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-Last night, in another world-

Deep underground, two figures stand in front of a swriling portal.

" So was that all of the guards?" asked a child in a beige colored robe and whose face was coverd by the robe's hood.

" Yes, that was all of them" replied teenager.

" And have all the mamonos gone through yet? Excluding master, of course" he asked.

" Well excluding master, yes. All 99 mamonos went through the portal" the teen replied.

"99 mamonos?" the child questioned.

" Yes, 99 mamonos. In fact, many of them have already spread throughout nigenkai and I estimate that at least four of them may have already found their book keepers upon arrival" the teen said.

"I see. Well that's good, but we only have one little problem. We only need one hundred mamonos for this and…". He raised his hand into the air and a strange blue energy was being concentrated into his palm. " …I'm afraid we don't need any extras"

" W-wait. What are you doing?" the teen asked in a scared tone.

" Gigano Borusk!". The energy in the childs hand soon took the form of a gun. He pointed the gun at the teen and pulled the trigger. A large blue laser beam shot out of gun and the beam engulfed the teen, disintegrating him.

" Aaaaagghhhh!" he screamed before turning completely into nothing more than just ashes.

"Like I said. We don't need extras" he chuckled darkly before entering the portal.

LVL 1: A crisis! A new generation of mamonos has come forth!

- Present day-

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Ugh, stupid alarm clock" muttered a teenage girl with long dark brown hair.

She turned off her alarm clock and immediately got out off bed. She grabbed the brush on her dresser and started to brush her hair in front of the mirror.

"Going to school this early should be a crime" she muttered.

When she was done brushing her hair, she took off her pajamas and put on her school uniform. She then grabbed her school bag and went downstairs.

"Morning guys" she yawned as she entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, Kotori" greeted her mother.

Kotori looked around the kitchen and noticed someone wasn't there.

"Dad leave already?" Kotori asked as she placed some bread into the toaster.

"Yup" her mother replied

"Isn't today dad's birthday?" Kotori asked.

"Yup" her mom said again.

"So what are we going to do on dad's birthday?" Kotori asked as she munched on a piece of toast.

"Me and your father are going to go out to nice restaurant I happen to know of. Your coming too, of course" her mother said.

"Gee, that's that sounds like a lot of fun" Kotori sarcastically said as she poured herself some orange juice. She quickly drank the orange juice and left the kitchen. "Bye mom!"

"Kotori, you forgot your lunch!" yelled her mother.

Kotori went back inside the kitchen, grabbed her lunch, exited the kitchen, and out the front door she went.

"And don't slam-" SLAM "the door"

Her mother then sighed.

Kotori was walking down the street to her school and just minding her own business.

"Hey Kotori!" yelled out a voice. Male to be exact.

Kotori stopped as soon she heard her name.

"That obnoxious voice. It can only belong to one person" She looked behind herself and saw a teenage boy in the male version of her school's uniform running up to her with his reddish-brown hair swaying back and forth as he ran."Hao""Why hello Kotori. Tis' a beautiful morning, is it not" Hao said when finally caught up with Kotori.

"Hello Hao, it's good to see you too" Kotori said flatly.

"Ah, today seems like such a fine day for schooling, don't you agree Kotori?" Hao asked.

"Hao, you almost never do anything in school, besides hitting on girls" Kotori said.

"What? I'll have you know that I do other stuff in school besides trying to find myself a girlfriend" Hao said.

"Really? Name two" Kotori said.

"I...I…um…I'm in the drama club and I do my homework" Hao said.

"And that's pretty much all there is, right?" Kotori asked.

"Yeah, I guess your right. By the way, we're going to perform Romeo and Juliet in a couple of months. Guess which part I'm playing" Hao said.

"I don't know nor do I want to know" Kotori said in a not interested kind of tone.

"C'mon guess" Hao whined.

"Fine, Romeo?" Kotori said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Nope" Hao said



"Then I give up. What part are you playing?" Kotori asked.

"A rock!" Hao said in a happy tone.

"A rock?" Kotori questioned.

"Yup" Hao nodded.

"Yeah, good for you" Kotori said in a sarcastic tone.

"Thanks" Hao said, obviously not catching the sarcasm.

Kotori sighed."Hao, you really are an idiot"

-Meanwhile back home-

"Nothing like a nice cup of coffee and a bit of peace and quite for the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon" Kotori's mother said.

She was sitting at home alone since she doesn't have work today and decided to spend the rest of the day by relaxing. Then something had caught her eye. It was a basket with three photo albums in it underneath the coffee table. She reached for one of the photo albums and opened it up.

"So many memories" she said as she flipped through the pages.

There were picture of her and her husband and Kotori when she was a baby, a teenage Chinese girl with teenage boy with long white hair standing next to her, a blonde haired man in a orange business suit, and many others that included friends and family. But two particular pictures had really caught her eye. One was a group photo containing her and her husband when they were younger, a man with blonde hair in a very unusual outfit, and another man in a green vest. Also in the photo were three young children and miniature horse-like thing. One had a duckbill for a mouth, another was a girl with long dark pink hair, and a boy with blonde hair and orange eyes.

Next to that picture was another picture that contained her, her husband, the young girl with the pink hair, and the boy with blonde hair carrying a fish on his back."Tio. Gash" she thought. "I wonder how you two are doing?" she wondered.

-Meanwhile in another world-

A young girl with short pink hair and wearing a long pink dress was knocking on somebody's door. Loudly.

"Wake up!" she yelled. "Stupid good for nothing brother of mine" she grumbled as she opened her brother's door. "Hey! I said to…huh?"

She looked around the room saw that her brother was not there.

"Where the heck is he?" she said.

She looked around the room some more and saw a note on her brother's desk.

"What's this?"She picked up the note and began reading to read it."This is not good" she said when she finished reading.

-Now in a place that looks like a throne room-

"So 100 mamonos went into Ningenkai" said a man with short blonde hair and had a line under both his eyes. He wore a dark blue cloak and a matching cape. On his head was crown.

His name is Gash Bell, the Mamono King.

"Y-Yes your majesty" nervously said the guard.

"And your one were one the guards who were suppose to guard the portal, am I correct?" asked a woman with long redish-pink hair. She wore a long redish-pink dress along with a red cape. There was crown on her head as well.

Her name is Tio, the Mamono Queen.

"Yes your majesty" he said.

"So I ask you, what were you and the other guards doing last night?" Tio yelled at him.

"We…we were overpowered" he stammered.

The queen sighed.

"King Gash! Queen Tio! I have news to tell you!" yelled another guard as he barged into the throne room.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Tio said to the guard.

"Forgive me your majesty" he said.

"What is it do you have to tell us?" Gash asked.

"We have reported that four more demons went through the portal" he said.

"What? Then what were you and your men doing?" Tio asked.

"Well as you may already know, many of the guards were put out if commission last night. There were only ten of us and well, you get the picture" he said.

"They snuck right past you and your remaining men right?" Tio sighed.

"Actually we had our butts handed to us" he said under his breath.

"Mother! Father! I have something to show you!" cried the littlie girl from before as she ran to her father's side.

"Masha, what is it?" her father asked.

"Here take a look" she said as she passed note to her father.

"Hhmm" Gash hummed as he read the note. As he continued to read the note his became a bit worried. One of the guards noticed the look of worry on his face.

"King Gash, what is wrong?" he asked.

"Tell me, do you happen to know the names of the demons that recently went through the portal? Or at least what they looked like" Gash asked.

"I believe they were the friends of the prince" he said.

"I see" Gash said.

"Gash what is it?" Tio asked.

"Take a look" Gash said as he passed the note to Tio.

Tio read the note and her face became a mixture of both worry and anger, but mostly worry.

"What? Zack is gone!" Tio cried out.

The guards gasped at what they just heard.

"How could this happen! Did he go with those other demons? You!" Tio pointed at the first guard.

"Y-Yes? Your majesty?" he said,who was clearly afraid of Tio.

"Did you happen to see Zack among those mamonos?" Tio asked him.

"Um, well no. You see there were a lot of mamonos there and it was –"

"What kind of lame excuse is that? Why I should-"

"Both of you, thank you for your time. Now I want both of you to go back to guarding the portal and make sure this does not happen again, alright" Gash said.

"Thank you, your majesty" they both said.

"The previous king would of probably have our heads for that" the first guard whispered to the other guard as they left.

"Tell me about it" he whispered back.

"Gash why'd you just let them go like that?" Tio asked

"I said I'd be a kind king and that's what I am, a kind king" Gash said

"Well you don't have to be too kind." Tio said

"Whatever" Gash said as he got off his throne.

"Father, where are you going?" Masha asked her father.

"I'm going out for a bit. Be back soon" Gash said as he placed his crown on his throne. He never liked wearing his crown in public, in fact he just dosen't like wearing his crown at all. But when you're a king, you got to wear the crown.

Tio and Masha stared at Gash as he was leaving the throne room.

"Mother, where do you think father is going?" asked the young mamono.

"I have a feeling I know where he is going" Tio replied.

-Now back to Kotori and Hao-

"Made it just before the bell rang" Kotori said as she placed her school bag on her desk.

"We only have seven minuets before the bell rings, Kotori" Hao said.

"Hey Saiyuki!" Kotori cried.

A girl sitting in the back row heard Kotori and looked up from the book she was reading. She had dark hair that was in a ponytail.

"Hey Kotori. Hey Hao" she said.

"So what book are you reading now?" Kotori asked as she and Hao approached her.

"Take a look" she said as she showed them the cover of the book.

"Catcher in the Rye. I heard of that book before" Hao said.

"Really, where?" Kotori asked.

"Off of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" Hao said.

"I should've known" Kotori sighed.

"Kotori, today's your dad's birthday, right?" Saiyuki asked

"Oh yeah, it is your old man's birthday" Hao said.

"Yeah, we're supposed to go to some restaurant or something" Kotori said.

"And knowing your parents, or at least your mom, it's probably one of those fancy five-star restaurants" Hao said.

"I would not count on that Hao" Kotori said.

"And what makes you say that?" Hao asked her.

"Just a hunch" Kotori replied.

"And Kotori's hunches are almost always right" Saiyuki said.

" What do you mean 'almost'? My hunches are always right" Kotori declared.

"What about that one time in 6th grade when you had that hunch about-"

"Hao, I thought we all agreed to never speak of that moment ever again" Kotori interrupted.

"What? I was just gonna' say-" Hao then stopped mid-sentence when he saw Kotori giving him one of her infamous death glares. "N-never mind" he stammered.

They then heard door open and saw their teacher walk in.

"Class take your seats, now" the teacher said when he entered the room.

-Now back to Makai(That was fast)-

"Where is it?" Gash said to himself. He was wandering deep into the woods in hopes of finding something. "I know he doesn't like being around other people, but couldn't he built it somewhere closer to the entrance or something? Huh, there it is"

Gash finally found what he was looking for. It was a small cottage in the middle of the woods with a small garden in front of it. Tending to that garden was a woman with short light pink hair.

"Koruru, hey!" Gash called out.

"Huh?" Koruru looked behind herself and saw Gash walking up to her. "Gash! It's good to see you again" Koruru greeted.

"Likewise. Hey, is Zeon here?" Gash asked her.

"What do you want? Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?" said an almost sinister voice.

Gash looked behind himself and saw a mamono that almost looked like him. The only difference is that his hair was white, his eyes were dark purple, and his skin is much more paler than Gash's. This mamono's name is Zeon, the mamono Gash beaten in the final battle for king.

"Zeon, there you are. I came to ask you if-"

"If I know anything about the one-hundred mamonos that went to Ningenkai and if I have any information about it?" Zeon questioned.

"How'd you know about that?" Gash asked him.

"News spreads around fast" Zeon replied.

"Oh. Well that wasn't the question I was going to ask you. But now that you mention it, do you have any info?" Gash asked.

"All I can tell you is that I'm not a part of this nor am I behind it" Zeon told him.

"I know you're not a part of this Zeon, that I had no doubts on. Now for my real question, is Albel here?" Gash asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Zeon replied with another question.

"Because my son, Zack, followed those 100 mamonos to Ningenkai and after him were his friends" Gash said.

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen Albel since this morning. You don't think-"

"So Albel followed that son of yours" Zeon interrupted Koruru.

"Does that worry you?" Gash asked him.

"Not in the least. Albel can take care of himself. He'll be back anyway, as soon as his book is burned. But if he comes back too soon, he'll be too weak to be called my child" Zeon said.

"It's nice to know you still care about him" Gash sarcastically said.

"Hmph" Zeon walks past Gash and opens the door to his home. "If that's all you have to ask me; then leave" Zeon said coldly as he entered his home and closed the door behind him.

"I guess Zeon's still himself" Gash sighed. "Aside the fact that he's not trying to kill anymore"

"He has changed a little" Koruru said.

"Really, when did he change?" Gash asked.

"When he became my mate" Koruru said.

"You have a strange taste in men, Koruru" Gash remarked.

Gash tuned around and started to walk out of the woods.

"Well I'll be seeing ya" Gash said as he waved goodbye to Koruru.

"Gash?" Koruru called out.

Gash stopped moving when his name was called but he did not turn around to face her.

"What is it?" Gash asked.

"Thank you for accepting Albel, that goes for your son as well" Koruru thanked.

"Koruru, we've already been through this and I told you this like a million times already. Albel may have his father's strength…but he has his mother's heart. Most people are unable to see that." Gash commented.

Koruru smiled at Gash for saying that. "I know Gash. It's just that can't thank you enough for accepting who he is, considering most mamonos tend to shun simply because he is his father's son"

Gash smiled a quiet smile. "And that's just plain mean" Before Gash began walking again he turned his body to face Koruru. "Koruru, can I ask you something?" Gash asked.

"What is it?" Koruru asked him.

"Do you…do you know why Zeon hates me so?" Gash asked."What did I ever do to him to garner such hatred? If I knew, I could probably make amends for it"

"I'm sorry Gash but…he never told me why he hates you as well. No matter how many times I asked him" Koruru said.

" I see. Oh well, thanks anyway. Bye" Gash turned around and waved goodbye as he left the woods.

Koruru stared at Gash with a sympathetic look on her face as he let the woods.

"I'm sorry Gash, but I promised Zeon I would not tell you or anybody else of why he hates you. And I will keep that promise as long as Zeon keeps his" Koruru explained quietly to herself.

-Outside the woods-

Gash finally found his way out of the woods after what seemed like an eternity to him. He ended up at Zeon's and Koruru's home at least seven or eight times before Koruru gave him directions on how to get out of the woods.

"Next time, I'm bringing a map" muttered Gash.

Gash then saw a mamono walking towards him. He was wearing a black fur coat with what looked like bones protruding from it, he had black markings around both of his eyes, and skin looked sort of grayish.

"Hey Burago" Gash greeted.

"Gash, I heard about those mamonos that went to nigenkai" Burago said.

"Wow, news really does spread around fast" Gash thought.

"So what are you going to do about this? Will you send other mamonos after them?" Burago asked.

"I'm not sure yet" Gash answered.

"What a very incompetent king you are" Burago remarked. "If I were you, I would've sent in other mamonos already"

"Hey I'm doing my best, alright" Gash complained.

"I also heard another interesting bit of information" Burago said.

"Oh, and what might that be?" Gash asked.

"That prince Zackary and his friends also went to Ningenkai" Burago stated.

"Does everybody know that?" Gash asked.

"Everyone is talking about it. Some even saying that they joined those other mamonos" Burago said

"Hm, you don't believe that, do you Burago?" Gash asked.

" Not one bit" Burago told him.

"I thought as much. Besides, you know they would never do that"Gash said

"Hm, so what are you going to do about this? Are you going to just leave this in the hands of those children or send other mamonos?" Burago asked.

"I told you. I just don't know right now" Gash said.

"Are you worried that if you do that it might escalate into another mamono war?" Burago asked.

"Well sort of. Except this isn't a battle for king. What do they hope to acomplish by doing this? Unless.. no that can't be it"Gash wondered.

"What is it?" Burago asked.

"It's nothing really" Gash said quickly.

"It didn't sound like nothing, considering by the tone of your voice just now" Burago said.

"Really, it's nothing" Gash said again.

"Fine, keep your little secret. Now concerning about my question from before…" Burago mentioned.

"I…maybe, if the situation becomes critical enough for it. Right now things are pretty tamed." Gash said.

"That won't last for very long and you know that" Burago said.

"Yeah, I know" Gash said solemnly.

Gash started to walk again and he passed right by Burago.

"Later" Gash said as he began to walk again.

Burago watched as the mamono king walked past him.

Burago then closed his eyes, for soon he was deep in thought. "Gash. What are you trying to hide? It's not like you to keep secrets away from other people or mamonos. You know something about the situation, Gash. And I'll personally find out what that is"

- A few hours later-

"Yellowtail. Yellowtail" Gash sang in his head. He was singing it for good reason too. In both of his hands Gash was carrying a very large fish that happens to be his favorite food, Yellowtail. Well it was large a few minutes ago, now it was nothing more than just bare bones.

" King Gash, there you are!" shouted one of the guards from the castle as he ran towards to Gash.

" What is it?' Gash asked

" You come with me to the town square. Something is happening in the foountain" he franticly said.

" What is it? What's going on?" Gash asked.

" It's about Prince Zackary!" the guard yelled.

Gash gasped " Out of the way! I got to get there now!" Gash yelled.

The guard moved out of the way and let Gash run to the town square.

-The town square-

Windmill Town. The largest of all the towns in Makai, where many of the contenders from the previous mamono war now resides. For centuries, windmills have surrounded the town; thus on how the town got it's name. But it isn't the windmills that makes this place so well known, it is the large fountain in the town square. Why a fountain? Well it has a special ability, it can allow mamonos to see into Ningenkai.

Most mamonos almost never look into the fountain though, unless it was some kind of major event happening in Ningenkai such as war or maybe…a mamono battle. Yes you heard me right, a mamono battle. Whenever there is a fight happening between two or more mamonos the fountain is sure to show it and there is one happening right now. Well it wasn't really a fight, more like a senseless beating.

" Out of my way. Move it. Excuse me. King coming through" Gash said as he was moving through the crowd. When he got to the fountain he saw a mamono with tall white hair looking down into the fountain. " Danny!" Gash called out.

Danny looked behind himself and saw Gash coming up beside him.

"Gash, about time you got here" Danny told him.

"What's going on? What's happening?" Gash asked him.

"Take a look" Danny said as he motioned Gash to look in the fountain.

Gash was almost afraid to look in the fountain but looked into it anyway.When Gash peered into the fountain he was shocked at what he was seeing. He saw a young blonde haired child with red eyes and wearing a brown cloak holding onto a red book, being relentlessly attacked by another child with spiked blue hair. Watching from the sidelines was a man wearing some kind of business suit and holding a dark blue book in his hand.

"Danny, where's Tio and Masha?" Gash asked.

"They left" Danny replied. "They just couldn't handle seeing Zack getting beaten up like this. Truth be told, I find it kind of hard to watch too"

Gash continued watching the beating that was occuring in front of him, watching helplessly knowing that he is unable to do anything about this. Gash watched in horror as shards of ice almost impaled his son.

" Zack" was the only thing that rang in Gash's head.

- Now back to Kotori-

We now join Kotori as she was walking home from school, alone. She normally walks home with one or both of her friends, but both of them had to stay behind at school today. Why you ask? Well, Saiyuki has a book club meeting and Hao did something stupid and got himself detention…again. What did he do, you ask? Well let's just say it involved a boa constrictor, four pounds of donut batter, a shoe string, a gamecube controller, and a plastic cup and let's leave it at that.

Kotori sighed "Stupid Hao, that was probably your…third most stupidest thing you have done this month"

As Kotori was mumbling to herself, she didn't notice that she just entered the park. She then noticed that the deeper she went into the park, the colder it got.

"Brrr. What's going on? It shouldn't be this cold in the middle of spring. In fact, it shouldn't be this cold at all" she said to herself as she hugged her body for warmth.



"W-what was that?" Kotori stammerd when she heard the noise.

Kotori quickly ran to the area where she heard the loud booming noise. When she got to the site where she heard the booming noise, she saw a two young children. One of the children was on the ground and was battered, bruised, and bleeding. She also saw a man in what looked like business suit, in his hand was a blue book. Luckily for her, they didn't notice her yet.

"Listen kid, just make it easy on yourself and hand over your book" the man said

"Yeah, if you do that we'll probably make your death quick and painless" said the boy with spiked blue hair.

"Not a chance" said the wounded child as he struggled to get up.

The man sighed "Fine, suit yourself kid" The book in the man's hand started to glow with an odd blue light. "Guess we'll have to kill you with a slow and painful death. Gikoru!" he shouted.

The boy with spiked blue hair opened his mouth and shot out huge shards of ice that caused more damage to the wounded boy.

"Aaaghhh!" the child cried out as the shards scatched his skin. The attack caused the boy to fall to ground again.

"W-what the hell? That kid just spat out shards of ice from his mouth" Kotori thought. Kotori slowly backed away from the site. That is until- Snap -she accidently stepped on a twig and caused the two to notice her presence.

"Who's there? Come out and show yourself!" the man demanded.

Kotori did what he said and came out of her hiding spot with both of her hands in the air.

"Well what do you know, an interloper" the boy said.

"Should we take care of her, Jigan?" the man asked the child.

"No Shigeru. She has nothing to do with this confllict" Jigan told his older companion. Kotori breathed a sigh of relief when he said that. "Oh what the hell, let's kill her anyway"

Kotori whole body tensed up when he said that.

"Keep her out of this, Jigan" the boy said as he lifted his head off the ground. "If you touch her, I'll kill you!"

"I wouldn't be making threats in the situation you are in" Jigan smirked.

"Although, this may work to our advantage" Shigeru said.

" What do you mean?" Jigan asked.

"I'll tell you" Shigeru squat down and whispered his plan in Jigan's ear.

"Oh, I see" Jigan said when Shigeru finished telling him the plan.

"Hey, girl!" Shigeru adressed to Kotori.

"What do you want?" Kotori asked with a hint of spite in her tone.

"Now.Now.No reason to be hostile. All I want you to do is to get that boy's book that is hidden under his arm and give it to me and Jigan. If you do that we'll probably let you go" Shigeru proposed.

"Yeah, probably" Jigan darkly thought.

"And if I give you his book, what will you do to him?" Kotori asked.

Shigeru had a feeling she was going to ask that and came up with a clever lie for the situation. "We'll let him go with you. You can take him to a hospital or something" Shigeru said.

"Oh, and one more thing. Tell anyone about this and you can find you and your family's heads on pikes" Jigan threatened.

"Nice touch" Shigeru mouthed to his young companion.

That was enough for Kotori to handle and she decided to succumb to their demand. "Fine, I'll get his book for you. As long as you don't hurt him anymore" she uttered.

"You have my word" he told her.

She walked towards the fallen child's body and moved his arm off the book. "I'm sorry" she whispered to him as she grabbed the book. But before she even took one step towards Jigan and Shigeru the boy called out to her.

"No, please. Please, don't give my book. It's the only thing that keeps me bound to this world!" he shouted.

Kotori was a bit confused at what he just said. "What is he talking about? What does he mean that this book is the only thing that keeps him bound to this world?" Kotori thought in her head.

Shigeru scowled. "What are you doing? Hurry up and give me that book!" he demanded.

"Please, don't give him my book" the boy begged

Kotori hesitated a bit "N-no way" she said softly.

"What did you say?" Shigeru said in an angry tone.

"You heard me. I said 'No way'!" Kotori said with a new sense of bravery and confidence. "I don't know why but, I'm not giving you this book! The only way you're getting this book is by prying it out of my cold dead fingers!"

The book in Kotori's hand suddenly began to glow with a strange red light. Kotori accidently dropped the book and shielded her eyes from the light.

"What's going on?" Kotori yelled.

"That light. What is up with that light?" Shigeru thought as he also covered his eyes.

"It can't be. That girl is-"

"My book keeper" the boy uttered.

-Back to the Makai-

Many mamonos were surprised at this sudden turn of events, but not more so than Gash.

"That was a lucky break" said Danny.

"I know" was Gash's only reply.

"You think he'll stand a chance against that guy now?" Danny asked Gash.

"Hm, I believe he will" Gash said with confidence.

-Back with Kotori-

When the light died down Kotori kneel down and grabbed the book.

"That was weird" said Kotori.

"Hey open that book" thboy said as he struggeled to get up.

"Hey, you shouldn't be standing with those kinds of injuries" Kotori said with some concern in her voice.

"Never mind me, just open the book" he told her.

Kotori did what he said and saw that the book was written in some odd form of writing.

"I can't read this. What language is this in anyway?" she said as she flipped through the pages. She then found one page written in red text. "Wait, I can read this page"

"Say it out loud and say it with emotion" the boy instructed.

"I don't think so! Shigeru cast the spell now!" Jigan demanded.

"Right. Gikoru!"

Jigan opened his mouth and more giant ice shards shot out of it.

"The first spell 'Zakeru'!" Kotori shouted with all her might.

The boy's eyes flashed as he opened his mouth and out from his mouth was a bolt of lightning. Both spells collided with each other and caused an explosion.

"Damn" Shigeru cursed as he and Jigan sheilded themselves from the smoke and debris.

When the smoke cleared, it showed the boy with a tough look on his face and Kotori, who was shocked at what just happened.

"How did you-"

"You called one my of my spells and thus activated it. That's how I did it" he answered.

"I see. By the way kid, we never introduced ourselves to each other. I'm Kotori. Takamine Kotori"

"I'm Zack. Zack Bell"

LVL 1 end
Current enemy mamonos:100

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