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Summary: 5 years after Atemu leaves them all, a new evil rises and threatens the fate of the Earth. Only one Pharaoh can defeat it, but he is dead. So, Isis uses a spell to send someone back in time. When that someone is Anzu, the outcome is tremendous. Anzu sees the man she loves again, but will she be able to stand the heartbreak if he has to leave again? Or will she be the happiest girl alive when she finds out that maybe, just maybe, Atemu loves her back?

Couples: AnzuXAtemu, JonounchiXMai, SetoXSerenity, HPSetoXKisara, MuahadoXHPIsis.

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Flah Back to the Past

Chapter One: Prolouge

It was time. Atemu was walking towards the doors to the afterlife, and after all Anzu had said, he didn't stop. He didn't turn back to look at her. Anzu Mazaki fell to her knees, sobbing and crying. She didn't see the stares that her dear friends sent her, all she could feel was sorrow. Sorrow for the fact that Atemu was leaving her.

Anzu sobbed, and gasped a little as Jonounchi set a hand on her shoulder, saying, "He has to leave, Anzu..." She shook her head in disbelief. She closed her eyes in fright, of fright of Atemu leaving her. She didn't hear Jonounchi talk again, all she could hear were Atemu's footsteps leaving, walking towards the door to the afterlife. Anzu opened her eyes, eyes widening at the sight of Atemu's Egyptian attire clinging to his body, and him looking back at her, and for a split second, their eyes locked.

Anzu could feel her world falling apart at his gaze, and as the doors closed, she could feel the darkness succumb her. She closed her eyes, and felt coldness take over her body. When she opened her eyes again, she was in total darkness.

Standing up, she called out, "Hello...? Atemu? Yugi? Jonounchi? ANYONE?" She cried in shock as she felt hands all over her body, touching her everywhere, and she heard voices calling out her name. She sobbed and cried out before the darkness took her over, "ATEMU!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Anzu Mazaki cried as she sat up in her bed, cold sweat dripping down her back. She panted as she looked around with her bright blue eyes, making sure that she was in her apartment. She sighed in relief, running a hand through her silky chocolate brown locks, her breathing steadying as she did so. She looked over at her digital clock and checked the time. 6:30 in the morning. Perfect.

21 year old Anzu Mazaki got out of the bed, streatching her limbs out. It had been 5 years since that fateful day, when Atemu had gone to the after life. She looked around her apartment, and her eyes landed on a picture of her beloved friends.

Yugi Mutou, the shorter one of the group, had his arm around Anzu's neck. His tri colored hair still amazed her to this very day, and his wide violet eyes had pure innocense in them.

Next to him was Katsuya Jonounchi, or Jou, as she called him. His blonde hair was still ruffled, and his honey brown eyes shone with pride and love. She smiled, knowing that all of that love right now was for Mai Kujaku, his girlfriend, and what Jou hoped to be, his wife.

And finally, there stood Honda, smiling at them all, his pointed brown hair messy, and his light brown eyes shining. She sighed in sadness, remembering that he was in the army now. Lord new they needed help, but... Honda? She shook her head sadly and tried to pry that thought out of her mind.

Anzu sighed, figuring that since she was up, she might as well get dressed. She stripped off her clothes, and stepped into the shower, turning it on. She winced a little as the hot liquid pouredon her body, but washed herself anyway. After she washed herself, she got out, wrapping a towel around her slender form. She had matured over the years, her body gaining more curves, and her hair having grown an inch more. She dried off her body and then got dressed into a white collared T-Shirt, and she put on a pink cleated mini skirt, and with it long boots that went up to her knees. She brushed outher hair, leaving it down. She smiled in the mirror, putting on the little make-up she used. She then checked the clock again: 7:45.

She wondered if Yugi was up, so she took achance and called him. After two rings, Yugi answered in a tired voice, "Hello...?"

Anzu giggled and said, "Did Iwake you Yugi?" She could hear his mumble of a yes, and she giggled again. "Sorry Yugi."

Yugi sighed and said, "What time is it?" Anzu smiled and said, "7:45." Yugi paused for a minute, and said, "Shit."

Anzu giggled again and said, "Sorry Yugi. How about I meet you at the Cafe for breakfast with Jou in an hour?" She could hear his mumble again and said, "Bye, Yugi." She hung up, giggleing at how cute Yugi could be sometimes. She decided to call Jou, knowing that he was up.

She placed the phone in the reciever and stood up. Grabbing her purse and keys, she reached for the door and left her small apartment, heading for park to calm her thoughts about her disterbing dream.

At 9:00 Anzu, Yugi, and Jonounchi were sitting at a table, laughing and talking about anything that had popped into their minds. Yugi was dressed in a black T-Shirt and baggy blue jeans, and Jou wearing a white shirt with a striped white and blue shirt over that with blue jeans as well. Anzu smiled back at her two friends, sipping her latte and talking with them.

A waitress shushed them all, and turned up the volume on the news. Jou frowned and said, "Rude much?" But Yugi and Anzu shushed him and listened as well. Jou pouted and did too.

The reporter, a young woman, said on the TV, "Tokyo, Japan has yet again suffered another Earthquake, this time only 3 dieing in the process. China has yet again attacked a Japananese ship, still blaming us for the attack on Hong Kong. In other news, the USA has agreed to help our side. Seto Kaiba has also helped us by creating weapons to help us fight the many countries that have started to attack-"

Anzu sat up and said, cutting through the thick silence, "This is getting me depressed. Wanna go somewhere else to finish our food, guys?"

Jou and Yugi nodded, and they stood up and walked out of the cafe. Anzu sighed sadly, thinking, This all started last year. Someone, or something, attacked Hong Kong, China, and they used Japanese ships and planes! Who in their right minds would want to start a possible WW3?

As they got to the park, Anzu looked up and smiled. Seto Kaiba and Shizuka Jounounchi were walking through the park holding hands. She looked at Jou, and blinked. Yugi did as well. Jou's face was of complete shock and hatred towards Seto Kaiba.Kaiba looked over at him, smirked, and continued to walk with Shizuka. Shizuka looked at Jou, smiled, and said, "Hi, Niisama!" she walked away from the three-some and headed down the street with Kaiba.

Anzu smirked and said, "You said youwere going toaccept the fact that you're 'baby' sister is going out with Kaiba." Jou looked down and sneered at the ground, saying, "I never said I wasn't going to take it badly." Yugi and Anzu sweatdropped and sat down at a nearby bench so they could finish their breakfast and coffee, Jou pouting like a little kid, and Yugi and Anzu laughing and sweatdropping.

Unknown to the three, someone was hiding behinda tree, watching them. She sighed and said, "They have no idea what is to come... especially... her..." She looked at Anzu and sighed.

Isis Ishtar walked out from behind the tree, wearing her usual Egyptian outfit, but it was torn. Her once silky black hair was rough and unmanaged, and her blue eyes that were once alert were sad and distraught, and as she walked towards them, her heavy footsteps threatened tomake her fall in exhaustion. She didn't want to bring thesenewsto them; but, if she didn't, who would get him? Who would bring him back to save them all?

Anzu was giggleing at a joke Jounounchi had justmade; Yugi was laughingas well, but not as much,Isis noticed.Jou had on his baka look, which made even the distressed Isis want to smile. ((A/N: I took a quiz, and my look is Jou's Baka look! lol))

Yugi looked up and smiled.He waved atIsis, and Anzu and Jou turned around to look at her as well. Anzu couldn't hide her gasp. Isis looked terrible. Isis smiled weakly and said, "Hello, Yugi, Anzu, Jounounchi."

Anzu ran up to her and said, "Isis, what happened? You lookterrible!" Jou wanted to slap her head for her rudeness, but held himself back.

Isis sighed and said, "I will explain everything if you all would come with me. Please..." Anzu nodded, looking at her friends. Jou and Yugi nodded too, and Isis nodded in approval. "Good. Now hurry, please." Yugi and Jou stood up and ran to her, following her and Anzu to her car that would lead them to her home.

Anzu helped Isis out of her car (she had driven), hoping she would feel better. Yugi and Jou followed, Yugi opening the door to the house, and Jou going inside. Anzu went in, and smiled at the young man with light blonde hair that was spikey and untamed with violet eyes. Marik Ishtar helped Anzu with his sister, sitting Isis down on a chair. Anzu sighed and sat down next to Isis, watching the others sit as well. She still didn't fully trust Marik; ever since he had stayed inside her mind, she had been... violated of her privacy of her mind.

Yugi looked at Isis and said, "So, Isis, what's the matter?" Isis looked at the innocent boy, and smiled at him. She stood up, walking towards a wall with a map of the world. Anzu looked at it and noticed they were the attacks that had randomly appeared on the Earth that no one knew the answer for.

Isis looked at them and said, "You know about the recent attacks on the Earth, of course?" Anzu, Yugi, and Jou nodded. Isis sighed and said, "My brother and Odion and I have been curious about this. So we went to Egypt to research. After looking over everything, Marik had found something very... interesting."

Jou and Yugi blinked, confused, and Anzu looked at Marik. Marik shrugged.

Isis nodded towards a stone tablet and said, "He found this. Can anyone read that for us?"

Anzu smiled and said, "I took Egyptian Hyroglyphics in school ever since-" She cut herself off, looking down. Isis nodded. Anzu got up and walked towards the tablet. She started to read aloud: "Greetings, mortals. I have returned to finish what I have started: To plunge the world in chaos and darkness. The pathetic Pharaoh Atemu has failed. Let it be known that-" She stopped and covered her mouth in shock. Jou and Yugi looked at her, puzzled, and Isis and Marik bowed their heads. Tears came to Anzu's eyes, mostly of shock and terror. She read the last sentence:

"Let it be known that The Dark Lord Zork has returned!"

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