Obligatory A/N: Well, here's my first fanfic ever... kinda ironic that its Danny Phantom XD;; I'd have assumed it would be an anime one. However, there's fanfics for EVERYTHING in anime, so I never felt compelled to write one. Then I started watching this, and it just sparked my imagination. I looked for fanfics, but there just weren't enough. Since I've read most of the ones worth reading (imo) already, I thought I'd write one. So far, I've discoved a few things about writing fanfics… First, I am absolutely terrible at writing them, especially if I haven't seen the actual show recently. Second, for some reason I don't write in the same style as I do when writing my own fiction… strange. Third, I hate writing it compared to fiction. I'd much rather be reading fanfiction than writing it, but whatever. sigh I probably won't be updating very fast though.. I have a life and I'm a slow writer already. Doubtful that anyone will read this, but if you do, I'd love constructive critisism. If you think someone is out of character, feel free to show me and suggest how to fix it. Considering I agree and you state it in a polite manner, I'll probably change it. Also, any ideas on my writing style would also be appreciated. So, yeah, r/r I don't care if you flame, because this isn't like... my pride and joy or anything. I can take some idiot's heat over it. Anyhow... Onward!

I'm not gonna be putting in a disclaimer either, because as I've uploaded this story to FANFICTION . net I think its rather clear it is fanfiction and not a product of my own imagination.


The bell rang across Amity Park's Casper High just as Danny Fenton slid into his first period class. Panting hard, Danny ignored the usual giggles and took his seat.

"Nice to see you actually on time, Mr. Fenton," Lancer drawled as he straightened his papers. "I'll expect you and your friends will celebrate this monumental occasion." When Sam leaned over from her seat to say something to Danny, he added, "After class."

Sam sat back in her seat and slouched in bitter annoyance. Once Lancer had launched into his lesson for the day, she perked up and leaned next to Danny again. "Did you get him?"

"Yeah," Danny whispered out of the corner of his mouth. "You know the Box Ghost. He's a pushover."

Tucker leaned into their conversation too. "How many 'bewares' did he get out before you shoved him in the thermos?" he asked in good humor.

"Only three this time," Danny chuckled, earning the attention of the teacher.

"Care to tell us what's so funny, Mr. Fenton?" Mr. Lancer asked in a bored tone.

The group of three jumped guiltily and returned their attention back to the front of the room. "Nothing, Mr. Lancer," Danny replied quickly. Mr. Lancer went on in his speech, but the more Danny tried to concentrate on the lecture, the less he could. Soon his eyes were drooping, and the next thing he knew a ruler was snapping down on his desk.

"Wha-!" Danny shouted in surprise, shooting straight up in his seat and ready for anything. But instead of a fearsome ghost looming over him he saw a furious teacher. Snickers echoed throughout the room while Sam and Tucker were casting him looks of sympathy.

"If you're going to sleep at school so often, perhaps it would be better if you didn't come at all," the teacher drawled sarcastically. "Do you even know what I've been talking about the last ten minutes, Mr. Fenton?"

"N-No," Danny yawned. He felt a little stupid, but he just couldn't stay awake. He wasn't exactly on the perfect sleeping schedule at the moment.

"If you had, perhaps you'd know about the assignment you've been given," Lancer continued.

"Assignment?" Danny asked in horror, getting the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

"Yes, we're drawing partners," Mr. Lancer answered. "I called your name and now we're about to find out who your partner is." Putting his fingers into the mug holding names on slips of paper, Lancer drew out a name with an exasperated sigh. "Dash," he read off the paper.

Danny looked terrified. Dash looked livid. Mr. Lancer just moved on to the next person.

(He's a Phantom)
(Danny Phantom)

Yo, Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen
When his parents built a very strange machine
It was designed to view a world unseen

(He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom)

When it didn't quite work
His folks, they just quit
But then Danny took a look inside of it
There was a great big flash
Everything just changed
His molecules got all rearranged!

(Phantom, Phantom)

When he first woke up
He realized
He had snow white hair
And glowing green eyes
He could walk through walls,
Disappear, and fly!
He was much more unique than the other guy!

It was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghosts
That were coming through
He's here to fight
For me and YOU!

(He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom)
(He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom)

Gonna catch them all cuz he's Danny Phantom

And that was how Danny found himself pacing nervously across his kitchen floor later that night. Sam and Tucker, who had been lucky enough to be paired together for the project, sat at the kitchen table as they listened to the same rant Danny had been giving them all day.

"This is terrible!" Danny said, again. "If I blow off schoolwork to hunt ghosts, Dash'll pound me to a pulp! And if I don't take down the ghosts, they'll pound me to a pulp…Or just destroy half the town."

"Danny," Sam sighed. "We feel bad for you-"

"Which is why we're here to back you up," Tucker added.

"But, you've already given us this speech at least twenty times today!" she finished.

"No, it's been thirty-eight," supplied Tucker, who was tapping away on one of his gadgets. "I kept track on my new PDA."

With a sigh, Danny collapsed into a chair beside them. He fell face forward on the table and stayed that way for a good half minute until he mumbled something unintelligible.

"Don't worry, Danny," Sam comforted. "You'll be fine!"

"Yeah, totally ignore the fact that Dash will kill you if you don't get a good grade," said Tucker. Sam promptly elbowed him hard.

Groaning, Danny chanced a look at the clock. "It's almost six," he said despairingly. "Dash is gonna be here any minute."

"We'll back you up Danny!" cheered Tucker, supportive once more. "If you need to go ghost, we can cover."

"Yeah, we've practically become experts at that," laughed Sam. "You can count on us."

Danny grinned at his friends. "Thanks, guys," he said, just as the doorbell rang. "Here it goes," Danny choked and walked towards the door like he was marching towards certain death.

Logically, it didn't really make sense that Danny would be so scared of a simple class bully. He had fought hundreds of ghosts far more scary than a football player. But this fear was different. It was more of a fear that he couldn't fight back without getting into something worse. The second Dash knew his secret, Danny was sure that he'd sink lower than geek on the social ladder to freak, and being public enemy number one didn't help matters much. Sure, the whole invasion thing had raised his ghostly popularity on the polls, but he was still a ghost, and unless basic human thought had been altered lately, being a ghost made you a freak. Of course, all this didn't keep Danny from the occasional prank on Dash, just to get him back, or the occasional disappearing trick when being chased. Those sure came in handy.

With that last thought on his mind, Danny opened the door entertaining a humored smirk. Then Danny remembered who was at the door and quickly wiped the smug look off his face.

"Eheh, hey Dash," Danny said weakly to the glaring football player towering over him. "Come on in."

"What were you smiling about, Fenton?" Dash jeered.

"Nothing you'd care to know about," Danny answered quickly.

"Whatever. Let's just get some things straight," growled Dash as he marched towards the kitchen. Tucker and Sam waved nervously at him from the table as he blew past them. "One, we're gonna get a good grade on this or I'll kill you." Dash dumped his backpack on the table. "Two, you're gonna work harder than you've ever worked before or I'll kill you." He opened the door to the fridge and helped himself to a soda. Apparently having those tutoring lessons with Jazz so long ago had made him quite comfortable in the Fenton kitchen. "Three, you can't go ditching me to do all the work, and if you do, I'll kill you. Any questions?" Danny shook his head wordlessly.

"Funny, I never had you down as the morbid type, Dash" Sam muttered from her spot at the table.

"No one asked you," Dash snapped at her.

"Alright, lay off, Dash!" Danny cut in. Behind him, Sam was giving Dash her most feral glare.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Dash advanced towards Danny with a murder attempt glittering in his eyes.

"I'm serious!" Danny exclaimed as he backed towards the wall. "Do you want to get a good grade or not? Shouldn't we get started or something?"

Dash stopped on his warpath and stalked towards the table instead. Pulling a book from his bag, he slammed it down on the table. "Hurry up Fenton!" he commanded as he sat down. "I want to be out of here as soon as possible."

They worked quietly for the next hour, but as neither Danny nor Dash were good students, not much work was accomplished. Dash looked about ready to take out his frustration on Danny when Jazz walked into the room for a snack.

"Hey Danny, Tuck, Sam," said Jazz, expression uncaring. She turned away from the fridge with an apple in hand and blinked. "Why is Dash here?" she asked in surprise.

"We're working on a project," Danny moaned. Then it hit him. A golden opportunity was upon them!

"Jazz, wait!" Danny called as Jazz began to leave the room. His sister stopped and looked down at him quizzically.


"Jazz, we have no clue what we're doing," Danny begged. "Please, please, please can you help me out?"

Jazz looked unsure. "I don't know Danny, I have my own homework and I need to-"

Danny cut her off with the innocent, pitiful little brother look. Usually it didn't work, but for some reason, Jazz melted like butter.

"Alright," Jazz sighed, pulling a chair up to the table. "But only this once."

"Thank you!" cheered Danny. Sam and Tucker looked up from where they were studying and even Dash looked happy about it. Unfortunately, a blue wisp of mist chose that exact moment to rise from Danny's mouth.

"Oh shoot…" he muttered.

The second Danny stiffened and went quiet, his friends knew what had happened. Leaning over, Sam asked in a whisper, her lips barely moving, "Ghosts?"

"Maybe it won't cause any problems," Danny murmured hopefully. It was wistful thinking. Below their feet a crash echoed from the lab.

"I'll go see what that was," Danny shouted as he jumped quickly to his feet. "Just stay here, it's probably nothing."

"No way you're ditching me to do all the work, Fenton!" Dash barked, shoving away from the table to follow Danny. Sam and Tucker panicked and moved to intercept him, but a certain teenage girl beat them to it.

"Dash!" exclaimed Jazz suddenly and grabbed the boy's arm. "I haven't talked to you at all since you stopped tutoring. Why don't you tell me about how you've been until Danny comes back?"

Dash's face went blank and he smiled dumbly at her. "No problem," he answered in what was supposed to be a suave voice, and shoved Tucker roughly away from the seat next to Jazz. Sam collected Tucker from the floor and then sneaked out of the room, leaving Dash to Jazz. Or maybe it was the other way around…

Sam led the way on the charge down the basement stairs and jumped the last few steps, sliding to a stop into the lab. What met her was the vision of Danny Phantom observing the effects of a green goo explosion.

"Well, something definitely was here," Danny reported, pointing to the glowing Fenton Portal that Jack must have left open. "What did you guys do about Dash?" he asked as an afterthought.

"Jazz is talking to him," Tucker answered as he edged away from a glob of glowing goo that he could have sworn moved. "We got off easy this time."

"Well, whatever trashed the lab isn't here anymore," said Sam, and Danny nodded his approval. "We better get back upstairs before Dash or your sister gets suspicious."

"And before Dash makes a move on Jazz," Tucker added.

"Oh, bad mental image!" Danny groaned as she transformed into a human again. "I never want to see my sister kissed again."

"What if she gets married?" Sam asked with a smirk as they mounted the stairs.

"Fine! Only then."

The group of friends stepped out of the basement as they broke into laugher, and it carried over as they walked back into the kitchen. Jazz was sitting with her head propped up against her hand and her eyes at half mast while Dash regaled her with stories of his football victories. The second Danny set foot in the kitchen, Jazz cut Dash off.

"So what was it?" she asked in the middle of a particularly boring touchdown pass.

"Just another explosion," Danny offered cryptically. "Normal stuff."

Jazz groaned. "We have to be the only family in the world where that is "normal"! Thinking that way will only hurt your psychological well-being in the future Danny. I'm going to have a talk with dad about stabilizing his machines."

Trying to steer Jazz away from her attempt to help with his psychological well-being, Danny motioned back to the books scattered across the table. "Well, right now my "psychological well-being" is stressed because of a English project. Mind helping out with that?"

Jazz shrugged and looked over the books they had taken notes over so far. Within seconds her face had brightened. "Oh, I remember this stuff," she exclaimed. "It's so interesting! Hang on, I think I kept notes on this from freshman year." She walked calmly out of the room, but Danny distinctly heard her hiss, "You owe me big time, Danny," as she walked past.

When Jazz came back with a pile of notes, she preceded to steer Dash and Danny onto the correct path for their project. Dash looked less than half awake the entire time as he stared unabashedly at Jazz, but Danny soaked it all in, determined to remember everything. With Jazz's help they had accomplished a lot by eight o'clock. The best part of the evening was that no ghosts had attacked, and Dash left the house without an incident.

Danny collapsed on the couch with Tucker and Sam, reveling in his moment of victory. "That went very well," he said smugly. Sam opened her mouth, probably to make sure Danny didn't get too overconfident, but fate beat her to it. Danny was knocked cleanly off his winner's pedestal as a blue mist floated from his mouth.

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch," laughed Tucker when Danny slumped down into the couch in annoyance.

"Well, I guess we've still got some work to do guys," said Danny, pulling himself up. In a flash of blue, Danny Phantom appeared and flew off through the ceiling.

"Show off," grumbled Sam as they were forced to use the front door.