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Chapter One:

The Crazy Brat

A police car was making its rounds as it drove around the city streets slowly to take in the surroundings, and making sure nothing strange or dangerous was going on. It dark out of course, and that's why the police are extra careful at this time of night.

"Sure is a quiet night..." said a policeman in the passenger seat of the car, and he looked out his side window to gaze at the empty sidewalks and parks.

A policewoman, who was driving the car, nodded in agreement, "Sure is... very strange that it's so quiet..." Suddenly, she hit the brake hard with her foot, and the two almost went flying out the car window if they didn't have their seatbelts on (always buckle up!) The car stopped in the middle of the street and almost into a four-way intersection of the road!

"Why the heck did you do that!" The policeman snorted angrily at his partner. He groaned and put his hands on his head to ease the odd rush that went through his body.

His partner did not say anything. She just got out of the car and started to walk slowly to a side of a glass building. The policeman looked at his partner and than at the glass building to try and see what the policewoman was seeing. He got out of the car as well and approached her with an angry look on his face. "Just what the heck are you looking at!" He asked angrily.

The policewoman stood in front of the glass building and pointed to it with a shaky finger. The policeman turned and looked at the building, and his eyes grew wide with shock and wonderment. On the side of the building was large writing, as if spray painted, but this paint... shined and glowed like neon lights! How can any paint or spray paint do such a thing? This paint glowed an odd green color, and had the most unusual sentence on it...

"The krazy girl is coming..."

"For over two weeks now this has been on the news! So what if there's a crazy kid in the city spray painting the buildings, cars, and trees -- allot of the punks do that!" Cried out an irritable Davis as he paced around Tai's living room with the TV remote in his hands.

Tai and Kari's parents were out of town for awhile, which meant the two children were left to take care of their apartment. It was all cool for them, because they invited all their friends over to talk about what has been on the news for a long time: a crazy punk kid has been causing trouble around the city, and no one knows who the heck it is!

Tai, Kari, Matt, and T.K. were sitting in front of the TV watching Davis pace back and forth, while Izzy, Joe, Mimi and Ken were sitting on the floor and leaning themselves against the couch.

"Calm down, Davis..." grumbled Sora, and she put her arms over her head to comfort it. Davis plopped himself down on the floor and sat there while muttering to himself angrily.

"You know what..." said Tai, than he stood up and turned to the others on the couch and on the floor. "I'm really tired of hearing this story, too. Maybe we can all join together and get this punk who's been causing trouble all over the city! I mean -- hey, we might get a reward, and even be on the news!" Tai smiled proudly and closed his eyes to try to imagine himself getting an award for stopping a punk that the police couldn't handle.

The children whispered to themselves, than they looked back at Tai and most of them nodded their heads. Joe was the only one who didn't.

"Oh, come on Joe, think about it!" Said Tai excitedly, and he put an arm around the poor guy. Joe cringed and lightly shoved Tai's hand off his shoulder. "We can be famous!"

"Famous for what -- catching a stupid punk that's been terrorizing the town? No thank you, I think I'll sit this one out!" Joe started to breath heavily as he was beginning to panic. "I'm just gonna go home and stay there 'cause I know I'll be safe. You can't make me go with you and find that punk!" Tai blinked for a second, but he looked at Davis and grinned at him. Davis looked at him and grinned as well. The two looked at Joe evilly. Yep -- he was coming, whether he liked it or not!

It was late into the night when the digidestined children started to wander the streets and the sidewalks to find this punk that's been causing all the trouble. From what the news said, this punk only comes out at night, or so they think. They noticed damaged things at the night hour, but most people don't usually see it until the day comes along where they can see their surroundings better.

Joe was shaking badly as Tai and Davis were dragging him along the sidewalks, so to speak. "Come on! You all can search for this punk without me! I hate danger you know! Let me go home!" Joe felt like he was about to have a heart attack right at the spot!

Tai and Davis suddenly let Joe go and the poor guy fell to the ground. "Joe, it's only a punk!" Said Tai sarcastically, and he put his hands on his hips and chuckled softly, "What's the worse a punk can do to all of us?"

Suddenly, the children stopped dead in their tracks and their bodies shuddered badly when they heard a male voice begin to speak to them. "Hmm... the digidestined children out so late at night, and why is that now?..." The children looked all around themselves until they saw who the voice belonged too, and they all gasped loudly and their eyes grew wide when they saw that it was Myotismon! The vampire lord happened to be standing next to Piedmon, and the two villains grinned maliciously at the children.

"How... how is this possible?" Cried Izzy, and he took a couple steps back.

"How... can this be?" Gasped Mimi, and she clutched her hands together tightly.

"How... in the heck did you two get there? You guys were dead, how did you come back alive?" Asked Davis curiously, and he raised an eyebrow at the villains.

Myotismon and Piedmon blinked at the children, and than they looked at each other. "I have no idea..." said Piedmon slowly, and he scratched his head lightly. He bit his lip and hoped Myotismon would come up with an answer.

"I do not know either! We were dead -- and happy to be, because I am sick and tired of you children killing me -- but now, we are here in the mortal realm and standing right in front of you!" Myotismon crossed his arms and eyed the children oddly. "If this is your idea of a joke, than it's a very bad one..."

Davis chuckled to himself quietly. Myotismon heard this and suddenly got angry. "You -- " he pointed to Davis with a threatening finger, "Why are you laughing at us?"

"You know what... I heard on the web that you two were gay, is that true?..." Davis covered his mouth in an attempt to keep his laughing from getting any louder.

Myotismon and Piedmon took a couple steps away from each other. "We are not gay!" Myotismon protested. "Wherever you heard these rumors, than they are not true!" As he looked back at Piedmon, he saw him wink and wave at him oddly. Myotismon shivered in revulsion. "O-kay..."

Izzy shook his head, "Come on, you guys, we need to figure out how those two got here in the first place. If they don't know how they got here, than we need to find out who did this and why..."

"I can answer that!" Piped out a cheerful voice from above. Everyone looked above to see an odd looking girl with the biggest, creepiest grin on her face. This little girl had huge green eyes, short brown hair, and wore an odd green looking shirt. She also wore sleek black pants that matched her outfit perfectly. The most noticeable thing on her was the very large, red pendant that she wore as a necklace. It glowed in the moonlight brightly. The little girl slowly floated down to the ground and stood between the two villains and the shocked digidestined children.

"Who... the heck... are you?" Asked Ken rudely and pointed a finger at the little girl.

The little girl chuckled oddly and bowed courteously , "Why, I'm Princess Kim: the Princess of powers and other things... which I really don't care to explain that right now!" She bowed again, and that creepy grin never left her face. She gestured her hands to the villains. "I'm the one who brought these guys back to life..." Suddenly, a green spray paint can appeared in her hands and she wrote her name onto the road.

The children gasped. "So you're the one who's been causing trouble around the city!" Gasped T.K.

Kim rolled her eyes and put the can away somewhere. "Yeah, 'cause I wanted to get your attention, and it worked -- you're here!" The little girl squealed in delight.

"B-but why?" Asked Joe with a shaky voice.

Kim pointed to the children and than the villains, who just stood there with wide eyes at this crazy looking girl. "'Cause I want to see you fight these guys! I want to see a fight between you two -- why? 'Cause I'm bored and I want to see some entertainment..." She flown up to the sky and crossed her arms.

Piedmon narrowed his eyes at the digidestined and snorted in disgust, "I am not fighting these children again. I just wish to go back to the Digital World and devise my own plan of attack, if you don't mind!" Myotismon nodded slowly in agreement.

Tai closed his eyes and put a hand on his hip, "So... you brought these villains back to life, because you want us to fight them for you to enjoy watching?" Kim nodded her head quickly and smiled at him. "Like, no-way! I don't feel like fighting those dorks again! One time was enough!"

"Yes, I agree," piped up Myotismon quietly, but than he realized what Tai just said about him. "Hey, I am no dork!" He growled softly at the boy.

Kim frowned disappointingly at them all. "But... I brought you guys' digimon back, too..."

"What?..." The children turned around to see their digimon starring back at them with frightened eyes.

"Wait a minute... how did I get here?" Asked Agumon to everyone else as he scratched his head and looked around himself. "I was about to fall asleep with the other Agumon... and now I'm here!"

Kim giggled and hugged her stomach. "Now everyone's here! Let's get this party started right now!"

Matt waved his arms and shook his head, "No! Stop this! We're not going to fight because you want us too! Now put everyone back where they belong..." than he looked at Myotismon and Piedmon. "And make those two dead again!"

"Hey!" Myotismon and Piedmon put their hands on their hips and looked angrily at Matt.

Kim raised an eyebrow. "So... you're not going to fight at all? The villains are right there. Aren't ya going to do anything about it?..."

Everyone shook their heads. "I'm not fighting because a little girl told me too!" Myotismon looked up at Kim. "You are going to have to find your own source of entertainment elsewhere!"

Kim looked awfully angry now, and her eyes suddenly turning to a burning red proved just that. She flew to the ground once more, but now she stood in front of Myotismon and Piedmon. She looked over her shoulder at the digidestined. "You call me a 'little girl' eh? But guess what? In my world I'm only eight years old, but in your world, I'm actually over six-hundred years!" Kim grabbed both Myotismon and Piedmon's hands.

Myotismon and Piedmon wide-eyed the little girl and tried to pull away, but Kim had a really tight grip on them. "Let's see just how you all can cope with little brats like me!" She growled angrily as she dragged the two villains to the ground, and in the process, they were both turned into really little kids; basically babies! The children gasped, and Mimi screamed when they saw the villains as children.

The two villains looked at each other and shrieked loudly. "I'm... I'm a baby!" Cried Piedmon, than he fell to the ground and began to pound his fists in fury. "No fair, no fair! I hate that little witch!"

Myotismon chuckled and opened up his cape to Kim. "You'll regret what you just did, little girl -- GRISLY WING!" Kim laughed hysterically when she saw that only one bat came out of his cape. "Crap..." than the little vampire fell to the ground and began to cry uncontrollably.

"What have you done?" Cried Sora as she starred at Kim with her face full of shock.

Kim waved a finger at the digidestined children. "Last chance: will you fight these villains?..." The children all cried 'no'. Kim just smiled menacingly. "Very well then... let's see how you cope with allot of bratty babies!" Tai gasped as Kim approached him slowly. He cowered when the little girl snapped her fingers, but like the blink of an eye, she was gone... just like that!

"Look! Look what she's done now!" Screamed Kari as the digidestined looked at their digimon and saw that the little witch has turned them into digimon babies as well! At least all the digimon were wearing diapers!

"If you so ever change your mind..." Kim's voice was echoing through the city, "Than I'll come back to ya in about two weeks! Have fun now..." Than the last thing they heard was her psychotic laughter, which made it seem very creepy at this night time.

Everyone just stood there silently, at least, until all the digimon started to cry uncontrollably. Davis threw his arms up in the air in exaggeration. "Oh this is just great! Just what the heck are we supposed to do till then?"

"No... You mean, what are we supposed to do about them?" Sora pointed to all the crying baby digimon.

Suddenly, Agumon stopped crying and looked at the large diaper he had on. "Uh oh... I need changing. I just did number two!" The digidestined grunted disgustedly and backed away from their digimon.

"Well, I'm not changing them!" Ken snorted, "That's disgusting! I hate that little girl!"

Myotismon waddled up to Tai and tugged on his jacket. Tai looked down on the baby Myotismon and blinked at him. "Do you know how embarrassing this is?" Said Myotismon in his cute, little voice he had now. "I don't want to stay a baby! I can't even do my attack right!" Myotismon did his Grisly Wing attack, but yet again, only a small bat flew out. The vampire began to suck his thumb in anger.

Mimi giggled girlishly and picked up the little Myotismon. "Hey, hey, hey, what do you think you're doing?" Growled Myotismon, and he squirmed around allot to get away from her.

"Awh... you're so cute and cuddly!" Mimi hugged Myotismon close to her.

"I don't think so, sister, now put me down now or you'll suffer the consequences!"

Davies chuckled sarcastically, "Whatcha gonna do? Wet your pants or something?"

Myotismon sneered, "I just might... I'm not wearing a diaper..." Mimi immediately put the baby Myotismon down to the ground and backed away from him

"Well..." said Sora as she picked up her baby Biyomon. "We better figure out what we're going to do here, and we better think of something quick, because someone is bound to notice us right about now..."

Suddenly, Davis just screamed out loud, "CURSE YOU LITTLE BRAT!"

Tai shoved Davis hard, "Shut-up, Davis! What the heck's your problem? People will hear you!"

"Oh man... Now I wish I was at home!" Joe just sat on the ground and hugged his knees as he rocked back and forth. "Need safety... badly!"

Sora gazed at all the crying digimon, and her friends that were starting to go nuts over this stressful situation. "Two weeks?" She thought to herself. "Oh boy... this is just gonna be one of those times..."