Slippery Soap Suds

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Chapter XIV: It's Not Assault if it's Consensual

Hermione Granger opened her eyes only to be greeted by a pair of steely grey ones.

Fucking shit. She could feel his leg wrapped around hers.

Instantly, she got up and was about to step out of the bed (correction, wobble out of the fuckin' water bed) when she noticed she was only wearing an olive green Slytherin shirt.

"Morning, Granger."

To which, Hermione very slowly turned her head, mouth forming a (very delectable, in Draco's opinion) "O" of horror. She found herself looking back at a very suspiciously-smirking and very half-naked Draco Malfoy beside her, under the very same bed sheets.

Oh sweet holy Merlin.

"What are you doing here?" Her voice croaked.

"What a pity you don't remember what happened last night…"

Hermione froze. "Wha-what do you mean?"

Draco pouted and pretended to be examining his nails. "And here I was looking forward for tonight… You did promise me an awful lot of things."


"There is nothing to explain!" Draco said, half-smiling. "Why must you analyze everything? You were enjoying me last night, no questions asked…"

"Wipe that smirk off your face, Malfoy. I'm not joking!"

"Who said I was?" Oh, what fun you are, Granger.

Draco was given full view of the different shades of red as Hermione coloured darker every minute; and he decided to push her buttons a wee bit further as he sauntered closer to her and whispered breathily in her ear, "Granger, if there's one thing you should know about me – I don't joke around when I'm fuck-ing."

Hermione's eyes darkened and before Draco could finish and gurgle in amusement, she hexed him with her strongest Stupefy. "Bloody hell!" She paced around the room, biting her fingernails and muttering, "I messed up I messed up I messed up I messed up I messed up…" She glanced at him and couldn't help flushing at his unconscious state. It was definitely hard to look at a semi-naked Malfoy. Her cheeks burned as she processed his words. Fuck, I slept with him! She could self-combust in shame any moment now.


The smell of fried eggs woke Draco. He yawned and his stomach grumbled. Then, he noticed the breakfast laid out on the table beside the bed. The note beside it simply read:

Thank you for the hospitality. But to make it clear, you slept with the alcohol last night, not me. I'd appreciate it if we do not talk about any of this, if we ever meet in the future. – HG


Blaise Zabini was whistling on his way to his room. He had a good night and had a good lay even if it was with a not-so-good woman, though in fairness, Pansy was very good with her tongue.

"Malfoy!" He called, walking into the other's room. "You wouldn't believe – " He surveyed Draco's room and found a) Malfoy on his bed with a half-eaten breakfast with b) a note in his hand, and c) the second pillow beside him showing signs of use; but d) no woman in sight. Something was wrong.

"All right, what happened?" Blaise said, grinning smugly. Draco Malfoy always got out of bed before any woman.

"Nothing." Draco stared at him, crumpling the note. Blaise's eyes dropped furtively to Draco's hand. "What's that, then?" Draco looked at the crumpled note, stared back at Blaise and ate the note.

Blaise almost choked when Malfoy swallowed the paper. "What the hell!?"

"Just in case you get any ideas… and rummage the trash or Reparo it or anything funny like that." Malfoy replied, getting up and putting on a shirt. "I'm going out for a walk."

Blaise chuckled in disbelief and amusement as the door closed. Who the hell is this girl?!



Hermione frowned, turning off her blowdryer and headed for the door which someone was happily banging on the other side. She had just finished showering, scalding her skin to get rid of whatever lingered from last night – which she doesn't even remember. She clearly didn't rub good enough because she could still feel how his skin felt against hers this morning.


"Coming!" With a sigh, Hermione opened the door and her nostrils flared at the sight of the devil on her doorstep. "Malfoy," she managed to say.

Draco gave her a very creepy smile. "Why hello, Granger."

"What do you want?"

"Hmm… how do I say this?" Draco started, folding his arms. "In the rather, ah, confusing state of events, we managed to exist with each other and I, out of the greatness of my heart, cared for you in your time of dire need… So tell me what your ingenious little mind was thinking when you damn well hexed me!"

"Oi, Malfoy!" An irritated Hermione started, hands on her hips. "Do you expect me to stay calm after waking up in your bed with your nipples in my face and hearing we did each other?! I had every right to curse you, and I'd do it again if I should! These days, it's called caring, huh? In my book, it's still sexual harassment! I was under the influence and you took advantage of that."

The smirk was back. "Granger, Granger… It's not assault if it's consensual."

Blood drained from Hermione's face. "I don't believe you," she said in a small voice that didn't sound very convincing.

"Do you want me to refresh your memory?" Draco took a step forward.

Alarmed, Hermione shoved him back roughly. "Fine, whatever! If anything did happen, you must have been so bad that I don't remember it!"

"I was so good that even your head came and exploded so now, you don't remember it!"

"Bugger off!" Hermione blushingly exclaimed, shooing Draco away from her room. "I already thanked you for helping me sober up. It was clearly written in the note."

Oh yes… the note, Draco mused. The note which I swallowed. Of course, I'd know. "No, I'm not going away until you compensate me for that stunt of yours. Your little breakfast was thanks for not leaving you in the bar for the big bad wolves to eat up." He checked his watch and walked away. "All right, I'll see you downstairs in fifteen."

Hermione's jaw had dropped and Draco was at the door of the lift when she replied, "I'm not going."

He turned to her with a grin that could rival said big bad wolf's. "Yes, you will. If you don't go, you'll never know what happened to your black lace brassiere." He waved goodbye as the doors closed on him.

Hermione wished the lift would go straight to hell.


"Two scoops of strawberry with rainbow syrup and stardust on top for the lady; and a bowl of Chocolate Teeth-breakers for the gent."

He took her to an ice cream shop. Hermione could not be more bewildered and suspicious of him. This is dangerous. She cautiously tasted her dessert, watching him as he popped his sweet in his mouth.

Draco sighed exaggeratedly. "Now this is good stuff! You can get these babies only at Archer Inn."

Hermione leaned closer to him and snapped, "Okay, no games. What did you do to my undergarments?"

Draco laughed, seeing Hermione's sparkling rainbow-coloured tongue. "I'll tell you if you successfully finish three of these Teeth-breakers in one go," Draco replied, his whole mouth slightly quivering from the effects of his dessert. He handed Hermione the circular confections and rested his chin on one hand to enjoy the show.

Hermione, wary and confused, slowly brought the balls into her mouth. Her eyes grew wide as the ice cream literally exploded in her mouth, causing her teeth to chatter in frosty chocolate bliss.

"Y-yoouu f-ff-fuck-k-ker!" She cried, one ball falling from her mouth, some chocolate dripping down her chin. She drank some water to calm her senses, and seized a napkin to wipe her face with.

"Did you like it?" Draco asked, eyeing the melting ball on the table and then at Hermione. His eyes were sparkling in sadistic triumph.

Hermione's eyes met his and narrowed as she watched him gobble up the rest of the Teeth-breakers like they were nothing. She may not know his motives, but she knew his tactic – he was stalling.

Licking his fingers free of chocolate, Draco whispered casually to Hermione, "Now, listen carefully, Granger. I am going to take your hand and at the count of three, we will run out of the shop." He glanced at her open rainbow mouth and grabbed her hand. "One."

"Malfoy! What do you think you're doing?" Hermione hissed, gripping his hand tight. This is dangerous…

"Two." He was not listening. All he could hear was the blood rushing in his ears, as his heartbeat increased its rhythm.

However, Hermione was panicking. "Hey, I have some knuts if you don't have any on you. You don't have to be so –"


Hermione didn't get to finish. Draco had literally flown her out of the shop with him. They were running Merlin-knows-where, oblivious to the shouts of the shop keepers, while the wind whipped at their faces as some kind of celestial punishment. She couldn't feel her legs; she was floating. She couldn't hear anything but Draco's child-like laughter.

She momentarily forgot about her underwear and that her left hand was currently entwined in Draco's right.

They were in a park when Draco finally slowed down. Hermione headed directly to the nearest tree and leaned on its trunk, letting out a deep breath.

"Wicked!" Draco exclaimed happily, following Hermione, who was looking at him in spite.

"How dare you!" Hermione was yelling, pointing an accusing finger at him. "How dare you recruit me in your criminal activities?"

Draco scoffed, "Criminal? Your legs are criminal… Ouch!"

Hermione had thrown a branch at him. Exasperated, she slid down the tree and sat on the ground, muttering, "This is madness. I'm mad! I don't even know what I'm doing here with you… for a bra? Seriously? I should leave…right now!" She hadn't even heard Draco squatting next to her.

"What are you muttering there for? Have you gone mad?" Draco asked, poking her arm.

"Okay, Malfoy," Hermione turned to him with a serious face. "Give me my bra right now so I can walk away and never have to see you again."

Draco appeared as if he was thinking about it. "Then, I'm never giving back your bra."

"Then, keep it. I'm leaving," Hermione started to stand up but Draco held her and pulled her back down.

"No, stay! I'm so bored. I need something to do… or someone to do." His eyebrows were waggling.

"Seriously, Malfoy, stop that!" Hermione angrily replied.

"What, love?"

"That! This, this – flirting!" Hermione stammered, trying not to meet his eyes. "It's unnatural!"


" – disgusting and the fact that we shagged! Ugh – "


" – repulsive and not going to – "

"Hermione! We didn't shag, okay?"

"Huh?" Hermione stared confusedly at him. What the…?

"I didn't dip my dick in you, so come off it already!" Draco was getting irritated. How stupid could she be? "If we'd done it, you should be so sore right now because yeah, I'm that good."

Hermione's jaw had dropped so low Draco had to close her mouth for her. After which she quickly pounced on him and screamed, "Bloody hell! How dare you fuck around with me! Fucking fudgecakes!" She took a deep breath. Suddenly, his back was on the ground and her arms were around his neck. "Thank Merlin we didn't shag! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She exclaimed excitedly, now hugging Draco to the point of suffocation.


"What?" Draco felt as if he couldn't breathe. No, Hermione wasn't suffocating him anymore. Her head was on his chest and she was so close his nose hairs could feel her. He didn't even notice she was using his name or that he called her by her name earlier, nor did she notice she was using his.

"Thank you for taking care of me and, and… being a friend last night."

Draco didn't really know what to say to that. He couldn't even do anything. His body wasn't listening to him. It was curling around her warmth, dangerously close to something called an embrace. "I…I'm not your friend."

"What are we then?"

It took a while for Draco to reply. "Not sure… Why do you want to know?"

"I don't know!" Hermione answered, irritated. "You confuse me!"

"I confuse you?" Draco laughed at this. "Then, by definition," He continued slowly, thinking of something to describe their relationship. Neither had the courage to utter the word lover or anything implying that. Technically, they weren't even lovers, but neither could deny that there was something. Attraction, maybe? Who knows? "By definition, we are… we could be clandestine contacts."

"Could you get any cheesier?" Hermione was grinning.

"I don't see you coming up with anything, Miss Smarty-pants!" Draco fumed, obviously embarrassed.

"I think I like it, though," Hermione said, smiling at him. "It's safe." Still grinning, she playfully wrapped her arms around his waist. She didn't know what possessed her to do that. What scared her was that it felt all right.

Draco's eyebrows shot up. "What is this?"

Hermione chewed her lip, trying not to laugh. "We're 'clandestine contacts', aren't we? Just keeping physical contact with you."

"That doesn't count."

"You're not flinching."

"I trust you." Draco had never said anything more real in so long. He lowered his head and took her mouth in a slow soft kiss.

And thus, their worlds shifted, meshing into one fated to propel downward, gaining momentum every second they realize that they could not breathe without the other.

Hermione broke free and lifted her head away from him. She needed some distance.

Draco caught his breath. Hesitantly, he asked, "Did I scare you?"



Hermione opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't say the words. "Just because." She sneaked a look at him and saw his mouth set in a grim straight line. Maybe it was the light; maybe it was her eyes. But for a moment there, he looked sad.

"Tell me," he said. Two words never felt more like an Imperio.

Hermione sighed and blushed slightly. She looked at him the moment he looked away. "You make me wanna do things."

He stared at the mush of melted ice beneath his boots. He stared at her.

Before she knew it, Hermione was crushed against the tree; Malfoy's arms around her waist, Malfoy's lips against hers.

Hermione's heart felt as if it leapt over a twenty-foot building and was crushed by ten thousand bludgers. It was screaming Draco! Draco! Draco! over and over again. "Malfoy, please!" She gasped, pushing him away weakly.

Draco held her even tighter and captured her lips in his again. Kissing Granger felt so necessary. It was a need he'd been depriving himself of. It was wrong… so wrong. But it was absolutely delicious. Soft strawberry velvet heaven with a touch of Irish cream.

This time, Hermione's arms slithered around him and her hands slowly moved against the back of his head, pulling him in closer for more. Lost in lust, Draco let his hands roam free, resting across her back and giving her hip a little squeeze.

She broke free from his embrace and looked at him in shock, disbelief and confusion. "This is not good."

"I know." He kissed her again, and she pulled away again, although weaker than the first time.

"We shouldn't do this." Hermione was whispering and her voice was cracking and so sensually low.

"I know." Draco couldn't help but pull her back into his arms. "But I don't want you to go."

Hermione reached up and pressed her lips roughly on his. "I know," she whispered before tasting him once more.


"See you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Hermione repeated after Draco's retreating form. He had walked her to her building in silence and she thought that what happened was his form of goodbye but his last words said otherwise.

"Yea," Draco replied, as if it was natural for them to be setting dates together. "I don't know what time exactly…so that means you can't go anywhere until I get here."

"What the hell!"

Draco came back and added, smirking, "Until then, your lovely brassiere is in my capable hands."

"What is this that I hear about brassiere?"

Draco and Hermione both turned to see Blaise Zabini approaching them. He had a wicked, wicked smile on his face, and that usually meant no good.

"None of your business, Zabini," Hermione snapped and was about to tell him off when Draco interrupted.

"Granger here was just embarrassed because I saw her bra strap falling through her sleeves this afternoon," Draco explained, laughing a little. "You should've seen her face. Comical little thing!"

"What? I did not!"

"Ahhh… so what were you two doing together in the afternoon?" This time for sure, Hermione saw Blaise's eyes sparkle with mischief.

"Oh I was just in the ice cream shop and she was there." Smooth, Draco, smooth. Draco praised himself inwardly.

"Of course! What was I thinking?" Blaise laughed apologetically. "So what did you get?"

"Teeth-breakers, of course!" Draco replied, forcedly joining Blaise in his laughter. "You know I wouldn't get anything else but those! Ha! Ha!"

"And Granger?"

"Strawberry ice cream with rainbow syrup and stardust…" Hermione smiled warily. Even though Blaise was Draco's friend, he was still a Slytherin and she did not trust him. Not one bit. "It's nice to have bumped into both of you," she said, heading inside. "But it's been a long day… So, until then…"

"Rest well!" Blaise answered and Draco plainly nodded at her.

When Hermione had gotten in the lift, Blaise turned back to Draco and sneered at him.

"What, you creep?"

Amused, Blaise replied, "Like hell I'd believe you didn't snog Hermione Granger." He started to walk in the direction of the South Gardens annex. "Now share all the (ahem) gory details…"

Draco ran after him and cried, "Are you mad, Zabini? I did no such thing!"

Blaise laughed and winked at him. "Draco, my boy – next time you fib, make sure your rainbow tongue isn't sparkling. The glare is bad for my eyes."


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