Summary: Five years after a broken engagement, Andros visits Tommy and his new team. What he finds there, he couldn't even imagine in his wildest dreams.

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Not Always The End


"This isn't how I planned to spend my wedding night." Ashley moaned in pain.

Andros winced when she tightened her hold on his hand, but continued to rub circles with his thumb on the back of her hand.

"It's going to be okay, Ash." He coaxed. "And you got to admit it's original.

Ashley let out a dry humourless laugh and squeezed his hand again in pain.

"Oh, come on. How many couples can say they spend their wedding night in hospital delivering their fist child?"

"Second." Ashley cursed as another contraction hit.

"Our first, your second." Andros compromised easily, just as the doctor entered the room again.

"Alright, Mrs. Hammond, you're ready to deliver your baby. When you have another contraction you can start pushing." The doctor told her.

Andros moved from the chair. Helping her into a sitting position, he sat down behind her, letting her rest again his, has hand still in hers. Again his hand was being crushed when Ashley was hit by another contraction, but this time she didn't squeeze as hard, having to concentrate on pushing.

Twenty minutes later he cries of a new born baby filled the air and Ashley slumped against him, exhausted.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." The doctor announced.

Andros got up, letting Ashley rest against the pillows and went to cut his son's umbrae cord before returning to his spot behind Ashley. The boy was taken to be cleaned and was soon placed in Ashley's awaiting arms. Tears sprang into her eyes as she looked down at her son's face.

"What shall we name him?" Andros whispered in her ear. "Cody doesn't seem to fit.

"I don't know." Ashley whispered back, her voice tired. "He does prove a rape doesn't always have to mean the end."

"Nate." Andros said at that.

"What?" Ashley asked, surprised.

"Nate." Andros said again. "Not always the end - Nate."

"Nathan Riley Hammond?" Ashley suggested. "Nate for sort."

"I love it." Andros smiled, placing a kiss on her cheek.

Ashley smiled and looked down at the tiny boy.

"Welcome to the world, Nate." She declared to her son.

Not wanting to move from his spot, he telepathically called Zhane and Karone to tell them to come admire their nephew. Jenny was the first into the room when the door opened, sprinting over to the bed. Zhane hurried after her, trying to catch her and get her to calm down.

"Why thank you, Zhane." Andros joked. "It's very nice of you to rush over here and help Jenny on the bed so I don't have to move."

"Very funny, Andros." Zhane mock scrolled as he lifted Jenny on the bed so she could look at her new brother.

"So what's the cuties name?" Cassie asked, looking at the small boy, contently curled up in his mother's arms.

"Nathan Riley Hammond." Ashley smiled brightly.

"Nate for short." Andros finished, giving Ashley a slight squeeze.

"Cute." Karone commented, smiling. "It suits him."

Jenny carefully reached out and touched her baby brother's hand. The baby boy reacted by grabbing hold of her fingers and for a moment Jenny looked shocked, before breaking out into a wide beaming smile.

"I got a brother!" She exclaimed in a singsong voice. "Wait till Callie hears! Her daddy got her Claire, but I got a brother!"

Ashley smiled and touched Jenny's hair, before catching Andros's eye. After all the trial and error, she finally got the family she had always dreamed off. Maybe a bit more messed up than she had hoped, but still they were happy and she had Andros, Jenny and now Nate. After all the darkness, life couldn't get much better than this.

Andros smiled back at her and gave her a quick kiss.

"I love you, Ash." He whispered for her ears only. "And I'll love you till the end of time."

Ashley sighed and leaned back against his chest.

Yes, at this very moment, life was perfect.

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