Yes, indeed, this is R rated. This ficholds violence, swearing, gore, death and nudity. No real sex.

I warn you now, if you can't handle the sight of blood, chances are, you'll be sick for a long time.

This is it!

The Deadliest Tournament

Chapter 1

Never before did anyone believe such a thing could happen. Never before had a tournament of such violence, bloodshed and death been put together. Extreme lengths were taken to ensure it would never happen. Pokemon, also known to the world as Pocket Monsters, were trained by many, and it was made and so that those who trained them wouldn't see the realistic effects of the battles. Pokeballs, the very things used to capture Pokemon in, were designed to enhance the pokemon and so that they hardly shed any blood. It was done, and so that the youngest of all the trainers would not be influenced by such things. No one even argued with such an idea, and it seemed that it would never happen, but it did. It was recorded as the most deadly tournament ever in history, and there was one who was responsible for it all.

It all began at a special place, where only people of the Elite meet. There was also one who had great wisdom, one who was in charge of everything. The white bearded man sat down at one of the ends of the table and looked at the many subjects in front of him that were also seated.

"I have called this meeting of the Elite to discuss brainstorm ideas of new rules and unique battling styles to bring out the true skill of those who will compete in our Pokemon League Tournaments." The president began.

"How about we have some of the battles be where they are restricted to using only one type." A man with a mask over his eyes suggested.

"You suggest that goddamn suggestion every time!" Shouted a muscle-mounded man with spiky brown hair. "Why the hell do you think he'll pick it now, you bitch!"

"Now calm down, Bruno Shiba! Every single suggestion is open." The president stated in a calm tone. "It's just that some we don't allow for certain reasons. Will Itsuki, you know the reason we never go with that suggestion is because certain trainers are very strict about what type they use. We also don't use that rule, based on the fact that some may not have enough of that type to compete. They would be disqualified in both situations, and as such, would never prove themselves. I'm sorry, but I must once again decline that suggestion."

"I noted that in the last tournament, someone used the damn n00bish method of putting every single one of your opponents to sleep. If it were not for a certain trainer who planned against that with pokemon that had the Insomnia ability, someone of skill wouldn't have come on top." A man with red hair and a cape noted.

"Yes Lance Wataru, I noted that myself. It was a very cheap way for the young lad to try and win it all. What do you think we can do to ensure that never happens again?"

"Well, Charles, I suggest that we enforce a new rule. The power to put your opponent to sleep would still be allowed." Lance began. "However, we limit it and so that only one pokemon can be asleep at a time. In other words, if more than one pokemon is put to sleep by the opponent, they are automatically disqualified."

"So you're basically saying that the exception to this rule would be the move Rest?" He asked him.


"Hold on one damn minute!" Will interrupted. "Wouldn't that bring out a way of putting your own pokemon to sleep? I don't think doing such a thing would bring out such skill."

"On the contrary, Mr. Itsuki, it would be very skillful. Most trainers, who have Rest on all their pokemon, have one that has Heal Bell or Aromatherapy. In the process, they end up waking all of their pokemon. Now, this would bring out the skill in the opponent. Skillful trainers know about the effect of such moves on the whole team, so an easy move to counter this, is to put the one who heals the team to sleep. Of course, that can be easily countered with pulling off the luck of Sleep Talk, and hope Aromatherapy or Heal Bell is the move the pokemon picks. In other words, this is a very skillful strategy that can bring out the strategies of other trainers."

"Okay, you win this round, Charles, but I still don't like it!"

Charles had amazingly kept his cool during the entire time. It was easily seen that he had deserved the position of the President of the Pokemon League.

"Now, are there any other ones?" Charles asked.

"How about forbidding two pokemon being frozen, as, just like when they're asleep, they are unable to do pretty much anything." An old woman with dyed blond hair who just about as old as Charles suggested.

"No Agatha Kikuko! That would not be a good idea. Even though the pokemon can learn some moves to get unfrozen, and a good strategy of switching into a fire attack can be easily done, it would be rather difficult. As with the fact that you are only lucky when a pokemon gets frozen. Basically, what you are suggesting is banning luck, which is rather impossible in the end. I understand that some trainers have quite some bad luck in that area, but that is not a reason to stop something like that happening. It's just something the trainer will have to deal with. Luck is luck in the end."

"How about we stop the trapping move, sleep, Perish Song strategy?" A lady with light blue hair started. "Even though I use a trapping move myself, I would never combine it with Perish Song. I would probably put the opponent to sleep, but go no further."

"Hmm, well that's not such a bad idea, Karen Karin. I too wonder what people think about the Trap Sleep Perish Strategy, as it has been famously called. I feel that only allowing the use of two of them together is enough, as the opponent can try to knock out the pokemon before the Perish Song is completed, and then easily switch it out. So, we will allow all three moves, but not allow them to be used all together. They can use two of them together, but not all three."

All of the members of the Elite nod, confirming that they agree with the latest choices made.

"Now, is there anything else that could be suggested?"

"I have an idea." A man who was in the shadows the whole time, yet no one saw him earlier said. "And I believe it to be one of the best!"

"Mr. Sakaki, this is a meeting for only the elite. As such, you are not welcome here."

"Damn it! The name's Giovanni! I really hate that fucking last name of mine, and I would like it very much if you get it right for crying out loud!" The man shouted angrily. He then calmed down. "Anyways, you said this was a meeting to brainstorm ideas for the next tournament, and I've got one."

"Very well, we'll hear your suggestion, but after we make our choice, you must leave!"

"Here is my idea." Giovanni began, showing an evil smile. "I believe that a trainer does even better in a tournament if a special prize other than some trophy and title is given. So, my suggestion will bring out even the best in someone. The new rule will be that the loser must give up his rarest and most valuable pokemon to the winner."

"That's one ass of a rule! I would never give my Machamp to any bitch that beat me!" Bruno shouted, giving the vote that he was against it.

"I would rather die to the smell of a Muk's shit then ever give away my Salamence!" Yelled Lance, denying the suggestion.

"Someone throw this bitch out, because I'm restraining myself from making my Lapras maim him!" Said a woman with red hair and glasses.

Arguments that were just as harsh, if not even more were given to Giovanni's suggestion, all saying that they denied his suggestion.

"Sorry Giovanni, but the entire elite force is against something like that. There are too many trainers who are far too attached to their pokemon. Plus, greedy trainers may go as far as killing to get something just as rare from the one they defeated. Sorry, but it is something that we'll always be against." Charles said in a tone that was the calmest of all.

Giovanni let out a sigh. "Charles Tamaranze Kaichou Goodshow, I was hoping that I would get it made as a rule peacefully, but it seems that I will have to do it the hard way!" He said in a threatening tone.

"You and your fucking threats aren't welcome!" A silver haired man said. "I suggest you get out before I have my Aggron take care of you permanently!"

"Ha! You and your so-called kick ass pokemon are no threat to me! I had a feeling you would reject my suggestion, and so I had taken the final necessary precaution. As I always say, 'if you can't beat them, join them, and if you can't join them, kill them!'"

As if on cue, a silent bullet was fired. The bullet cut through the air, creating a hardly audible sonic boom and struck Mr. Goodshow in the heart. With hardly a motion, Charles fell to the ground, his body soaking the carpet with red liquid.

All of the elite members stared at the unmoving body of Mr. Goodshow in complete shock.

"What the fuck? He just killed Charles!" Will said as he looked at the motionless president.

"No, I did not kill him." Giovanni said, deciding to correct them. "She did." He pointed to someone else who was with him.

The woman stepped out of the shadows. Her black shirt with a blood red "R" on it, indicated that she was a member of Team Rocket. She appeared to be in her late twenties or her early thirties. She had golden blonde hair that was tied in a single ponytail. She was holding a smoking gun, which had a silencer attached to it, that she used to shoot the president with, in her right hand. Finally, if one looked hard enough, one could see a single black tulip pinned on her shirt. Her name was Domino, but everyone who was an enemy of hers simply called her, "The Black Tulip."

"Poor Charles!" Giovanni said with a tone of fake sympathy. "Now, do you reconsider, or should I have the same thing that happened to Charles happen to the rest of you?"

"Yeah right, I'd rather burn in hell then allow your suggestion to be around!" Lance yelled. He then took out a switchblade and, with the blade out, threw it at Giovanni.

To everyone's amazement, as quick as light, Giovanni swatted the flick knife with his cane and made it go in a different direction and end up hitting Agatha instead. The blade stabbed the old lady in the lower part of the chest, striking her right where her right lung would be. With one final breath, she fell backwards to the ground and slipped into what seemed to be permanent unconsciousness.

The rest of the elite stood there in even greater disbelief. Not as much from the body that was now pouring out blood, but even more from the amazing moves Giovanni pulled off to stop his own death. Though they were still shocked from the sight of the motionless body. Despite their now increasing fear, they still wouldn't give in to his suggestion.

"I'll ask you one last time before I do away with all of you, and believe me, I don't want to do that." Giovanni said, telling a tiny lie that was hard to detect. "Will you choose my choice of making the winner win the losers pokemon, or should I just kill the rest of you? And this time, you'd better make your choice count." He threatened them.

The rest of the members of the elite then lined up in front of him. Lance stood at the front. The formation made it look like Lance was about to lead an army into battle.

"We won't stand for what you have done, Giovanni!" Lance started, speaking for everyone else, as he knew what his or her choice was. "You will now pay dearly for what you have done to them, damn it Giovanni! When we're through with you, we'll make sure that your damn organization of Team Rocket is permanently disbanded. In fact, when we're done, Team Rocket will only be nothing more than a memory!"

The members of the Elite removed their pokeballs from different places on their body and released their pokemon. Once released, the pokemon attacked Giovanni. Giovanni jumped back, dodging the attacks of fire, water, electricity, light, moon, shadow and dragon element, and threw out a black ball with a blood red "R" printed on it. As soon as the pokemon within was brought out it made the entire place go out by breaking off the electricity in the place in a strange way. No one saw what the pokemon was, nor what it did to make the lights go out, but they were ready for this predicament.

"Umbreon! Light up this place!" Karen commanded.

The little black dog with the power of the shadow element was about to light up the dark place with the small amount of yellow circles on its body, when it suddenly vanished without a trace. All that Karen heard after that was the cry of her Umbreon in painful distress before hearing the sickening cracking noise of many bones shattering repeatedly. She then heard the faint sound of the beast struggling to swallow something but succeeding in the end. Karen quickly put all of the sounds she heard together and realized that whatever Giovanni had sent out, had eaten her Umbreon. She fell to her knees and put her hands in front of her as if she was bowing to the enemy in front of her. She then cried for the painful loss of her pokemon.

She could not believe what had just occurred. Her Umbreon, the pokemon she had started out with when she was at the age of ten and became one of her greatest pokemon, had been the very first one to meet its end. The one pokemon that put her in the League of the Elite with its amazing movepool that most likely meant doom for anyone who she was up against was now gone. Growls mixed in with her sobs as she now looked up at the man who now controlled the pokemon that just devoured her pokemon. Her heart filled with revenge for her little friend, yet she would not get the chance.

"Let's end her misery! I hate seeing a lady cry!" Giovanni commanded his pokemon.

At that point, there was a loud sound of what sounded like a sonic-boom of some kind, and a split-second later, the crying of Karen had stopped. It was dead silent at that point in the dark room. Even though no one could see, there was one who could tell what happened to Karen.

"Karen!" Lance shouted, but it was far too late. Karen had already met her end. Lance, even though he couldn't see what happened, knew that she no longer had any life and painful tears of sorrow streamed down his cheeks. Anger quickly filled his heart and a fire burned in his eyes.

"Giovanni, you've gone too far!" Lance shouted at full volume. "For what you have done, you will die!"

"Well, well. I had no idea you cared for that bitch of a woman." Giovanni said, a bit surprised. "I'm surprised at you! Falling in love with a teammate, how sweet!" He mocked.

It was quite true. Lance did love Karen. There was a bond between them that was quite unexplainable. He had known her since she had joined the Elite. He always loved having her around. There were times that business of the Elite was quite stressful, and just her presence seemed to have the strange effect of making that stress go away. They had also been going out on many dates, and showed their love for eachother in very passionate ways. Today was the day he planned to ask her to marry him, and now he had lost that chance. He was now going to show Giovanni what happens when you mess with the power of love.

"You have no idea how much she meant to me, you bastard!" The master of dragons yelled back. "Flygon, use your Dragon Claw!" He commanded.

The green dragon then ran up and blindly slashed. He hit something and whatever he hit roared in great pain.

So, it's a dragon-type. Lance thought, as he now knew at least a small part about the pokemon Giovanni sent out. But which one is he using?

"Damn it! I don't know how you lucked out, but I'll make sure you go to hell!" Giovanni shouted. "Now, attack and permanently get rid of that damn excuse for a giant insect!"

The hidden pokemon quickly attacked. A painful cry from Flygon was heard a second later and it fell to the ground.

Lance immediately got out his pokeball. "Flygon, return!" Lance commanded, but the pokeball didn't respond. "What the hell? Return!" He commanded again, but it still wouldn't work. "Why the hell can't I return my pokemon?" He asked in both frustration and confusion.

"Your Flygon is dead!" Giovanni said simply.

"What?" He said in a voice that displayed shock, fear and anger at the same time. "How could you, you bitch?"

"When you've got a pokemon that's like a mindless being, it's amazing what it can do!" He said with an evil smile.

"Why you bastard! Alakazam, use Flash!" Will commanded. At least we'll know what we're up against now.

The human-shaped pokemon emitted a blinding ray of natural white light that engulfed the entire room. Their eyes were highly fixed on the strange pokemon that was brought out, and they were oblivious to the sight of the headless Karen and literally heartless Flygon, both of which now had blood slowly soaking into the red carpet. The pokemon that Giovanni was using could now be seen. It had the blood of the Umbreon it had eaten earlier around its lips and what pokemon they saw Giovanni using made chills run down their spine.

"How… how the hell can you control that pokemon?" Lance asked in fear.

"This is what made it all possible." Giovanni answered as he showed them the black pokeball with a blood red "R" on it. "This is the Dark Ball v3.0. Like my original version, it makes the pokemon completely loyal and makes them attack with the greatest strength possible. However, this one tends to block the so-called protected effects the other pokeballs had. Now, the pokemon can kill without ever breaking a sweat with attacks that were meant to kill."

Lance shook off the fear and took out two new pokeballs. "I'll make sure my Flygon is avenged!" He yelled. He then threw the pokeballs and released his pokemon. "Dragonite, Salamence, avenge your teammate!"

In a flash of white light, the two new dragon pokemon appeared in front of Lance. The first was orange and stood upright on its strong hind legs. The height of the creature was only about a foot taller than that of Lance. The wings were small, but were strong enough to keep the creature airborne for extreme lengths of time. It glared evilly at Giovanni with its very dark blue night sky eyes at the sight of its dead partner.

The second one was quite different from Dragonite. Instead of standing on its hind legs, it stood on all fours. The skin was a near sky blue, with the entire bottom part, from head to tail, was ruby red. The length of the wingspan was quite huge, about half the length of its body. It's head stretched out from a long neck. As it looked at its dead partner with its eyes, it howls angrily. It then glares at Giovanni, death in its eyes.

I'm gonna need help with this one. Lance thought to himself, knowing enough of the opponent's power. "Drake, Glacia, Prima, I'm gonna need your help!"

"Right! Okay Altaria, get ready to help Lance!" Drake, a white bearded man, said to his turquoise, bird-like dragon that had cloud like feathers that was already out of its pokeball. His pokemon positioned itself to the ready.

"Glalie, let's show that bastard who's boss!" Glacia, a blonde longhaired woman said to her snowball-like pokemon. The pokemon got into position to begin its attack.

"Get ready to kill that son of a bitch, Lapras!" Prima said to her indigo aquatic, long-necked dinosaur like pokemon. The Lapras showed it was ready also.

"Now," Lance began. "Dragonite, Salamence…"

"Altaria…" Continued Drake.

"Glalie…" Glacia continued.

"Lapras…" Prima continued.

"Ice Beam attack!" The four elite members shouted at the same time.

All five of the pokemon that were commanded opened their mouth, and from each of their mouths came a powerful beam of solidified liquid oxygen. The power of the combined Ice Beam attacks was sure to knock out any dragon-type pokemon, maybe even kill it due to extreme cold. Suddenly, the possessed pokemon put a certain part of its body in front of the powerful Ice Beams, and blocked the attacks from reaching the rest of its body. The attack had failed, but the part that the dark pokemon used to block with was now encased in ice.

"Damn it!" Lance cursed when the attack failed.

Suddenly, without hearing a single command, the creature attacked. The attack headed straight for Lapras. The being's assault came at such a high speed that Lapras didn't have time to react. The move that was used entered through the jaw with disgusting squishing noises echoing through the room.

As the giant dragon began its assault, Lapras saw its autobiography flash before its eyes. It started seeing the moment it came out of the egg and saw two Lapras who were its parents. It then saw the day it was captured by poachers who wanted to sell the shell on its back for high profit. Lapras had been badly wounded. Blood was lightly flowing from all over its body. The marks on the body showed that it was whipped repeatedly. One more hit would indeed end its life.

That's when Prima came to save her. "Leave her alone, you bastards!" She bellowed.

Prima came onto the ship by means of the loading cable. She was holding onto the hook and swinging in with her legs extended forward. She hit the poacher holding the whip right in the chest, which made him drop the whip and go flying through the air. The whip was made of leather, which was attached to a finely carved stick of oak that fit comfortably in the hand. It had tied to the end of it a single sharp metal skewer that could easily pierce the body. Prima then flipped backwards and landed gracefully on her feet.

The other seven poachers started to approach Prima. She was the only thing standing in the way of the poachers getting to Lapras. She saw the Lapras and knew that she had to protect her, no matter what the cost.

She looked into the eyes of each of the poachers. Within the eyes, she could tell what kind of men they were. The only thing they cared about in the world was money. Any pokemon was used as a means of getting at least a little cash. It was men like these that were responsible for making pokemon endangered. They were also very bloodthirsty. They didn't care how they killed the pokemon, as long as they saw it suffer through a very slow and very painful death.

Prima then removed a pokeball from her waist and threw it. In a flash of light, a new pokemon appeared. The pokemon looked like a woman. She had long blond hair, large red lips and a red dress on. Her skin was a shade of blue so dark it could easily be mistakened for black.

"Hey! Don't you know it's against the law to use that racist stereotype?" One of the poachers shouted.

"You're one to talk! And for your information, Jynx isn't a racist stereotype because her skin is actually a shade of dark blue that is easily mistakened for black!" Prima yelled back.

"Yeah right, bitch!"

"What did you call me?"

"You heard me!"

"That's it! Jynx, Blizzard their ass!"

Jynx brought her arms up and covered her large red lips with her hands. She then moved her hands to create a small O out of them and at the same time she opened her mouth. From the mouth came a combination of ice, snow and bitterly cold wind. The attack was so cold, that the poachers were almost immediately incased in a solid block of ice.

After the poachers had been dealt with, a worried look now showed on Prima's face. She was holding it back the entire time, and she finally revealed her worry completely. She knelt down to the Lapras and put her hand onto the pokemon's chin.

"Are you all right?" She asked. Even though it seemed stupid to ask the poor thing that was suffering, she had to make sure the pokemon was still alive.

The female Lapras gave a hardly audible scared moan as her response.

"We've got to get her to the Pokemon Center immediately!" The flashback scene stopped there.

Back at the present, the mysterious pokemon was continuing its deadly work on the poor Lapras. Her tongue was quickly annihilated and blood erupted into her mouth as the attack continued upward.

Another moment in Lapras' life flashed before her eyes.

She woke up to find herself on something that was made of wood. She wasn't quite sure what it was she was on. She had never seen it in her entire life. It was supporting her with four long rectangular poles, which were made of metal. The part she was on was flat, white, rectangular and big enough for her to lay her body on without any of it going over the ends of it.

She looked around where she was. She saw hard white flat upward surfaces in front of her. She saw long black rectangular, which were very small in width, things connected to many rectangular metal objects.

The truth was, she had never seen any of this before in her whole life. Up until this point, she was a wild Lapras. The herd she grew up in was very isolated from humans. They took a special migrating route that humans hardly ever visited. A Lapras could live their whole life, dying of old age in the end, with a herd like that.

She then remembered that she was captured and getting killed by those humans. She should've been dead by now. She quickly looked at herself and saw several long strips of tough white fabric wrapped tightly around her. The pieces of fabric, at least to Lapras' eyes, had stopped the blood flow. She decided not to remove them to look at her skin for two reasons… one, those pieces of fabric were probably the only thing keeping her alive, and two, she would probably die of disgust by the sight of the wounds.

She then realized that someone had saved her. She didn't know who it was, because by the time the man that was about to kill her, blood had gotten into her eyes, blinding her from seeing just who saved her. Whoever it was that saved her she had to thank. She owed her life to that brave soul.

She then heard a light clicking noise. She saw something on a part of the wall move in a circular motion. What was moving was round and made of metal. She then saw the wall move and reveal to her a human. The human was wearing over her eyes something made of glass, which was supported by the ears. She also had red hair coming out of the head that was long and tied in a back ponytail.

"I see you're awake, my friend." She heard the human speak in a female voice.

Friend? How can she call Lapras a friend when they had just barely met? The human approached her and put her hand onto Lapras' cheek and rubbed it gently. The rub felt very good to Lapras and she gave a light moan as she rested her head on the hard wooden surface.

"Those poachers sure did a number on you. If I didn't get there when I did, you probably wouldn't be alive now." She heard the female human say.

Lapras then knew this was the one who saved her. Lapras knew she had to find a way to thank this human for saving the most precious thing she had… her life.

The flashback moment ended there.

Back at the present, the creature had now reached Lapras' brain and was about to pull it out. Before the brain was removed from the nerves, one final moment flashed in her eyes.

Lapras had been fully healed. Many days had passed since Lapras was saved from those poachers. She had learned a lot from the human, which she now knew to be named Prima that had saved her. She now knew that not all humans were bad.

Lapras was now strong enough to return to the wild. A strong bond had developed between the two. It was so strong it seemed that they were sisters, rather than friends. Even though to some it seemed rather weird for a pokemon and a human to seem like members of family, in means of friendship, however, it was quite understandable.

"Well, it's time to return to your family." Prima said to her, giving her a final loving rub as a goodbye.

The Lapras moaned and shook her head. Prima was confused. The Lapras then gave Prima a loving rub on the chest and nudged her head at the round metal objects on her waist. Prima looked down at the pokeballs Lapras was nudging at and smiled, knowing what she wanted.

She removed the one out of the six on her belt that was completely empty with her hand and showed it to Lapras.

"You want to be with me, huh?" Prima said, knowing she figured it out.

Lapras nodded.

"I must warn you, I train my pokemon hard." Prima warned. "I'm not a member of the Elite for nothing. If you really want to be with me, you've got to do your best when I use you to battle with."

Lapras nodded once more. She just wanted to be with Prima too much. Nothing else mattered to her. Though she was a bit concerned about how Prima would train her, however, she believed she could handle it.

Prima just smiled at her. "Okay, Lapras." She then threw the pokeball at Lapras. "Pokeball, go!" The pokeball hit Lapras' snout and Lapras disappeared into the pokeball in a flash of red light. The pokeball returned to Prima's hand. Lapras didn't even struggle, for this is where she wanted to be. "Welcome home, my sister!" Prima giggled. The final flashback scene ended.

As soon as Lapras was brought back to reality, her brain was removed from the nerves a split second later and nothing but darkness now engulfed her sight, and her brain was completely removed from her body. Her heart stopped beating, the lungs stopped receiving oxygen, and the muscles fully relaxed themselves. Her head gave in to the force of gravity and fell to the ground below it.

Not a single sound came out of her while she was dying. She had suffered a silent death from the removement of the brain. Her spirit escaped the body and went to the heavens above. A truly innocent soul had been lost.

The dragon then just casually tossed Lapras' brain into its mouth and swallowed it whole.

Prima's face lost all color as she witnessed her Lapras dying within a few seconds. Her eyes and mouth displayed a shocked look. It was unbelievable what she had witnessed. The very one that she had grown the closest to was now gone. She bent down and held Lapras' head, as it was lightly pouring out blood from the giant and very deep wound on the jaw. She cried painful tears of sorrow as she rubbed cheek to cheek with Lapras.

"My sister!" She cried.

"End her life!" Giovanni simply commanded his dragon pokemon.

The mysterious pokemon then opened its mouth. A ball of green fire appeared in the mouth. Then, hot embers of greenish fire engulfed the air. The attack engulfed Prima. She screamed in great agony as the powerful flames quickly burned her body. By the time the attack was done with her, her body had been literally reduced to nothing but black ashes. Only the glasses she once wore were the only thing that amazingly remained intact.

Giovanni smirked evilly at the sight of another Elite member meeting the fate of death.

The entire Elite Force was shocked by what they had just witnessed. Another of their team was just murdered, this time by a Dragonbreath attack. Prima Lorelei Kanna had met her end after around forty years of her life. The one who was the most shocked by what had just happened was Will. There was good reason why he was the most shocked, and it was because he cared about her. He loved her, and now, she was gone. Gone before he could confess his feelings to her.

That's it! That bastard is going down! He angrily thought.

His mind filled with thoughts of vengeance. Anger built up within his heart. Giovanni had just used his powerful pokemon to destroy the one he loved. There seemed to be something unnatural with the pokemon at hand. Then it hit Will like a ton of bricks. The Dark Ball. It was the very thing that was controlling the pokemon they were facing. Without it, Giovanni would be at the mercy of that pokemon.

Will understood that it was highly against League rules to do what he was about to do, but if they wanted to at least come out of this alive, he knew it had to be done.

"Alakazam! Use Psybeam on Giovanni!" He instructed to his pokemon. "Aim for the Dark Ball!" He whispered silently enough for Giovanni not to hear.

His mustached humanoid pokemon fully understood the command it was given. Holding two silver spoons, Alakazam moved his hands and arms in an unnatural and strange way. As it moved its arms, the pokemon silently chanted something to itself. It then brought the spoons together to form an X out of them. The power of light emitted through the golden-brown pokemon and erupted from the spoons in a powerful beam of rainbow colors.

Giovanni saw the powerful attack coming towards him and just stood there with an evil smirk on his face. Right before the attack hit its target, the mysterious dragon pokemon that Giovanni was controlling got in front of the attack. The attack didn't even faze the pokemon. It just seemed to completely absorb the attack. Which in the end was impossible. The pokemon they were facing was not of the shadow element.

Still, Will's attack failed. "Shit!" He cursed from the unexplained thing that happened.

Lance saw the whole thing. He just saw Will break the sacred law of the Elite and attack Giovanni with his pokemon. He turned his head to Will. "Why the hell did you do that?" He asked.

Will just looked at Lance. The look of vengeance was still on both of their faces. They had both lost someone they loved with all their heart. Will only came up with one thing to justify his actions to the master battler of the Elite.

"Listen to me, Lance." He said in a tone that was loud enough for Lance to hear, but not Giovanni. "The only way we're going to get out of this alive is if we destroy that cursed Dark Ball that Giovanni is using! Without it, the pokemon will be free from Giovanni, and then we can all see that bastard go to hell by the very pokemon he's controlling!"

Lance then fully understood Will's actions, and smirked like a madman who had come up with a brilliant plan. It seemed that hearing what Will had just said made him lose his mind. He turned his head to Bruno, who was the strongest in physical strength out of them all.

"Bruno, you ready to help?" Lance asked.

"You bet I am!" Bruno said.

"Good! I want you to attack Giovanni, and I mean attack him! I want you to take him down!"

Bruno then realized that Lance had lost it. "What? But master…"

"Listen to me!" Lance cut him off. "If you can get at least get that damn Dark Ball away from Giovanni, we can bring that bitch to hell!"

Bruno then realized the plan at hand and decided to go along with it. "Just keep that thing he's using busy!" Was all he said before he started to get into position with his trusty fighting pokemon.

"Okay! Is everyone ready?" Lance asked his remaining teammates.

"You bet I am!" A man, who was mostly bald, except for the small amount of red hair that was in a straight line on top of his head said.

"Glad you're in, Sidney. Phoebe?"

"This demon will soon know the power of my Confuse Ray!" A woman with brown hair, and wearing two red flowers in her hair said, giving a definite yes.

"What about you, Wallace?"

"The power of my water pokemon should be more than enough to help out!" Said a man with sky blue hair.

"Good, I'm really going to need you." He then turned his head. "Koga?" Lance asked a man with short black hair.

"My poison types should be able to subdue this pokemon." He said.


"My steel pokemon will do whatever it takes!" The silver haired man said.

"All right then! Let's kill this bastard!" He commanded.

"You won't kill me!" Giovanni said in an amused tone. "Use Aerial Ace and kill them all!" He commanded.

The unnamed pokemon opened its mouth and a nearly clear arrow of wind came out of the mouth and headed towards the Elite members.

"Houndoom!" Sidney began.

"Gengar!" Phoebe joined.

"Counter attack!" They shouted at the same time.

The horned black dog, with the power of shadow, and the dark purple ghost, with the power of moon, activated within them the power of physical strength. A red-orange aura surrounded both of the pokemon's bodies just as the Aerial Ace was about to hit. The powerful move struck the aura. The pokemon struggled to hold on and barely managed to bring the attack right back at twice the power.

The powerful arrow made of wind came right back at the powerful dragon and collided with the body head on. However, it seemed that no amount of damage was done to it. It was very unreasonable why it didn't work. However, it was quickly concluded that the Counter strategy was just a distraction.

"Now, use your Sleep Powder, Venomoth!" Koga commanded.

During the time the Aerial Ace and Counter moves were taking place, Venomoth had positioned itself behind the dragon and was awaiting its master's command. The giant purple moth, infused with the toxicogenic element, called forth the forest element within it and continuously flew over the dragon's head, leaving behind it a trial of sparkling blue spores.

The sleep-inducing spores landed on several places on the dragon. They landed on the nose, the forehead, even in the eyes. The Sleep Powder had hit its target, it was sure to work now. However, it didn't work. Even though the spores got into the eyes and made their way to the brain, they weren't able to activate the sleep mechanism within the monster. The attack failed to fully activate. The dragon didn't even get drowsy. What just happened was completely impossible.

Ha! These fools are going to get their asses kicked now! Giovonni thought to himself. He grinned evilly, knowing exactly why it didn't work.

Suddenly, the leviathan attacked, and in just three swift movements, Venomoth was wingless. The creature had destroyed the wings without even damaging the main body of Venomoth. Without the support of the wings, Venomoth fell to the ground.

The moth landed on its back and started to get up, but not before the elite's entity literally squished the moth with its huge body. The gross sound of the bug getting flattened echoed through the air. Its final painful cry was imbedded into Koga's mind. Sadness entered his heart and a small salty water droplet escaped his closed eyes.

The being removed his body, and what the dead insect looked like now was quite a disgusting sight. Vital organs looked like they were literally pulled out. It was hard to tell which, due to the mix of red, black and green liquid that covered them. Plus, the many visible parts were flatter than that of a pancake.

That's when Bruno made his move. All this time, everything that happened was nothing more than an attempt to give Bruno the time he needed to make his attack happen. He was going to make sure that none of the sacrifices were in vain.

He ran up to Giovanni and punched him right in the face. The attack was so strong it made his nose bleed. Giovanni wiped off the blood with his hand and, with a growl of fury, brought his leg up and delivered his booted foot right into the side of Bruno's midsection. The attack got the air knocked out of Bruno. That's when his Hitmonchan, a humanoid pokemon that was wearing boxing gloves, came in and punched Giovanni right in the jaw. After that, Hitmonlee, a humanoid pokemon with spring loaded legs, delivered a powerful upward kick into Giovanni's face. Then Hitmontop came in.

The humanoid pokemon got onto his head and spun like a top. His three legs were extended outward and hit Giovanni repeatedly in the chest. Then Machamp, a muscle bound four armed humanoid pokemon, came up behind Giovanni and held him firm. Bruno then came up and grabbed the Dark Ball away from him.

All this time, a metal bird, known as a Skarmory that was pecking at it was distracting the dragon. The fiend tried to devour the bird with its powerful jaws. However, the air elemental bird dodged it easily thanks to its Agility move. An Aggron, an upright triceratops that was infused with the earth and metal element, was also keep the monster busy by throwing its glowing tail into the thing. The moves were only meant to annoy, and it was working quite nicely.

The dragon finally caught the bird in its powerful jaws. However, it tasted horrible. In all truth, it literally had no taste. The dragon just spat the bird right back out. The bird crashed onto the ground, covered in saliva. It quickly shook the liquid off its body and went back to attacking again.

Right at this very moment, Bruno crushed the black ball that was in his hand into nothing but small pieces of wire, metal, and other things of high technology. Bruno smiled menacingly, believing they had finally won. However, that was completely untrue.

Giovanni showed great fear upon his face. He indeed had a reason to be afraid. Oh no! What have they done? I can't control it now! Giovanni thought to himself.

The dragon roared and moved around frantically. The Elite members believed that it was returning to normal. However, that was the furthest from the truth.

The monstrosity suddenly had a new element emitting through it… the element of pure darkness. Evil fully engulfed the pokemon and it launched its next powerful attack. A gray tornado, that was emitting powerful black bolts of lightning crashed into the room. Nearly all of the members of the Elite got sucked into the powerful twister. Upon hitting it, their flesh, bones, guts, organs and blood splattered all over the place in an atrocious sound that made the stomach cringe. Even several of the pokemon met the same fate. They were destroyed just as horribly.

Giovanni held onto one of the few support beams that were in the room. Part of the beam suddenly broke off and collapsed into dust upon hitting the cyclone. Giovanni knew he was going to die if he didn't do something fast.

He turned to Domino, who was also holding onto the beam. "Quickly! Hand me a Dark Ball!" He commanded her.

The blonde gave him another black ball with a blood red "R" on it. However, as soon as she handed it to her boss, she was sucked up by the strong wind the twister was emitting. She soon hit the body of the cyclone and let out a painful scream before her body was literally ripped into pieces. Blood and guts splattered everywhere in a huge mess.

Giovanni took the Dark Ball and aimed it at the beast. "Dark Ball, activate!" He commanded.

A red beam shot out from the ball, and quickly engulfed the dragon. The dragon let out a powerful roar that shook the entire building. The twister suddenly disappeared and many parts of those that were lost fell to the ground. The pokemon was once again under Giovanni's control.

What just happened was found to be quite unexplainable. That move never even existed in any known pokemon. It was new even to the members of the Elite.

The place was now filled with the arms, legs, heads, wings and other body parts of those who had met their end. The only people, who didn't get sucked into the tornado, just by sheer luck, were Lance, Agatha and Charles. Agatha and Charles were still unmoving. It was highly obvious, at least to Lance, that they were dead.

Lance was all alone now. He was on the verge of collapsing into painful sorrow. He was the only surviving member of the Elite left. His plan had cost all of his teammates their lives. Yet, he knew he could still avenge them all.

He looked up at the dragon he knew he had to defeat. There was only one way he knew of how to win. He looked around the room. His Salamence was just as lucky as he was, and was ready to end it all. He continued to look around. Drake's Altaria had managed to escape the tornado, but not its master. The bird dragon was crying painful tears of sorrow as it rubbed the head of its master. Lance continued to look around the blood stained room. He then saw a small green and white object on the floor.

Several of the pokeballs had been destroyed as well. The powerful twister had destroyed the pokemon that were inside them as soon as they entered. This one had miraculously survived. Lance ran up to the ball and picked it up off the floor. He then threw it to the ground, hoping against all hope that it was the one he needed. A Flygon appeared from the ball. Lance smiled, knowing it was Drake's, and seeing that it was all he now needed.

The Flygon looked over at Altaria and saw the situation. Painful tears of sorrow streamed down its face. It went up to Altaria and hugged it, trying its best to comfort the bird for its loss.

Lance just smiled at the scene. He knew the secret of these two. They were lovebirds. No. That did not describe it. They were soul mates. Yes, that's what they were. Two very proud parents who were lucky to be with someone like Drake, who had helped them take care of the sons and daughters they recently had.

"Okay, enough of this mushy shit!" Giovanni cursed, completely ruining the scene.

Lance now had everything he needed. He took out a small black stone. It was glowing with a purplish aura.

He looked over at the remaining pokemon. "Are you ready for this?" He asked them.

The pokemon knew what he was planning and nodded in response.

"All right then! Prepare to spend the rest of your days in hell, Giovanni! Merging stone activate!" He commanded.

The purplish aura that was emitting from the stone shot out and it engulfed the dragon pokemon on Lance's side. The pokemon suddenly started merging together. A new dragon now appeared. It had the tail of Flygon, the legs and body of Salamence, yet was standing upright. It also had the hands of Flygon, along with the wings of Altaria. Finally, three long necks with heads came out of the body, and it showed the heads of Flygon, Altaria and Salamence. The three had merged into one.

The effect was only temporary. It would not last long, but Lance hoped it would last long enough.

"Now, Ultradraco, use Outrage!" Lance commanded the new pokemon.

Ultradraco opened its mouth and from it emitted a powerful beam of black fire. The opponent countered with a beam of black fire of its own. The two ember attacks fought against one another. The mysterious pokemon pushed its attack harder and ended up beating Ultradraco. The attack engulfed the merged dragon, causing it extreme pain.

The evil leviathan came rushing through the area and, with one quick slash, cut right trough all three necks, dislodging the heads from the body, thus delivering the final blow. It was over. Giovanni had killed every single pokemon the Elite had. Lance could not believe what just happened. The thing he had lost against did not seem natural at all. The main thing that seemed unnatural was the high attack power the moves had. Not even the most powerful legendary could withstand the Ultradraco he used. However, it not only withstood it, it murdered it.

There was nothing that could be done now. Lance had nothing left. His face showed a mix of sorrow, shock and fear. He fell to his knees as tears of sorrow streamed down his eyes.

"Oh no!" He said. He then brought his body forward and supported it with his hands. He looked like he was bowing to Giovanni. "I… I can't believe that I… I lost!" He sobbed.

"Yes you did!" A familiar feminine voice said to him.

He was shocked from the voice he just heard and stopped crying. It was impossible. He witnessed her death. He got back to his feet and turned around. He saw her. Agatha was still alive. She walked up to Lance. The switchblade was still imbedded in her chest. She removed it; blood stained upon it, and threw it to the ground.

"How? How can you be alive?" Lance asked.

Agatha answered that by removing her skirt. Upon looking at what was underneath the skirt, he saw that she was wearing a metal breastplate over her midsection and chest. Right at the place where the blade hit, was attached a small pack that was earlier filled with natural human blood. It was now nearly empty, but a good amount had indeed leaked out due to the blade.

"Amazing how a stolen blood pack and a breastplate can fake your death, isn't it?" Agatha asked, rather amused.

Lance had suddenly figured it all out. There was only one reason why someone would fake his or her death in this kind of way.

"You're behind all this?" He asked in great shock.

Agatha made a scary evil grin at him. It was scary mainly due to her wrinkled face. Years of experience had also taught her how to do that.

"You figured it out a bit too late, Lance, but yes, I am behind it. I am the true leader of Team Rocket. Giovanni is just my decoy and heir to my organization when I die." She answered.

Giovanni clicked his tongue repeatedly at Lance. "How embarrassing. Defeated by a single pokemon." He mocked.

"What should we do with him?" Agatha asked her heir.

"Let our slave kill him?"

"You read my mind."

Giovanni snapped his fingers, and the dragon picked up Lance delicately by the head. It then lifted him off the ground.

"Hold on!" Agatha commanded. At that point, the abnormality stopped. Lance was barely off the floor. "I want my pet to fully enjoy its main course."

She then put her hand up to his collar she then pulled down and ripped his shirt, making it torn right through to the bottom of it. She then went behind him and delicately removed his cape. After which, she removed the torn shirt, exposing his whole chest.

She lowered herself to his feet. "Why are you betraying us?" Lance asked. He didn't fight back; knowing it would only be pointless if he did.

Agatha scoffed. She removed one of his boots. "I was never with the Elite in the first place." She said as she removed the other boot. "My membership is a complete fake." She then removed his socks, exposing his bare feet.

Lance was shocked. He had been tricked all along. Agatha unbuckled his belt as she continued to talk. "Giovanni's Gym Leader membership is also fake. Though we have the skill to back ourselves up nicely I must say." She told him as she removed his pants.

"Oh, and before I fully due away with you, I'll give you the secret to defeating my little pet." She continued as she approached the final piece of clothing on Lance's body. "All you had to do was aim the moves that were powerful against it at the heart, and you would've won in just one little hit. For you see, the pokemon has no heart, in a soul sense. You would've killed it due to the goodness being released overwhelming it, but you would've still won."

She then grabbed the boxers and removed them from his body, and thus, he was naked.

"There! Now it can fully savor you!"

The beast then lifted Lance higher into the air and put him above its huge opened mouth, which was more than big enough to fit Lance comfortably inside.

"Agatha, you damn bastard! I hope someone stops you and ends up making your very soul rot in the depths of hell for all eternity!" Those were his final words in life.

The creature dropped Lance into its mouth and closed it upon the body. As the monster ripped apart his flesh, bones and organs with its sharp teeth, Lance didn't even scream. The pain he felt emotionally completely drowned out the physical one he was in.

The pokemon savored the delicious taste of human flesh, bone, blood and organs against its tongue. It then swallowed the dead and chewed up human. Thus it was now completed. Giovanni had succeeded in his plan to kill all the members of the Elite. It didn't go exactly as he planned it, but he was pleased nonetheless.

Giovanni took a small piece of paper out of his inside vest pocket. Written upon it were different names. He started crossing off the names. He started with Charles Tamaranze Kaichou Goodshow. After that, he crossed off Prima Lorelei Kanna. Then came Bruno Shiba, Will Itsuki, Koga Kyou, Karen Karin, and Sidney Kagetsu. After those came Wallace Mikuri, Phoebe Fuyou, Glacia Purimu, Drake Genji and Steven Deigo. He then moved his pen to the final name, Lance Wataru, and crossed it out. He then put the piece of paper and the pen back in his inside vest pocket.

"Let's blow this place up. I don't want the police to find any evidence." Giovanni said as he returned the pokemon to the Dark Ball and left the scene.

Agatha took one last look at the death scene. She gave a scary satisfied evil smirk and left the place. As soon as she was a good distance away, another body rose and got to its feet. It was Charles. He had survived.

"Yes, Agatha, it is easy to fake your death." Charles said.

He then took the broken wine bottle out of his vest pocket. The bottle had stopped the bullet from hitting his heart. He then removed the bullet that was lodged into the wine bottle and inserted it into his pants pocket. He then threw the vest down and left the room.

He soon came to an open window and took out a pokeball. Would've been pointless to fight, mine just weren't strong enough. He thought to himself. "Ditto, go!" He said as he threw the pokeball to the floor.

A little pink blob with dark blue eyes appeared in front of him. "Ditto!" It cried.

"Ditto, use Transform. Turn into something to fly us out of here!" Charles commanded.

Ditto then got up to the window and shape-shifted its body. It then became a hang-glider and Charles found it sufficient enough to escape. He was rather good at hang-gliding. He grabbed onto the smooth handlebar of the glider and jumped out the window.

He glided himself to the top of a building that was a good distance away. As soon as he landed, the building he was in exploded in a rather beautiful mushroom cloud of smoke and fire. He looked at it and was just saddened. He had lost so many lives he cared about, and it hurt him to see every single one of them die. His Ditto transformed back into its regular form, got onto his shoulder, and tried to comfort him.

Charles sighed heavily. "There's only one who can stop him. I just hope his friendship is the key to bringing out the true power in a pokemon."

---End Chapter 1---

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