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You could barely see in the room with only a small window to give it some light. In one corner there was a chair and it was being occupied. A boy with deep blue hair slumped into the furniture until he had his back was pressed against it. A stray lock of hair covered his face before he tucked it back into his black headband.

He was dressed in a dark suit, with their family symbol stitched neatly on the cuffs of it. Under that he wore a pale blue shirt. It was nothing fancey, just casual wear. His pants were the same color except a shade or two darker if you looked closey enough, but if you ever go that chance you were as good as dead in these times.

The cigar smoke made his vision hazy in the room that he was in along with his father, a highly respected man within the Mofia. Why? He was the Don, the highest ranking member in their family- the PLANTs.

He hated the taste of the air in here, if there was any left. The red leather chair that he sat in made a funny noise as he stood up, staring the older man down eye to eye. He was his son, yes, but they weren't on the best of terms either.

"Athrun, my son, I have a favour to ask of you."


The man dressed in a white uniform dug through his polished oak desk and pulled out five pieces of paper, tossing them on the surface. Athrun could see that four out of the five were photographs, but of whom?

"Murrue Ramius, the Capo of Orb. Now my son, you see she is a problem to us, being highly trained," the Don walked closer to Athrun, "I need you to do a piece of work."

Athrun understood perfectly and bobbed his head up and down, keeping silent to show his great respect for his father. He reached for the photos and studied them.

So this was Murrue Ramius huh?

"Where do I go?"

"This contract will be held at the major market area in the West side of town, in Orb territory. You'll know her when you see her."

Athrun left the room just as quietly as he had entered and closed the door behind him. This was just another day, another person to be whacked, and another 'favour' that he to be done for his father.

The empty hallway stretched before him as he made his way over to a different house, the one beside the older building in which he now stood in. That house was his mother's. She was a kind woman, caught up in the life of the Mafia once she married his father. Her words always gave him comfort and she always spoke the truth.

He rasped on the door with his fist and let a smile form on his face. She was the only one that could do that. His mother invited him in and he gladly accepted the invitation.

This house was a lot more cleaner than the one his father owned. He could breathe in here and his lungs welcomed the less suffocating air. Athrun unbottoned the top of his suit and placed it on a coat hanger, greatful that he didn't have to wear that thing while in the presence of his mother.

He knew she didn't approve of what he did, but she never stopped him because she knew he would be all right. But a mother does worry over her child and with the chaos going on during these times she worried more than usual.

Athrun seated himself on a sofa and looked at his mother who sat across from him.

"I'll be going out soon."

A sigh escaped her lips. She would never give an answer to his statements, especially when murder was the topic. Instead she she got up and returned shortly after with a different uniform, red in color with black on the shoulders and cuffs as well as their family symbol stitched onto the collar of the uniform.

"Take this and Athrun..."


"Please be careful."

He couldn't garentee that, being in such a thing as the Mafia. This was his family and just like anything his mother asked him to do and he obeyed, he would do the same for them as well.

"I will mother."

He left the house to the sound of his mother's soft sobs and closed the door lightly after he bid her farewell and slew out many 'sorries' to go along with it.

With his rifle grasped tightly in his right hand, Athrun walked towards his destinationand set up ontop of a small grocery store roof.

It was a fairly nice day. Not acloud in the sky and the breeze was nothing but a soft whisper in your ear. People crowded around the various stands that held everything from vegetables to jewelery. The noise of their voices was extreme and the chrirping of the birds and the cooing of the pigeons were masked by it.

Using the scope on his gun, Athrun scanned the faces of everyone that he could see. When a door opened just across the street from the grocery store, the blue haired assailant zoomed in on the face of the person and found it to be no other than one Murrue Ramius.

She was dressed in a white shirt with an orange stripe going across the shoulders. A brown coat covered it and matched the dark pants she wore that were equipped several pockets, all of which had been stuffed with one weapon or another.

The clatter of bells rang behind them as they exited the store where they had been closing a deal with another member of their family, Orb. It was a sit-down and Murrue volenteered to attend to it, being the most armed and heavily trained in the art of combat.

Her partner -the Don's son, a very young kid who did multiple things for the Mafia, walked behind Murrue and scanned the crowd of hundred plus people to make sure nothing suspicious was going on or they wouldn't be attacked.

He wore a black shirt with several silver buckles on the side of it and a pair of odd pants that stood out like a sore thumb colored lime green. His brown hair shifted when his head moved from side to side and his purple eyes glowed, even in broad daylight.

From up on the roof Athrun narrowed his eyes and prepared to fire the fully loaded gun. His index finger was raised to the trigger and he slowly lowered it.

Murrue's partner happened to glance up at the sky and quickly spotted a figure on the roof with a gun pointed directly towards the woman he had promised to assist at the sit-down. Before the older woman could do anything, his instincts sparked to life and he through himself infront of her with his arms spread apart to completely cover her.

Athrun's finger pressed upon the trigger, but it wasn't enough to send the bullet flying out of the gun. As soon as the person jumped in the way of his target, his froze. Emerald eyes widened drastically and his hand fell to his side. couldn't be!

Athrun stood up and looked down, casting a shadow on the ground. His moved quivered and he blinked so many times that his eyes began to hurt.

One single word rolled off his tongue, a familiar name and one that he thought he would never speak of again.


Here are some definitions of the words I used in here:

The Don- The highest ranking member in the Mafia, also known as Boss. The Don is the person who gives permission to "whack" or "make" someone.

Capo- A member of the family who leads a group of soldiers.

Do a piece of work- To murder or Burn.

Sit-down- A meeting to settle disputes

Contract- A murder assignment

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