My story is derived in the main from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera movie, with a generous mix of Gaston Leroux and his inferences to real-life families and events, and a dash of the Kopit/Yeston Phantom movie. I have not read Susan Kay's Phantom but may subconsciously incorporate aspics from reading other's descriptions of it. Since it is being republished, I may break down and read it, adding more elements. As disclaimer, I do not own any of the above copyrighted material; they own me.

The story begins in 1871 as Christine and Raoul leave the lair after their confrontation with the Phantom. I choose not to deal with the deposition of the Emperor and the Franco-Prussian War but admire those writers who have incorporated it wonderfully. Napoleon III can have a few more years on the throne.

The major plot devices for this story were outlined several months ago; it's time for it to see the light of day. While this is E/C, which is the kiss of death for some readers, I wish to explore how these characters move beyond the lair into a more workable frame of mind without totally losing their core.