Title: Untitiled (for now)

Author: DayDreamBear

Rating: PG-13 for language and death scenes.

Disclaimer: I do own Power Rangers, and the Highlander series/movies. I do.. really... yeah, sure, and my uncle is really Noah (ok yes he practically does have an ark at his house in regards to animals, and we do have to deal with hurricaines and lots of rain, but he's not there yet lol). Ok, really though, don't own squat. (well really don't own him lol). I do own Danica and the other character who's name I can't think of... oi I'm feeling smart. Ok basically I own Danica and Kim's sister - that's it. Happy now you vultures who own this stuff in reality?

Summery: It was a typical day in Reefside, until Mesogog was murdered and all of his minions destroyed. The person responsible left a simple message for the rangers - gather the rangers who served Zordon and be on the moon in three nights. Who is it that is behind the attacks, and was it really Kimberly that Tommy saw kill Mesogog?

Author's Notes: hey everyone, ok so a few notes. thoughts are like this /-/ thoughts /-/. Stressed words are italizied (and I know, I so can't spell that word for the life of me lol). And there are flashbacks in this, that will be clarified by :-:-: Flashback :-:-: and :-:-: End Flashback :-:-:. Also, because there are characters in this with the same name (Connor McLeod and Conner McKnightfrom DinoThunder; Adam "Methos" Pierson and Adam Parks) I'm going to be having it say McLeod for Connor's name and of course Conner will mean the Ranger (ok and yes I just realized the spelling is different but still want it to be less confusing LOL). As for the two Adams, going to of course leave Adam Parks as Adam, and will call "Methos" Pierson or Methos (though I believe it's almost always Pierson). But that's it, let me know what you think :-)

P.S.: I haven't been able to think of a title for this one yet, any suggestions you might have are welcomed! Thx.

Part 1

"Hello Rangers."

"Zedd!" thirteen voices echoed around the room.

"Hmm, I seem to be lacking as of late. Eight of you obviously don't know me…" Zedd continue as he stood. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Zedd, ruler of the universe, Emperor of Evil... And the man who will see you all dead before the night is through."

"Haven't you learned by now that you can't kill us?" Tommy replied with a smirk.

"Oh, I can kill you White Ranger, or should I say Black Ranger." Zedd began with an evil smirk. "I just neglected to find the right force till now."

"What, more clay monsters?" Jason shot.

"Oh of course not Red Ranger. This time they are entirely human, other than Goldar and those holding you of course." He continued referring to the putties, Baboo, and Squatt.

"You got humans to help you?" Trini asked in shock.

"Don't tell me you brainwashed some poor people again." Zach continued rolling her eyes. "Didn't you learn that lesson the first time."

"Actually Black Ranger, I didn't have to brainwash anyone. Did I my dear?" Zedd asked turning to look behind and to his right

Out of the shadows stepped six figures. Three men in long black dusters, two women in similar dusters, and the sixth figure, much shorter than the other five, stood in front of the men with a woman on each side - a step behind it yet still in front of the men.

A black cape with the hood up hid any features to tell whether the figure was male, female, child, or grown.

"Is there a new fashion trend you humans neglected to let the universe in on?" Zedd mused as he looked between his 'chosen' and the rangers, also dressed in capes.

"No, it's just cold here on the moon. Not that you would notice." Carlos replied with a smirk.

"Shut your mouth Ranger." Zedd snapped as the red aura around him grew.

"Do calm down Zedd." A soft, quiet, but still familiar voice to just under half of the rangers gathered, said.

Zedd looked over at the six as his aura disappeared completely. "Don't tell me what to do little witch." He growled.

"Then don't go around losing your temper." The voice continued, and Zedd's aura flared back to life.

"Why does Dr. O look like he's seen a ghost?" Conner whispered to the two other youngest rangers.

"Beats me, but he's not the only one." Kira replied as Zedd spoke.

"I'll keep my temper in check if you'll get around to killing the brats."

"Of course Zeddie darling." The voice continued before the smaller figure turned towards Conner, Ethan, and Kira. "In answer to your question, Tommy and ten other members of your group recognize my voice on some level, though I have picked up a french accent on top of a slight Scottish brogue."

"What accent did you have before that?" Conner asked without thinking.

"Same as you. What some call the California accent, or at times a 'valley girl' accent." The figure continued as it walked out of the shadows. "You can close your mouth Tommy. I doubt any flies are looking for a home here."

Tommy closed his mouth as he took an unconscious step back.

"Kim?" Trini asked before anyone else could.

"In the flesh." She replied as she reached up and lowered her hood, allowing them their first glimpse of her in over five years, as a single plait fell down along her back, ending mid-calf. Although it had to be said, the years had been good to her. She didn't look older than Justin, most certainly not as old as the others her age looked.

"So you are here… but what are you doing here with Zedd? And what does this have to do with you killing Mesogog a few days ago."

"Actually the unfortunate death of Mesogog and his lot is my doing White… Black ranger." Zedd replied. "It's odd seeing him in the new color isn't Kimmy?" he continued as he stood and walked over to her. Circling her, he eyed her both predatorily and hungrily.

"Oh I think I'm going to be sick." Kira said as a wave of nausea swept over her. "That is so disgusting."

"Unfortunately this isn't the first time." Kim said as she rolled her eyes. "Give it up Zedd."

"What if I don't want to?"

"Oh you want to." The dark-brown-hair man said as he suddenly appeared next to Kim. A sword against Zedd's throat.

"I wouldn't," one of the dark haired men said as Zedd reached for his staff, four swords joining the first on Zedd's body.

"Remember our deal." Zedd growled looking at each of the three men and two women surrounding Kim and him, then Kim herself.

"So should you." Kim replied stepping back. The five lowered their swords after a moment, then stepped back to flank Kim.

Zedd's aura flared for a moment, then he turned and stalked over to his throne. "Get on with it then."

Kim smiled sadly then stepped forward. "Of course my lord." She replied, the last two words dripping with disdain, before turning to the rangers. "Allow me to introduce my associates. "McLeod," she began nodding towards the brown hair man on her right, the same one who had been the first to place a sword against Zedd. "Duncan," she continued towards the dark haired man on his right. "And the silent one is Pierson." She finished looking at the other dark haired man who stood on her left. "And, these two lovely ladies are Amanda and Danica." She added as she looked towards the two women, one with blonde hair next to Pierson, and the other with red hair standing in front of the two, next to her almost.

"Kim, what's going on?" Jason asked slowly.

"We're here to kill you." Kim replied with a shrug.

"Kim, stop this. We won't fight you…" Tommy began.

Kim's eyes narrowed, before she took one step towards them, then another. Soon she was directly in front of Tommy. "You will fight us Tommy. Or you will die after watching everyone here die first."


Seconds after the word was out of his mouth, Tommy found a blade at his throat. Following the blade with his eyes, he quickly found himself staring in eyes he had once known better than his own. Now they were a mask to him, only anger and something else he didn't recognize shinning through. Sadness perhaps…

"Kim…" he began slowly.

"All I have to do is press a little harder…" Kim began icily as she lowered her katana to rest over his heart. "And you'll be dead before ten minutes pass." She finished as her eyes dropped to his chest, saying her thoughts allowed as she mused. "Then again…" she began as she flicked her katana up and easily cut through the clasp on his cloak. "I see you came prepared..." she continued before looking up at his face. "...Black Ranger. Although, it would have made more sense to wear your helmet too." She added with a smile.

"Unfortunately," she began with a sigh as she looked back down at the tip of her katana against his black clad chest. "I can't stab you through that blasted armor we call spandex. And I suppose you found a way for all you to be morphed with some power or another."

"Impossible." Zedd said standing up

"Actually, it's not." Jason replied with a smirk as he and the others removed their capes and cloaks.

"What!" Zedd roared.

"Sit back down Zedd!" Kim ordered as she turned to him. "We said we'd kill the rangers, and we will. Even with powers."

"You better." Zedd snapped as he sat down.

"You wouldn't harm unarmed people." Tommy reminded her.

"You are most certainlynot unarmed." Kim replied with a smile as she looked around the group. The latest set of rangers were using their powers of course, as were the Astro rangers. Justin and Tanya were using the Turbo Powers, with the other three in use by Jason, Zach, and Trini… Zach in green and Trini in pink was quite the interesting sight.

The remaining five were back in Ninjetti uniforms. The only one not in a uniform was the girl at the end. The one who had once been Astronoma.

"True. But you wouldn't harm someone who isn't fighting."

"You have a point Tommy." Kim began as she looked behind her at the rest of her group and lowered her katana. Looking back at Tommy she smiled almost evilly. "I guess I'll just have to make you fight."

"Nothing you can do will make us fight Kim."

"Not necessarily love." Kim replied as her left arm finally appeared from under her cape. "You have two choices rangers, you fight us, or the only unprotected one in your group dies."

Everyone looked from Kim, to the gun in her hand that was pointed squarely at Karone, many trying to keep their mouths from dropping open.

"Your choice Tommy, either fight or she dies right here, right now."

"Kim… why are you doing this?" Jason asked softly.

"Because I have to." She replied as she cocked the gun.

"Alright." Tommy said quickly. "I'll fight you." He continued wearily.

"Good." Kim replied as she lowered the gun.

"Probably wasn't loaded anyway." Goldar said, speaking for the first time.

The rangers all flinched at the crack of the gun mere seconds later. "Shall we see if the rest of the chamber is loaded?" Kim asked lowering her arm once more.

"No." Goldar growled as he held his left arm, before turning and leaving to find Finster.

"Now, where were we?" Kim continued turning to the rangers once more. "Ah yes, fighting stance love." She told Tommy as she turned and tossed the gun to McLeod before turning back to Tommy and removing her cape with a flick of the clasp so it fell to the ground around her, revealing her to be wearing black pants and an off-white long-sleeved top, quickly she took her own stance.

Sighing heavily, Tommy raised his sword and took position.

"Sorry Tommy." Kim whispered before driving at him. Metal met metal, and the battle began. Soon Tommy was too busy protecting himself to remember this was Kim. With each parry and thrust, she seemed to gain strength, and he lost it. Finally, with one quick move she sent his sword fighting some feet away, and Tommy fell to his knees.

Kim stopped to take a deep breath. Then closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them, she raised her katana, and started the arc that would pass through his neck.

That was until she felt an intense pain in her chest and took a step back. Looking down she found a single arrow just to the right of her heart. Looking up at Kat she smiled slightly. Raising her sword once more she took a step towards Tommy.

She heard more than felt the second arrow, the third was the one that slowed her down some. After the fifth, she finally understood the meaning of overkill as she at last stopped trying to attack Tommy. Stepping back a few steps she grinned at the lot. "I knew you had it in you to fight." She managed to say before collapsing.

"How did we come to this?" Trini asked as they looked at her body. Moments later Kim's five companions charged at the rangers.

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