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Chapter 6: Hidden Beauty


Draco –

After a long debate on whether or not to give the letter to Granger, I found myself walking over to the Gryffindor table. After all, Dumbledore gave me orders to see that she got it. And I didn't want to piss the old crack pot off.

I tried to be discrete, as I didn't feel like talking/annoying anybody at the moment.

When I was right in front of the Mudblood herself I saw her looking at me very strangely. I know I'm good looking, but bloody hell! I found that my heart started to begin racing. Something I've never had happen before. I stared back as she sat there for a fleeting second just looking into my eyes. And, just as quick as she fell into her transfixed stare, she snapped out of it, shook her head slightly and scowled up at me.

"What ever insult you are going to throw at me, you better forget it, Malfoy. I'm not in the mood." she said, sticking her nose up in the air. I rolled my eyes as I found myself wanting to sit next to her and inhale her strong plum scent that I could smell coming off of her in the bathroom the other day.

Shaking the thoughts away, I scolded myself horribly and shoved the piece of paper in her hand. "It's from Filch; our detention as been cancelled because Peeves wrecked his office. Peeves also scared that stupid cat, Mrs. Norris up in Trelawney's Tower and she's having a fit. So do yourself a favor and get over yourself, Mudblood." I spat at her and turned on my heel. I had to get away from her as quick as possible.

Walking back over to my seat, I sat down heavily and put my head in my hands. That's when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong, Drakie Poo?" said Pansy in her annoyingly high pitched voice. I shrugged her hand off without looking and said, "Leave me alone, Parkinson!" She gasped in shock and stuck her nose up in the air, just like Hermione did a few minutes ago. 'Hermione did it cuter…' a horrible voice spoke up in my mind. I groaned and slammed my fist on the table. When the hell did I start calling her Hermione? And did I just call that piece of filth, cute? Merlin…What's happening to me?

I looked up from my palm to see Herm-Granger stuff the note in her bag and get up from the table, leaving her friends behind. I found myself watching her walk towards the Hall doors and couldn't help but to think, 'Nice legs…'


Hermione –

After what felt like the shortest walk of my life, I found myself in front of the Head's common room. Saying the password, I walked in to find Ginny sitting on the couch reading a Muggle magazine called Cosmo Girl. I laughed and she looked up and smiled. "'Bout time, I've got everything ready!" she said and patted the seat next to her. I walked over and sat down next to her, raised a brow and pointed at the magazine. She blushed and handed it to me. "I bought it over the summer. I really liked the magazine so I subscribed and brought them here. Mum said she'd send me the rest by owl." I laughed and shook my head. "So? When do you want to get started? We're not doing it down here are we? Malfoy might walk in."

She shook her head. "No, we'll be doing it up in your room. I already got everything set up. Are you ready?" I nodded and we got up from the couch. That's when I heard a shuffle outside of the common room and saw the portrait fly open and Malfoy walked in, looking terribly out of it. His brows were drawn together in immense concentration and he ran a hand through his hair. When he noticed we were in the room he jumped slightly and glared at us. "How did she get in here?" he asked stupidly. I raised a brow and put my hands on my hips. "I let her in," I lied and stared him down.

The tension in the room was unbearable as he glared at Ginny, who glared back. It was one big glaring contest until he broke the gaze and stalked up the stairs. "What ever, just shut up and don't make any noise. I won't hesitate to throw both of you out." He then opened the door; walked in and slammed it shut.

"Jeez, someone has some issues." Ginny said. I nodded and then looked up at his door. "He's been acting really weird lately…" I said as I found myself biting my lip and staring at his door, wishing I could see inside of it.

Ginny looked from the door to me and then from me to the door with her a brow raised in question. "Hermione?" she asked. I shook myself out of my trance as I began to picture him naked and looked down, trying to hold the blush that was creeping on my cheeks.

She smirked. "You fancy him, don't you?" she asked, teasingly. I looked up at her, the blush turning into anger. "Of course not," I snapped. "How could you think such a thing?" She laughed and shook her head. "Whatever, Hermione..."

Sighing, I led the way upstairs, ignoring the subject and starting a new one. "So exactly what are you going to do to me?" I asked, starting to feel anxious.

She laughed and waited for me to open the door. When I did she motioned me to go ahead of her and I did, gasped and looked around the room. She had made my bed disappear, conjured a beautiful cherry wood vanity in the center of my room and she had also conjured two metal poles that ran parallel to the floor over on the west wall. And on them were hundreds and hundreds of clothes. On the far north wall straight a head of us was a long wooden table that held what appeared to be a piercing gun, tons of different earrings, tons of make-up and her wand.

I looked at her in awe as she smiled at me and motioned for me to sit in the chair behind the mirror on the vanity. I obeyed and she threw a towel over the front and back of my shirt. "What are you going to do?" I asked again as she grabbed her wand.

She smiled at me from behind me and I could see her in the mirror. "Well, first," she flicked her wand at the mirror and a black cloth appeared over it and my reflection disappeared. "We're going to do that," she laughed. I shook my head at her and sighed. "And then we're going to do your hair!" she giggled with happiness and the color drained from my face. "Please! Don't cut my hair!" I begged. She sighed and tapped me playfully on the arm. "No begging! You'll have to trust me!" she said in mock professionalism, but smiled all the same.

I bit my lip and tried to fight away the uneasiness I could feel swelling up in my stomach. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…' said a voice in my head. I shook my head slightly and moistened my lips. "No," I spoke firmly out loud. "This is what I want…" Ginny nodded her head. "Yes, now trust me and everything will be fine!" she said as she began to circle me, trying to decide the best look for my hair.

I rolled my eyes. "Easier said then done, Gin…" she laughed and walked back behind me again, tapped my hair with her wand and muttered something under her breath.

"Here we go…" I said out loud and more to me as I closed my eyes and stiffened in my seat, wondering what on earth I was going to look like when she got through.

It had been almost an hour and Ginny kept circling me every so often, checking things and making sure she hadn't whacked a piece of my hair off with her wand. I shuddered at the thought. I was very strange when it came to my hair. I would never let anybody touch it, and I hadn't had it cut in over a year. I liked my hair.

Just when I was thinking about what I would look like, I remembered a song I had grown a liking to over the summer. It was a Muggle song, and I knew it by heart. Closing my eyes, I sang the lyrics to myself in my head:

I've been so wrapped up in my warm cocoon
But something's happening, things are changing soon
I'm pushing the edge, I'm feeling it crack
And once I get out, there's no turning back

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become

Whatever this is
Whatever I'm going through
Come on and give me a kiss
Come on, I insist
I'll be something new
A metamorphosis

Things are different now when I walk by
You start to sweat and you don't know why
It gets me nervous but it makes me calm
To see life all around me moving on

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become

Every day is a transformation
Every day is a new sensation
Alteration, modification
An incarnation, celebration
Every day is a new equation
Every day is a revelation
Information, Anticipation
Onto another destination

Sighing, I opened my eyes and started to space out. It had been nearly a whole more hour and I snapped out of my daze to find Ginny standing there looking at me as if I had grown an extra head with a mustache. "What?" my voice cracked. I was scared she had screwed something up. I began fidgeting. "What's wrong?" I asked with worry etched in my voice.

She shook her head, her lips curving in a proud smile. "Nothing is wrong, but we're not done yet!" She said happily as she walked over to the table facing the door. I bit my lip as she grabbed the piercing gun and two matching earrings.

I shook my head. "No! No needles!" Fear spread through out my body. I hated the pain the needles gave off. I couldn't even stand to get a shot with out screaming bloody murder.

She smiled reassuringly and approached me with the evil piercing gun I knew would hurt like hell. "It's ok, Hermione! You won't feel a thing!" she said. I bit my lip and watched her get closer until she was right beside my right ear-lobe.

"I'm just going to mark your ears so I know where to pierce, ok?" she asked. I nodded as she took a couple minutes marking three holes on my right ear and 4 on my left. "What the hell? How many are you planning to pierce!" I shrieked. She smiled. "Not too many…" she said and stood up, grabbed the gun again and, shutting my eyes, she placed my flushed ear in between the hole where the needle came through and the other little thing. I couldn't process any thoughts at the moment. I was such a chicken.

But little did I know that it wasn't a needle at all. It was the earring itself that would be making a hole in my flesh. (I didn't know this at the time or I would have run, screaming from the room with terror.)

"It's alright…" she cooed and paused. "On the count of three…" she said and stayed completely still. "One…" I bit my lip harder. "Two…" I closed my eyes, shutting them harder with every breath. "Three!" she said loudly and heard the strange suction type noise like something being stapled. Something was being stapled, alright. My ears!

Before I could stop myself, I felt a scream tear out my throat. She moved and covered her ears, wincing. Breathing heavily I heard a door slam and then pounding on my own. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON IN THERE!" yelled a very pissed off sounding Malfoy. With tears in my eyes, I stood up, strode over to the door and opened it. He looked at me with puzzlement and confusion, all screams and pain forgotten. (The pain had been long gone by now I realized.)

"She's killing me in here, that's what's going on! Now shut up and leave us alone, Malfoy!" I said, distaste and anger coursing though my veins. It's not my fault I don't like needles!

Watching his face go through lots of different emotions I never knew he had, I suddenly realized he didn't recognize me, and when it dawned on him who it was, he got very, very angry. "God, Granger, I knew you were ugly, but going to this length of measure? I never knew you cared so much about other people!" He said sarcastically, all the shock and astonishment gone from his features.

Shaking with fury, I closed my eyes and kept clenching and un-clenching my fists. "H-how dare you!" I said my face hot with rage. "H-how dare y-you insult me so! After all I've been through, after all I have suffered through, you have the fucking audacity to insult me like I'm nothing more then the dirt you wipe off your shoes! I am so damn SICK OF IT YOU BASTARD!" with that I gathered all of my strength and slapped him in the face, my own hand stinging with impact. I knew it had hurt. He immediately raised a hand to his face, a bright red mark surfacing on his pale cheek.

A ringing silence echoed through out the room. I had never seen the look on his face that was so obvious now: regret and shame. On a Malfoy's face! Amazing! But I was still so hurt that it hurt deep within my heart. Again, I pushed him out of my room, more roughly then before, almost making him fall to the floor and slammed the door out of rage; the very hair on my head was alive with a furious energy.

Realizing Ginny had never said a word, I turned towards her to find her with her mouth hanging open with shock. "I can't believe he said that to you! He is so fucking blind!" she said, astonished. I shook my head. "No, he was right," I shook my head. "I'm so ugly!" I then started to sniff. I was crying! When did I start crying?

She shook her head and flicked her wand. With one swift motion, the black cloth flew over the back of the mirror and she pointed towards it. Slowly, ever so slowly, I turned towards the mirror and lost all ability to speak.

Before Ginny had done anything, my hair had been one big poofed up mess. It is still the same length, but now it was sleek, shiny and not frizzy at all. And she had done a charm that would keep it that way. Forever…

My face had always been blotchy, sometimes broken out, and always had tinges of pink to it that annoyed me to death. Now all I could see was soft, smooth skin that glowed in the light. Perfect porcelain…

My eyes, they were always the same. Although I only wore the occasional eye-liner, eye shadow or a hint of blush, they looked the same. Now they popped like crazy, Ginny having put the right colors together which made my chocolate eyes stand out among a crowd. I continued looking, my eyes crinkling with happiness…

Only one ear was pierced, and it was still slightly red. She still had 6 more to go and I was looking forward to them as I realized that it hadn't really hurt at all, just pinched a bit. Turning back to Ginny, I smiled a glowing smile as tears flowed freely down my cheeks.

And this was only the beginning…


Draco –

I waited a few seconds after Granger had left the Hall until I stood up and left as well. Many thoughts were plaguing my mind as I set off towards the Head's common room. So many emotions that were un-familiar to me and every time I realized who had made me feel this way I would shake my head and run a hand through my hair.

It was Granger, that despicable Gryffindor who I couldn't rid of my thoughts. She's been lingering around in the depths of my mind since the train to Hogwarts. It was when she flipped me the bird that I noticed a change. She changed for the better, I was sure and every time I thought of this I would silently curse her very being.

How she made me feel this way I would never know. I was constantly in a war with my own mind as I tried my best to fight images of her out of my head to the point where a stabbing pain would erupt behind my forehead. I hated it. I hated her.

Mumbling the password, I made my way slowly into the common room. Lost in a train of thought I could sense I wasn't alone. And sure enough, I wasn't. I looked up and surprise, surprise, Granger was standing in front of the sofa along with - "How did she get in here?" I asked unaware at how stupid that sounded at the time. Hermione raised her brow at me and put her hands on her hips. At once I could feel my palms start to get sweaty and my heart began to race like I was running the mile.

"I let her in," she said and stared me down. The tension could have been cut with a knife, and I thought for a minute Ginny was going to say something after a short glaring contest, but I got words out before she did, "What ever just shut up and don't make any noise. I won't hesitate to throw both of you out." I then opened my door and walked in. Feeling very angry at myself, I slammed the door shut, let out a strangled yell that I prayed they couldn't hear and collapsed on my bed to finally drift into a light sleep.

I was woken with a start by a painful scream. The scream, I could tell, came from Granger. For some wild, un-known reason, I felt a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach at the sound of it and I prayed to dear Merlin that I would never hear it again.

Cursing myself, feeling very frustrated, I walked out of my room, slammed it shut and pounded on her door, "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON IN THERE!" I yelled, highly pissed at myself and Granger for who knows what.

When she opened the door I didn't recognize the beautiful woman was Granger. 'What happened?' I asked myself as I knew I looked like an idiot just standing there. It took me a minute to realize I was just staring, a weird look on my face.

"She's killing me in here, that's what's going on! Now shut up and leave us alone, Malfoy!" finally I knew who it was. The tone of her voice, the sound of it… It was Granger. No, I take that back, a very pissed Granger. I could feel my face change from different things and I cursed myself again. What was happening to me! No emotion, Draco, NO EMOTION! I could have screamed at myself if I wasn't standing in front of two enemies.

Finally remembering myself, I wiped the ridicules look off of my face and began to get very angry at myself. "God, Granger, I knew you were ugly, but going to this length of measure? I never knew you cared so much about other people!" I snarled sarcastically.

At once I knew I'd push a button, and frankly, I didn't blame her. It was stupid to say such a thing, when, even I, was shocked at how gorgeous she had become.

She began to shake with fury. She closed her eyes and began to clench her fists up out of anger. 'Oh Merlin…' I thought. "H-how dare you!" she whispered in a cold malicious tone as her face began to get redder by the second.

"H-how dare y-you insult me so! After all I've been through, after all I have suffered through, you have the fucking audacity to insult me like I'm nothing more then the dirt you wipe off your shoes! I am so damn SICK OF IT YOU BASTARD!"

Before I could see it coming, she had raised her hand and slapped me smartly across the face. I put a hand up to it and could feel the warmth radiating from the touch. Although it was a slap, I felt a strange bolt of electricity spreading through out my body. What the hell was going on!

All was silent for Merlin knows how long. I could tell I was looking at them with regret and shame, feelings that was so unfamiliar to me that I was un-able to speak.

Once she got her senses back and the anger still flowing rapidly through out her veins, she shoved me roughly from the thresh hold of the room and slammed the door in my face.

I knew I should be furious, but instead I shrugged it off with a frustrated sigh. What was wrong with me? Was I becoming soft? Malfoy's do NOT become soft. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions, I trudged down the stairs and collapsed on the sofa in front of the fire, letting the emotions run out and drain me, causing me to drift off into a light and un-easy sleep.


I woke to the sound of a door swinging open and hitting up against the wall gently. I sat bolt upright on the sofa and looked around to find the most beauty- 'Draco Lucious Malfoy, if you finish that sentence you will degrade your father and the name you stand for!" said an angered voice in his head. Seeing as how the voice went for my father instead of me, I continued the thoughts that were trying to finish processing when they were so rudely interrupted.

'Merlin, she's so beautiful…She's like a rose, so perfect and divine…' said a very different voice then before.

I tried to look away, but I just couldn't. I knew that I should, I knew it was stupid not to, but I couldn't. I wouldn't.

Hermione Granger stepped out of her bed room wearing a crème colored skirt that ruffled at the bottom and stopped before it reached her knees. A beige belt hung loosely around her waist, a small accessory to show off the curves of her hips. A light brown, long sleeved blouse with big, flowing sleeves accented her waist-line and hugged every curve perfectly. A pair of brown shoes that matched her shirt adorned her feet, which she brought very close together out of nervousness.

I stared up at her longingly, ignoring the angry voices in my head to turn away and retch. But she looked like an angel, how could my father ever of taught me to hate such an enchanting and mesmerizing creature?

She hadn't looked down over the small balcony that over-looked the common room as she was busy looking inside her bedroom, waiting for the Weaselette.

Ginny walked past her, grinning from ear to ear. Speaking of ears, she brushed Hermione's hair away from her shoulders and checked to make sure that they had stopped bleeding. She now had 3 piercings on her right ear and 4 on her left; one of them being in her cartilage.

I was shocked. Granger…With numerously pierced ears…? I shook my head, unable to grasp to what lay underneath that bushy head of hair and sometimes pimpled face.

I couldn't believe I never saw it before. Taking one last look at Granger, I laid back down on the sofa, feigning sleep. I heard them walk by quietly and I just kept on pretending. I should get up and say something, something smart and nasty. I wished I could have, I wished I would have. It would have been a lot easier to deal with the strange feelings I have for the Mudblood…No…Not a Mudblood…A gorgeous woman. Yes, I could at least grasp that much, but it made me shiver with anxiety. I shouldn't be thinking this way!

Sighing, I opened my eyes as they closed the portrait door behind them, going to see Potty and Weasel no doubt. I stared up at the ceiling and my brows were drawn together in concentration. Who knew such a nerdy and brown-nosing beaver could be, in reality, a hidden beauty?


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