Tsk tsk… those Pokémon characters (+ Jo, Linda and Anju

Tsk tsk… those Pokémon characters (+ Jo, Linda and Anju!) are so unprofessional…

I haven't a clue *why* I'm uploading these - I've been writing them for quite a while though. Expect Egg-bashing, and random cameo appearances from Chuchino and the cast of Digimon at one point @_@. Anyway, there's been things like this on FF.net before - I imagined I was directing my stories into actual episodes with the characters as actors…and none of them are very professional. Enjoy? ^_^

Gagnat d'Amour - 'Episode' 9

Ash: "I can't believe this is happening…"
Misty: "Nothing's happe-"

(Jo runs onto the garden stage set)

Jo: "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" I'm beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! That's my damn secret!"

Ash: "…cool!"

Misty: "JO! Trying to do a poorly written kissing scene here!"

Riny: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatdya mean 'poorly'! That's it (grabs jotter)! I'm writing in a makeout scene with Meowth in my next fic for you!"

* Jo's secret has been bleeped out for your amusement/annoyance. Don't try and guess. I haven't worded it right anyway!

Kaleidoscope - 'Episode' 1

(Quickly Misty scrambled up the riverside as she heard footsteps approaching.)

Lorena: "Misty?"

Misty: "…"

Riny: "Cut! Your line is "I'm over here Lorena!" What's the problem?"

Misty: "…"

Riny: "Get out here!"

Misty: "…I can't find my clothes…"

A Piece of My Heart - 'Episode' 7

Bang! Bang!

Ash: "Er, Misty…you're supposed to fall down."

Rudi: "Not again this is the thirteenth time! (deep breath) I can't work under these conditions! Ditzy redheads were NOT in the contract! I will be in my trailer!" (stomps off)

Misty: "He has a trailer? But me and Ash have to share a tiny room under your stairs! How come the bad guy gets a trailer????"

Riny: "I didn't give him a trailer…"

(everyone looks off set to see Rudi sitting on the doorstep holding his knees, rocking back and forth and singing My Little Pony)

Read My Mind

Slowly, one of her arms reached up towards his face. Some instinct deep inside him told him to close his eyes and lean forwards…

Misty: (pulling away) "Er, props? Wasn't there supposed to be a Kingler right about now?"

Ash: "Yo-Tracey-see-a-Kingler? No-okay-then-I-guess-I'll-have-to-kiss-ya-Misty! Ehehehehe…"

Tracey: (offstage) "Oh here it is, hiding under the table."

Ash: "…(whispers) Pikachu, go!"

Riny: "Stop sabotaging my scenes!"

Gagnat d'Amour - 'Episode' 6

Brock arrives at Linda's cabin. Instead of going round the back and throwing stones at her window as instructed in the script, he wanders absentmindedly through the front door that was ajar? Why? Just because.

Riny: "No! Brock don't go in the-"

Brock: (running out screaming) "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my eyes! MY EYES! (runs offstage)

Jo: "What eyes?"


Misty silently placed his other hand on her hip, and motioned for him to begin. The first words of the song began as Ash self-consciously started swaying, holding Misty's body close to him.

In the morning time
The sun will rise…


Hey Digimon, hey Digimon

Monster friends to the boys and girls..

Misty: "What the-"

Riny: "Ahhhhhhhh!" (appears from behind the scenes chasing a giggling Davis and Tai armed with a very large book marked "Alternate endings for APOMH and PdA) Get off my set right now or I swear you shall both have intimate scenes with Armadillomon!!"

And They Lived Happily Ever…um - LINE?

Misty's clear voice came from the doorway, now rid of fatigue. Ash looked up, and immediately had to look down again as his eyes had met hers. Misty was all decked out in her ball gown.

Misty: "And lo- (catches sight of Ash in the rather fetching green tights) -woah. Um. Um…line?"

Riny: "Ugh, CUT! I need a break…okay guys, have lunch. We'll come back to this later."

Roger: (scarily sounding like a high pitched Austin Powers) "Yeah…we'll come back to it later bay-be…" (slaps Tracey's butt as he walks past)

Tracey: "…"

Ash: "Isn't he supposed to be hitting on me?"

Riny: "…I have a headache…"

A Piece of My Heart - 'The lost ending'

Ash gently kissed her again as she contentedly tightened her grip on his arm.

Ash: "Come on my little miracle - let's go home!"

Riny: "Okay! That's a wrap! Woohoo!"

Various cast: "Woohoo!"

(Riny jumps off director chair type thing and falls over Chuchino)

Riny: "What are you doing here?"

Chuchino: "What dya think!?"

Riny: "Um this is APOMH, Tracey's not in this one…"

Chuchino: "Oy... Oh well, they're filming A Girl In Gaea next door!" (disappears)

Riny: (-sigh-) Oh well, let's have a rollback of that last scene!"

Camera person: "Umm…we have a problem here Miss Chan…"

Riny: "Please don't tell me the camera didn't tape that…"

Camera person: "Um…what would you like me to tell you?"

Riny: "Aaaaah! Oh fer crying out loud let's just end it with the hospital scene!"

(Chuchino appears out of thin air once again)

Chuchino: "I just thought of something - now you've finished taping- (pulls out bayonet) -can I kill the Egg?"

Riny: "…"

Chuchino: "Okay! Arigato! (runs off towards the dressing rooms) Oh Toe-gah-peee!"

Riny: "…Hey, hang on! I need that evil thing for my next fic!" (runs after her)

Camera person: "You know sometimes I worry about those two…" =P


Ash slinks into the kitchen behind Misty.

Misty: "What do you want?"

Ash: "Um, you looked a little mad, so the Professor helped me make these for you in his kitchen…"

(Misty smiles and takes a biscuit. She bites into it. She turns blue. She collapses)

Offstage voice: "…I thought the baking of those biscuits was to be supervised!"

Ash: "Well, Brock was…busy doing something backstage, so I made them myself…what? They can't be *that* bad…"

Misty: (on the floor) "…….!"

Perdant d'Amour - 'Episode' 8

Misty walks into her and Anju's apartment, and drops her keys. She turns around, expecting to see Anju sitting on the sofa glaring at the sonogram picture. But she's actually sitting by the kitchen counter eating Frosties out of the packet and looking severely depressed.

Misty: "Um….Anju?"

Riny: "CUT! Anju, what's up?"

Anju: (bursts into noisy tears) "I-I-I'm sorry, you people are all so nice to me and I-I…I'm NOTHING!" (wails even louder)

Misty: "Well what's wrong?!"

Anju: "I'm sorry, I can't work today" (runs off the set sobbing)

Everyone: "…"

Jyou: (rushes onto the set) "Am I too late? Is she gone? Has she jumped off a cliff?"

Riny: (losing temper) "Okay, one of you tell me what's going on or my Egg gets a new chew-toy!"

Jyou: "Oh it's nothing, I just forgot our anniversary."

Everyone: (blink blink)

Perdant d'Amour - 'Episode' 9

Ash kicked off his trainers, making as much noise as he could. Walking closer, his face broke into a grin. The whole crew tenses, ready for the most dramatic part of the story…suddenly, Misty runs in from the other side of the stage.

Misty: "Sorry, sorry I slept in- what? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm only a few minutes late…"

Riny: "I need to find something to hit my head against…" (lurches away)

Heart & Soul

Brock and Tracey are talking to Catalia.

Tracey: "Hang on, wait a second…is that a grey hair?"

(Catalia grabs at her hair and runs off screaming. Brock and Tracey giggle and slap high fives)

Brock: "Dumb girl, she hasn't even realised that she's wearing a wig."