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It was a gloomy Thursday night. Chelsea took a peek out the window and gave out a sigh. She lied down in her bed as she drifted off to sleep…

Things have been wandering around Chelsea's mind this day. She couldn't forget seeing Eddie kiss Alana. It truly saddened her thinking about Eddie going out with some other girl. She desperately wished that he would love her back. But it was impossible. She thought that Eddie would someday realize his true feelings for Chelsea, and Chelsea would do anything for it to happen. But Alana got in the way. She couldn't blame anyone else. No one had a fault in this situation…

That Friday Morning…

Chelsea stared at herself in the mirror. Her beautiful red hair covered her face. She gently brushed it away and tucked it behind her ear. She was wearing a green shirt and denim pants. Chelsea believed that she looked beautiful in what she was wearing. Though, something bothered her mind. What does Alana have that I don't have? Is it that long, beautiful blonde hair? That gorgeous face? That body? Envy and jealousy was all over Chelsea.

She let out a big sigh as she wore her hooded jacket. The rain poured continuously that morning; she felt as if today was the worst day. She ran down the stairs and skipped the last two. Her breakfast was done; so far everything was going well.

In Bayside…

As Chelsea arrived in school, she removed her hood and went straight to her locker. To her surprise, standing there beside her locker was- Eddie.

"Hi," That's the only thing that came out from Chelsea's mouth. She stared at Eddie for about a second and opened her locker.


"Hmm?" Chelsea replied smiling, as if nothing was troubling her mind.

"Chelsea, I know you saw me and Alana yesterday" Eddie said.

"Oh yeah. Well, about that, it's nothing." Chelsea lied.

"Chelsea, I want you to know that I'm really so-"

Before Eddie could finish his sentence, there was Alana, walking towards him.

"How's my hot and gorgeous boyfriend doing?" Alana asked pulling Eddie's lips towards hers.

Eddie couldn't resist. He loved Alana so much, and there was nothing that could change that. He gave in for the kiss.

Surprised, Chelsea slammed her locker close and ran away from Eddie and Alana. But before she did, she whispered an "I love you" to Eddie

Chelsea ran as fast as she could to a place where no one was. There she desired to could cry her way through. She didn't know where to go though. She bumped Ben on the way.

"I'm sorry" Chelsea apologized. She didn't even dare to look up. She's been crying the whole time since yesterday. Her face looked pale and her eyes were red.

"Chelsea? What's wrong?" Ben asked, holding her shoulders to stop Chelsea from running away.

Chelsea tried to let herself free, but Ben grasped her shoulders tightly.

"Please, Ben. Let me go" She pleaded calmly.

Gently, Ben's hand slowly loosened up and Chelsea cried even more. Her shoulders were red from the tight grasping of Ben.

"I'm sorry Chelsea. Here, I won't ask you anything more. Can I just please walk you to class?" Ben begged.

Ben is a physic too. He and Chelsea once had a relationship, until they started to ignore each other after the summer. It's not yet done officially though. He loved Chelsea deeply and he even loved her more than anything else. It just so happened that Chelsea would start crushing other guys and Ben would start courting other girls.

Chelsea agreed and nodded as she went closer to Ben's arms. Ben gave her a gentle hug.

"Your shaking." Ben felt concerned. He took off his jacket and place it around Chelsea.

Chelsea whispered "thanks."

Ben walked Chelsea over to Algebra class. He saw Raven and told her everything- how he bumped Chelsea and stuff. Raven said 'thank you' as Ben started to leave.

"Chelsea. Look, get over Eddie." Raven suggested the second Ben left.

"Raven, its hard to let go of my feelings for him!" Chelsea replied as tears started to roll down her cheeks once more. Her tears were like the rain; it kept on falling down.

Raven let Chelsea rest her head over her shoulder. Minutes later, the teacher arrived and Chelsea felt a little better now. Her face was pale no more; her tears finally stopped; and her red eyes weren't red.

Raven is such a great friend. Chelsea thought to herself.

During Algebra class, the teacher discussed numerous complicated lessons. Only a few understood; and that didn't include Chelsea and Raven. Even before they could analyze the topic, the teacher would skip to the next one. They were puzzled and confused.

During lunch time…

It was finally lunch time; and Chelsea felt much better now. She laughed and smiled at every joke Raven cracked.

"…Yah, and he does smell!" Chelsea said as the two friends laughed.

Moments later, the laughter died. Raven quickly thought of a new topic; just to get rid of the 'Eddie topic'.

"So, have you seen Ben? You still owe him a thank you" Raven said to cut the silence.

"Honestly, no. And I really haven't thought about that."

The two talked more as they got to the cafeteria. For the second time, Chelsea bumped into Ben. Her books scattered across the floor.

"I'm sorry!" Chelsea apologized.

Ben kneeled down to pick up the books. As he handed them to Chelsea, Chelsea smiled and stood up.

"Ben, thanks for walking me to class this morning. I truly appreciated that."

"Sure, don't mention it." Ben replied, staring at Chelsea. She has been as beautiful as ever, even more beautiful than the first time I saw her. He thought. He just couldn't keep his eyes off Chelsea.

"So, you think I'm such a jerk and klutz right?" Chelsea asked just to keep his attention away from her face.

Chelsea thought it was sweet. But she had no feelings left for Ben now. She once loved him, but everything changed already. That was it. She loves Eddie now.

"No, why would I think that?" Ben lovingly replied as he took his eyes off Chelsea.

"Then maybe you think that I looked like a fool this morning?"

"Your pale face?" Ben joked.

"No. You know why?" He continued.


"Because it's impossible to make that beautiful face look like a fool."

"Oh Ben, that's so sweet." Chelsea replied. She honestly found it flattering.

The two stared at each other.

"Ben!" Called a bunch of boys behind.

He's friends perhaps. Chelsea thought.

"I'm sorry. That's my name their calling,"

"Ok, see you around Ben." Replied Chelsea.

"Yeah, I'll see you around." Ben said as he ran towards them with his eyes still focused on Chelsea.

"Girl! See, Ben is a sweet and loving guy!" Raven told Chelsea.

"What?" Chelsea almost forgot Raven was just there beside her.

Giving Chelsea a raised eyebrow look, Chelsea began to reply "Ben? I don't love him anymore Rae. I love Eddie and that's it."

What the two didn't know is that Eddie was just in their back, hearing the whole conversation. Suspecting that Raven would see him, he quickly ran away and to his locker.

And there was Alana, standing once more in his locker.

"Eddie," Alana whispered as she moved closer once more for a kiss.

Eddie dodged away and said "I'm sorry,"

Alana gave a shocked expression as Eddie honestly said:

"I love Chelsea, I hope you would understand that" And as soon as he said it, he ran away from Alana.

"Eddie!" Alana called. Eddie didn't look back.

That Night in Raven's house…

It was movie night. The doorbell rang and Cory answered the door. It was Chelsea standing there, with a bag full of chips and popcorn.

"Hey there babe," Cory greeted.

"Cory, please be a sweetheart and call your sister?" Chelsea favored.

"Anything for you, my sweetheart!"

Chelsea rolled her eyes as Cory called "Raven!"

Raven came in holding the DVD of what they were going to watch tonight. It was another horror movie.

"Hey Chels, I'm sorry for this movie. I know you hate draculas and stuff."

"Well, better than nothing."

The doorbell rang once more and Raven opened the door. It was Eddie who was holding a plastic full of soda cans in it.

Chelsea gave a smile at Eddie and took her sit in the couch. Raven inserted the DVD. The movie started playing. As usual, Raven wasn't sacred; Chelsea's freaked out; and Eddie's sleepy. Always like that.

Surprisingly, a scene appeared and the Dracula appeared from nowhere. Even the two got shocked. But Chelsea screamed. Eddie place his hand around Chelsea and stared at her beautiful hazel eyes as they shared a passionate kiss…

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