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Title: Destiny Crisis (Temporary Title)

Summary: The hardest thing is taking that step to say goodbye and let go. It was real. Reality was, fate had won again. Usagi is being sent to another reality as punishment for something Sailor Cosmos caused. With Destiny destroyed what will be their future now?

Chapter One

The hardest thing is taking that step to say goodbye and let go. It was real. Reality was, fate had won again. No ever thought it possible seeing as they had seen their future with their own eyes. Yet it was happening right here before their own eyes and there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop it.

Makoto knelt beside a bed which held Usagi's pale limp form wrapped tightly in thick blankets. She held a bowl of cool water in her lap and a damp washcloth in her hand, running it along Usagi's burning forehead every now and then.

"I don't understand it." Ami said gritting her teeth her hand gripping her Mercury compact till her knuckles turned white. "This shouldn't be happening."

Over in the corner Setsuna stared solemnly at Usagi's ill figure her worry and frustration more evident then ever before. "I don't understand it either. Its as if the existence of Usagi Tsukino is slowly fading from our world."

The door to Makoto's apartment opened and a disheveled Rei entered. Her bluish lavender eyes were alive with anger and uncertainty. "I saw Mamoru. I asked him if he was going to see Usagi…" Collapsing on her knees next to Minako and Haruka at the head of the bed she pushed Usagi's bangs back. "He no longer knows who Usagi is."

"What ever is happening is effecting history here in the present." Michiru said quietly wondering what could possible be able to cause all of this. There were no signs of any enemy in the universe since Chaos's defeat.

Hotaru sat down on the floor suddenly in the middle of the room.

"Hotaru?" Minako asked confused.

"Shh. She is going to try something she hasn't done in a long time." Setsuna said quietly, watching as Hotaru concentrated, her hands folded flat in front of her with her eyes closed in deep thought.

Soon a breeze entered the room before circling on the top of Hotaru's hands forming a small sphere of wind. The wind then grew dark until it was only a ball of inky darkness. Within a second the ball filled in shape taking up have the room and reaching as high as the ceiling. Within the inky black sphere an image began to build upon itself. It was an image of their universe.

"Amazing" Ami whispered in awe.

Rei looked up to see something glowing brightly in the center of the universe. "What is that?"

"Star seed"

Minako looked at Artemis shocked. "A star seed?"

Luna nodded.

"Usagi" Makoto muttered. "Could it be?" it was impossible. What would her star seed be doing in the center of the universe?

Haruka looked down at Usagi thoughtfully "The center of the universe?"

"Hey isn't the cauldron at the center of the universe?" Ami said flipping open her compact and quickly typing away.

The hologram image shifted before fading out and Hotaru fell to the ground drained.

"Is she okay?" Rei asked worried.

"She'll be fine" Michiru nodded.

Just as Ami was about to speak again a white light blinded their vision filling the room with a cold void. When they were able to open their eyes they were floating in an empty abyss of stars.

Usagi was floating limply with her pale white princess gown adorning her figure. Something wasn't right with the picture despite the rest. Her body was glowing with colorful orbs as she began to slowly fade.

"USAGI!" Rei screamed rushing towards her to fly back from an invisible force field.

"It is hard saying goodbye to someone you've come to love so dearly." A soft voice echoed through the vast emptiness.

"Who are you!" Makoto yelled placing her fists in front of her.

"Show your self!" Haruka seethed through gritted teeth.

"My darling soldiers…. I am not a who. I am more if an, it. I am the cauldron. I AM Sagittarius Zero Star."

"Impossible!" Setsuna yelled in disbelief. How could such a thing be true.

"What's happening to Usagi-chan!" Minako asked solemnly watching as Usagi's form disappeared as time passed.

There was a moment of silence. "During the Sailor Wars a little girl you called Chibi Chibi visited you. She watched over you so to speak but when the time came to fight Chaos she intervened when she shouldn't have. That child was actually Sailor Cosmos in disguise. The ultimate Sailor Moon from the distant future. She was never supposed to return to the past in the first so in doing so she sealed her past self's fate."

"I am not sure I understand." Setsuna said slowly, trying to comprehend what the cauldron was trying to say.

"Going back into the past was a great crime for Sailor Cosmos, especially when her goal was to stop Chaos for good. Because of this Usagi's future no longer exists and no she is to be punished. Her star crystal is being sent to a distant reality far from our universe…."

"WHAT!" they senshi, Luna and Artemis managed to stutter out angrily.

"What about us?" Ami whispered sadly. What would they do without their ray of moonlight? What would they be without Usagi?

"I'm afraid you will forget about the moon princess just as the earth and the rest of the universe has. Goodbyes aren't always final. You'll never truly forget each other."

Usagi's body began turned into colorful orbs that floated upward, in the center was a shining silver crystal.

"WAIT!" Rei, Makoto, Minako and Setsuna screamed just as the light filed the vision again.

When it died away they opened their eyes again…

Rei looked around. She was still in the inky abyss only Haruka, Michiru, Ami and Hotaru weren't anywhere to be found.

"Where are the others?" Minako asked worried.

"They have been brought safely to earth. They're memories hidden until the day they will be resurfaced."

"What about us? Why are we still here" Rei asked confused.

"It is what you so desired. To join your princess. I am willing you four to journey to this reality to protect her."

"Why?" Makoto asked wondering why they were so special as to be chosen when the others weren't.

"I have my reasons. Farewell Soldiers."


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