~The Disbound Edition~


Tsk, Dbd is very hard for me, cos not only do I have to direct it, I have to act in it as well! Combine this with Rachel and Richie's offstage bitchfights, Karlie being locked in her dressing room with Togepi, Trish losing her skirt and Mia finding out the hard way that Gary's stunt double is a girl, and you'll have something close to this – DISBOUND, BACKSTAGE AND (almost) UNCENSORED!


Spoilers at this moment in time if you look hard enough to see them


Li-Rachel: "Yeah… you're next all – aah [beeeeeeep]! Godammit my red eye contact just got dislodged… [beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep]"

Riny: "Why are you beeping her out? She's not swearing!"

Sound guy: *shrugs* "We just thought for an R-rated fiction, it doesn't have enough swearing in it."

Riny/assorted cast: O.o;;;;;


Mia: "Aw JEEZ Gary, these boxers smell disgusting! I don't care if they're yours, but I'm not bloody well putting them on- oh, is the camera rolling?"


Michelle: "I don't believe this…"

Riny: "Michelle! You're supposed to be lying there looking nervous, and we'll put your thoughts over it later. Don't talk!"

Michelle: "Sorry, I just realised something."

Trish: "What?"

Michelle: "… I walked voluntarily into a bright pink tent."

Ash: "So?"

Michelle: "I'm in a BRIGHT, PINK, tent…"

Riny: "Yeah, let's do that shot again people."

Michelle: "Bright… pink… so, much, pink…"



(silence as dust settles)

Riny: "Kar-liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! We don't have the budget to keep replacing Togepi! That's the third one! TODAY!"

Karlie: (appears with large torture weapon in hand) "We should patent this as a cure for PMS! It *really* works!"


Karlie: "…"

Everyone: "…"

Karlie: "…"

Duplica: "Isn't it YOUR line now Karlie?"

Karlie: "Yeah, but they're not playing Type Wild, so I can't say anything about it… in fact, they're playing that scary ghost background music…"

Sarah: "They're not supposed to know this story is scary yet!!"

Mia: "That does it. Oi! You!"

Sound guy: "Who, me?"

Mia: "Yes you! You're fired!"

Sound guy: "You can't fire me!"

Riny: *tiredly* "I officially give Mia the right to fire whichever crew member she feels like."

Mia: "Woohoo! *pulls out a list* Right, you blonde make-up girl over there - I saw you looking at Gary in a rather fond way the other day…"

(Assorted female crew sigh and ready their coats)


Tracey: "Where is everyone? Lunch is over in 30 seconds, I thought they'd all be here."

Random guy: "Well, Rachel has gone to complain that her stunt-double is too fat; Karlie was last seen beating the new Togepi unconscious with a Poliwag; Trish is on the search for a pair of scissors to cut off her frilly collar; Richie and Todd are bunji-jumping off the cliff-set; Duplica's in the Jacuzzi; Misty is explaining the plotline to Ash… again…; Erin's fallen asleep over a copy of Wuthering Heights; Michelle's ah… trying to paint her tent; Sarah has gone to wardrobe cos she keeps snapping her beads and I have no idea where the rest of them are."

Tracey: *blink blink*


Jacqui: *sidles up* "Um, Riny? We er, need a new 'magic paper' prop…"

Riny: "What did you do to it?"

Jacqui: "Well, I used it to write down this REALLY cute stagehand's mobile number, and then I realised what I'd done, so I tried to rub it out and I kinda rubbed a big hole in it…"

Riny: "Ooooh Tracey's gonna be mad at you! He hand-glittered that himself!"



(silence as dust settles)

Rachel: "Karlie!"

Karlie: *appears beside her* "What? That wasn't me. Misty's got PMS."

Rachel: O.o;;;


Tracey: "Like me!"

(Karlie reaches in to kiss Tracey's cheek…)

Jesse: "Prepare for trouble!"

(Karlie completely ignores Jesse and shoves her tongue down Tracey's throat. Startled he falls over. She jumps on top of his and proceeds to merrily glomp her bandana-ed bishonen. Large sweatdrops roll slowly down the backs of everyone's heads…)

(Supplied by Mia)


Velve: "You don't know what you're messing with! Once you let your guards down she can do whatever se wants with, around and to you. You would tremble in awe at the wake of such POWER!"


Velve: "Okay people, where's my power? Aren't I supposed to have some flashy lightning thundery things now?"

Riny: "CUT!! Take Two!"

Velve: "…of such POWER!"

(all the electricity in the neighbourhood cuts off)

Riny: "Take Three…"

Velve: "You would - you would… see now I can't even remember the damn line!"

Cast: *facevault*


Karlie: "Because of you, I almost died. Rachel, nothing you can say could make it unhappen."

Rachel: *looks up from where she was fidgeting with her fingernails* "Sorry, what?"

Riny: "CUT!! Take Two!"

Karlie: "Because of you, I almost died. Rachel, nothing you can say could make it unhappen."

Duplica: "Um, Rachel popped to the Little Author's Room…"

Karlie: *sigh* "Hey, Duplica, aren't you dead yet?"

Riny: *stress-mark* "CUT!! Rachel get back here or I'll quite literally KILL you! I have the POWER!"

(Riny brandishes pen and ficcie notebook around whilst Velve's thunder and lightning crash ominously in the background - Rachel appears in a hurry)

Riny: "Take Three!"

Karlie: "Because of you, I almost died. Rachel, nothing you can say could… (laughs) …tear me away, from my guy!"

Various cast: "My guy!"

(Riny brandishes notebook and everyone shuts up)


(The cast candy vending machine is Out of Order)

Jesse: "This is TERRIBLE!" (sobs)

Meowth: "It's like de apocalypse, or somethin'!"

Trish: *wandering past* "The apocalypse! But I haven't learnt that far in the script! Don't tell me we're shooting the ending today!"

(Trish runs off in a panic to fetch her script)

Meowth/Jesse: *blink blink*

&Note& -- the ending is not actually apocalypse-like ^^;


Probably a LOT more soon ^_^