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Chapter 1- New Year's Day

The day was December 31st. The hour was eleven. The minute was fifty-nine. The second was slowly ascending towards sixty.

"10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

With that, poppers were popped, confetti was thrown and lovers enveloped each other in a warm embrace of passionate love even though there were onlookers who could have gone the rest of their lives without seeing that!

"Another year, come and gone!" said Kurenai to her three jounin friends, Asuma, Kakashi and Gai.

"Yes, and what a great year it was!" Asuma agreed.

"My only regret is that, because I am so involved in my ninjahood, I often miss out on fun holidays like this one." Kakashi sighed.

"Yes." Said Gai with a nod. "I can't remember the last time I've gone trick-or-treating… or sat down for a Thanksgiving dinner…or worn all green on St. Patrick's Day!"

Gai then looked down at himself and chuckled warmly.

"Well, putting the fact that I wear all green EVERY day aside!" he said.

"It is quite unfortunate." Kurenai said.

"That I wear green?" Gai said, looking confused.

"No!" said Kurenai. "Well…yes. But what I was talking about was that we don't really get a chance to celebrate holidays!"

"And the worst part is that our students are inevitably going to go down the same road as we are!" gasped Asuma.

"Now THAT is unfortunate." Kakashi said.

Everyone gave a discontented sigh.

"Say…" said Gai, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "It's January 1st… and I have not yet made my New Year's Resolution!"

"Oh!" said Kurenai. "I almost forgot!"

The other two nodded in agreement as well. How silly!

"I resolve to…" Gai started. "To…to celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of youthfulness more often!" He stood up, pointed off into the nonexistent sunset as a wave crashed behind him and tears streamed down his eyes.

"Don't you resolve that every year?" Asuma said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." Said Gai. "But I wish to do it in a different way."

"What way?" Kakashi asked, sounding intrigued.

"I wish to celebrate every holiday, whether it be large or small." Gai said.

"That's a good idea!" Kurenai said. "I will do the same!"

"I believe that will be a healthy decision for all of us." Kakashi said. "We can't completely dedicate our lives to being ninjas. There has to be time for celebration on occasion."

"And why should WE have all the fun?" Asuma said passionately.

"What do you mean?" Gai questioned.

"We should get our students in on this resolution as well!" Asuma replied.

Gai laughed in Asuma's face, but then stopped when he realized that Asuma was far from joking. He cleared his throat. "Well, I thought that was a given." He admitted.

"So it's settled!" Kurenai said. "From this day forth, we will celebrate every holiday there is! Let's be sure to tell our students!"

"Well, how about we tell them in the morning?" Kakashi suggested, looking at his watch. "It's midnight after all."

"Good idea!" said Asuma.

They all stood up to part ways, but they noticed that Gai was not moving from his spot.

"What is it, Gai?" Kurenai said, noticing that a shadow had covered half his face.

"You forgot." He said.

"What?" said the other three simultaneously.

"YOU ALL FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR!" Gai screamed as he got up and punched the group as one big odor and set them into the woodworking of whatever building they were in.

The confused teachers crawled through the hole they had created with their mass and looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

Gai clenched his fist dramatically. "It is the anniversary of my birth!" he announced.

"Oohh…" said everyone with a pained expression.

"Sorry about that, Gai…" said Asuma as he got up and put a hand on Gai's shoulder.

"It's all right…" Gai moaned as the tears flowed freely down his cheeks. "Most people become so preoccupied with the new year that they don't bother to remember my birthday!"

Gai began to sniff pathetically so Kurenai handed him a hanky. He blew his nose loudly and unrealistically and, just as unrealistically, he handed the hanky back to Kurenai who politely declined it, allowing Gai to keep it forever, or at least until he washed it.

"Well, I believe that now is the perfect opportunity to start our ambitious resolutions to celebrate all holidays in the year!" Asuma said.

"I believe you're right." Kakashi agreed.

"Let's throw Gai a big birthday bash!" Kurenai said enthusiastically.

"Really?" said Gai with a pathetic sniff. "You mean it?"

"What are friends for?" said Asuma as he patted Gai on the back.

"Not to mention that this would be a perfect excuse to gather all our students together to make the announcement that we'll be forcing them to celebrate all the holidays of the year with us." Kakashi added.

"All right!" said Gai. "I agree! Birthday bash! Tomorrow! Six o'clock! My place! Be there with your students!"

"You got it, Gai!" said Asuma. "We'll be there!"

The four then revved up all their energy and punched the air, freezing in that position and then turning into a drawing.

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