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"Ouch! Damn it..." Meryl Strife cursed, shaking her finger at the pinprick. She never was the sort of girl to sew things, but this was different.

This was for Vash.

And if she could perform even a small service to help him, she'd do it.

As the insurance lady continued to sew carefully, her eyes and fingers danced across the red cloth. It was so... unique, so utterly ridiculous so... Vash. It was a part of him, and without it, he just didn't look right.

Suddenly, her fingers hit a bump, and she blinked. Carefully, she reached into the pocket, retrieving a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses.

Now there was something that always looked... odd on him. Vash never wore his glasses unless he was thinking, and thinking seriously. It was as thought it triggered a personality change, becoming the feared gunman with unmatched skill simply by putting on a pair of sunglasses.

Frowning, Meryl bit her lip, recalling the first time he wore them in front of her. It was against the Nebraska family, as he walked forward, placing those glasses on his face with all the sad acceptance of a dying warrior.

And when he defiantly stood there, hand over his gun and glasses concealing his pretty green eyes, Meryl could finally accept that this was indeed Vash the Stampede.

Anytime he wore them, he stopped being his silly, donut crazy, skirt chasing self and started acting like a trained killer.

But why? Why wear the glasses? What was the point?

Meryl was so caught up in her thoughts she barely realized she had stopped sewing, opting instead to turn the sunglasses over and over in her hands, watching them catch the sun in just the right angles.

They shielded him from the sun, she supposed, but Vash wasn't the sort of person to be that tactical. And he had faced off against people in the sun before, she reminded herself, remembering another fake Vash who tried robbing a bank.

Maybe, she thought suddenly, they weren't to protect him from the sun, but from what he was doing.

After all, Vash hated hurting people and never once killed someone, which even the records agreed upon.

By looking at the world through tinted glasses, was he purposefully trying to hide from how dangerous he had become? Or how easily he could take life, if he so chose?

Then again, Meryl recalled, he was well aware how dangerous he was.


Shivering as she recalled that terrible night, with bodies and wreckage and a crazed Vash...

He was dangerous that night, arm shaking with a hidden gun, his eyes peeking out from under tinted lenses. She caught a glimpse of those rage filled orbs, full of utter loathing and madness- the eyes of a killer at the end of his rope.

That was the only time that he had ever scared her, truly scared her.

And suddenly, she was very relieved that he had these tinted sunglasses.

Author's Notes

I'm not sure I got all the facts right. Its been a while since I've seen the show. Vash's glasses always seemed important to me, anyway, and I wanted a study on them. The fake Vash was in Episode 3 I believe, the one with Frank Marlo. The other Episode mentioned was Episode 11, Diablo.