Drabble: Simple

Author: Jenn

Rating: K (G)

A/N: Just a little drabble from Dick's POV.

I know most of my friends would say that my relationship with Bruce is very complicated. It's not. The relationship is very simple. The history. . .now that's complicated. Our history together has more ups and downs than any roller coaster. We've been through all the different levels of Hell together. And we've put each other through Hell. We've had screaming arguments and long silences. Like I said, the history is complicated. The relationship. . . that's simple. He's my father. I'm his son. Yeah, he's been my mentor and I was his protégé. And we've been partners. But, those phases of our relationship have come and gone. In the end, no matter what, it comes back to the one that never changes. The one that matters. Father and son.