Chapter 8: Remember Ron Stoppable

The next day Kim had told Ron to rest on the couch while she did some housework. The twins and Lily Anne where all upstairs sleeping. Kim had set up a little "relax station" for Ron. She has a blanket, pile of magazines and books, and a pillow for Ron on the couch. He lied there watching TV, feeling guilty. He wished so much he could do something but the doctors, and Kim, said no.

"Are you comfortable Ron?" Kim asked and she plugged in the vacuum.

"Very Kim, thanks."

She started the vacuum and started sweeping the floor. After she was done she heard the twins screaming.

"They don't like the sound of that sweeper." She said, laughing, as she headed upstairs.

About ten minutes later, Kim came walking down the stairs.

"Are they ok?" Ron asked.

"Oh yeah, they were just startled."

Kim and Ron kept talking and she worked around the living room. About a half an hour later Ron was fast asleep. Kim went into the kitchen and turned on the radio.

"Ron won't mind if I have it on low." She thought to herself.

She then went over to the sink and started doing the dishes. As she was cleaning them she saw the neighbors outside. Mr. Mason was playing catch with his 3- year old son, Matthew. "I can't wait to see Ron do that again with the kids" she thought to herself. After she had dried the dishes and put them away she got out her duster and started dusting around the room. Suddenly on the radio, Ron and Kim's song, "I Will Always Love You" came on. They had danced to this at their wedding. Their first dance as husband and wife. Kim softly sang alone with the song.

"Kim." She heard Ron's voice behind her.

"Oh yes Ron?"

"I remember."

"R-remember what Ron?"

"This song, we danced to it at our wedding, I remember the wedding, the children's births, Kim I remember everything!"

A speechless, teary-eyed Kim stood their for a second, not knowing what to do. But after a few seconds she flung herself into her husband's arms.

"Oh Ron! I knew it! I knew you would remember."

"I love you Kimberly Anne."

"I love you Ronald Michael."

After a passionate kiss they both looked at each other and said, "the kids!"

Kim and Ron ran upstairs into Lily Anne's room and Ron scooped her up.

"My precious girl!" Ron cried as he kissed his daughter. "I love you so much."

"Dada?" Ron heard Adrian's little voice ringing out.

"I'm coming buddy!"

Kim took Lily Anne and they both raced to the twin's room.

"Emma! Adrian!" Ron screamed.

"DA DA!" the twins screamed with delight as Ron picked them up.

"Daddy's back, and he's never leaving again."

"I'm holding you to that promise." Kim said.

He kissed his wife and his children and the Stoppable family was finally back together…and stronger then ever.


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