The wooden doors close silently and then Hanabi is gone.

She's left the Hyuuga house and is running down the street. She thinks she's searching for someone – someone she had never thought she's be looking for. The streets are dark and she slips into the shadows as best as she can. She hopes for fortune and prays for luck.

She's running out of time.

She understands now, as she couldn't have done before – her sister.


She wants and wishes and desires every thing – everything – everything her sister had done. She understands a bit better than before.

She knows back there, back in that house, actions are being made with each step she takes. Decisions are made with every move she makes. She knows, who they are going to go for answers and opportunities as she runs and leaves and proves some of those old men right.

Hanabi has been growing older and the burden of being the Heir gets heavier and heavier on her shoulders. She wants her older, shy, fallible sister next to her. She wants the girl they had all thought a waste.

She wants to understand and know and comprehend – why they couldn't have saved each other from this.