The tapping of black mary-jane shoes, with a slight heel, could be hear in an empty corridor as the person who wore them grew closer to their destination. There was a creak from the old library door as a young girl slowly entered. Well you really couldn't call her a girl anymore. She was more of a young woman after celebrating her fifteenth birthday. It was dark and eerie in the library; maybe because the librarian or maybe it was the bad lighting, either way, it was creepy. All the scariness of the place aside, it was the reason to be there that was much worst. One word, Professor Snape. Taking fifth year potions was no box of chocolates, especially with a three-foot essay due on Monday. A three-foot essay was not much for a final exam, but it was only the first week of school. Well it was the first weekend of school. Alas it is around noon, thus explaining the emptiness of the library. Other students were either sleeping, exhausted from the adjustment of summer to school or eating from the wonderful food served in the Great Hall. Back to our main point of the story, our young lady. Pulling her potion book out of her messenger bag, she opened it to a page on the Poly Juice Potion and set up her inkbottle. Pulling her quill and scroll, she let a soft sigh escape her slightly glossed lips. "I can do this" she said silently to herself, "I will get all O's this year." Determination, a true sign of a dedicated Hogwarts student. Quickly brushing some loose strands of long, dirty blonde hair out of her pale blue, almost gray eyes, she tried started to work on her homework. Just by looking at her, you could tell she was different. Radish earring hung from her ears and a butter beer bottle cork necklace dangled from around her fragile neck. Her unique sense of style also helped to distinguished the girl. Though it was true she was to wear her house's (Ravenclaw) robes, she had a way to make it her own just by how confidant she was and presented herself. Her slender body wore her dark gray skirt with pride. She added some knee high stockings, which was striped in blue and silver, her houses colors. The white oxford shirt buttoned up to a male's Ravenclaw tie and her robe hung open loosely over her body. The body in which she had grown into over the past few years and was no longer as gangly. There were curves to her body which showed she was nearing womanhood and her facial features were more mature looking, whether from past experiences, growing more mature or both, I could not say. Miss Luna Lovegood, one and only daughter of the "Quibblers" own editor. An editor, who had helped clear up some hazy communications between our own Mr. Potter and his public. Luna, herself, had also helped young Mr. Harry Potter and his friends, in dark times. Luna was just, should be say, loony. At least that is what some of her fellow peers perceived her as, though that wasn't quite it. It was more that she had different beliefs from the rest of them, but that is a different story. This is about the evils of homework. So there Luna sat for around ten minutes, scribbling little nothing on her supposed potions essay.