Charmed Carmen

Disclaimer: The Ella Enchanted idea belongs to the genius Gail Carson Levine and the Outsiders belong to S.E. Hinton.

Two-Bit Matthews took his usual seat at the back of the class in Trigonometry, putting his big feet up on his desk and making himself comfortable. It was the first day of his fourth year as a junior.

The stern looking teacher, Ms. Williams, marched up to his desk and regarded him over her glasses. She was a thin, pinched looking old lady, and Two-Bit often thought that she needed some humor in her dull life. Kind of like the fuzz.

"Well, Mr. Matthews, I see you are joining us again," she remarked, sounding exasperated. Two-Bit nodded. "Yep. I just love the joys of public education," he said happily, grinning toothily.

Ms. Williams sighed, shook her head, and walked away. The bell rang, and Two-Bit grinned even wider. Another year of slacking off. He loved it. He didn't know why, he just did.

The new juniors settled in, tittering excitedly. Most of them were Socs. Ah, well…

Ms. Williams was dragging a girl up to the front of the class. She was slender and short, with shoulder length, dark blond hair that she had tied back, and large, curious brown eyes.

Two-Bit immediately sat up with interest. Damn, she's hot! Two-Bit thought. Steady, now Matthews, he reprimanded himself. She's sixteen. You're nineteen.

Ms. Williams cleared her throat. "Class, this is Carmen Ravencroft. She just moved here from London." Carmen gave the class a weak smile.

"You can sit there for today, dear, it's the only empty seat," she said, pointing to the seat next to Two-Bit. Cha-ching! Two-Bit thought happily. She practically ran to her seat and smiled nervously when Two-Bit winked at her.

Two-Bit watched her throughout the entire class. She did her work quietly and only spoke when called on. There was something funny about her though. Whenever Ms. Williams called on her, she answered promptly and accurately, like a machine. Other than that, she seemed fairly normal.

Two-Bit searched for her in his classes for the rest of the day. He saw her in English and later saw her signing up for the Debate Club. Two-Bit shrugged. Why not? He signed up too.

"Two-Bit? Debate Club? I must be dreaming," laughed Ponyboy from behind him. Two-Bit turned to a grinning Ponyboy indignantly. "I happen to take pleasure in the art of argument," Two-Bit said.

Ponyboy crossed his arms and gave Two-Bit a "yeah-right" look. Two-Bit grinned sheepishly. "Alright, alright, there's a hot girl I just saw signing up," he admitted. Ponyboy shook his head and laughed, walking away.

Two-Bit shrugged. He checked the sign-up list. The first meeting was tomorrow, after school, at four.


Two-Bit lobbed his crushed beer can, making a perfect basket. Ponyboy walked by and stared at him.

"Two-Bit? Isn't your debate meeting now?" The ever scatter-brained Two-Bit froze.

"Oh, crap!"


Two-Bit ran in and leaned against the doorframe, breathing hard. "Two-Bit Matthews?" demanded a too-familiar voice that made Two-Bit's blood run cold.

"M-Ms. Williams?" Two-Bit squeaked. "Y-you're the club sponsor?"

"Indeed," she said. "Glad you could finally join us." Carmen smiled faintly at him from her seat, which was an improvement over the other club members, all Socs, who were giving him dirty looks.

Two-Bit slumped in his seat. This had better be worth it, he thought grumpily.


Whaddya think? It seems that all my stories are about some story crossed with the Outsiders. Hmmm.