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Summary: Five years after a broken engagement, Andros visits Tommy and his new team. What he finds there, he couldn't even imagine in his wildest dreams.

Not Always The End

Chapter 1

Andros looked on the map resting on the wheel of the red sports car TJ had lent him. He should almost be there according to it - and the scrap of paper with an address scribbled down in an almost unreadable handwriting.

Sure enough he reached the house a minute later. He pulled up onto the driveway and parked the car next to the black jeep. Sighing, he got out, leaving his duffle bag on the backseat… not that it was big enough to call it that, but for the lack of other names, TJ had dubbed it a backseat.

He walked onto the porch and rang the doorbell. After a minute the door was opened by a tall man. His brown hair was spiked; he had a pair of reading glasses resting on the tip of his nose and his deep brown eyes lit when he saw whom he opened the door for.

"Andros! Hey, didn't expect to see you here. Come in and don't mind the mess, I was just grading some essays." The man said.

"Tommy." Andros grinned. "Grading essays? What have they done to you?"

"Haha, very funny. So what brings you to Reefside?"

"Uncle Andros had enough of baby-sitting Zey. I swear the kid lives to make my life hell."

Tommy laughed.

"You can hide out here as long as you want."

"Thanks man." Andros replied gratefully.

"So, where did you get the car?" Tommy asked.

"Stole it from TJ." Andros replied casually, following Tommy into the living room.

The living room itself looked pretty decent, but when he glanced over at the dinner table he laughed. The table was covered with paper, but a small area was cleared, containing a neat pile of paper and a red marker lay on top of it.

"So that's what your PhD got you." Andros commented lightly. "A dinner-table invaded by paper and every sheet is screaming to be marked."

Tommy shrugged.

"It's not as bad as it looks. The kids are okay."

"And it helps that four of them are part of your team, right?"

"Actually, that would be the annoying part about it."

"It's your own fault. At least some of us know when to stop." Andros laughed.

"Yeah, that's why that morpher is still around your wrist, right?" Tommy smirked. "So, you had dinner yet?"


"Me either. How about I put away those essays and order some Chinese?"

Andros groaned.

"No chopsticks, I promise." Tommy quickly added, realising his mistake.

"It's been five years, damn it! I should be over it by now." Andros scowled.

"Don't beat yourself up over it, Andros." Tommy warned. "It's been nine years since I got that letter from Kim and I still miss her. Just don't tell anyone I said that. Jason won't let me live it down if he found out."

A small smile played on Andros's lips.

"Oh no you don't or you'll have to find another place to hide from Zey and your brother and sister."

"For now." Andros smirked.

An hour later

Andros was sitting across from Tommy at the dinner table, slowly eating his food while glaring at the chopsticks that had been delivered with it. He really didn't hate chopsticks; they just held too many bad memories. Or rather, good ones he wanted to forget.


"Come on, I'll help you." Ashley smiled getting up from the picnic blanket.

It was a beautiful day in Angel Grove and the retired Astro Rangers and Karone had decided to have a picnic. TJ and Carlos promised to get the food if they promised to get a blanket, Frisbee, basketball and soccer ball. So they wouldn't get bored, they had said. He should've known they'd get Chinese, but he didn't protest.

Every time they eat Chinese Ashley would try to teach him how to use chopsticks. He could do so by now and Ashley knew, but he kept pretending he couldn't, creating the perfect excuse to have Ashley close.

"You hold the chopsticks like this." Ashley was saying.

By now she sat on her knees behind him, pressed against his back and arms over his shoulder, rearranging the chopsticks in his hand. When he held them right, she kept hold of his hand with one of her own and helped him pick up some food and bringing it to his mouth.

"You do know he's faking it, right Ash?" Carlos asked and all rangers laughed.

"Carlos, everyone knows both of them are faking it." Zhane pointed out. "But be honest, it's unbelievably cute."

Ashley stuck out her tongue at him and placed a kiss on Andros's cheek. Andros smiled and expertly picked up a piece of meat, offering it to Ashley. Ashley smiled at him and ate it. Then she leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, still hugging him from behind.

A peaceful expression graced her face and Andros's smile grew, looking at the ring she was wearing on her left hand, his offer to forever. Soon they would say forever out loud and he found himself looking forward to it more and more.

End flashback

"So, what did the chopsticks do this time?" Tommy asked jokingly.

"They're here." Andros grunted in reply.

Tommy laughed softly and shook his head.

Half a mile down the road

"Come on, Jenny. Eat your dinner, than we'll go see if we can find Scrudly in one of the boxes." A young woman coaxed her daughter.

The almost four and a half year old glared back, cheeks puffed and arms folded.

"I wanna eat with chopsticks too." She whined, pleading with her mother.

"When you're bigger." Her mother replied, resolute.

"But mommy…" The girl tried again.

"Jeniffer Rosa Morgan, don't make me regret keeping you!"

The girl's eyes widened and she quickly picked up her fork and started eating. Her mother watched her with a soft smile. No matter what, she'd never regret having her daughter. She had given up her whole life for her child, but it had all been worth it.

'Well, maybe not all.' She mused as she munched on her Chinese take out. 'But I couldn't get him involved. Not after I found out about Jenny. It would have been too much to ask."

"Mommy?" Jenny asked tentatively. "What you thinking about?"

"You and how much I love you." She replied, smiling gently at her child. "Finished?"

The girl nodded violently and slid of her chair. Looking at the small amount of food left on her plate, she sighed softly and got up, picking up both plates.

"Come on, bring your fork to the kitchen and we'll go look for Scrudly."

Jenny let out a cry of joy and climbed back on the chair to retrieve her fork. Once she got it and her small feet found ground again, she ran to the kitchen and stretched as far as she could to dump the fork in the sink. A proud smile appeared on her face when the sound of metal hitting metal rang through the small kitchen. After her mother had emptied the rest of her plate in the trash and placed the two plates in the sink too, she pointed up to the second floor of the small cottage.

Jenny ran up to her new room, littered with boxes from moving in. One of those boxes contained Scrudly, her favourite stuffed toy. It used to be her mother's, but it had been hers since the day she was born.

Her mother come in only moments later and immediately took the lid of one of the boxes. Jenny went over to take a look. It only took about ten minutes and five boxes of stuffed animals to find Scrudly and Jenny squealed happily as she hugged it.

The stuffed panda smiled up at them with a black eye and a magic marker dot. The four year old had fallen in complete love with it from the first hug – and by now, the once vibrant yellow fur was faded to a yellowing colour, and the bright red had dulled to a soothing cherry, but both loved it just the same.

"Your uncle spoils you too much." Her mother commented as she eyed the boxes filled with toys and stuffed animals.

She was actually glad he did, because she hardly had any money left at the end of the month to do so. It didn't help much she was just now trying to earn her college degree by taking evening classes; Her pregnancy with Jenny had made her drop out. Luckily she would finish those studies soon and she'd be able to get a proper job to support Jenny.

She smiled when she watched her daughter yawn, rubbing the soft yellow belly of Scrudly.

"I believe it's passes someone's bedtime." She commented. "How about we get you off to bed and we'll start unpacking your stuff first thing after breakfast tomorrow?"

Jenny nodded weakly and yawned again, still hugging Scrudly close. Her mother quickly changed her into her pyjamas before laying her in her bed.

"Night sweetie. Sweet dreams." Her mother said, kissing her forehead.

"Night mommy. Love you." Jenny muttered in replied, before her eyelids slid shut and she drifted off to dreamland.

Her mother watched her daughter sleep for a moment, before leaving the room, keeping the door open slightly and went to her own bed room. After a quick shower she went to bed too, exhausted from the move. Her dreams weren't as sweet as her daughter's dream, though and through out the night, she kept moving around in her sleep, while memories of the past plagued her in her unconscious state.

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