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Lvl 5: Shool Rumble! Round two!

---- Mochinoki police dept. ----

"I'm sorry, but can you explain that again?" asked a short and fat cop behind his desk.

Saiyuki and Hao was really getting ticked off at this guy.

"We already explained it to you…at least seven times already!" she yelled at him in an annoyed tone.

"I know, I know. But tell me again for future references." he said while snickering.

"How about I put this into terms even you can understand, OUR FRIENDS ARE IN DANGER!" Saiyuki screamed at the top of her lungs.

The cop and Hao had to cover their ears for that.

"Geez, could you be any more louder, Sai?" Hao asked in a sarcastic tone. "My ears are still ringing…"

"Hey, hey. What's with all the screaming?" a voice said behind the two. Hao and Saiyuki turned around to see a man with red hair, wearing a detective's coat leaning against the doorway. "What are you two doing here? What did you do this time Hao and how'd you drag Saiyuki into it?" he asked teasingly.

"Very funny, dad." Hao commented.

"Eita, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the crime scene?" the cop asked him.

"The investigation is over for today. We even got ourselves a prime witness for tomorrow's trial. Now I got a boatload of paperwork to do right now." Eita told him.

"Heh heh, sucks to be you."

Eita sighed. "Yeah, I know."

"Mr. Kobozuka, you got to help us!" Saiyuki pleaded.

"What's wrong, Saiyuki?" Eita asked her.

"Oy Eita, listen to their story. It's hilarious!"

"Shut up you!" Hao yelled at him.

"Our friends are in danger! You see, we were in the park minding our own business. Then we heard an explosion coming from the school, so we went and checked it out. There we found theses two guys, an ex-teacher and kid with glasses, and they were the ones causing the explosions. And then Kotori, Yuzen, Zack, and Albel began to fight them, and they were shooting out lightning while the other guy was throwing bombs at them and there these books that were glowing and they were calling out theses weird words an-"

"Whoa, slow down, Saiyuki." Eita interrupted her rather long and fast explanation. "First, breathe. Secondly, who was shooting out lightning and what's this about books and weird words?"

"Huh? Zack and Albel, they're these two kids that hang around Kotori and another classmate of ours. And about the book thing, well they were shouting out theses weird words that made the books glow and caused Zack and Albel to shoot out lightning. The other guy was doing the same thing, but the kid he was with shot bombs and missiles," Saiyuki explained to him.

"Weird words, books that glow, and kids that shoot out lightning and bombs?" Eita wondered aloud. "Could it be… mamonos?" Eita thought.

"Dad?" Hao called out to him when he saw the troubled look on his face. "Something wrong?"

"Hmmmm, get in the car you two." Eita told the two.

"You mean, you'll help us! Thank you so much, Mr. Kobozuka!" Saiyuki shouted out in delight.

"Thanks, dad!" Hao thanked him.

"Eita, don't tell me you believe these kids?" the cop asked him.

"I have my reasons." Eita smirked.

Hao and Saiyuki were confused by what Eita said. They looked at each other and just merely shrugged their shoulders. No longer thinking about it, both went off and followed Eita to his car. They didn't notice, but Eita took two mid-sized stones from from the potted plant at the entrance.

"Fine, go on this wild goose chase. It will be your fault when you find out it was a waste of time!" After they had left, the phone next to the police officer then rang. "Hello, Mochinoki police dept. What?! What do ya mean there's smoke coming from Mochinoki High? You hear explosions too? And see lightning? Is this some kind of joke?! Lady, look, calm down for crying out loud! All right, someone will be over there shortly." He then hanged up the phone while the woman was still talking to him. He then slumped into his chair. "This has to be a joke," he mumbled. He looked out the window and saw smoke rising from where the school was. "…Well, I did say that somebody will be over there shortly. I'll let him handle this."

--- Back at the school ---

"Dorushu, Dorushu, Dorushu!" Kaito called the spell in rapid succession.

Ekichi quickly threw the bombs that appeared in his hands at the four. They all ran across the field, dodging the first two bombs with ease. However, the third bomb was coming down on them pretty fast. Kotori quickly opened the demon book and called out Zack's defense spell.

"Seushiru!" Kotori called out the spell.

Zack eyes flashed white as he opened his mouth and created his dome barrier around himself and his friends. The bomb came into contact with the barrier and exploded, instantly shattering the barrier. The four were knocked onto their backs, but quickly got backed on their feet.

"Zakeru!" Yuzen and Kotori retaliated.

Zack and Albel launched their lightning spells at the same time, both aimed at Ekichi. The lightning spells were closing in Ekichi, but he quickly dodged the two spells and started to run across the courtyard. He managed to get in front of Zack and Albel and looked at them with a wicked grin. Zack and Albel had a look of surprise on how fast Ekichi got to them. Ekichi elbowed Albel across his right cheek and then back fisted Zack to his face.

They staggered back a bit before retaining their balance. Zack was the first to retaliate and punched Ekichi across his cheek. Ekichi staggered before Zack grabbed him by the shoulder. Albel rushed to the other side of the courtyard.

"Kotori, cast Zakeru!" Zack called out to her.

"Okay, Zakeru!" Kotori called out the spell.

Zack's eyes lit up as he opened his mouth and blasted Ekichi with a close ranged Zakeru. The attack sent him flying a few feet away, only skidding to a stop on front of Albel's feet. Albel looked down at him and pointed his hand at him.

"Zakeru!" Yuzen called Albel's version of Zack's spell.

Ekichi quickly jumped back onto his feet before Yuzen shouted out the spell and managed to dodge Albel's lightning attack. He then retreated back to Kaito's side. The lightning spell created small crater in front of Albel, he then cursed himself for missing.

"Damn it, I took a lot of damage back there." Ekichi panted as he wiped off some of the blood on his lip.

"We're getting nowhere with just 'Dorushu', 'Ganzu Dorushu', and 'Eijasu Dorushu'." commented Kaito.

"Then use the other spells!" Ekichi commanded.

"Right. Garuka Dorushu!" Kaito shouted a new spell.

Ekichi crossed his arms in front of him as two large shurikens appeared in his hands. He threw one at Zack and the other at Albel. Zack jumped back, barely dodging the rather larger shuriken that landed in front of him. As for Albel, he sidestepped the incoming shuriken, which landed behind him.

"Missed us!" Zack taunted him by sticking out his tongue at him. Unfortunately for Zack, his overconfidence got the better of him when the shuriken exploded in front of him. Zack was now covered in ash from the explosion and had some burn marks on his skin. He coughed out a puff of smoke. "Ow."

"Wait, if that thing explodes then…" Albel hesitantly look at the shuriken behind him and saw that it was glowing with a dim white light. "Oh, crap."

"Albel, get away from that!" Yuzen commanded.

Before Albel could even make one step, the shuriken exploded behind him. Like Zack, he too got covered in ash from the explosion, had a couple of burn marks on his skin, and then coughed out a puff of smoke.

"Kaito, give me the another spell!" Ekichi commanded.

"Sorudo Dorushu!" Kaito called another spell.

Ekichi extended his right arm to his side, grasping the hilt of a long sword that suddenly materialized beside him. The blade was bright orange with black markings carved onto it and both sides of it were dull. Ekichi grinned wickedly as he ran over to his first victim: Zack. He swung down at Zack, but he was able to dodge the attack. However, as soon as the tip of the sword came into contact with the ground, the ground exploded in front of him launching him into the air and then landing on the ground a few feet away from Ekichi.

"A sword that makes explosions? Where have I seen that before?" Kotori thought to herself. She shook off those thoughts and concentrated her focus on Zack. "Zack, are you all right?" she called out to her partner.

Zack got back to his feet and gave her a nod, indicating that he can go on. "I'm fine, don't worry." he reassured her. He didn't look okay though as he had burn marks on his arms and legs and was bleeding all over.

He saw Ekichi coming at him again, preparing to swing his sword. Zack then rolled out of the way this time when Ekichi swung down his sword and held his ground from the resulting explosion. Unaware that Albel was behind him; he shoved Ekichi from behind, knocking him to the ground. Ekichi quickly got back to his feet while at the same time trying to strike Albel with his sword. Albel narrowly dodged the sword as it zipped across his face. Ekichi cursed himself for missing as the sword disappeared from his hand.

----Top of the Mochinoki High School roof----

Atop the school's roof was the ever mysterious, black-robed Umbris, looking down at the battle before him. He felt the urge to go down there and fight and his body shook in anticipation, but he resisted the urge. Next to him was a male and female mamono. The male mamono was down on one knee and was staring down at the battle with blank look on his face; he wore a red shirt with the sleeves ripped off it and a pair of jeans. The female had her hand on the boy's head and her eyes were closed, she wore a long yellow colored dress.

"Odd, Ekichi is now fighting with a power similar to that to a low-ranking bishop…" he trailed off. "If he, by chance, survives this battle…"

-----Back to the fight------

Albel dodged another punch Ekichi threw at him and countered with a punch to the gut. Ekichi grunted in pain then counter-countered Albel's punch with a head butt to his face. Albel staggered back giving Ekichi another chance to attack. But before his fist was at Albel's face, Zack had grabbed onto his neck, pulled him back, and got him in a stranglehold. While Zack was holding onto him, Albel got in with a couple of free (as well as cheap) hits.

"All right, keep hitting him, Albel!" Yuzen called out in encouragement.

"Zack, don't let go!" Kotori called out to him.

"Ekichi, take them out now!" Kaito shouted out to him.

Ekichi elbowed Zack in his stomach, causing him to loosen his grip on his neck. As soon as Zack's grip was loose, Ekichi slipped out, grabbed Albel arm as he was about to attack, then forced him to crash into Zack. He then jumped back a few feet then extended his arm forward.

"Now Kaito!" Ekichi shouted out to his book keeper.

"Ganzu Dorushu!"

Ekichi launched his missiles at them again, but this time they were ready for it. Well, Yuzen was anyway.

"Rashirudo!" he called out Abel's defense spell.

Albel slammed his hand on the ground causing his huge electrified stone wall to shoot out of the ground. Just as before, the missiles struck the wall and became stuck to it.

"We're not falling for the same trick again! Garuka Dorushu!" Kaito called out a spell.

Two more large shurikens appeared in his hands again and threw them at the missiles when they were heading back at them. The shurikens intercepted the missiles, destroying them instantly. More smoke covered the field, blinding everyone's vision. Zack quickly took this chance and silently, but quickly, moved through the smoke. He was just in front of Ekichi when the smoke cleared, but was greeted with a nasty surprise.


Another bomb appeared in Ekichi's hand and slammed it into Zack's face. The bomb exploded in Zack's face, blasting him back to Albel. Zack bounced on his back and landed facedown in front of Albel's feet. Albel looked down at him in horror as he saw blood pouring down his cousin's face.

"Zack!" Kotori screamed his name in fear.

"Albel, hurry and get him over here know!" Yuzen commanded him.

Albel slung Zack over his shoulder and carried him back to Yuzen and Kotori as fast as he can.

"Hey, you okay, or at least conscious?" he asked him.

"Yeah, I'm a-okay." Zack reassured him.

Albel felt Zack's blood pouring onto his cloak. "Yeah right." he thought sarcasticly

"Ganzu Dorushu!"

Their eyes widened in terror as they looked behind themselves to see Ekichi's missiles coming at them.

"Seushiru!" Kotori called Zack's defensive spell.

Zack's eyes flashed white as is dome barrier surrounded both he and Albel from the missiles. But, as usual, the explosions caused by the missiles were too great for the barrier to handle and causing it to shattered and sent Zack and Albel flying forward. Albel was the first to get up and helped Zack up.

"Zack, I'll finish this guy off. You just rest." Albel told him.

"What, and let you have all the fun and the satisfaction of kicking his ass? No way!" Zack proclaimed.

"But-"Albel stopped short when he saw Zack's eyes filled with determination. "Hot-blooded fool… Fine." Albel sighed in defeat.

"Zack, what are you doing? Get ba-"

"It's no use, Kotori." Albel called out to her from afar. "Zack made up his mind and you can't do to anything to change it."

"Zack, are you sure you still want to fight?" she called out to him.

Zack turned around and nodded his bloody head. "Yeah."

Kotori sighed and shook her head at Zack's unyielding determination. Albel was right though, nothing she could say can make the young mamono prince change his mind.

"Oh well. You ready to finish this, Yuzen?" Kotori asked him.

"Yeah, I'm getting tired of this guy." Yuzen replied.

Zack and Albel took on another fighting stance as their book keepers readied themselves to cast another spell. Both Ekichi and Kaito gritted their teeth; they were really getting frustrated at them.

"Why won't the two them die already?" Ekichi murmured.

The sound of a police car was heard in the distance and was getting closer to them by the second.

"Great, the cops." Kaito complained.

"Nothing we can't handle." Ekichi reassured.

The car pulled up inside the school's gate and parked near Kotori and Yuzen. Hao and Saiyuki came out of the car, both of them relieved that their friends were…mildly okay. Eita was next to get out and the first things he saw were the demon books in their hands. He gave off a small gasp, realizing that his suspicions were confirmed. He then took a look at Zack and Albel from afar, confirming his suspicions even more.

"Kotori, Yuzen, are you two all right?" Saiyuki asked them.

"Sai! Hao!" Kotori gaped in surprise.

"Where did you two go?" Yuzen asked them.

"To get help." Sayuki replied as she pointed at Eita.

Kotori was a bit shocked to see Eita, partially because she just now noticed him but mostly due to the fact that he was here.

"Hey, Kotori. Haven't seen you in a while, how's your mom and dad?" Eita greeted her.

"Um, they're fine." Kotori replied. "Hao, why's your dad here?"

"He's the only one at the police station who'll come with us." Hao replied.

"But this is dangerous, he shouldn't be here! In fact, you two shouldn't be here either!" Kotori argued.


"No buts!" Kotori cut him off. She then turned to face Eita and gave him a polite bow. "I'm sorry that they dragged you here, Mr. Kobozuka. But could you please leave, this place is too dangerous to be here right now. Me, Yuzen, Zack, and Albel can handle this."

"I understand your concern, Kotori. But-"

"Kotori, it would be a good idea to concentrate on the battle!" Yuzen interrupted.

"Huh?" Kotori quickly spun around to see Kaito casting a spell. "Crap!"

"Gan-" An incoming rock then came flying towards him before he even finished casting the spell and knocked the book out of his hand. "Gah!" he cried in pain as he clasped his injured hand.

"What the!" Ekichi exclaimed. He looked around the area to see who threw the rock. His gaze fell upon Eita, who was casually juggling the other rock in one hand. "Him? But how was he able to throw it at such a distance?"

Needless to say, Kotori, Yuzen, Albel, and Zack were a bit surprised at what just happened. Eita managed to interrupt their spell casting, even more amazing to them was that he knew where to aim: their demon book. He also did it from a far off distance. But what bothered Kotori even more was, where the heck did he get those rocks from?

"You, human!" Ekichi called out to Eita as he pointed at him. "Who the hell are you?!"

Eita smirked, threw the rocks in the air one more time, and then catching them in his palm once more. "The name's Kobozuka Eita, detective of the Mochinoki police station…and a veteran from the previous mamono war! And I know a thing or two about getting the book away from the enemy."

Kotori, Zack, Albel, and Ekichi's eyes widened in shock at the realization that Hao's father took part in the previous war. The only ones who were confused were Saiyuki, Hao, and Yuzen.

"No way, Hao's dad…a veteran from the mamono war? Like mom and dad?" Kotori thought to herself.

"Wow, a person who took part in the last war." Albel said in amazement.

"Yeah, and who would've thought it was Hao's dad?" said Zack, sharing the same amazement Albel has.

Yuzen wasn't as amazed as the other three, considering he had no knowledge or interest of mamono history.

"A veteran book keeper? And what the heck does he mean 'the previous mamono war?' Just how long ago did this war happen and what was it all about? I guess I'll ask Albel about it later." Yuzen thought to himself.

Ekichi was trembling, but he quickly calmed himself down. "Damn it! Why am I getting so worried for? He may have been part of the previous war, but he's still a human! I have nothing to worry about!" he thought to himself.

"Okay, there's obviously something I'm missing here. Can somebody please fill me in?" Hao asked everybody.

"Same here, I'm just as lost as he is." Saiyuki said in response.

"Everything will be explained later you two, but we should take care of those guys first." Eita suggested.

"Right! Albel/Zack get ready!" Yuzen and Kotori said in unison.

"Ready!" both replied as they assume another fighting position.

"Kaito?" Ekichi called out to his book keeper.

"I got it." he replied, the book now back in his hands. "Dorushu! Dorushu!"

Two more bombs appeared in both of Ekichi's hands and threw them at Zack and Albel.

"Zakeru!" both of them called their spells.

Zack and Albel shot out their lightning spells at the bombs heading their way and destroyed them. Another smokescreen covered the area, which both Zack and Albel rushed into. Ekichi did the same.

"Zakeru, eh? How long has it been since I last seen that spell? I thought those two looked familiar." Eita thought to himself, momentarily caught up in his memories of the past. "This should be some battle. I wonder if I should help out…"

"Dad, should we help out?" Hao asked him.

"Not sure, we'll just see how all this turns out." He replied.

The smokescreen finally lifted, revealing Zack and Ekichi exchanging a barrage of punches at each other. Albel stood on the sidelines, waiting for his chance to strike. Ekichi threw Zack a left jab, which he dodged easily. Zack quickly retaliated with an uppercut to Ekichi's chin and forced him to stagger back. Albel saw this as his chance to attack and quickly got between Zack and Ekichi. He slammed his hand against Ekichi's chest then called out to Yuzen.

"Yuzen, now!" Albel called out to him.

"Zakeru!" Yuzen shouted out the spell.

Albel's lightning bursted out of his hand; both electrocuting and launching Ekichi back to Kaito. Ekichi landed, hard, on his back. The lightning managed to create a large smoking hole in Ekichi's coat, revealing his badly burned and bleeding chest underneath. He struggled to get back to his feet, with Kaito's help, while using his other hand to try to stop the bleeding in his chest. The attack did nothing to lessen the anger in Ekichi's eyes; in fact, it just seemed to fuel it even more.

Zack and Albel were panting heavily; they were now starting to feel the effects of exhaustion. Especially Zack, he took on most of the damage throughout the battle. Kotori and Yuzen, though they weren't directly fighting, also began to feel tired. Kotori then recalled what her dad told her about how human emotions were used as energy to cast spells and how they too dwindle over time. She wondered if these were some the effects on what happens when you use too much energy.

"They getting tired, that's good." Ekichi thought to himself. Though he too was tired and was badly injured, Ekichi's anger towards the two gave him enough energy to drag on this fight. He then extended his right arm to the side. "Kaito, a spell!" Ekichi demanded.

"Sorudo Dorushu!" he called out the spell.

Once again, his orange and black sword materialized beside him. He grabbed the hilt then charged towards the two, completely ignoring the pain in his chest. Kotori was about to cast 'Seushiru' when he charged in, but he was just too close to them that if she called it out now, he would also be inside the barrier. Zack and Albel still managed to dodge Ekichi's wild sword strokes though, but exhaustion started to weigh them down and their movements were becoming more and more sluggish. Ekichi then slammed down his sword right next to Zack and Albel creating another explosion.

Both of them were caught in the explosion.

"Zack/Albel!" Kotori and Yuzen fearfully called out their mamonos names.

"This isn't good." Eita thought to himself.

Albel and Zack remained on the ground in a bloody heap, exhausted from both the pain and from fighting Ekichi for so long. Ekichi took advantage of their helplessness and started to kick them while they were down. He gave Zack at least a good 4 or 5kicks to his ribs before moving on to Albel. Seeing Ekichi do this to them angered their book keepers. Kotori and Yuzen were about to charge at him but were soon halted by Ekichi when he pointed his hand at them before they made any real advances toward him.

"You're smart to not have come any closer; too bad you never used that intelligence to know when to quit." Ekichi taunted them.

"Ekichi, stop playing around and grab their books!" Kaito commanded him.

"Fine, killjoy…" Ekichi muttered the last part. He then saw Eita was running towards him, which he then shook his head and pointed his hand at him. "Stupid human. Kaito, cast 'Ganzu Dorushu'!"

"With pleasure, Ganzu Dorushu!"

With that said, Ekichi fired his missiles at Eita.

"Mr. Kobozuka!" Kotori shouted out with fear.

"Dad!" Hao screamed in fear.

"Is he crazy? He's going to get himself killed!" Yuzen yelled out.

"Come back!" Saiyuki called out to him.

Eita smirked as the missiles were closing on him. He closed his eyes and then re-opened them, however, his normally brown eyes were completely different when re-opened them. Instead, both of his eyes now looked like they have a set of three rings in them. To everyone's great surprise, he managed to dodge every missile and explosion thrown his way just before they hit him. Even more amazing to them was that the missiles or explosions didn't do anything to slow him down.

"Wh-What the hell!?" Kaito screamed out.

"He…He dodged every one of them! What kind of human is he?" Ekichi wondered aloud.

It wasn't long before Eita was in front in Ekichi. Ekichi looked up at him and it wasn't the glare Eita gave him that sent shivers down his spine, but it was his eyes. Ekichi slowly backed away from him before turning around and ran back to Kaito's side.

"Ekichi, what's wrong? Why did you run?" Kaito asked him.

"It's that guy, his eyes scare me." Ekichi replied in a quite voice. He turned around to see that Eita was still giving him that glare, but was no longer advancing towards him. "What's up with guy?" he wondered.

"You two all right?" Eita asked Zack and Albel, turning his head slightly.

Zack and Albel, using every last ounce of determination and willpower they had, slowly began to lift themselves off the ground. Their legs shook as they stood; they were practically on the verge of collapsing again.

"Well besides being a little weak around the knees, a couple bruises here and there, some burn marks, and a whole lot of bleeding, we're a-okay!" Albel replied in a rather mock cheerful voice.

"Zack!" Kotori called out to him as she and Yuzen ran to their mamonos side. "Zack, are you two okay?"

"Yeah, we were just asked that. Besides, small wounds like these aren't gonna stop me." Zack said as tough as he could.

"Small? You call these wounds small? Zack, you're bleeding all over!" Kotori exclaimed with worry.

"I said I'm okay!" Zack retorted.

"What about your head?" she shot back.

"It's only a flesh wound!" Zack argued.

"Flesh wound my ass!" Kotori yelled at him.

"How did you do that?" Yuzen asked Eita, while ignoring Kotori's and Zack's arguement.

"I could tell, but you wouldn't understand it." Eita replied.

"Guys, not to interrupt, but they are about to attack again!" Albel informed them.

They looked back at their foes and their eyes widened in a mixture of shock and fear as Ekichi's book began glow with an even more intense glow than before. They quickly readied themselves for whatever attack it was going to be, but they knew it was going to be big and powerful.

"I've had enough of this. Ekichi, I'm going to use our strongest spell!" Kaito informed him.

"Do it!" Ekichi replied as he raised his hands into the sky.

"Gigano Dorushu!"

Eita, Albel, and Zack were expecting the worse, but they weren't expecting a 'Gigano' level spell. A small orb of light appeared over Ekichi's head that soon began to grow in size. The five looked in awe as the orb was eventually twice the size of Ekichi, even Saiyuki and Hao went into hiding again once they saw the orbs growth. Finally, the orb stopped growing and the light dissipated into nothing, leaving behind a huge bomb hovering high above Ekichi.

"Oh crap…" was the first thing that popped into their heads upon seeing the bomb.

"I seriously doubt that either 'Seushiru' or 'Rashirudo' are going to help us out right now." Kotori commented, fear quivering in her voice.

"I think that, too." Yuzen agreed.

"I… I don't get it. How did Ekichi acquire such a powerful spell in just a few days?" Albel asked out loud.

"I don't know and I really hope we live to find out!" Zack shouted out a response

"Throw it!" Kaito commanded.

With a wave of his hands, Ekichi hurled the huge bomb at them. A twisted look of glee crossed his face as he did this.

"Kotori! You and that other guy cast 'Zakeru' at the bomb's center and pour in as much energy as you can, now!" Eita called out to the both of them.

They didn't ask questions and did what they were told. They quickly busted out their demon books and shouted out their spells.

"Zakeru!" Kotori and Yuzen called out the spells.

Without a chance to properly aim their spells, both Zack and Albel had to rely mostly on luck as they launched two larger than normal 'Zakeru' and hoped that they hit their mark. Fortunately, luck was on their side as the two lightning spells managed to hit their mark, or at least close to it anyway. The lightning spells looked as if it held the giant bomb in mid-air for a few seconds before causing it to explode before it ever reached them. They covered their eyes from the smoke and debris and waited until it settled. Once the smoke settled, their attention once again focused on Kaito and Ekichi. Kaito was breathing heavily and was drenched in sweat, while Ekichi was also breathing heavily; the pain in his chest intensified from all the strain he put on himself.

Ekichi held up his arm and pointed his hand at them.

"He still wants to fight?" Kotori thought to herself.

Ekichi's signature evil grin crept onto his face once again. "You may have beaten my strongest spell, but I'm far from done! Kaito, another spell!"

"Ganzu Dorushu!" Kaito shouted out the spell.

Kotori and Yuzen quickly readied themselves for the incoming spell. Time passed as Ekichi held his hand at them, no spell coming out of it. In fact, Kotori, Zack, pretty much everyone let their guard down after two minutes of just standing there. Kotori could've sworn she just saw a tumbleweed drift on by.

"…Uh, is he going to do something or what?" Zack asked, breaking the silence.

Ekichi hesitantly turned around with a bit of frightened look on his face.

"Kaito, why isn't the spell coming out?" Ekichi asked him in trembling voice.

"I…I don't know." Kaito replied hesitantly.

"Well do something!" Ekichi yelled at him.

"Uh…Dorushu! Eijasu Dorushu! Sorudo Dorushu! Garuka Dorushu!" Kaito rapidly called out the spells.

Still, nothing happened. A smile crept onto Eita's face as his eyes went back to normal. He knew they have now won.

"Well, well, well. Looks like somebody is all out of heart energy." Eita commented.

"Heart energy?" Kaito questioned.

"What, you don't know? Heart energy is thing you need in order to call out the spells. Without that, you're basically defenseless." Eita explained.

"That's sounds kind of like what dad told me about yesterday. Is that what's it called when emotions are changed into energy?" Kotori thought to herself.

"Hey, Kotori. Snap out of it, we have a fighting chance now." Yuzen told her.

"Huh? Oh yeah, we can beat these guys easily now!" Kotori said with confidence.

Kaito and Ekichi had a look of clear look of worry on their faces as Kotori and Yuzen opened their books.

"What do we do now?" Ekichi asked Kaito.

"The only thing we can do now…" Kaito replied.

"You don't mean…" Ekichi said despairingly.

"Yes… RUN AWAY!"

With that said, despite both being totally exhausted, they began to run like a bat out of hell. Naturally though, Kotori intercepted them.

"Going somewhere?" Kotori asked them in a mocking manner.

Ekichi and Kaito were about to run back, that is, before they found Yuzen standing behind them. To their sides stood Zack and Albel. They looked back and forth, realizing they were trapped. In a moment of desperation, Kaito lunged at Kotori, wrapped his arm around her neck, and pulled a knife on her. All eyes were on him now as he pressed the tip of the knife at her neck.

"Don't move or else she dies!" Kaito screamed.

"You bastard…" was the only thing Kotori managed to say before he started squeezing her neck.

Yuzen, Albel, and Zack hesitated to move. Kotori bit his arm in order to free herself; it caused him to wince but didn't loosen his grip. It was then he felt something against the back of his head.

"Release the girl and your weapon, and while you're at it, the demon book too." Eita demanded, holding a gun up against Kaito's head.

Kaito grunted and let go of Kotori while dropping the book and knife. Kotori immediately backed away from him and rubbed her throat. She found a little bit of blood on her fingers, but it just from a small scratch so it didn't bother her much.

"I thought they didn't give guns to detectives…" commented Kaito.

"Then you don't know me very well" Eita replied smoothly.

"I know you don't pay attention." Kaito said with a grin.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Eita asked him.

"Look behind you." Kaito urged him.

Eita hesitated to look until he saw the surprised looks on Kotori, Zack, Yuzen, and Albel. He looked behind himself to Ekichi running off with the book. They were so preoccupied with Kaito that they didn't pay attention to Ekichi!

"Son of bi-" Eita was cut short when Kaito elbowed him in the gut. He then spun and back handed him across the face and knocking him to the ground. Taking advantage of the situation, Kaito immediately ran off and caught up with Ekichi. "Damn it!" cursed Eita as he got up and aimed his gun at Kaito's leg. He then remembered what he was holding. "Oh right, this gun is a fake… Damn it!" he cursed again as he threw the fake gun to the ground. He then went to chase them.

"Zakeru!" Kotori and Yuzen quickly shouted out the spells.

Zack and Albel were quick on the uptake as they carefully aimed their 'Zakeru' spells just before Kotori and Yuzen shouted them out. They shot out the Zakeru spells from their usual places, Zack's mouth and Albel's hand, both spells aimed for Kaito and Ekichi. However, they were a little to quick to cast the spells and saw that they were heading towards Eita. Fortunately, the two lightning spells narrowly missed him. Kaito and Ekichi saw the pair of lightning spells coming their way and quickly separated from each other.

The Zakeru spells just zipped by them, missing them completely.

"Ah, crap!" Yuzen complained.

Kaito and Ekichi were close to the main gate, until Saiyuki and Hao jumped out from their hiding in an attempt to tackle them to the ground. They botched that up, they jumped in too early and both crashed into the dirt. Ekichi and Kaito just jumped over them and out the front gate they went. Eita soon followed after.

"Get back here!" Eita demanded. He then came rushing back through the gate, tripping over Saiyuki and Hao in the process, before he was run over by Kaito's car. "Dammit!" he shouted out as he got up and ran over to his car.

"Mr. Kobozuka, wait!" Kotori called out to him.

"Kotori, hold up a minute." Hao said to her before her, Yuzen, Zack, and Albel went over to Eita. He and Saiyuki got up the gound and walked over to them. "Hey dad, you can catch them right?" Hao called out to him.

"I'll try." Eita replied. With that, he got into his car and drove off.

"Hao, what are you doing?" Kotori asked him.

"Don't worry, dad'll catch them." Hao reassured them.

"Besides, shouldn't you let those two rest?" Saiyuki referred to Zack and Albel.

Despite Kotori and Yuzen's protests, they were right. One look at the two and saw that they all of their energy was spent. Zack and Albel protested, though.

"Hey, I'm not tired!" Zack proclaimed, keeping up with a tough façade. He didn't want to admit it, but he barely has enough energy to keep him standing.

"I can still fight." Albel argued, there was a hint of tiredness in his voice.

"Nah, you should rest. Besides…" Yuzen opened up the demon book and shouted out a spell. "Zakeru!"

On instinct, Albel lifted up his hand pointed towards the sky away from them. Nothing came out of it, causing everyone to greatly be confused.

"Huh?" Albel murmured as he examined his hand.

"I'm all out of that heart energy. It did feel like I was using a lot of energy on those spells, not only that, but I used up a lot of energy trying to destroy that huge bomb." Yuzen explained.

"Hmmm… Zakeru!" Kotori called the spell in her book. Like Yuzen, nothing happened. "I guess I used up all of my energy too."

"Then, what about those two lightning blasts you guys just did a few moments ago?" Saiyuki asked them.

"I guess, there was a little bit of energy left to cast just one spell." Kotori replied.

"And we just wasted it." remarked Yuzen.

"Yes, it's a darn shame." Hao bluntly said. "Now onto more important matters, like, what heck is going on?"

Kotori considered that thought. Should she tell Hao and Saiyuki what was going on? She looked at Yuzen for advice, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Just tell them, Kotori." said Zack.

Kotori just sighed. "Well, it's a long and sort of unbelievable story..."

---- Outside of Mochinoki (At midnight) -----

"Dammit…" Ekichi cursed, constantly reviewing the battle in his head. He didn't lose, but he didn't win either. "I was close, so close!" He clutched onto his chest, the pain from Albel's attack still hasn't faded away. "Damn it, damn the both of them!"

Kaito was just as upset as he was. Despite managing to escape Eita's pursuit, his scowl hasn't left his face since leaving Mochinoki. His plan to destroy the school has failed, but he knew he would get another chance. His plan right now was to recuperate and try again, but that was easier said than done. He knew that Kotori, Zack, Yuzen, and Albel would be back to stop them and then there was possibility him using up all of his heart energy again.

He then abruptly stopped the car.

"Ow!" shrieked Ekichi when he hit his head against the glove compartment. "Why the hell did you stopped?" he scolded Kaito.

"There are some idiots in the road." Kaito growled. Indeed there was, for the headlights revealed two figures in black robes, one shorter than the other, blocking their way. Their faces were kept concealed, even in the bright headlights. Kaito began to furiously honk the horn." Get out of the way!"

Frustrated, Kaito and Ekichi got out the car to confront the two. By the time they stepped out of the car, Ekichi immediately sensed a great level of power emanating from the two. For the second time, Ekichi felt afraid.

"Hey, beat it!" Kaito commanded the two. The two in black just stood there, paying no heed to him. Kaito then began to advance towards them. "Why you…"

"Kaito, stop!" Ekichi shouted out in a scared tone. "Don't mess with them; they would just tear us to pieces."

Kaito looked at Ekichi and saw the young mamono's face twisted with fear. He then looked back at the figures in black and backed away from them. A low chuckle could be heard from the short one.

"Smart move…" he said.

Ekichi recognized that voice. "U-Umbris?" he stuttered.

Ekichi knew who he was, the dark robed, hooded figure that introduced him to Kaito.

"Lord Umbris to you, follower. Or should I say bishop?" Umbris addressed Ekichi.

"Lord? Follower? Bishop?" Ekichi questioned.

"Oh, that's right; you joined us without knowing our ambitions." Umbris realized.

Kaito and Ekichi had a look of confusion on their faces. Umbris then threw a small bracelet at Ekichi's feet. He picked it up and examined it closely. It was a beautifully crafted piece, with a charm made of bronze and carefully sculpted into that of the book insignia. Ekichi then looked back at Umbris, confusion still on his face.

"Jacob." Umbris addressed the taller one.

Jacob then pulled out a black book from under his robe.

"I trust master would trust in my descision of promoting you. After all, from your battle against the Bell cousins, you show much promise to our cause." Umbris said to them.

Ekichi was surprised, how did he know of the battle? Was he spying on him? Not only that, but how did he watch without him noticing? These were questions going through Ekichi's head. Ekichi was about to ask before Umbris cut him off.

"I know what has happened, you and your human retreated. Something like that would be punishable by our standards, but I viewed more as a...tactical retreat. After all, it would be foolish to continue fighting an enemy with no spells. Come, master will tell you of a more satisfying goal than just destroying a school." said Umbris as he snapped his fingers.

"Shuako!" Jacob called out a spell without opening the book.

With that said, a dark entity swallowed the four and then disappeared.

----- Mochinoki High School (The next day)----

The principal just stood there, mouth agape, as he saw the damage done to the school. Many of the students and teachers were there and also observed the damage. They all heard the school was attacked, but they didn't know that there was this much damage.

The courtyard was covered with small craters, windows were shattered, the front doors of the school were blown off, and to top it off; a corner of the school was destroyed.

"Who could have done this…" the principal whimpered. "When I find the culprits who did this, I'll kill them!"

Kotori, Yuzen, Hao, and Saiyuki were near the school when they heard the principal shout that out. They knew that they, and by 'they' I mean Kotori and Yuzen, weren't the ones who tried to destroy the school, but they did sort of have a hand in causing most of the damage. All four of them immediately turned around and walked off.

Now would probably be a good idea to skip school today.

----Lvl 5 end---
Current enemy mamonos: 98

A/N: Like I said before, this fanfic is more based off of the manga, so I had to make some changes to Eita since he's not in it. The major one was turning him into an Answer Talker like (spoilers) Dufaux and Kiyomaro. In other words, this is more like my version of Eita.

For those who have been following the manga on the Gash Bell livejournal, you people probably have a general idea as to what Answer Talker is. For those who don't know, Answer Talker( and these are spoilers by the way) is an ability acquired after someone momentarily dies then comes back to life or if they were in a near-death state, at least that's what I think on how they get it. Anyway, from the other small tid-bits of info I found out about it, Answer Talker apparently increases the power of a mamono's spells and gives the user the 'answers' to questions like 'What attack is going to be used?', 'What will it do?', and 'How do you avoid and/or counter it?' At least, that's what I think it does. One part I'm very certain of Answer Talker is that when they use it, a set of rings appears in the users eyes.

Oh, and Fire Thief. I already came up with 100 mamonos for this, but... Why not, I'll be happy to add in your chracters. Truth be told, some of the ones I came up with suck(excluding the main characters and certain other mamonos). Just don't expect them early on in this fic.

Anyway, peace out ya'll and happy holidays!