Disclaimer: I didn't make up Star Wars, or these characters. I think we all know that. Ok, let's continue.

No Boundaries

Anakin was finally home. Padme couldn't believe it. She was so happy, and yet terrified about what she had to tell him. She didn't know how he would react to her pregnancy- she herself had not exactly been thrilled about it. They wouldn't be able to keep their marriage secret for much longer with a baby on the way.

No, she thought. I must let Anakin keep his secret. I can't tell anyone who the father is. This worried her too, for she certainly wouldn't be allowed to continue serving on the senate.

When she had found out, she had cried all day. She felt so stupid for it- she loved Anakin, and as a normal young married couple she knew they'd be overjoyed. But this child was disastrous to the careers of a senator and a Jedi. No Jedi had ever had a child before, and the council, if they found out, would surely expel Anakin from the order.

And despite all of that, when she simply considered herself, about to have a baby, she was scared. She felt so young- she hadn't planned to have children at least until her late twenties, and not in this sort of situation. She knew it was stupid, but she felt almost like she was just some teenager who got pregnant. She kept having to reassure herself that she was a successful adult, a senator, and was married. But she was very young, and even younger was her husband, Anakin. She knew that he loved her more than anything, and she would give up anything for him, but she didn't know how a baby would fit into his heroic life.

Both Anakin and Padme already felt that they didn't spend enough time together. They missed each other desperately, and long distance holo conversations were just not enough.

Bail Organa approached Padme and brought her back to reality.

"Anakin and Obi Wan have landed on Coruscant! Both are safe- I thought you would like to know. Their transport will be here any minute."

"Thank you, that is good news." She managed a small smile at Bail, and he put his arm on her shoulder as they walked through the great hall to meet the Jedi.