pretend this never happened, okay?"

She attempted to smile, but all it did was break my heart even more. The buffoon chose this moment to make an appearance, and both of them ran for the exit. Drakken showed up not long after, and headed for the hover car while shouting at me to get a move on.

Alerts echoed around me, but I hardly noticed anything at all. The image of her retreating back, without giving me the chance to tell her I felt the same way, kept repeating over and over again in my minds' eye. But I knew deep down inside it was for the best, I knew I made the right choice in not telling her my true feelings, even though for a slip second I almost had. 'I'm sorry Kimmy.'

- - -

(Shego's Apartment)

(Shego's pov)

At first I thought it best that we shouldn't be involved together, but as the days passed slowly by the more I see her in my dreams, telling me 'I love you' then running away leaving me trying desperately to catch her, but she'd just get further away. It hurts, it hurts so much that I can't bear the pain anymore, and to think that she's feeling exactly the same hurts me even more.

So that night I decided to go to her, to see her one last time before taking my one-way ticket to hell. 'I can't run away anymore. This has to end.'

- - -

(Kim's Bedroom Window)

(Shego's pov)

I watch her sleep peacefully, glad that she's not plagued with nightmares like mine. Unlocking her window I stepped inside, and as if under a trance I went to sit beside her sleeping form. 'So beautiful.' My hand found its way to her lovely red hair, and began stroking it. Bending down I brought my lips close to her ear, and whispered gently into it.

"I'm sorry I've caused you so much pain princess, but don't worry about it because pretty soon you won't have to feel this sorrow anymore. Farewell Kimmy, I love you."

With that I gazed one more time at her sleeping face, before giving into my own urges, and placed my lips tenderly over her soft pink ones. My heart was racing with excitement and pleasure. To finally taste her lips felt like heaven to me.

I didn't want to stop kissing her, but I had a river to go drown in, so at least I'll know that I died happy. Releasing her lips I lifted my head upward only to be stopped by two hands slipping through my long dark hair, and a pair of green eyes luring me back down.

This time the kiss was more heated, as we both poured all our pent up emotions for each other. I slid my tongue out against her bottom lip asking for entrance, which was gladly given to me. Her mouth tasted like freshly picked cherries, which only made me hunger for her more. Our tongues battled for control, neither of us wanting to admit defeat. Finally the need for air broke us apart leaving us breathless with our faces flushed.

During our make-out session I didn't realize that I'd climb on top of her, pinning her down with my legs. With the little control I had left I tried getting off her, but her hands that were still trapped in my hair tugged me back down to her. She started giving me little pecks on the lips trying to get me to respond.

"I can't Kiss do this Kiss Kim."

She stopped her assault of kisses, and looked at me with sad, hurt filled eyes. She kissed me again, making my heart skip a beat. 'She's so stubborn.' Resting my head on her shoulder I stopped her from distracting me with her sweet addictive kisses, while giving me the chance to think clearly.

"You hate me don't you? This is your way of punishing me, by pretending to love me? Is that it Shego!"

She pushed me off of her after her outburst, and slapped me across the face. That pissed me off so I grabbed her wrists, and pinned her back down on the bed. She struggled to get free, then gave up and just glared at me hatefully.

"I don't hate you Kim, and I'm not pretending I really do love you."

Continuing to glare she tried once again to get free, but like the first time she wasn't succeeding. She huffed in frustration.

"That's bullshit Shego and I know it. You just couldn't help but to come over here and play with me, to watch me break."

"God damn it Kim! You know it hurts! It hurts me so much to not have you in my arms, to not kiss you, to not see you, and to not have said I love you. I felt my heart break a dozen times, tearing itself to pieces. Some times the pain would be so unbearable that I'd wish I was dead, so I wouldn't have to feel this way anymore."

I cried... I let all my pain and suffering flow down as tears, onto her. But, I wasn't finished so I continued in a quivery whisper.

"You know I was going to kill myself today, planned to drown myself in the river just so I can escape. But, I wanted to see you one last time, to kiss you before I take my life, and that's how I ended up here sharing sweet kisses with you. I love you Kim, and I understand if you still don't believe me."

Sighing I crawled off her, and made my way towards her window. Opening it I began to climb out when her voice stopped me. Turning around I faced her, only to find her staring back at me with a pained expression.

"Why would you kill yourself?"

I stared at the floor, ashamed to meether gaze. 'Man, I'm such an idiot.' It was at this moment that I understood the express 'feeling lower than dirt'.

"I thought that you'll eventually get better if I was out of your life permanently."

Heck the plan sounded good to me, but now I'm not so sure. I heard shuffling, and looked up to see her standing before me crying. I wondered how many of those tears were caused by me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close; I in turn hugged her waist pressing our bodies as close as possible.

"If you died it'll only hurt me more, and I would kill myself just to be with you again."

Holding her tightly I let silent tears fall. 'No one has ever said that they'll die just to be with me.' Looking down at her I smiled, and kissed her forehead, trailing my lips down to her cute nose then stopped to kiss her lips. Picking her up I moved towards her bed, lips still locked we lay down, and continued to have heated kisses.

"Promise to never leave me Shego."

She whispered in between kisses. I stopped to look her in the eye and interlace our fingers together as I said my vow to her.

"I promise to never, ever leave you princess."

'No, I'll never run away again.' With that I sealed it with a kiss, one that was filled with all my love for her. Knowing that her parents were on a business trip, and her brothers were sleeping over at a friends place, it left the house all to ourselves to do with what we pleased. So with our hearts beating as one, and our lips interlocked I took advantage of our alone time.

Clothes shed off our heated bodies like water, letting us have skin to skin contact. Kim moaned in pleasure as my fingers teased her milky flesh. Lips slowly began to taste virgin skin and sacred areas that were never touched by another. I buried my face in her bosom tasting here and there while I pleasured her maidenhood slowly defiling it.

Kim held on to me as she whimpered in pain. Kissing her deeply I moved against her changing her pain back to pure bliss. Only then did the realization of what I've done came to mind.

"Kim, I'm so sorry. I should have asked if-"

Interrupted by her kissing me, she shook her head smiling with a hint of a blush.

"I'm glad it's you so don't worry, but it did hurt a little."

'She's so cute when she's shy.' I chuckled slowly as I dipped in to claim her lips. Making sure I left a few love bites on her neck and collar bone to mark her as mine, I continued were I left off. Kim still winced a bit whenever my fingers brushed her, but I knew how to take care of that. Legs entwined and breasts pressed together, I pushed slightly against her then began to grind. Kim moaned loudly as I picked up the pace. Biting her earlobe I pressed against her harder. Pretty soon Kim joined me in my actions, feeling her move against me almost brought me over the edge. 'No not yet.'

"S-Shego, I-I'm…"


With one more touch we reached the peak together. The ecstatic feeling was so intense that I didn't feel Kim's nails dig so deep into my back that it drew blood. Panting heavily we shared a few more passionate kisses before calling it a night.

Falling asleep with our bodies entwined, left me sighing contently. Grabbing the covers I tugged them over our sweat covered naked bodies. Kissing Kim on the forehead I wished her a goodnight, and hugged her closer to me. 'So this is what love feels like…' I have to admit it was a nice feeling, and I'm glad to have experienced it with the red headed heroine I fell in love with.

From now on our lives will change, and us along with it. But one things for sure, I can no longer be a villain, with all these emotions it would not only endanger me, but Kim too. Shaking my head I cleared my thoughts away. 'We'll worry about all that some other time, right now all I want and need is Kimmy.'

"I love you princess."

"I love you too Shego."

Smiling I let sleep overtake me willingly, and this time only sweet dreams greeted me.



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So good-bye for now, I might write another Kigo fic in the near future maybe. But if anyone's interested I'm planning on writing a FFX2 fic it's gonna be a Rikku/Yuna story, the current title is Our Past so look foreword to that.

Once again Thank You Minna-san!