Are you there god? It's me Julie.

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25 years later… Margaret's child follows in the steps of her mother. Talking with God every day.

Chapter 1

Are you there God? It's me Julie. I'm going into Middle School this year. God, I'm scared. What will happen to me? Will I turn out a bad person just because of this bad experience? God, I am really scared!

Julie got ready thinking what would happen at Middle School. It was only in a week. "Sweetie, come down!" Julie's mom, Margaret, called from downstairs.

"Coming!" Julie shouted back.

Julie put up her pants and ran downstairs. She saw her mom preparing breakfast. Julie sat down and waited for her mom to give her… whatever she was making.

"Mom, whatcha making?"

"What does it look like?" Her mother said.

Her mom had been in a grumpy mood lately. Mostly because she had lost her job.

Julie shut up. It was never good to be on her mothers bad side. Once Julie had thought about telling her mom that she spoke to God.

Are you there God? It's me Julie. Should I tell my mom that I speak with you at least once a day? In her bad mood these days I'm really afraid. What will she think?

Julie ate her breakfast wondering about life. Would she be like her mom? She certainly hoped not.


Julie walked outside and passed her former friends house. She passed the house and walked toward the park. She headed toward the monkey-bars. Ever since 1st Grade when her father, Josh Mills, had taught her not to be afraid of heights.

Margaret and Josh met in 9th Grade and were the best offriends. In 10th Grade they had started dating. Twists and turns later they got married. They have been happily married for 15 years now.

Julie looked around. There was only one other girl there. Julie wondered if she should talk to her. But then again, she would probably think Julie was the biggest geek ever.

Even though Julie didn't have glasses or wear braces, she thought of herself as the biggest geek that ever lived. She also thought that wouldn't the geeks take care of themselves. So why would they be the ones with glasses? Life was a big mystery to her.

Julie decided to face here fears. If she wasn't afraid of heights anymore. She wouldn't be afraid of being shy either.

Julie walked up and stood infront of the girl. "Hi. I'm Julie Mills. Who are you?"

"I'm Stacie Chung. I just moved here this summer. Want to play with me?"

"Sure." Julie said, "Have you made any other friends?"

"Yup. Wanda and Crissy."

"Okay. What do you wanna play?"

Stacie had wanted to play tag.But Julie was freaked. Wanda and Crissy had been two of her former friends. UntilTina had moved away. Then everything fell apart.

Are you there God? It's me Julie. I scared again. Ever since Tina moved away, Wanda, Crissy, and I hated eachother. It was Tina keeping us together. But I really need a friend. And Stacieseems so nice. And fun. And exactly like Tina.Wait. Exactly like Tina. Shecan keep us together. She'll get us to like eachother. I know she will, God. I know she will.