Yeah, yeah. I know. You probably thought I died. Have been suffering from... I don´t know really. Writers block? Laziness? Probably a bit of both. But I´m back! Yeah... Hope you like.

And drugs? Know nothing about it. Torturing people? Nah, it´s not my hobby.

Sorry for all the mistakes guys. I´m only human.

And USA, happy 4th of July!

He is coming after me. If he catches me I´m dead.

I knew it was a mistake to go after her but my boss was persistent, and when your boss is in the mob, you don´t argue. She had messed up a business deal, costed him millions. She had to pay.

It was my idea to kidnap her. My boss just wanted her dead, he didn´t really care how she went.I guess he would have preferred a bullet through her brain, but hey, that´s really not my thing. It´s too clean, too quick. And pain is meant to endure.

So I started to follow her. Took pictures of her, studyed her every move, learned her rutine. She was smart, I gotta give her that. She noticed that something was wrong, suspected that someone was following her. So she changed her rutine, moved from her house, started carrying concealed And she was never alone.

But I have been in this business for over ten years. I don´t give up that easy. I would´ve lost my money, not to mention my life. And I value both.

I made myself invincible. I pulled back, stopped following her, giving her the illusion that I had backed of, given up. Instead I bugged her hotel room and her mobile phone. It´s funny what a little money can do when you are dealing with underpayed and greedy hotell staff. A thousand dollars in the pocket and the sence for right and wrong flies out the window.

Humans is a weird species. Willing to betray anyone as long as they make a profit.

Not that I complain.

It gave me time to go over her room, plant the bugs where she wouldn´t find them. I even put a tracking device in her shoes.

Sometimes it´s like taking candy from a baby.

And then I waited.

And waited.

As someone once said, patience is a virtue.

Finally, three weeks after I planted the bugs, I got lucky. With the wheater. Or the heat, to be more precise.

I had almost given up hope. She, and the two idiots she surrendered herself with, had found two of my five bugs. As I said, the lady was smart. And careful. One of the guys, the one that looked like he came straight from the beach, was living in the room next to hers.

Not that she liked it. I had heard them arguing about the fact that he "treated her like a baby" and that she could "take care of herself". And he had simply said that she had two choices, one beeing a safehouse and the other a "bodyguard". They had gone at it for a couple of hours before she grudgingly had accepted. But not before he had treathened to hit her over the head and then carry her to the safehouse himself.

The guy was persistent, I gotta give him that. When they where awake he never let her out of his sight.

But then, more than a week after he "moved in", he made a mistake. Or I made him make a mistake. He overslept. Or, to tell the truth, he was unconsiuos. It was hot outside, almost 90 degrees fahrenheit, and he drank a lot of water. It wasn´t that hard to put a sleeping pill in one of his water bottles. He was out minutes after he had swallowed the last mouthfull of water.

She struggled, tried to reach for the gun that was tucked under her pillow, but I had anticipated that move and the choloroformed handkerchief that I pressed over her nose worked quickly. She was unconsious in a matter of seconds.

It took me almost a day to get her to an abandoned wearhouse in the middle of nowhere. I strapped her to a chair and made a phone call.

They already knew that she was missing. I guess the guy in the next room had woken up sooner then I had expected.

"I have your boss strapped to a chair. She´s alive. So far."

" You hurt her and I´m gonna rip out your fucking spine, I swear to God."

" You are in no position to threaten me, beach boy. I´m gonna do more than hurt her and you can´t do jack shit about it. Exepct to wait for her body to turn up. And that can take a couple of days."

" You listen to me, you fucking little pice of..."

I almost smiled. It sounded like he loved her. Interesting. Maybe I should make her scream so that he had something to listen to.


Brake a bone and people start to talk.


Torture someone they love, let them hear it, and they begin to crumble.


"Van, give me the phone. Van, listen to me. Give me the phone. You are letting him get to you."

Deaq. The other guy she worked with. The one who used to be a narc before he started to work here.

I remember him alright. And his lovely lady friend. What was her name...Trisha? Yeah. I doubt that he remember me though. After all, to him I had just been a stupid, irritating guy

who wanted flying lessons from his girlfriend. And I had called myself Jim Carman back then. Small world.

"Okey, Martin. What do you want? Money?"

So they knew my name already. Impressive. Not that David Martin was my real name, but still. It was impressive. That meant that I had to work a little faster that I had planned.

" Money? What would I do with money? I have enough of that. What I want is to play. And your boss is a perfect playmate. You can tell your hot headed friend that."

"You don´t think we can find you? Give it up."

Give it up? Not a chanse in hell. I was just getting started.

"Now where is the fun in that? You can look for her, if you want. But I warn you, you may not recognize the body. Bye, bye."

I hung up the phone after that. As I said, fear can make even the toughest guy brake.

I estimated that it would take them about a week to find me. You can do much in seven days.

The human body can take a surprising amount of pain before it brakes and you die.

Let the game begin.


It took them three days.

How they found me so quick I´ll never know. Some of my men must have opened their big mouth. You can´t trust anybody but yourself in this business.

I had just given her a new drug that I was experimenting with. It cuts of the connection between the brain and the muscles. Ten minutes after injecting it and the only thing you can move is your eyes. Ten hours after the injection your heart stops beating.

It´s the perfect drug to use when you want to... play around... a little. No screaming, no crying. Your play mate stays where you put it. And if you don´t want to shoot the person? Don´t worry, the drug takes care of that. As I said, the perfect drug.

I stood there, with my gun pointing at her head, wondering if I should shoot her in the shoulder or in one of the knee caps, when Deaq and the other guy stormed in with their guns drawn.

For a second it was like time froze. I looked in the eyes of the beach boy and knew I was dead.

I´ve killed a lot of people in my life, been tortured a number of times. This was the first time I was actually scared. I had kidnapped and tortured someone he cared about and he would hunt me until he was sure I was burried five feet underground.

I did something I never done in my life. I fled.

As I ran I felt a searing pain in my left leg. I didn´t have to look to know that I had been shot. I blocked out the pain and continued to run, knowing that if I stopped I would be a dead man.

A couple of days later and I´m still running. The only difference now is that I´m on the other side of the globe, in Finland.

Beach boy isn´t the only one after me. My boss isn´t to pleased about me either. I failed to do a job and that usually dosen´t end well when you are involved with the mob.

So now I´m sitting in a stupid country house in the middle of nowhere. Waiting. Knowing that I can´t stay here for very long, knowing that I´m like a sitting duck, waiting to get shot.

Knowing that I´ve run out of allies. And with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I´m not gonna live for very long.

It was a risk I took. And for once, the odds waren´t in my favour.

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