Title: End Of The Road 2

Summary: Marie's POV

I couldn't believe it when I walked into the medlab and saw Jean straddled on Logan. I literally thought my eyes were gonna fall out of my head. I turned around and got the hell out of there as quickly as possible. A few minutes later when Logan pounded on my door I called him every cuss word I could think of. He actually sat outside for a good solid hour before finally taking the hint that I wasn't going to let him in so I could listen to some lame ass excuse. I went to Scott to tell him what happened; which I realized would hurt him, too, but I thought he ought to know. I told him I was leaving, because I just couldn't sit around and watch the Logan and Jean porno show. He suggested I go to his grandparents place in Alaska and after making a phone call, everything was arranged. I'd always wanted to see Alaska anyway, so that was fine by me. We left later that night after saying my goodbyes to Kitty and Jubilee and promising to stay in touch.

Scott stayed for a week, playing tour guide and helping me get settled. His grandparents were wonderful. They gave me a job working in the office of their charter airlines business and I lived in their guesthouse. Alaska was as breathtakingly beautiful as I'd imagined and I quickly adjusted to my new home.

Although I did cry myself to sleep for the first few weeks, even Kitty's phone call to let me know that Logan and Jean weren't an item did nothing to appease me. Scott and I spoke on the phone everyday, I think it was comforting for both of us. I was so upset for him that he had to still live under the same roof as Logan and Jean. He told me that going out on missions with them wasn't easy, but he tried to put on his best Fearless Leader persona. I really admired that about him.

Scott came to visit often and our previously close friendship started to turn romantic. All those walks in the snow holding hands and sipping hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire how could it not? When Scott came to visit for my birthday, he brought with him a modified version of the suppression collar used on Genosha that Hank had designed, except this was a bracelet that resembled one of those copper healing bracelets that were so popular. I could finally touch people without killing them or ending up with 'voices' in my head. Scott also wore one of the bracelets and I was the first person after Hank to see those amazing baby blue eyes. We celebrated that night by making love for the first time. By now it wasn't about revenge; it was because we wanted to be together. It was tender, but also passionate. It was also the night that Sara was conceived.

Six weeks later when I suspected I was pregnant, Scott insisted on flying to Alaska to be there when I did the test. Did I mention that I love that man? When the little stick turned blue we celebrated by making love all afternoon. He asked me to marry him, but I told him I didn't want a clichéd shotgun wedding. Over the next seven and a half months Scott would visit as often as he could, making sure he was there for all the important milestones: the first time hearing the heartbeat and the first ultrasound. We were lying in bed just snuggling one morning early in my fourth month when the baby decided to kick for the first time. Scott skimmed his hand gently across the small swell of my stomach and managed to catch a few more ripples as his child moved within me, the grin across his face was priceless.

I e-mailed photos to Jubilee and Kitty as my pregnancy progressed with strict instructions not to let anyone else know, particularly Logan. I swore I'd never speak to either one of them again, if a certain wild Canadian showed up on my doorstep asking questions I didn't want to answer.

Two days past my original due date Sara entered the world at a healthy seven pounds five ounces. Her father cut the umbilical cord and helped to bathe her. As I cradled her in my arms for the first time he asked me to marry him again and once again I politely declined. When I sent the first photo of the three of us, Kitty wrote back and asked if it was okay to show Bobby and John. Knowing how much they both disliked Logan and would keep my secret, I conceded.

Scott's visits became more frequent and he was lucky to be able to catch most of his daughter's 'firsts' – like the first time she sat alone for more than thirty seconds or the first time she did more than just rock back and forth on her haunches, but actually crawled. He arrived for a visit the day after she cut her first tooth, but was there the first time she stood alone. She would walk around the coffee table or if you held her hands and guided her along. I took video of him walking her around the living room of his grandparent's house, her chubby little hands wrapped around his fingers as he beamed proudly.

When his grandparents decided to finally retire and sell the charter business Scott used it as the perfect excuse for me to return to Westchester. I was initially leery, but figured that enough time had passed and I could be under the same roof as Logan and Jean without cringing.

The evening we returned I was noticeably nervous, I wasn't sure how I'd handle seeing Logan after having no contact for so long. I strolled into the kitchen casually with Sara perched on my hip as if I hadn't been gone for two years and hadn't had a baby during my absence.

"Hey, Logan," I said brightly, hoping the quiver in my voice didn't betray me.

I thought he was gonna choke on his beer when he looked up and noticed Sara.

"I'll warm up Sara's bottle," Scott offered as he took her out of my arms.

"Sara," Logan repeated, "She's beautiful, Marie. How old is she?" He asked, trying to sound casual, but I noticed the catch in his voice.

"Thank you," I replied politely, "she'll be a year old in three days."

Just then Jubilee entered the kitchen, followed shortly right after by Kitty, negating any further conversation with Logan. I saw his face fall when Jubilee mentioned the photos I'd sent. I still can't believe Jubilee managed to keep a secret, I must remember to call the Guinness Book of World Records. The word must've quickly spread that we were back, because it seemed like the entire population of the mansion was crammed into the kitchen.

As we got up to leave so that I could put Sara to bed, Logan grabbed a hold of my arm and asked if we could talk. I told him we had nothing to discuss and continued walking, trying to ignore the look of dejection on his face.

Three days later Logan was noticeably absent from Sara's birthday party. Jean thankfully was still attending a Senate hearing in Washington, DC so I was able to avoid that awkwardness. By the time Scott, Sara and I left for Jamaica the next morning Logan was still nowhere to be found in the mansion. John said he was probably still in some tramp's bed. Well, good for him I thought bitterly. Some things apparently never changed.

I knew it would be uncomfortable being around Logan, but his hangdog expression whenever he saw me with Scott made my heart ache. I was pleasant to him, but remained distant – afraid to trust him with more than casual friendship. Logan obviously wasn't aware of the depth of my relationship with Scott, that he spent his nights in my room and most importantly was Sara's father. Scott and I talked about the best time to break the news to Logan, but the weeks dragged on and we never did find that right moment. As Logan accelerated his flirting with me in some plan to change the scope of our relationship, I realized he'd have to be told sooner than later. In Jamaica I'd finally accepted Scott's long-standing marriage proposal and it wouldn't do to have Logan shamelessly chasing after me if I was going to be wearing Scott's ring. After all, I wasn't Jean; an engagement ring meant something to me. It meant commitment – one hundred percent commitment and not just until the offer of a quick roll in the sack with a hot guy became too tempting.

I was raiding the freezer late one night after Scott and I had just discovered new uses for whipped cream, when Logan cornered me demanding explanations. After I got over the initial shock at his audacity, I calmly told him he'd given up the right to be a part of my life when he climbed onto Jean. He asked me how long I was going to punish him for that one small mistake. I informed him that he was flattering himself if he thought I was punishing him, that I'd simply gotten on with my life – something I highly recommended he do, too. I turned and walked out of the kitchen doing my best not to be affected by the wounded look on his face.

The next day Logan confronted Scott in the garage as he tuned up my SUV. Scott finally found the right moment to let Logan know just how close he and I'd become while I was in Alaska.

Author's Note:

Initially, I wrote this as a one-shot, but it ended up being an entire series.

In sequential order, the storyline continues as follows:

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