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"Raven!" called a six-year-old child who was wearing a pink shirt and pink pants that matched. "Yes?" Replied Raven who was holding the lollipop stick and sucking it. "Look at this picture I made!" Chelsea replied, who leaned back for Raven to see the picture. "Chelsea that's nice!" Raven replied as she leaned forward to get a better view of the drawing. "Ok. So this is how it works. When I get married you will be my groom!" Chelsea said, looking at Raven with her eyes wide with excitement. Raven laughed and replied "Ok!" The two friends held hands and merrily jumped in the bed…

Raven laughed as she watched the video of her and Chelsea in their 6-year-old stage. She laughed even more as she got to the part "You will be my groom!" She thought that they were totally clueless about a groom and a bridesmaid. She missed Chelsea a lot. But now, it seems like their normal day-to-day activities with Eddie has changed. They would seldom see each other, and that only happens in the hallway. Their movie night would always be cancelled due to the absence of Chelsea and Eddie.

"I wonder what's going on with those two." Raven thought to herself as she took a peek out the window. She took glance of the buildings and thought about how wonderful the weather was during that time.

She picked up her remote and turned off the switch. She did a little stretch and slowly got up from her bed. Before she knew it, she was in the middle of a vision.

"Rae! You should have told me!" She saw Chelsea crying and leaning against her locker.

Snapping back to reality, Raven wondered what her vision was all about. Why was Chelsea crying? What did I do? Who was she talking to? These questions kept wandering around in her head, and she can't seem to get rid of it. Thinking about it one last time, Raven tried to remind herself that if she can see anything wrong in her way, she would try to stop it. She didn't want to hurt her best friend. Chelsea has never made her cry. Never. She couldn't do that to Chelsea.

After the scrumptious dinner, Raven said her "good nights" and went up to bed. She has brushed her teeth, washed her face, and all the other necessary things that should be done. She wore her pj's as she skipped to bed. Raven, remember that everything will be alright. Raven thought to herself that night, repeating it several times for her to remember. She felt that their friendship was slowly being ruined. Raven has suspected that maybe Chelsea and Eddie were having a relationship. Just maybe. But she reminded herself that such good friends like them wouldn't be having a relationship behind her back. Raven wasn't in the mood now. A single drop of tear rolled down her cheek. She didn't seem to care about wiping it off. Slowly, she pulled the blanket to her shoulders as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning…

Rrrrrrrrring! The 'annoying' alarm clock woke Raven up.

She stopped the alarm and brought herself up. She rubbed her eyes as she let out a big yawn. She then did a long, relaxing stretch before she stood up.

Raven was feeling much better now. She had a good night rest and fortunately the next morning, all the things that was troubling her mind was no longer there.

She was ready for a good day, no troubles- no worries.

Raven proceeded to the showers and sang her way through her bathe. After her shower, she wore her usual outfit. Jeans and shirt. She wore her 'best' jeans that came from Chelsea as a birthday present; and a blue-striped shirt. It matched perfectly. She lastly combed her hair and added the final touches. As she went down the stairs, she pulled the strap of her bag up.

"Good morning honey," Tanya greeted her daughter as she was reading the paper.

"Your breakfast is there in the table. And your lunch is right over there in the counter." Tanya continued.

Raven nodded and said her 'good mornings' to both Tanya and Victor. Victor gave back a "good morning"

Victor then was cooking eggs and bacon. Cory's favorite breakfast meal. Raven grabbed a bowl and took a sit. She poured the milk on her bowl and added cereals. She took a big scoop; she pretty much enjoyed her breakfast.

Her parents were cool. And Raven really thought that. They would sometimes be annoying because they would let you share your problems with them- even those that were private. But otherwise, they were cool for her. They know when their children are troubled or somewhat sad, and as parents, they would comfort them. Raven smiled at her parents as she took another scoop of cereals.

That day in school…

It was their English class. All were bored- and some were even sleeping. The three friends were all there. Eddie was listening to his Discman, the others were talking to each other, and some were passing notes around. The teacher tried to get each one's attention. But face it, it was too boring. And for them, the teacher was much too oblivious. There were times that a student would throw crumpled pieces of paper which aimed for his head, and now he still doesn't know the 'student'.

Raven was reading her book. She could sense that the three weren't minding each other much.

"Raven!" Chelsea whispered.

Raven looked back. She then dodged away from the crumpled piece of paper that Chelsea threw towards her. But still, it hit her. "Ouch," Raven replied. Thought it didn't even hurt, not even a tiny bit.

Carefully unfolding the piece of crumpled paper, Raven read to herself: Raven, I need to talk to you. After lunch, please? It's very important." She looked back at Chelsea who was waiting for Raven to read it. Raven gave a questioned look to Chelsea, and Chelsea place her hands together as she said "please?" Raven just nodded and smiled as she went back on her book.

The bell finally rang. Their subject then was Chemistry, and they were all drained up from the pop quiz given to them.

Giving her head a rub, Raven told Chelsea who was just beside her "Girl, that was the hardest quiz ever. It made me dizzy. Its like the things around are revolving around me!"

"Oh really? Well, mine feels like while the things are revolving around me, I'm revolving too!"

Both giggled as Eddie, who was holding his basketball passed through them. He then threw the ball up and caught it even before it fell down. "Ha, it was the easiest quiz I ever encountered my whole life!" Eddie exclaimed.

Both Chelsea and Raven exchanged looks, and simultaneously rolled their eyes.

Raven placed her arm around Chelsea as they walked down the hallway. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Okay." Chelsea looked around, realizing they were surrounded by people. She pulled Raven to an empty classroom and there she said it.

"Raven, I'm beginning to fall for Eddie." Chelsea finally said as she was looking down at her shoes.

"Oh. So that's why you haven't been talking to each other much." Raven said. She was happy for her best friend, and she was happy at the same time because they weren't mad at each other all along.

"There. I finally said it. Now, please be a best friend and promise not to tell anyone about this?"

Raven smiled and replied "Yes."

That same day (at night)…

The three were all sitting in the couch as they were watching a horror movie. Chelsea sat in the middle; Eddie was just beside her. Raven crossed her leg as she grabbed a handful of popcorn from Chelsea. Chelsea honestly got frightened with the movie. And Eddie yawned. He thought that the movie was not scary- at all.

As Raven took a sip from her drink, she realized that there wasn't much left. "I'm just going to get more soda. More for you two?"


"Me two!" Chelsea replied as her hand was covering her eyes. She made sure that she can still see a small portion of the television screen, just to be aware about what was going on.

"Okay then. Ill leave you two alone," Raven replied giving Chelsea a 'secret' wink.

Not too long later, Raven returned with two soda cans on her right hand. She was holding hers on the right hand. Raven took a sip and asked "What did I miss?"

"Nothing interesting." Eddie replied. "Have we watched an interesting part yet by the way? This movie makes me sleepy!"

"Huh? Well, this movie makes me sick! Full of blood and stuff. Why do monsters have green blood anyway?" Chelsea also replied.

"Okay, okay." That was Raven's response. She took a sit and exactly as she positioned her 'indian sit' on the couch, she had a vision.

It was in her school, Bayside. She saw Alana and Eddie- together. Alana was leaning against Eddie's locker, and somewhat looked like she was… flirting. Eddie then laughed and leaned towards Alana, saying "I love you". Unexpectedly and surprisingly, the kiss happened.

Raven was shocked about what she just saw in her vision. She knew very well that her vision would hurt her best friend!

"Raven? Are you alright?" Chelsea asked her best friend as she saw Raven give a shocked expression.

"Hmm?" Raven replied, not even looking at Chelsea. Still shocked.

"Hello? Raven!"

"Uh, yah?" Raven finally replied as she looked at Chelsea.

"What is it? Did you get frightened by the movie?"

"Yes, I did." Raven lied.

"Hah! See! These movies really are intended to give people a shock!" Chelsea smiled as pointed to the television screen.

A shock, huh. Raven thought to herself. She didn't know what to do. So us not minding each other was because of Chelsea being inlove with Eddie- who now has a relationship with Alana? Raven felt sad about what her vision just showed her.

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