Kim Possible: One last Mission

Ron and Kim Stoppable are the happiest couple on Earth. They have a life they love. They have 2 year-old twins, Emma Rose and Adrian Christopher, and 3- month old Lily Anne. They haven't been on missions for years, but one day Wade calls with horrible news. Drakken and Shego have escaped from high security prison after 10 years, and are causing havoc on the world. Will Ron and Kim accept one last mission, and if so what happens? NO FLAMES PLEASE, R&R. Thank-you 


Chapter 1: One Last Mission

Kim Stoppable sat in the nursery with 3-month old daughter Lily Anne. They sat in the rocking chair, Kim sang softly to her and Lily Anne drifted off to sleep. Kim got up and laid her down into her crib just as Ron walked into the room.

"Are Adrian and Emma asleep?" Kim asked her husband.

"Yeah, Kim we have to talk…downstairs."

She looked at Ron worried and quickly followed him downstairs to their den. She saw Wade's face on the computer screen.

"Hello Kim."

"Hi Wade, what's up?" she asked with a worried tone in her voice.

"Drakken and Shego have escaped prison. One of the inmates helped them escape."

"It's been ten years Wade! How could they…"

"I don't know Kim, all I know is they have a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Ron asked.

"They have a high security lair in London. Their plan is to hack into the TV and radio system and hypnotize everyone into believing he is their ruler."

"Sounds like one of Drakken's lame plans." Kim scoffed.

"Not so lame Kim. With the new security and technology they have…it is severely dangerous."

"Wade, are you asking us to…?"

"Yes Ron, I am asking you and Kim to go and stop them."

"But what about the kids!" Kim exclaimed. "You just said it is severely dangerous…what if we never came back to our kids."

"Wade, we will talk about it and let you know within the next 2 hours." Ron said.

"All right Ron, there is a box of new weapons on the porch if you decide to accept this mission."

And with that Wade signed off. Kim opened the front door and sure enough there was a box from Wade sitting on the porch. She brought it in and sat next to Ron.

"Look at this stuff!" Ron exclaimed.

The box held new advanced Laser Tasers, sleeping gas, grapping hooks, protective suits, and a brand new Kimmucator.

"Impressive." Ron said, "Kim what's wrong?"

"I'm torn, how can we do this if it could mean never coming back to our children?"

"I understand Kim, but if we don't it means we would never be able to care for our children anyway."

"You're right, I never thought after all these years, we would be back on a mission."

"Why don't you go relax in a hot bath, and I'll make us some coffee…we might be up for a while."

"Great idea Ron."

Kim kissed her husband and headed upstairs. She ran the hot water that filled up the bathtub. She got towels out of the cabinet and set them down on the floor.

Meanwhile Ron was making coffee, and thinking about this new mission. Ron was terrified of the thought of never seeing his children again, or…never seeing Kim again. Ron was now determined to save the world…and his family.

Kim was relaxing in a nice, hot, bubble bath. She was also thinking about the future. As she weighed all the possibilities, tears flowed down her face.

"It seems impossible!" she thought to herself.

But somewhere from the back of her mind she heard the words that she had heard all of her life.

"Anything's possible for a Possible."

Kim smiled and thought, "Yes it is!"

Ron was sitting at the table when Kim came into the kitchen.

"We have to do this." She said, "For the world, for us, and our children."

Ron embraced his wife in a hug and said, "Everything will be fine."

Tears once again flooded Kim's eyes and she thought, "If only you could promise me that."