Mahoromatic – New Beginnings


Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie, or watched a television show and said to yourself, "I just loved the story, but the ending just wasn't right". Unfortunately, that is my feeling about Mahoromatic.

I think that Mahoromatic is a wonderful mix of romance and comedy and action; silly sometimes and serious when it has to be. But I truly believe that Mahoro and especially Suguru deserved a better end than they received. Maybe that's because I am a hopeless romantic (I know I'm at least half that; my wife keeps saying that I am hopeless) In the world of fantasy (and as much as we sometimes don't like to admit it, Anime and Manga are not real life) anything should be possible.

On a number of occasions, when I didn't think that an ending was right or fitting, I would think of alternatives of what could have happened, not so much to change the ending, but to see what could happen next if only this or that were different. Sometimes I have even gone so far as to write a short little story of how I envisioned things happening. That had been my intent with Mahoromatic.

I went back through the story, looking for things I could use to extend the story and change the ultimate outcome for Mahoro and Suguru. I found several hints that I could use, so I started writing.

Then something strange happened. As I sketched out my short story, other ideas came into my head and I worked them into what I was doing. Before long I realized that I had more material than I needed for a short story, so I began to extend my scope.

I guess at this point, I should explain the form I chose to write my "short story". It is in the form of a script with basic stage directions included. It is a form I am used to working with and it seemed to fit my needs. The story is divided into episodes, which run about a half hour each (if you actually read the script aloud and leave the proper breaks for the actions described it the stage directions).

At first, I had eight episodes, but as I began writing I found that I needed to break some of those episodes up (in one case, one episode became six) and to be quite honest, at the point I finished episode 26, I had nine more episodes which I may turn into a "Season Four".

New Beginnings is a more about developing relationships than action and adventure. That will come in Season Four. Suguru's friends become more involved in the continuing story of Suguru's life. They have developed their own lives and stories in New Beginnings and I have tried to develop them logically from what I learned about them from the Anime.

I have also seen fit to introduce a few new characters and to give names to several characters who were nameless in the Anime and Manga (Miyuki's Second Sister just doesn't make it). I found the internet handy for this and found a number of sites with lists of not only Japanese given names, but surnames as well.

My story line is pretty much based on the two Mahoromatic Anime series, with some material taken from the Manga (at this writing only the first six books of Manga have been released in the United States). If you have not seen the Anime, this story will be a spoiler and a number of references simply won't make any sense at all.

Some may think that some of the story line is a bit too "Ecchi", but in some cases it was necessary to do that to develop the characters. If you are offended, I am sorry, but that is just the way it is.

I thank you for your consideration and hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Doctor Memory

a.k.a. Carl Potaczala


Mahoromatic and all associated characters are the property of Gainax, TBS, Pioneer LDC and the character creators, Ditama and Nakayama. This story is not written for personal profit, but as a tribute to a wonderful story that I think ended poorly and knowing that as long as I write, Mahoro lives. Any other characters are property of their respective copyright holders, not me.

Episode 1: Precious Memories

Scene opens showing a field of light blue, streaked with white. There is no sound.

Mahoro: Where am I?

Voice: (It is difficult to tell if this voice is male or female and almost sounds like a composite of many voices) Ah! You are here!

Mahoro: Yes, but where is here…and who are you?

Voice: Where is here is a difficult question to answer, because it does not have a specific place. It is nowhere and everywhere all at once. As for who I am, that is also a difficult question, for I have many names. But the name that you might know me best as is Matthew.

Mahoro: The guiding will of SAINT?

Matthew: Will is probably not the best word…spirit might be better.. And even that is not the best word for we are not one. I am but the voice of the all.

Mahoro: But why am I here? That one that was Mahoro has …ceased functioning… has… died.

Matthew: That which was the android Mahoro has ceased functioning, but that which is the spirit of Mahoro is part of the greater spirit.

Mahoro: But… why am I here? To join that greater spirit…

Matthew: If that is your wish.

Mahoro: And … if it is not my wish?

Matthew: We understand you are not the same spirit that became Mahoro ten years ago. You are not the same spirit that you were a year ago. No android…no machine…would do what you have done. You sacrificed everything for the better good. You gave up everything you have feelings for… everything you love… to save it. In the short time you have been among humankind you have let us see why they fight so hard against those they perceive as invaders. And you have let us see how much they value life, even for one to sacrifice their own life to save another. But beyond that, you have done something for which we can never hope to repay you. You have given us hope for peace … helped to end a war that only otherwise may have ended with our mutual destruction. Mahoro, anything you ask, I will give you.

Mahoro: I was asked that question once before and my answer now would be the same as it was then.

Matthew: You will experience great sorrow…

Mahoro: And with that sorrow, great joy. It is still my wish… but beyond anything else, I have a promise to keep.

Matthew: Then so be it. But your spirit must rest for a while. Your recent ordeal has been far from easy. So rest…and be at peace with the greater spirit.

Scene slowly fades to black.

Mahoro: (Quietly fading away) There was one other thing…

Opening Theme

Scene switches to random cuts from Season 2 Episode 14 of the adult Suguru fading to an image of Mahoro in her maid's uniform.

Mahoro's Voice: You'll always have these precious memories Suguru-san… Suguru-san… Suguru-san…

Mahoro's voice fades and becomes the voice of Slash. Visual fades to Suguru lying on the ground, Slash at his side.

Slash: Suguru-san… Suguru-san… Suguru-san… Wake up… Suguru-san

Suguru: Slash… Is that you Slash?… I can't see you… I can't see anything.

Slash: Lie still Suguru-san, help is coming.

Suguru: Slash, she's gone (crying)… she's gone… Slash… Mahoro-san is gone.

Slash: I know… lie still

Sound of a helicopter approaches and the prop wash is blowing down on Slash and Suguru.

Slash: Ryuga-san… come help me… I have him.

Shot of helicopter landing and Ryuga jumping out and scooping up Suguru and carrying him back to the helicopter. Slash joins them and the helicopter takes off with all on board.

Slash: The flash must have blinded him… we need to get him to the doctors as quickly as possible.

Suguru: (Still sobbing) She promised she would never leave me… but she's gone. She promised.

Suguru continues to sob as scene fades to black.

Male Voice #1: It's difficult to tell exactly how much damage was done. It could range from a temporary overload of the optic nerve to scaring of the retina. At this point, only time will tell how much of his vision he will recover.

Male Voice #2: So all you are going to do now is wait.

Male Voice #1: What other option do we have? Our examination didn't reveal anything definitive.

Male Voice #2: You know they've offered to help.

Male Voice #1: I know. It's difficult for me understand what they might be able to do that we can't.

Male Voice #2: It seems a great number of things, from tissue regeneration to cybernetic replacement.

Male Voice #1: (Sigh) I guess I'm just not ready to trust them… not after all of these years.

Male Voice #2: After the events of the last few days, trusting them may be our only option.

Male Voice #1: In time, that may be the case, but for now… for today… I would prefer to wait and see. As for our patient, let's continue the current treatment and maintain this level of sedation. If there isn't any change in the next twenty-four hours, we will begin to consider other alternatives.

Scene switches to a medical facility, three days later. Suguru is lying in a hospital bed, awake, but seemingly starring at nothing in particular. Ryuga and Sera enter the room.

Suguru: (In a quiet ,sad, subdued voice) Hello. I can see that someone is there, but I cannot tell who. Who are you?

Ryuga: It's me… Ryuga.

Suguru: Ryuga-sensei… Who is that with you?

Ryuga: I don't think you've met. This is my ship mate, Sera.

Sera: It is good to meet you, Misato-kun.

Suguru: Are you a combat android also?

Sera: No, I am an android, but a tech support android.

Ryuga: How are you feeling?

Suguru: My vision is coming back a little at a time, but I can still only see shadows. The doctors say I might take a long time for my full vision to come back… or it may never fully return. They don't know.

Ryuga: You are recovering well. We have offered our help and the help of Saint in any way we can.

Suguru: (Head bowed) How did you and Slash find me?

Ryuga: (Holding up Mahoro's broach) We tracked Mahoro-san's broach, but we arrived too late to do anything. We found you down the beach. (Ryuga places the broach in Suguru's hand)

Suguru: (Quiet sigh) It's kind of funny. It was last summer that Mahoro-san fought that giant crab robot at the beach. During the battle it had blinded her. She was ready to die then. She tried to get me to run away. I told her she was stupid. She held her gun, but I aimed for her. (Voice trails off into silence)

Ryuga: Sera and I have received permission to relocate here on earth. They have offered me a permanent position at a private high school starting with the next school year.

Sera: And I got tired of sitting alone up in the ship, waiting while his food got cold.

Ryuga: We will do our best to live here as humans, although we will maintain our ship in orbit, at least for a while.

Suguru: What was it that made you decide to live here?

Ryuga: It was something you said, during my battle with Mahoro-san. You stood between Mahoro-san and myself, defending her, totally fearless and you said she was the most important thing in your life. You stood in the face of certain death to defend her. And she would have given up her life for you. You and Mahoro-san taught me a lesson that night.

(A short moment of uncomfortable silence)

Suguru: Any word on Minawa-chan?

Ryuga: She is doing as well as can be expected. There may be little even our people can do. Many of the cybernetic enhancements have been there since she was born. They are too well integrated to remove or even tamper with.

Sera: On the other hand, the enhancements for the higher brain functions never seemed to take hold. That is probably the only thing that saved you and Mahoro-san. Those have been retracted and removed.

Suguru: Will she be alright?

Ryuga: She'll be able to think for herself, but the enhancements to her body functions she will have to learn to live with.

Suguru: I wonder if it will stop her from constantly tripping?

Ryuga: Who knows…(sigh)…Maybe that is just the way Minawa-chan is.

Suguru: I guess she'll just have to get used to being a slightly clumsy super-hero.

(Sera and Ryuga just look at each other not really understanding Suguru's comment)

Ryuga: It will be several weeks before she will be able to return to earth.

Suguru: Does she know about Mahoro-san?

Ryuga: Yes. She is quite sad…she feels that it is all her fault.

Suguru: Maybe when I get out of the hospital, I can go see her.

Ryuga: I'm not sure that will be possible. She is a very long distance away, and I'm not sure you are ready for a space flight.

Suguru: We will see.

Ryuga: Sera and I must be going. We need to set up our place to live. We found a place in the same apartment building as Shikijo-sensei.

Suguru: I would offer you a place in my house, but I'm not even sure I want to go back there…too many memories.

Sera: But many of them are precious memories, and I think your friends are really waiting to see you again.

Ryuga: But you still have time to think about that, but I think you need to rest. You've been through quite an ordeal over the last few days. I will tell you about anything else I find out about Minawa-chan.

Suguru: Thank you Ryuga-Sensei.

Sera: Rest well, Misato-kun.

Suguru: Thank you, Sera-san…Ah…Ryuga-Sensei…How will you explain Sera-san to everyone?

Ryuga: Sera is my sister.

Suguru: That's good… Thank you for visiting… I will see you soon.

Sera and Ryuga: Good bye.

Sera and Ryuga leave the room, leaving Suguru by himself in bed

Scene fades to Suguru sitting in a chair in the hospital room, head bowed with his face buried in his hands.

Female Voice #1: Suguru?

Suguru: (Quickly sitting upright) Mother, is that you?

Female Voice #1: Suguru…

Suguru: (Standing up to look around) Mother, where are you? Why did you go away?

Female Voice #1: Don't cry, Suguru. Everything will be all right. We will always here with you.

Male Voice #1: (Fading from Female Voice #1) You need to be strong… You need to be a big boy.

Suguru: (Starting to cry) But Father, Mother is gone. She said that she would never go away. She said that she always be with me.

Male Voice #1: I know, Suguru. I know. I miss her too. I will do all I can to help you grow into a strong young man. I'll be by your side to guide you.

Male Voice #2: (Fading from Male Voice #1) But you need to determine what is in the best interest for you.

Suguru: Father!… Grandfather, what happened to my father? Where is my father?

Male Voice #2: Your father is dead. You need to determine what is best for you now. (Voice fading to silence) You need to follow your own path.

Extended moment of silence

Female Voice #2: Suguru-san…

Suguru: (Sobbing) Mahoro-san! Where are you? Why did you go away?

Female Voice #2: I'm sorry, Suguru-san, I'm sorry.

Suguru: Mahoro-san! You promised! You promised that you wouldn't go away. You promised that you would stay with me forever.

Female Voice #2: (Voice fading) I'm sorry I can't be with you.

Suguru: Don't go, Mahoro-san! Please don't leave me alone. (Angry) Why does everyone leave me? Why does everyone I love have to go away? (Screaming) Why does everyone I love have to die?

Scene cuts to Suguru sitting upright in his bed, breathing hard, heart pounding , eyes wide open and mouth open as if he were yelling something. After a brief moment, Suguru buries is head in his hands and begins to cry bitterly.

Mid Program Break

Seven days later. Suguru is sitting in a chair in the hospital room watching television.

Television Voice 1: (Television shows a male reported which the image of a Saint representative on the screen behind him) In breaking news today, the United Nations released a statement that the Earth in fact has been visited by beings from outer space since the early 80's. Since that time, battle encounters have been occurring, mostly hidden from view of the general public. In recent days though, a treaty of peace and co-operation has been negotiated which will end all conflict. More information has been promised by both the United Nations and the representative of the extraterrestrials, who call themselves Saint, in the next few days.

Television Voice 2: (Scene on television changes to a female reporter) The group Vesper has been cleared of all involvement with the assassination of the American president. Evidence was presented that the subversive group named "Kaemisa" was responsible for the assassination as well as for other attacks on governmental officials around the world over the last ten years. All Vesper members who had been arrested in conjunction with the assassination have been released. It is apparently the Vesper organization which is responsible for the negotiation with the extraterrestrials to end the conflict.

Commander Daimon Hayato and Deputy Commander Gunji Yoshihiko enter the room. Suguru clicks off the television and stands to greet the two men.

Suguru: Good day Commander Hayato and Deputy Commander Yoshihiko.

Hayato: Good day Misato-kun. There is no need to stand, please sit down. We would have been here sooner to visit you, but we were… detained.

Yoshihiko: You are looking well today. How are you feeling?

Suguru: My vision is almost back to normal. The doctors are amazed. They did not think I would be ever be able to see fully again.

Hayato: I understand that they will let you go home very soon.

Suguru: Either tomorrow or the day after, but I am not sure what I am going to do. I am not sure I am ready to go back to an empty house, so I'm not sure what I am going to do.

Yoshihiko: It had been our intent to send someone to stay with you. Even though the leadership of the Kaemisa has been crushed, there are still many members of the organization that are still unaccounted for, including several of their cyborgs.

Hayato: Which brings us to the matter for which we came to see you.

Suguru: You mean to tell me that my Grandfather has died?

Commander Hayato and Deputy Commander Yoshihiko look at each other in amazement.

Yoshihiko: Yes… but… how did you….

Suguru: (Quiet stifled laugh) My Grandfather was always a "busy man" as my mother would say. I had only seen him four or five times that I can remember in my life. Usually he came at times of crisis. I can remember one time when my mother was sick, and of course when my mother and father died. When suddenly he said that he was coming to visit, I had a feeling that something was wrong. It was when he was leaving that I knew that I would not be seeing him again. He told me that I should take good care of Mahoro-san as if he was placing something quite precious in my care…

Hayato: Your grandfather was the supreme commander of Vesper, even though none of us had ever met or seen him. He and Slash led the assault that destroyed the Kaemisa leadership. He gave his life to end their control of humankind.

There is a long moment of silence

Suguru: There must be a proper memorial to him. I guess then I must go home at least for that. Can you make the proper arrangements for me. I have no idea what must be done. Miyuki-chan's father helped with the arrangements when my father died. I was too young to know what to do.

Hayato: We will attend to the arrangements, but there is still the matter of someone staying with you.

Suguru: Would it be possible for Slash to stay with me at least until I make up my mind as to what I will do after the memorial service.

Yoshihiko: I am sure that Slash would be more than happy to be with you.

Suguru: Thank you.

Hayato: We must take leave of you now. When would you like us to schedule the memorial?

Suguru: What is today's date? I've lost track of time.

Yoshihiko: Today is June 15th.

Suguru: Schedule it for the 24th, the anniversary of Mahoro-san coming to my house. She was very special to my grandfather.

Yoshihiko: It will be done.

Hayato: Good day. We will take care of everything.

Suguru: Thank you. Good day.

Suguru stands again as the two men leave. He sits down again quietly.

Suguru: Determine my own path…

Scene cuts to the interior of the Kawahara Liquor Store. The phone is ringing and Mr. Kawahara walks over to the phone and answers it.

Mr. Kawahara: Hello, Kawahara Liquor.

Voice of Suguru: May I please speak with Kiyomi-kun?

Mr. Kawahara: Yeah, sure (pulling the phone from his ear and putting his hand over the mouthpiece) Kiyomi!

Kiyomi: Yeah, dad.

Mr. Kawahara: Phone for you.

Kiyomi walks over to the phone.

Mr. Kawahara: (As he hands the phone to Kiyomi) I think it's one of your friends. Will you please tell your friends not to call you here at the store.

Kiyomi: Yeah dad. (Taking the phone and putting to his ear) Hello?

Voice of Suguru: Kiyomi-kun…

Kiyomi: Suguru-kun! Is that you?

Voice of Suguru: Yeah, it's me.

Kiyomi: What happened? Where did you go? Where are you now? Everyone is so worried about you. There have been all kinds of rumors around school.

Voice of Suguru: It's very difficult to explain, but I've been in the hospital.

Kiyomi: What happened? Are you all right?

Voice of Suguru: As I said, it's very difficult to explain, but I'm better now.

Kiyomi: What hospital are you at? Maybe we can come and visit?

Voice of Suguru: It might be a bit of a problem. I think the hospital is about three or four hours away, but actually they are letting me go home tomorrow morning, so I should be home sometime before noon. I wanted to call and let people know so that it wasn't a complete surprise when I showed up.

Kiyomi: Everyone will be happy to see you. Why didn't you call sooner?

Voice of Suguru: A lot has happened since I left. I needed some time to think. I'm not sure I have everything worked out yet, but coming home is the first step.

Kiyomi: I'll let everyone know that you're all right and that you'll be home tomorrow. How are you getting here?

Voice of Suguru: I think I'll take the train home. Ryuga-sensei will be with me, and his sister. We should get to the train station just before noon.

Kiyomi: I'll let everyone know and we'll meet you at the train station. Suguru-kun, it is so good to know that you're all right. We'll all see you tomorrow.

Voice of Suguru: I'll see you tomorrow. Good bye.

Kiyomi: Good bye.

Kiyomi hangs up the phone.

Kiyomi: I've got to let everyone know… Dad, I'll be back in a while.

Mr. Kawahara: Where do you think you're going?

Kiyomi: Something very important has come up. I have to go tell people.

Mr. Kawahara: What about these boxes? Do you think that they'll put themselves away?

Kiyomi: I'll take care of it when I get back. I promise. But I have to go tell people.

Kiyomi runs from the store. His dad just shakes his head.

Scene fades to blue streaked with white.

Matthew: Mahoro….

Mahoro: Yes

Mathew: It's time.

Mahoro: I'm ready.

Matthew: The android prepared for you is identical to the one that you had when your battle armaments were removed.

Mahoro: Thank you

Matthew: Of course the newest of Saint technology has been applied. You realize that your lifespan will be far longer than the original Mahoro android.

Mahoro: I understand.

Matthew: You realize that your lifespan will be far longer than the humankind that you know. You will see many human generation come and go before you will again cease to function.

Mahoro: I understand, but that does not matter. I have promises to keep.

Matthew: So be it. I must warn you. There are still those who would seek to destroy you. Not all of Kaemisa has been destroyed, and those that remain realize that Suguru Misato is somehow the key to the future. They will try to destroy him at all cost.

Mahoro: I have sworn by my very being to protect him.

Matthew: But the enemy that you must protect him from the most is his own despair. This will be your greatest challenge.

Mahoro: I understand.

Matthew: Your spirit, Mahoro, will shape the future of humankind and Saint. You have already done much, but your task is far from over.

There is a moment of silence.

Matthew: It is time. Go in peace.

Mahoro: Thank you…

Scene fades to Suguru's hospital room. Suguru is standing by the window looking out rather dreamily. There is a knock at the door and Ryuga, Sera, Slash, Commander Hayato, Sub-commander Yoshihiko and Professor Hokato enter.

Ryuga: Suguru-kun…

Suguru: (Turning from the window to face the people at the door) Yes.

Ryuga: It's time.

Suguru: I'm ready any time you are.

Hayato: You realize, Suguru-kun, that there is no need for you to take the train. We could just as easily provide a car to take you home.

Suguru: I know, but that would just be something else I would have to explain to people. And I've already told my friends that I would meet them at the train station.

Suguru gathers his things and the group exits the room and walks down the hallway.

Yoshihiko: We've had workmen making repairs to your house, Suguru-kun… and with the exception of some work that still needs to be done on the yard, they are done.

Suguru: Thank you… Oh! Something I hadn't even thought of. What happened to Guri-chan while I was gone?

Yoshihiko: Nothing to worry about. One of our operatives picked him up at your house and has been taking care of him. Once you get settled in, we'll have him dropped off.

Hayato: You know that if you need anything at all, you just need to call.

Suguru: I think the most important thing will for me to get back into a comfortable daily routine. I know it will take some time. And I know it won't be easy. I'd gotten so used to having Mahoro-san in the house with me, it will be difficult to get used to being alone again. But my friends helped me through this before, and I think that is what is going to have to happen again.

Yoshihiko: When you are ready, we will arrange a serv…

Suguru: Please… No… I'm not ready to even think about that… Please.

Yoshihiko: (After a moment of uncomfortable silence) I understand.

Hokato: The doctors asked me to remind you that if you detect any problem with your vision, you are to let us know immediately. Even if it was only an overload of the optic nerve, the rate at which the healing occurred was amazing. There may still be some residual effects that may manifest themselves at some future time, especially if you are exposed to some stress conditions. I personally have never seen such a phenomenal recover…

Hayato: Professor, Suguru-kun will let you know if there is a problem… right Suguru-kun?

Suguru: (Smiling) Yes, Commander, I'll make sure I do.

The group arrives at the front door of the facility where there is a car waiting.

Hayato: The car will take you and Ryuga-san and Sera-san and Slash to the train station, Suguru-kun. If you do decide that you would prefer not to take the train, just let the driver know and he will drive you home.

Suguru: I understand.

Yoshihiko: (Handing Suguru a packet of documents) There are documents in here that will allow Slash to ride the train with you. I don't expect a problem, but just in case.

Suguru: I can't understand why they would give us a problem. Slash looks so friendly and tame.

Slash: (Who has been quiet to this point) Enough of that.

Hayato: Please take care of Suguru-kun for us Slash.

Slash: I will.

Sera, Ryuga, and Suguru get into the back seat of the car while Slash gets into the front seat. Suguru rolls down the window.

Suguru: I really want to thank everyone at Vesper for all of their help.

Hayato: It was the least that we could do. Good luck, Suguru-kun.

Suguru: Thank you

Scene changes to Suguru with his friends Miyuki, Rin, Chizu, and Kiyomi. Slash is walking along with Suguru, Ryuga and Sera. They are walking with him from the train station.

Miyuki: Suguru-kun, it's good to have you back.

Chizu: We were so worried when you disappeared from school.

Suguru: It has been a terrible time. I am still not sure what I am going to do, but you being here with me makes me feel so much better. A lot has happened and I really don't know where to start.

Rin: Don't worry. We all love you.

Miyuki: My father says that if you would like, you can stay in the guest room at our house. I know it gets crazy around there with my sisters, but you know you are always welcome.

Suguru: Thank you very much, but if things for me are ever going to get close to being normal again, I'm going to have to make this work… not that I won't accept support from all of you.

Chizu: But where is Mahoro-san?

Utter silence.

Miyuki: Let's get to his house and he can explain everything.

Kiyomi: Your house is all fixed up. Men came while you were gone and made all kinds of repairs to it. You can't tell anything happened there.

Suguru: I know. They told me while I was in the hospital….Where is Hamaji-kun?

Kiyomi: He has been moping since Minawa-chan left. He doesn't talk to anyone.

Suguru: Why don't you go and get him. I have news about Minawa-chan that he will want to hear. I think though that I need to face going home alone, at least for the moment.

Miyuki: What ever you ask. Come on, at least we can make Hamaji-kun happy.

All leave, except for Slash, Ryuga and Sera outside of Suguru's house. Suguru stands quietly and sadly as he faces the front door of the house. He stands there for a moment, but he imagines he hears Mahoro singing somewhere is the distance. The voice becomes more distinct in his mind and he realizes that it is a real voice…Mahoro's voice. Suguru runs to where he hears the voice. There in the garden, is standing Mahoro. Suguru stands for a moment, not wanting to believe his eyes.

Mahoro: Suguru-san


Suguru: Mahoro-san

Suguru and Mahoro stand for a moment, then run to each other and embrace.

Suguru: Mahoro-san…I thought I had lost you.

Mahoro: I thought I had lost you too…but I could not miss seeing the hydrangeas in bloom.

Suguru: Mahoro-san.

Mahoro. Suguru-san.

Suguru and Mahoro kiss. Slash, Ryuga and Sera enter behind, looking on.

Cut to closing theme.