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Chapter 5

The room was very dark, save for a small fragrance candle that was lit, which now was emitting the scent of roses through the air. However, the true darkness of the room did not compare to the dark plan that the female had that now occupied the room.

She took a small flask that was filled with a near clear liquid in her left hand and from the right hand that had a cup in it, poured a yellow liquid into it. She then watched and waited.

After thirty seconds of watching, the liquid inside the flask turned blue. Upon seeing that, the female smiled. Her dark plan was nearly complete.

"There is only one thing left to do now!" She said to herself. She then took a picture that contained a red headed girl and lit the picture on fire with the light of the candle. "Once I incinerate the Princess of the Sea, her dear prince will have no choice but to be mine!" She let out an evil laugh as the picture burned to ash.

Pikachu had not known how long he had been in shock, but it must have been a while, because by the time he came back to reality, he noticed it was nighttime, which was figured out by the moonlight shining through an overhead cross-barred window.

He looked around the nearly dark room and noticed many cages around him. The small prisons all probably contained pokemon. He noticed a few were sleeping, trying to escape the horrible place in peaceful dreamland. Though there were some non-nocturnal pokemon who were awake, too afraid to sleep for some unknown reason.

Suddenly, someone spoke to Pikachu. "Is that who I think it is?" The voice asked.

"Who's there?" Pikachu asked.

"Over here, behind you!" The voice said.

Pikachu looked behind him and saw a cage. Within the cage was a small brown bear with a crescent moon on his forehead, which was known as a Teddiursa.

"I've been waiting for you to come." The Teddiursa said.

"Where am I? And what do you mean 'I've been waiting for you to come'?"

"You're still within the Team Rocket base, and I've been waiting for you to come and save us all."

"Why me?"

"There is a legend. That the one who can collect the most powerful pokemon that ever existed would have the power to either save the world or rule it with an iron fist. You, Pikachu, are one of the six that are within the legend."

"M – me? B – but that's impossible! How could I possibly be that powerful?"

"I had witnessed your birth, Pikachu. I still remember the event that happened eleven years ago."

Back at the time eleven years ago, a young Teddiursa was walking through a forest, looking for some food to fill his now empty and growling at this very moment belly.

He soon found a bush filled with many ripe delicious blue berries. Content to satisfy his hunger, he rushed up to the bush and picking the berries off the bush and put them into his mouth. He dug further into the bush and suddenly grabbed something different. Curious upon what he had grabbed on to, the Teddiursa tried pulling on it, but that proved difficult as he could barely budge whatever was in the bush. Determined to satisfy his curiosity, the Teddiursa pulled with all his might. With a loud clang, he was able to remove it from the bush, and after taking two steps back from the force of his pull, he noticed that he had grabbed some metal bars.

Curiosity filled his mind even more. Why would there be bars in a bush? He then removed parts of the bush and discovered an opening to a ventilation shaft. Curious as to why a ventilation shaft would be in the middle of a forest, he went into the ventilation shaft.

He traveled down the corridor. It was very dark, but his nocturnal eyes made it possible for him to see within the darkness. He then heard voices and saw a light up ahead that appeared to be at the end of the shaft.

He went up to the end of the shaft and peered through the bars. Up ahead, he saw a lab of some kind. He had heard stories from other pokemon. The terrible things that were done to pokemon in the care of these power hungry humans… it was all so very hard to believe.

However, at this very moment, the Teddiursa now started to believe all the horrible stories that he had been told. He knew he had to save whatever pokemon it was that they were experimenting on. He knocked off the bars that were blocking him. The bars hit the floor with a rather loud clanging noise, but the scientist were so preoccupied with their little thing that they were doing that they didn't even give heed to any noise whatsoever going on.

"Once this egg hatches, we can begin the next part of my plan." The Teddiursa heard a voice say.

An egg? The Teddiursa thought to himself.

It then hit him. The pokemon they were experimenting on wasn't even born yet. Why would they jeopardize a pokemon that wasn't even born yet?

He decided to find out what they were up to. He climbed onto one of the consoles and looked at the screen. The Teddiursa was unique, for it could not only read the language of humans, but also had what was known as photographic memory. He would just have to look at the screen for a few seconds at the most and would know everything that was typed on the monitor.

The information on the computer talked about a fossil that contained the DNA of Mew, the rarest pokemon in the world. One so rare, it was believed to be extinct. According to the info, there were two experiments going on at the same time at two different places. One was taking place at another lab far away where they were trying to make a clone, but this one was taking the egg and adding Mew DNA to it when it was only in the fetus stage.

The experiment was said to increase the power of the baby pokemon, but to make it successful, the information on the computer said it's own element had to be enhanced to the level of legendary pokemon. However, Teddiursa knew that so much power would destroy the pokemon. What could be done to stop that from happening? He was sure they were smarter than this.

Then it hit him… evolution! If the pokemon were to evolve, then it would have a chance at surviving the power. The experiment was all about finding a new way to force evolution.

Suddenly, he heard a loud scream of pain. He then realized the pokemon must've already hatched and they were doing the experiment. He knew he had to stop it before it was too late. He saw the rather large extension cord that connected the computer and the tube. An idea suddenly popping into his head, he went up to the cord. The cord was so big, that it was just slightly bigger than he was. He grabbed the end that was connected to the computer and pulled with all his might. However, by the time he yanked it out, it was too late. The experiment was already over.

He looked over at the tube and saw that the pokemon was now a Pikachu. Suddenly, a bright glow emitted from the pokemon as it unleashed its element of pure electricity. The attack destroyed the tube and started to set off explosions upon the computers. The data on the computers were forever lost, but the Teddiursa would remember all of the information forever.

The Teddiursa ran up to where the tube used to be. He expected the pokemon to be knocked out, but it was still standing. He didn't even hear any panting from the pokemon that had used so much power.

He decided to take care of business. He ran up to the Pikachu and spoke to him with a firm voice. "Come on! We've got to get out of here!"

Pikachu followed Teddiursa onto the floor and across the lab into the ventilation shaft that Teddiursa had used to enter the lab. The two of them then left the horrible place and let it die in its own unholy fire.

As soon as they made it back into the forest, Pikachu turned to the Teddiursa that saved him. "Thank you!" He said. Pikachu then left with a Quick Attack. Leaving Teddiursa to wonder if he would ever see him again. The memory ended there.

Pikachu looked at the Teddiursa who had told him everything in bewilderment. "You… you were the one that helped me escape." He said, stating the obvious.

"Yes, I am the one who saved you from the lab." The Teddiursa said.

"I owe a debt I could never repay. Because of you, I found the greatest friend I could ever have."

"All I ask is that you help everyone escape. I'll even make sure you escape. The legend says that 'The one created by evil is the key to saving the world from the darkness, but is also the key to infecting the world with the same darkness.' Giovanni is the darkness within the legend. If he ever gets you under his full control, the world will be doomed."

"I promise, I will help everyone escape. Nobody deserves to be put through the torture that you are being put through, regardless of whatever misdeeds you may have done in the past."

"Thank you, chosen one!"

"Now tell me, how do we get out?"

"Well, for starters, I know the secret to removing that collar without killing you."

Wes was looking through a window, his eyes were settled down upon the body that was covered by a white sheet. When the entire body was covered, it was a confirmation of death.

As he stared at the covered dead body of Ampharos, memories, few but wonderful, filled his mind. Each of the memories brought more and more pain into his heart. The memories, however, came too fast for his mind to register them.

Ash and the gang looked upon Wes and the sad face that he held. Misty was the one who was most familiar with such a face. She knew what it was like to lose a pokemon that you loved with all your heart. It seemed that Wes had the same connection with Ampharos as she did with Golduck.

Misty now fully understood everything that Golduck was trying to tell her. She had to move on without her most treasured pokemon. She knew it would be difficult to do so, but she also knew that she just had to take it all one day at a time.

There was a lot they had to ask Wes, but Ash and his friends knew that they had to ask when he was ready. Wes was a legend, but he was a legend they knew little about. All they knew about Wes was what Damien had told them during that rather insane battle. Which was that Wes had saved the entire region from a threat that involved perfect fighting machine pokemon. Though what was the whole story? Was Wes one of the few they could actually trust in a place that was filled with so many untrustworthy people?

It seemed that Wes wasn't going to snap out of his trance any time soon. They decided to get the information they needed from the one that knew him. They sat down around a table where Rui was sitting.

"He really cared about that Ampharos. Ever since he saved it, he's had a close bond." Rui said to them.

"What do you know about Wes? Where does he come from? What is he really like?" Misty asked.

"And most importantly, can we trust him?" Max asked. Max had earned glares from the rest of the gang for that remark.

Rui sighed. "I can understand you not trusting us. In a place filled with evil, it is hard to find anyone that is good. All I can do is hope you believe the story I am about to tell. It all started about five years ago. At the time, Wes was employed as the top member of Team Snagem, a crime organization that is dedicated to stealing pokemon from other trainers."

Rui stopped to see their reactions. They were shocked that such a team existed. However, with a place that was filled with evil, they should've expected at least something like that. Seeing that there was nothing but a stunned silence, Rui continued with her story.

"Wes had enough of their cruel punishment that they were inflicted upon him. He quit the team, stole their main project, the Snag Machine, which you see upon his left arm and destroyed their base."

The gang looked at Wes, who was still in his same depressed state, staring at the dead covered body of his Ampharos. Their eyes fell upon the machine on his left arm. It was indeed something they feared, with being pokemon trainers and everything. However, could they trust Wes with it? They returned their attention to Rui, who continued her story.

"Now at this point, I was being kidnapped. I was stuffed into a burlap sack! They had closed it so tight I could barely breathe! What were they trying to do? Suffocate me?" She asked in an almost screaming voice.

The gang was very surprised when they heard this part. Misty was the first to speak up. "You were kidnapped?" She asked.

"Yes." Rui simply answered. "By a team called 'Team Cipher.'"

"'Team Cipher'? Who are they?" Max asked with curiosity.

"Team Cipher was an organization that created Shadow Pokemon, which are pokemon that have had their heart artificially cut off. They turn pokemon into perfect fighting machines, with only a mind of evil inhabiting them."

"What?" Ash cut her off, being completely furious when he heard what Team Cipher was. "What kind of sick bastards turn living creatures into killing machines?"

"Ash!" Misty said in a very stern tone, telling him to calm down.

"Ash, let me finish my story please." Rui said. Ash calmed down and let her continue. "Now as I was saying, after I was kidnapped, Wes came and saved me. After that, he promised to help me rescue the pokemon that had become Shadow Pokemon. However, there was a problem. The only way to save them was to steal them from those who had them."

Everyone was shocked when they heard this point of the story.

"You steal pokemon?" Max asked.

"Only those that need to be saved." Rui answered. "Believe me, we wish there was another way to save them, but there isn't. First off, in order for them to be saved, all records of them being owned by someone have to be removed, and that's what the Snag Machine does. It is a rather complicated full explanation, but what the Snag Machine simply does is erases the data of the Original Trainer that owned them. Our intention is to purify the pokemon. It is a different kind of stealing in the end. We are only doing something wrong to do what is right. To save all of these pokemon from the evil that has inhabited them."

"I understand, Rui. You don't want to, but you have to." Brock said.

"Yes. We were able to stop Team Cipher, but it wasn't easy. It came down to the final match and the Shadow Pokemon of the leader were the most powerful of all. Wes was able to get to the last pokemon, but by then, his final pokemon was nearly wiped out. He used what's called the Master Ball on that one pokemon and defeated Team Cipher forever. After that, we purified them all."

"And Celebi, was he a Shadow Pokemon as well?" Max asked.

"No." A voice near him said. They all turned to see that it was Wes who had spoken. "Celebi was different."

Rui was surprised to see Wes was okay again. "Wes!" She said.

"I'll finish the rest if you don't mind, Rui." Rui nodded and let him continue with the story. Wes took a seat at the table and continued with the story. "You see, Celebi was the key to purifying the pokemon. He holds a magical power to make them good again. When he saw the heart we had to save the pokemon, he decided to join us. He too can sense Shadow Pokemon just like Rui can."

"So, what do Shadow Pokemon look like when you see them?" Misty asked.

"Well," Rui began, "to me they look like any normal pokemon at first glance. However, they are very different when you have a closer look. For one, they look more vicious then they normally would. Even the cutest pokemon looks a lot scarier than it normally would. However, the one main thing I see is a dark aura of the blackest night. The true evil within the pokemon is so powerful that I can actually see it. This is why Team Cipher kidnapped me in the first place. They knew of my power! They knew I was a threat to their plan!"

Wes then took over. "Me and Rui have dedicated our lives to gathering all of these pokemon and purifying them. After purifying them, we give them freedom of choice of what they want to do. They have the choice of being with us, with someone else or live in the wild. So far, all they've chosen to do is come with us. They are all dedicated to stopping this evil plan. They will even give their lives to stop it all."

As soon as he had finished his sentence, from a hidden location, a shadowed figure had now positioned itself. A dart was fired from where the figure was standing. The dart whizzed through the air and pierced the arm of Misty. A substance within the dart flowed from the needle into the bloodstream within a split second before the dart fell off and left her.

Misty screamed from the sudden hit and stood up, clutching her arm from the pain. "What the hell was that?" She asked, looking around.

An evil laugh was heard and Misty turned her head in the direction of it. She spotted a figure in the distance. The silhouette looked familiar to her and when she discovered who had done it, great anger went through her body and soul.

"Hey, you!" Misty screamed out. The figure made a cowardly run from Misty. "Hey, come back here you bitch!" Misty went after the one who had shot her.

The gang followed Misty as she gave chase. They continued to chase the figure past buildings. They all soon left town and into the vast desert. After a substantial distance, the figure had stopped and they stood no more than twenty feet away from the being, who had its back turned to them.

Misty then spoke up. "Okay, enough running away! What is it you want, bitch?" She asked out loud.

"Simple, Misty. I want you dead and your boyfriend to marry me!" The figure said in a feminine tone.

"You must be out of your mind! There is no way I'm ever going to let some bitch of a woman from hell like you take my Ash!"

"Well, when I'm through with you, he won't have much choice."

"We'll see about that, Macey Moe!"

"Macey?" Ash asked out loud.

"That's right, Ash!" The figure said as she turned and had the blazing sun reveal herself. It was the same woman that tried to rape Ash a few weeks back. "It is I, your future wife!" She said.

"Ha! He won't marry you because he's already proposed to me!" Misty said as she showed her the ring she was wearing on her finger.

"When you're dead, he won't have much choice! Thanks to my plan, I'm now pregnant with his child!"

The entire gang was very shocked by this.

"What?" Misty asked out loud.

"But that can't be. I never had an orgasm the whole time she was trying to rape me!" Ash confessed.

"There's more than one way to have a woman become pregnant these days. Medical technology is quite the interesting thing these days." Macey told him.

Misty quickly figured out what she had done and it disgusted her to no end. "I know what you did, you sick little bitch!" She said.

"Oh, if you can guess what I did, then tell me!"

"Simple! After I stopped you from trying to rape Ash, you came up with a new plan. With you working at the hospital, you knew that they would get samples from Ash, one of which was his urine. All you had to do was take the sample and inject it into your womb. After that, it was only a matter of time and luck 'til you became pregnant."

"Right on the nose, Misty!"

"Ugh! I think I'm going to be sick!" Max said thinking about what he had been told.

"I can't believe someone would actually do that just to be with someone." Brock said.

"I think that's the sickest thing I've ever heard someone actually do." Wes said.

"I can't believe someone would stoop that low just to have the one they love." Rui said.

"Okay, even with her pregnant, I'd never marry her after I heard what she did." Ash said.

"You won't have much choice, Ash! By law of Kanto, you have to marry a woman if you get them pregnant, remember?" Macey said.

Ash suddenly realized that she was right. A law that said that if a man got a woman pregnant, the man must marry the woman they got pregnant or face serious consequences that could lead to imprisonment for life and paying a fine of a billion credits. Since only rich snobs could pay for a fine like that, any man foolish enough to do an act of love making before marriage paid the price by marrying the girl.

Ash was in a serious dilemma now. Even if Macey's plan didn't work, as long as she was alive, Ash had to marry her. He couldn't be with Misty like he wanted to. Macey was so close now to achieving her goal of marrying the man she loved and only one thing remained to make her plan to work. All she had to do now was to kill Misty.

"Thanks to my newest pokemon, you don't stand a chance. My newest fire pokemon team will incinerate all your water pokemon. And with my newest pokemon, that has the will to attack a human whenever it pleases, you're as good as dead, Misty!" Macey said.

Wes became a little shocked when he heard what Macey had said. "A pokemon that attacks humans at will? Oh no!" He said. He then turned his head to Rui and started whispering to her. "Rui, I think Macey might have a Shadow Pokemon."

"If she's as desperate as I think she is… I wouldn't count it past her." Rui said.

Wes then pushed a series of buttons on his Battle Wrist. He then turned his attention to Misty. "Misty!" He shouted.

"Huh?" Misty looked at Wes with confusion.

Wes aimed the launching end of the Battle Wrist at Misty. "Here! Catch this!" He said as he launched a pokeball at her.

Misty caught the pokeball and examined it. It was very different from any other known pokeball. The top half of the pokeball was a shade of sky blue while the bottom half was violet. Looking upon it, Misty was a little confused.

"Misty! I think Macey has a Shadow Pokemon! If you want to win, you're going to need that pokemon!" Wes told her.

Misty thought for a second and started to remember the battle that Wes had with the mighty Exoeon. If Macey did have a Shadow Pokemon, then Misty knew she would need all the help she could get. She shrunk the pokeball back down to miniature size inserted it into her Battle Wrist.

"So Misty, including the one you received, how many are you going to use?" Macey asked.

"Seven. That's how many we'll use for this battle!" Misty told her.

"Fine by me! To make it more interesting, we'll use two pokemon at once. That okay with you?"

"Fine by me, too!

"You don't stand a chance. My newest strategy will bring them to their knees. With my strategy, it'll hardly matter what type the pokemon are."

"Let's do this, you sick little whore!"

"Okay, calling me that was going too far! I'm going to kill you now, bitch!"

The ultimate catfight for the love of Ash was about to begin, and from the start, everyone knew it would only end with one of them paying the ultimate price.

The two girls activated a switch underneath the Battle Wrist, turning them on. The sound of the Battle Wrists whirring was completely audible thanks to the silence. However, it was so quiet that one could make a phone call and not be disturbed by it quite easily. A female voice emitted from the Battle Wrists.

"Commencing battle information. Battle information retrieved. Subjects battling: Macey Moe and Misty Kasumi Williams Waterflower. Please insert special rules now." The voice commanded.

Macey and Misty started pushing multiple buttons on their Battle Wrist. Soon, all the information was put in.

"Rules confirmed! Each trainer is allowed to use up to seven pokemon with having up to two pokemon out at one time! Please select pokemon."

Upon command, both Macey and Misty selected the seven pokemon that would be used for battle.

"Pokemon confirmed! Please select starter pokemon!"

Misty and Macey carefully chose their pokemon. Misty decided to wait to use the pokemon Wes gave her. If Wes was right, she would need it for when Macey brought out her Shadow Pokemon.

The trainers within the battle extended the arm with the Battle Wrist attached forward. Two pokeballs launched from both Battle Wrists, each containing different pokemon. The pokeballs opened and unleashed the power within. The side of Misty brought out her Starmie and Politoed. Misty was a little worried. The pokemon she had brought out had never battled as a team before. She just hoped they could do some teamwork.

Macey brought out two pokemon of the fire element. The first one was a unicorn with a flame-like mane and tail, which was also known as a Rapidash. The other one was nothing more than a simple Flareon.

"Anything, Rui?" Wes asked his girlfriend in a whisper.

"No. Nothing yet." Rui answered him. She then decided to move to a different subject. "Do you think she stands a chance?"

"For her sake, I hope so."

"Starter Pokemon confirmed. Macey Moe has chosen Rapidash and Flareon. Misty Kasumi Williams Waterflower has chosen Starmie and Politoed." The computer confirmed. "Battle wagered at one official Tournament Pokeball to the winner. Battle Begin!"

"You know, I wonder if that voice is going to get annoying." Max pondered.

"I bet it is, but I doubt there's a way to get rid of it, so we'll have to deal with it." Brock told him.

Macey's pokemon just stood there, waiting for Misty's pokemon to make the first move. The strategy Macey was using required her opponent to make the first move. It was all part of a brilliant trap that often made water attacks completely useless. However, it was a strategy hardly ever used because it required a team effort to make it work. Battles that required more than one pokemon out at once were not that popular. However, this tournament was changing everything. Especially the way trainers were battling.

Misty didn't want the strategy that Macey held to come forth. She figured that if she took them out quickly, they wouldn't be able to activate the strategy. She made the first mistake, by making the first attack.

"Politoed, Starmie, use Hydro Pump!" Misty commanded.

The element of water flowed through the water pokemon, increasing their power. A powerful burst of water launched out from them and headed straight for their targets. What Macey did next was completely unexpected by everyone.

"Now, Rapidash and Flareon, use Flamethrower on each other!" She commanded.

This completely shocked everyone else that was present.

"Why would she attack her own pokemon?" Ash asked, being completely clueless to the strategy at hand.

The fire pokemon attacked one another as they opened their mouths and launched a powerful stream of red-hot embers. The fire attacks hit their target. The temperature around the fire elemental pokemon increased suddenly. The water attacks suddenly evaporated as they hit the invisible barrier of hot air, leaving the fire types unhurt by a move they were known to be weak against.

People from around the world were also watching the battle on TV and online. They were very shocked by this sudden move. The minds that only knew of the simple strategy of type advantage didn't understand what was going on. Only those who had a high level of knowledge of Pokemon Battling knew what was going on.

The entire group behind Misty stood there shocked at the sudden thing that had happened. They couldn't believe what was happening.

"How – how did she do that?" Ash asked.

"What she just did… it's impossible!" Wes said.

"I – I can't figure out how she did it!" Brock said with astonishment.

"She… she must be cheating!" Rui accused.

"No! She's not!" When Max said this, everyone turned to him in curiosity. "The theory is true!"

"What do you mean, Max?" Brock asked.

"Well, I heard of a theory that if certain fire pokemon are attacked by fire type moves, the air around them becomes so hot that it creates a barrier that evaporates all water attacks. Not only that, but the fire pokemon also become much more powerful. The ability is known as Flash Fire. If the theory is correct, then a fire pokemon with such an ability can become so powerful that it can literally kill a legendary pokemon."

"Then a method like that can't be legal." Ash said.

"It's not. It was reasons like this as to why battles that had more than one pokemon out at the same time were banned in the various official Pokemon League Tournaments so long ago. To make it fair and so that things like this couldn't happen."

"But for this tournament, such a method is allowed." Brock said.

"Then this isn't going to be an easy match for Misty." Wes said.

Back at the battle going on, Misty drowned out everything her friends were saying and focused on the battle at hand. She immediately figured out that attacks of the water element were useless. However, Misty had trained her pokemon with a variety of attacks. She would now show that she wasn't known as "The Princess of the Sea" for nothing. She was going to show Macey the true power of her pokemon.

"Nice move, you bitch! Now Politoed, use Hypnosis!" Misty commanded.

The element of light flowed through the frog pokemon. The eyes of Politoed suddenly changed into a swirling pattern. The eyes focused on that of the unicorn. The eyes of Rapidash started to get heavy.

Macey knew she had to act fast. She knew of only one attack to save her. "Quick Flareon, use Quick Attack!" She ordered.

The fire elemental Eevee evolution then started running at a quick pace. Within a few seconds it went at a speed that broke the sound barrier. Flareon slammed its body into the belly of Politoed. This not only stopped the attack, but also caused the frog to double over from having the air knocked out of it.

"Oh no! Politoed!" Misty yelled out with concern.

At this point, Rapidash had shook off its tiredness. "Now, use Solarbeam!" Macey commanded.

This highly shocked all the other humans there. The element of forest quickly flowed through the unicorn and was focused into a ball of green energy within a second. It then shot out in a beam form and hit Politoed right in the chest. Politoed was knocked out just by the sheer power of the attack.

"Politoed unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon!" The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist that Misty held said as Politoed was engulfed with a red light and returned within the Battle Wrist. "Please bring out new pokemon."

Solarbeam was very unexpected, as it had surprised them all. This had concerned Misty very much. Only a few of her pokemon could withstand a Solarbeam and even those that did would take heavy damage. At this point, she only believed there was one pokemon that could help her. She pressed a series of buttons and launched out a new pokeball.

The pokeball that was launched out was pretty much normal save for it being partly greenish-blue on the top half. This was what was called a Lure Ball, which was perfect for catching water pokemon. The Lure Ball opened and unleashed the power within. Her Corsola appeared on the field, dancing happily about.

Macey gave an evil smile as she saw the pink and white coral pokemon on the field. It was a pokemon of both the earth and water elements. With Solarbeam on her side, Macey was sure she had another easy win on her belt. Macey used the one attack Misty knew was coming.

"Rapidash, use Solarbeam on that Corsola!" She commanded.

Once again the unicorn pokemon formed a ball of green energy and launched it in the form of a beam, this time at Corsola. Misty then raised her head and gave Macey a look that told her she was expecting that move.

"Now, use Mirror Coat!" Misty commanded.

The element of light flowed through the coral pokemon. The attack suddenly hit an invisible wall and was getting absorbed by it. Corsola hung on tight to the move that was a very big threat to her species during a battle. The invisible wall Corsola had produced, giving it twice the power then surrounded all of the energy of the attack. Corsola then launched the attack back at Rapidash and fainted from the immense power of the attack. The attack hit the unicorn pokemon with such force that it would've broken its neck if it wasn't for the defensive capabilities the pokeball had given it. If it were a battle between wild pokemon, the Rapidash would've met death with a broken neck injury. The attack was enough to knock out the unicorn.

"Rapidash of Macey and Corsola of Misty unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon." Rapidash and Corsola were returned into the Battle Wrist of their respective owners. "Please select new pokemon."

Misty at this point believed she could win, but Macey held a powerful secret weapon. Macey was trying to decide as to whether or not to use her secret weapon, and in the end decided not to use it yet. Misty and Macey chose the pokemon that would replace the one that was knocked out.

Macey launched out a pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. The pokemon that emerged was a fox with nine tails that had fur that was colored a yellowish-white, but shined like gold and piercing glowing blood red eyes. One could probably mistake it for a Shadow Pokemon, however Rui didn't see the dark aura that would confirm it being one. It just had a pair of eyes that made it look scary.

Misty then launched out a pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. The one to come out would be a surprise to even those who knew Misty well. It was a blue serpent dragon that had a dark white underbelly. Its huge head that was constantly open made a face that scared the opposing pokemon enough to scare them. The power within them to attack somehow got weaker as they stared at the face of this pokemon. It was no wonder though, as it was a scary sight to behold with such a face.

In the simplest sense, Macey had brought out a Ninetales and Misty had brought out a Gyarados.

Macey decided to make the next move. "Flareon, use Flamethrower on Ninetales!" She commanded.

The group was shocked yet again. "Don't tell me that Ninetales has Flash Fire too!" Brock said.

The element of fire flowed through Flareon. It then fired a powerful flame at Ninetales. The nine tailed fox was hit with red-hot embers. The temperature of the air around the fire elemental pokemon started to heat up and increased the power of the kitsune.

Misty then got a little plan. She believed that if she could stop the pokemon, she could stop whatever Macey was planning.

"Now Starmie, use Thunder Wave!" Misty commanded.

The element of electricity flowed through the ten point star pokemon. Starmie then sent a small shock wave of electricity at Ninetales. However, Macey immediately acted with the perfect move.

"Counter with Safeguard!" She commanded.

A blue aura then surrounded Ninetales. The attack was completely blocked by the blue aura. The aura increased and spread and so that it surrounded Flareon as well.

"Well this is just great!" Wes said.

"Yeah, now some of Misty's best attacks can't get through." Max said.

"Well, there is one attack she could use." Brock said.

"Gyarados, use Hyper Beam!" Misty commanded.

The element of its own physical strength flowed through the pokemon. The dragon then powered up a yellowish-white ball and shot it out in the form of a beam right at Flareon. The attack hit the small pokemon with incredible force. If it were a battle between wild pokemon, Flareon would've been obliterated to dust by the attack. Once again, the defensive capabilities of the pokeball had saved the life of another pokemon. The attack had knocked out the small pokemon.

"Flareon unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon!" The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist that Macey held said as Flareon was engulfed with a red light and returned within the Battle Wrist. "Please bring out new pokemon."

Macey growled at her competition. They weren't phased one bit with such a threat. Macey knew she was in big trouble. If she didn't get rid of that Gyarados, she would lose in no time. She carefully thought about her remaining options. A part of her wanted to use the special pokemon, but she wanted to prove herself against Misty. She then got an idea. She would most likely lose another pokemon in the process, but if it worked, she might then have a chance of winning.

Macey made her choice and launched out a new pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. A dog with black fur, forked tail and dangerously sharp horns appeared on the field. The pokemon was not only one that consisted of the fire element, but also that of the shadow element. The pokemon that came out was known as a Houndoom.

Brock knew that Macey had a reason for bringing out that particular pokemon. After all, such a behemoth was extremely powerful. Macey had a trick up her sleeve.

"Gyarados, use Hyper Beam on Ninetales!" Misty commanded.

The element of its own physical strength flowed through the pokemon. The dragon then powered up a yellowish-white ball and shot it out in the form of a beam right at Ninetales. However, Macey was planned for this.

"Houndoom, jump in the way and use Counter!" Macey shouted.

This move took Misty by complete surprise. While Houndoom jumped in the way of the attack, the element of its own physical strength flowed through it. An orange aura surrounded the black dog. The attack hit with a powerful force. With the last ounce of its strength, Houndoom launched the attack right back at Gyarados before collapsing unconscious. The attack hit the behemoth and knocked it out as well.

"No! Gyarados!" Misty cried.

"Houndoom of Macey and Gyarados of Misty unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon." Houndoom and Gyarados were returned into the Battle Wrist of their respective owners. "Please select new pokemon."

Misty was shocked that a Houndoom had taken out one of her toughest pokemon. Then again, in a pokemon battle, nothing could truly be predicted. Every move was a mystery until it was too late. The best offered surprises that were never seen before in anything. Misty knew that if she wanted to pull off this battle, she would have to do the unexpected. With the last pokemon she held for the battle, she was going to do just that.

She selected her next pokemon and launched out another pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. It was her Marill that had now occupied the battle. This had done just what Misty wanted. It had surprised Macey completely. Macey was expecting a fully evolved pokemon of some kind, but this had thrown her completely off guard. She believed that you could only win a tournament of this magnitude if you had fully evolved pokemon and those that won without them were incredibly lucky. However, that was something that was untrue and Macey was about to find that out the hard way.

Macey selected her next pokemon and launched a pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. The pokemon sent out was a giant dog that had orange fur and black stripes. The pokemon that had now entered the field was known as an Arcanine.

Things had just gotten bad for Misty. This pokemon most likely contained Flash Fire, as that seemed to be the strategy Macey was going with. Misty knew she had to end this quickly. Her resources were vastly limited. However, Macey did a move that would change the entire battle.

"Arcanine use Extreme Speed and Ninetales use Quick Attack! Aim for Marill!" She commanded.

Before Misty could command a counter attack the little blue mouse was hit with the full force of the opposing pokemon. The attack happened faster than anyone could blink. The Marill skidded across the sand. The amazing faster than sound attack had weakened her severely and made her struggling to get up. However, even though the attacks were powerful, they didn't destroy the spirit of the pokemon.

"Humph! I would've expected that combo to knock the damn little pokemon out! I guess she has a lot of spunk. Then again, I doubt something like that could be expected from a pokemon that came from a mother who was said to be nothing more than a whore!"

"You take that back, you perverted bitch!" Marill suddenly shouted out.

"What did you call me, you daughter of a bastard?"

"You heard me! And F.Y.I., my parents loved eachother very much and they loved me too! In fact, they loved me so much that they were willing to pay for the consequences they would face for wanting to have me! Sure it meant that I had to be with Misty until I could properly take care of myself, but they knew what they had to do for me to grow up healthy and strong! I don't think they could've made a better choice even if they wanted one! My mom never got to see me grow into the woman her daughter had become, but as long as I was being taken good care of by the one she had entrusted me to, that's all she really needed! That's all that truly mattered to her!"

Back at Oak's Laboratory, Tracey's Azumarill was watching the whole thing and heard what her daughter had said. She was touched by how much her daughter loved her. It was believed by many that her daughter didn't love her and that was the reason she was staying with Golduck, but the media had mislead so many. This speech had suddenly proved everything wrong. Marill truly loved her mother. There was no doubt whatsoever about that.

Back at the battle, Macey was a little shocked, but she refused to show such an emotion to a pokemon. "And you think I give a damn?" She asked.

"Probably not, but it doesn't matter! I'm fighting you for the right of my mother!" Marill shouted at her.

Suddenly, a surge of power grew through her, it was so powerful that her body couldn't handle it and she started to glow in a white light. Misty was shocked to see what was happening. Whenever something like this happened, it was a sight to see. The body of Marill suddenly grew and became more oval shaped. Her ears grew longer as well. When the glowing ceased, she was now a new form. She was no longer a Marill, but an Azumarill.

"She… she evolved!" Ash said.

"I don't believe it." Max said.

"Even though I've seen a ton of evolutions, I'm still surprised whenever I see one." Wes said.

"Yeah, but I bet this turn of events will put everything in Misty's favor from now on." Brock said.

"Ready to do this, Misty?" Azumarill asked.

This got Misty out of her state of shock and felt herself even more eager to battle. "Yeah! Let's take her down!" She shouted.

"Ha! What could that thing possibly do?" Macey asked.

"With her being the daughter of one of my best pokemon, you aren't going to believe what she can do. Azumarill, let's end her strategy with Rain Dance!"

The element of water flowed through Azumarill and from her mouth she formed a ball of pure water into her hands. She then threw the ball into the air with all her might. The ball suspended in mid-air when it reached its maximum height. It then radiated a blue light all across the area and many dark clouds started to rapidly form in the sky. There was a clash of thunder and many small water droplets poured down upon the area. The rain caused the barrier of hot air surrounding the fire pokemon to slowly disappear. That meant the ability of Flash Fire had been made completely useless and enabled Misty to use her water attacks to her heart's desire.

"Now, Azumarill and Starmie, use Hydro Pump!" She commanded.

The element of water flowed through both pokemon and they formed a giant ball of water in front of them. They then fired the balls of water at Ninetales. The attacks hit the nine tailed fire fox and it was knocked unconscious by the sheer power of the attacks.

"Ninetales unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon!" The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist that Macey held said as Ninetales was engulfed with a red light and returned within the Battle Wrist. "Please bring out new pokemon."

"Okay! I've got just the pokemon to take you out!" Macey said as she selected a new pokemon.

She selected her next pokemon and launched out another pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. The creature at hand was hard to tell what it exactly resembled. It was resembling something of a massive biped weasel, ferret, badger, but possibly even a bear by its great size and strength. Its body is heavy, but despite that, it was capable of obtaining incredible speeds. It was black skinned along its back and was cream colored with the front part. It had a number of special vents in a row along its lower back horizontally. The creature was known as a Typhlosion.

Macey had a little strategy that she figured would turn the tables. "Now, charge right at Starmie!" She commanded.

The Typhlosion roared out and sped towards the ten-pointed star pokemon with incredible speed. Misty decided to act quickly.

"Starmie, use Bubblebeam!" She commanded.

The element of water flowed through the pokemon and it launched out many bubbles at Typhlosion. Macey, however, was ready to counter this.

"Use your Thunderpunch as a shield!" She commanded.

The element of electricity flowed through Typhlosion and formed within its fists. It then put the electric bound fists in front of it as it charged toward Starmie. The shield it had created was now popping the bubbles before they could hit.

"Now keep that shield going and charge at it at full force!" Macey commanded.

Typhlosion obeyed and kept charging while keeping the electric shield up. In only a few seconds it rammed into Starmie and destroyed the jewel in the middle of it. Many shards of the red jewel scattered across the wet field. The star pokemon then collapsed to the ground from the severe injury and didn't move.

"Starmie unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon!" The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist that Misty held said as Starmie was engulfed with a red light and returned within the Battle Wrist. "Please bring out new pokemon."

Misty was now concerned if she could pull it off. She had only so few pokemon left to use. She selected her next pokemon and launched out a new pokeball from the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. Though this pokemon appeared to be an angel at first glance, it shared a few characteristics with real world fowl. It was a bipedal bird-like creature of mostly white coloration. It had two stubby arms, a pair of short wings on its back and three spiky formations on top of its head. This pokemon was known as a Togetic.

Ash, Brock and Max were surprised to see this pokemon. As they had recalled, Misty had released it in order for it to protect a bunch of its own species in another region. So how Misty had it now was a complete mystery to them.

Misty turned to them and smiled. "Just so you know, I got a little call from the princess of Mirage Kingdom before we left Kanto. My little Togetic missed me a lot and wanted to visit me desperately. So I decided to have it join me in this tournament to see me again. Not to mention I can now see just how much better Togetic has gotten at the same time."

With everything explained, the battle continued. Misty knew that she had to think of a move to get rid of both of the remaining pokemon. However, Macey gave her little time to think.

"Typhlosion, use Thunderpunch on Azumarill!" She commanded.

The fire pokemon charged at Azumarill with ready fists that had electricity flowing through them. Misty made an immediate counter attack.

"Togetic, use Light Screen to protect Azumarill!" She commanded.

The element of light flowed through the fowl pokemon. Togetic held its hands out in front of her and a wall that was nearly invisible appeared in front of her. The wall stretched and protected the whole team on the side of Misty. Macey was shocked that her move was countered like that.

A realization then came to her. "It's impossible! She actually destroyed my entire strategy." She whispered to herself in fear.

"Togetic, use Hyper Beam and Azumarill use Hydro Pump!" Misty commanded.

The element of its own physical strength flowed through Togetic. The fowl pokemon then powered up a yellowish-white ball and shot it out in the form of a beam right at Typhlosion. The attack hit the pokemon with incredible force and knocked it out. Meanwhile, the element of water flowed through the water rabbit and she fired it right at Arcanine. The attack hit with tremendous power and knocked out the dog pokemon.

"Arcanine and Typhlosion unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon." The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist that Macey held said as Arcanine and Typhlosion were engulfed with a red light and returned within the Battle Wrist. "Seven pokemon limit. Please bring out final pokemon."

"I didn't think I would have to use this on you, you bitch! But now you've left me with no choice!" Macey said.

Macey selected her final pokemon. A pokeball launched out of the Battle Wrist. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. What appeared was an amazing sight to behold. It was a giant bird that seemed to be completely made of fire. This pokemon was known as a Moltres.

"Rui…" Wes said to her.

"Yes! That's the one. That's the Shadow Pokemon!" She said as she saw the dark aura that only she could see surrounding the pokemon.

Knowing just how dangerous a Shadow Pokemon could be Wes decided to warn Misty. "Misty, for the safety of your pokemon, return them immediately and bring out the one that I gave you!" He told her.

Misty was going to do just that, but before she could put in the button combination to return her pokemon, the giant fire bird attacked on its own accord. At this particular moment, everything went haywire and those that were watching it on TV or the Internet couldn't see the rest of the match, and the radio broadcast ran into technical difficulties as nothing but static emitted from the station. A stream of black fire was launched right at Togetic. The attack hit, engulfing the poor pokemon completely. As the attack hit the ground it caused the earth around it to shake, creating a strong artificial Earthquake attack. The attack hit Azumarill with tremendous force and knocked her down and out. When the attack was finished, Togetic was lying on the ground. The attack had given Togetic multiple third-degree burns along its body. Some of the burns were so severe that it was now loosing blood rapidly.

Misty was shocked and quickly ran up to see if her Togetic was still alive. Togetic weakly opened its eyes and smiled at Misty. Misty didn't take note of its injuries at this particular moment, as she was happy to see that her Togetic was still alive.

"Misty…" It said weakly.

"Don't speak! I'm going to take you to a Pokemon Center right now and get you healed up." Misty said.

"No!" Togetic shook its head. "It's too late for me."

"No! Don't give up on me Togetic! I know you're strong enough to fight this!" She begged with tears forming in her eyes.

"Tell the princess that me and my mate had a Pokemon Egg and that child shall be the next heir to the throne."

"No! Don't!" She sobbed.

Togetic then breathed its last breath and gave up its life. The burns on the chest were so severe that its heart was visible and it was now seen that it had stopped beating. The brain ceased any activity and the muscles fully relaxed themselves. The battle had gone too far as one of Misty's closest pokemon had died.

"Pokemon killed! Pokemon killed! Removing Togetic from database of Misty." The computerized voice from the Battle Wrist of Misty said, completely killing the heartbreaking scene. "Azumarill unable to continue battling. Returning pokemon." Azumarill was engulfed in a red light and was returned to the Battle Wrist Misty held. "Seven pokemon limit. Please select final pokemon."

Tears of great sorrow flowed through the eyes of Misty as she stared down at her now dead pokemon. The many memories she had with the little pokemon hit her heart and mind hard and rapidly. They happened in her mind so fast that she had little time to focus on them.

Macey was shocked to the core from the very moment Moltres had attacked on its own accord. She didn't realize this would happen. What kind of pokemon was she holding? She didn't mean for this to happen. She only wanted to kill Misty and not her pokemon. She actually liked the little Togetic and only wanted to knock it out. She had no desire of killing it whatsoever.

She started to approach her. "Misty, I…"

"What the hell do you want you fucking murdering bitch?" Misty yelled at her harshly.

Such a remark hurt Macey greatly, but she did her best to ignore it. "I'm… I'm sorry! I… I didn't want to kill it."

"Like hell you didn't!" Misty shouted, not believing her.

"I'm sorry, Misty. I had no control over Moltres."

"Yeah right! You'll pay for that!"

Misty was in a state of a blind rage. She was so mad at this very moment that it seemed like her body was engulfed with fire. Her friends knew this wasn't a good thing.

"Will somebody stop the damn battle?" Max asked. "It's gone way too far already!"

"Max, a word of advice is to not interfere when someone like Misty is in this state. You'll pay with your life if you do." Brock warned him.

"But there must be something that can be done!" The teen reasoned.

"The only way for this to end is for Misty to take out Moltres." Ash said.

"But how is she going to do that?"

"By using the pokemon that I gave her." Wes said. "It's just what she needs to take out this pokemon."

Misty launched out her final pokeball. It was the one that Wes gave her that was sky blue on top and violet on the bottom. The pokeball opened and unleashed the power within. They were all shocked by what had appeared on the field. The pokemon at hand was hard to distinguish in appearance. It was intermediate between feline and canine. It seemed to be a mix between a greyhound and a lion. It was blue skinned with a purple mane behind its back. This was the legendary pokemon of the wind, Suicune.

All of them save for Wes and Rui were very surprised to see this pokemon.

"How did you…" Max started but Wes interrupted him.

"I'll explain to you how I got all three of the Legendary Beasts after the match." He said. "For now, watch what she can do."

They kept their eyes glued to the battlefield. The legendary pokemon that was fused with the element of water looked up at the firebird in front of her. She too noticed the dark aura surrounding it.

"So, I've been sent out to face a Shadow pokemon." She said to herself through a means of telepathy.

She then looked behind herself and noticed Misty standing there with a shocked look on her face. She then used her powers and made a psychic link with Misty and spoke to her through the mind.

"Do not be afraid, child. I am here to help you. Wes has entrusted me to you for good reason that I do not know of myself. However, I trust him deeply. We are only meant to be summoned at times of great need and I feel this is a time of great need. Trust me, and we shall win against this evil monster."

Misty then removed the shocked look from her face and smiled with great enthusiasm. "Okay! I'll trust you!" She said with confidence. "Let's do this, Suicune!"

"Leave everything to me!"

It was now a battle where pokemon had to battle through thought and instinct. Suicune started off by charging up a ball of pure water and firing it at Moltres. Moltres countered with its black fire attack. The attacks collided and evaporated one another as they hit. The resulting attack had made the storm caused by Rain Dance to become even fiercer. The wind blew even harder around the pokemon. Suicune was known as the legendary pokemon of the wind and thus could control such a power. Using the power of the wind, Suicune made the many water droplets create a vortex of pure water. The water tornado then charged at Moltres and engulfed the fire pokemon. Moltres howled in pain as it was now trapped inside the vortex.

"Time to end this!" Suicune shouted to herself.

The feline and canine fused pokemon jumped into the air and enclosed the gap between her and Moltres. She then charged up another ball of pure water and fired it at close range of the bird of fire. Not even the hottest fire was a match for the pure power of water, and this was proven as the legendary bird of fire was knocked out by the powerful water attack.

"All pokemon defeated. Battle over. Winner of battle, Misty Kasumi Williams Waterflower." The Battle Wrist confirmed as it returned all pokemon, except for the one pokemon that was now dead and then shut down.

Upon the battle ending, the wind died down, the rain ceased and the clouds cleared up, revealing the shining sun once again. Misty then bent down and picked up the body of her Togetic in her arms. She then started to walk away without the pokemon or the official Tournament Pokeball she had won from Macey.

Suddenly, they heard someone impact the ground. They turned around and noticed that Macey was now lying on the ground face first with an arrow imbedded into her back. They immediately rushed up to her and Wes checked her neck to see if the arrow had missed the heart and it was still beating. When he couldn't find a pulse, he shook his head, confirming her death. A look of grimace appeared upon their faces.

Then Max noticed something. "Hey, there's a note attached." He said as he took the piece of paper that was attached to the arrow and started reading the writing out loud.

Congratulations Misty on defeating one of my test subjects. You shall find the antidote to the poison Macey used on you in one of her pockets.

Be warned! Your fiancée is next. He shall die at the hands of the one that was banned from ever starting a pokemon journey.

Prepare to face the wrath of Boon T. Rainer.

The note was unsigned. It was nothing more than a clear warning that Ash was next and that he would soon face his doom.

---End Chapter 5---

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